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Mike Zimmer Takes Veiled Shot at Packers

Mike Zimmer

We’ll forgive you if you don’t know who Mike Zimmer is. He’s the coach of the Minnesota Vikings, so nobody knows who Mike Zimmer is.

As is his team, he’s fucking irrelevant.

Zimmer only gets our attention when he does or says something stupid. Surprisingly, since it is the Minnesota Vikings way, that has happened fairly infrequently. It happened today, though.

Zimmer was on some local, homer radio show and unprompted, he went into a diatribe about teams giving their guys the day off during minicamp for team-building exercises. Certainly not coincidentally, Packers coach Mike McCarthy gave his team the day off on Wednesday for just such an activity.

“We don’t get better at team building by playing ping-pong. We’re going to team build by winning on the football field,” Zimmer said.

He then carried on about how the Vikings are in minicamp to work, how they have a young team and how those youngsters need to be practicing.

Well, here’s a quick history lesson, Mike.

The Green Bay Packers have done this for at least three years prior to this one. In those years, they’ve gone 12-4, 8-7-1 and 11-5. Each year they’ve made the playoffs and each year they’ve won the NFC North.

So clearly, taking a day off of work during minicamp hasn’t hurt them.

Oh, but the younger players need the work!

The Packers are among the league’s youngest teams each and every season. They were the sixth-youngest in 2014 and 2013 and the fifth-youngest in 2012.

Finally, this bears mentioning. Back in 2012, another shitbag who coached an NFC North foe — uber-douche Jim Schwartz, then coach of the Detroit Lions — felt the need to take a swipe at the Packers for team building.

“We had no sporting clays today or no amusement parks or water [parks]. [It was a] work day of minicamp,” Schwartz said after he found out the Packers took a day off to shoot skeet.

Where’s Jim Schwartz now?

He’s not coaching in the NFL, Mike.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. shawn June 18, 2015

    Vince Lombardi also believed in team building. But I suppose Mike Zimmer knows more about coaching than Lombardi did. The Super Bowl trophy will shortly be renamed the Zimmer Trophy, as obviously, its current name is a mistake.

  2. Deepsky June 18, 2015

    I honestly can’t keep anymore with the coaching changes in the NFC North. Can we just call them “Viking coach 2015” or “Bears coach 2015”. What’s the point of even learning their names when they’ll be gone in two years?

    1. MrBobHarris June 18, 2015

      I second that proposal.

    2. Brewtown Packer Backer June 18, 2015


  3. Ted Brown June 18, 2015

    Your “team” is 1 player. Lose him and you only win half of your games. i.e. 2013 FACT! BOOM!

  4. The Money Mike June 18, 2015

    Lets put this into perspective:

    Packers Coaches since 1921: 15
    Vikings Coaches Since 1961: 9
    Lions Coaches since 1930: 26
    Bears Coaches since 1920: 15

    Packers Coaches since 1930: 15
    Lions Coaches since 1930: 26
    Bears Coaches since 1930: 4

    Packers Coaches since 1961: 10
    Vikings Coaches Since 1961: 9
    Lions Coaches since 1961: 17
    Bears Coaches since 1961: 11

    Packers Coaches since 1992: 4
    Vikings Coaches Since 1992: 5
    Lions Coaches since 1992: 9
    Bears Coaches since 1992: 6

    Packers Coaches since 2000: 2
    Vikings Coaches Since 2000: 4
    Lions Coaches since 2000: 7.5
    Bears Coaches since 2000: 4

    Packers Coaches since 2006: 1
    Vikings Coaches Since 2006: 4
    Lions Coaches since 2006: 7.5
    Bears Coaches since 2006: 4

    1. The Money Mike June 18, 2015

      Whoops Lions since 2006 should be 3, but man sure feels like 7.5 lol

      1. The Money Mike June 18, 2015

        And Bears and Vikings 3 also, but you get the idea

  5. SEAHAWKSownyou June 18, 2015

    Bwahahahahaha, wow you guys are really scared of them this season huh?

    1. Tucson Packer June 18, 2015

      How ya doin’ One Hit Wonder? I see you are back here, yawn. You must have finally gotten that square peg through the correctly shaped hole…what next?

    2. Chad Lundberg June 18, 2015

      Was wondering where you were at. You sad bro?

    3. Kozak June 21, 2015

      Remember this:

  6. ferris June 18, 2015

    Look at the ears on that Joker. Get him a stocking hat.

    1. [email protected] June 18, 2015

      Holy shit I thought the exact same thing…McCarthy may look like Fred Flintstone & talk like Rainman, but this guy looks like….wait for it….

      Mighty Mouse!

    2. Phatgzus June 18, 2015

      Speaking of Chuck E. Cheese-nice pic, Zim.

  7. Bruce Jenner's Penis June 18, 2015

  8. the real russ letlow June 18, 2015

    Coach McCarthy doesn’t think ping pong would be very good either. He made a very funny comment about it.

  9. the real russ letlow June 18, 2015

    from the GB PG – McCarthy was asked after Thursday’s mini-camp practice if the criticisms bug him at all. He claims it doesn’t, but agreed with Zimmer on one thing – ping-pong isn’t a good team-building exercise.

    “I don’t think a football team would get better at team-building playing ping-pong. I agree with that,” McCarthy said. “I mean, hell, only four guys can play. Football players, maybe only two.”

    1. Andrew Chitko June 19, 2015

      I like that Zimmer talked some smack. And I like McCarthy’s response to it, which I’m sure appeared off the cuff but was likely rehearsed ad nauseum to give the appearance that he isn’t bothered by it. But make no mistake about it, he is.

      This adds a little fuel to the fire against what I believe to be a legit threat in the NFC North. Anything that ratchets up our intensity against them this year can only help, and might actually be needed.

      Let’s hope Bridgewater doesn’t make a big leap. The Vikes will be right there with the Packers this year and I predict a season split while hoping for a Packers sweep.

      With hockey and hoops now a memory for the season, the longing for a return to the gridiron is as strong as ever.

      Can’t wait!

  10. Howard June 18, 2015

    Based on Zimmers picture above he must have been in the movies. He looks just like the inbred hillbilly banjo player in deliverance only older and dumber.

    1. Greg June 18, 2015

      Good one…I’m still laughing.

  11. Ahren June 19, 2015

    I was led to believe that numerous teams took off days or had team building days. Are the Packers known for playing ping-pong? Why are you taking this so personally? Also, why so much hate directed at a guy who has, by all accounts, been held in high regard by players and fans of teams for whom he has coached. Is this arrogance, fear or just trolling?

  12. Chicago sports rule June 19, 2015

    This coming from someone from Wisconsin? A imbread hillbilly banjo player? You have to be kidding right? You are a fucking redneck who probably lives in a crappy trailer home. Wisonson people are fat as hell dumb and drunk. Everyone look at wisonson as an example and stay in school please. They already bring the average IQ down of the world.

    1. Chris June 19, 2015

      I’d recommend you avoid calling people dumb and telling them to stay in school unless you can learn some basic grammar.

    2. Um, the words you were looking for genius were INBRED, which is not imbread, and WISCONSIN, not Wisonson. I can only suspect that the stellar Illinois school system is responsible for your lack of spelling ability. Perhaps you should take your own advice and shut the fuck up yourself you ignorant FIB. Are you sure you aren’t actually a Viking fan, because the way you come across here screams Viking troll. Bet you long for and love that lavender horn…

      Since the super fans are exactly what you claim Wisconsin citizens are like (sausage…Ditka…Polish sausage…) you should probably pull your head out of your ass before you make any further retarded comments toward anyone. Nobody gives a fuck about you personally, the alleged size of your internet penis, or your future. No matter how important or impressive you think you are.

    3. Kozak June 21, 2015

      I see you went to one of those excellent Chicago Public Schools.
      You must have graduated as the Valedictorian.

  13. MMTTDCSUCK June 19, 2015

    Another 80’s Bears fan . . .

  14. Chicago sports rule June 19, 2015

    Oh hell yes I’m a 80s bears fans, and I’m proud of it. Also Chris I recommend you shut the fuck up. I had maybe a missed comma at the most. As you missed a comma as well. Except I know I have a future and am not a big fat ass like your self. Were you made fun of in school big boy? Eating cheese all day getting drunk on the weekends in your backyard, and your house that had one room.

    1. Phatgzus June 19, 2015

      “Oh[,] hell yes[.]”
      “…a[n] 80s [B]ears fan[-s]”
      “Also[,] Chris[,]”
      “As you missed a comma as well”-fragment
      “Big fat[-]ass (tautological) like [yourself].”
      “Were you made fun of in school[,] big boy?”
      “Eating cheese all day[,] getting drunk on the weekends in your backyard[-,] and your house that ha[s] (verb agreement) one room.

      There ya go, all set, Proust; now you can focus on the truly important things in life, such as denim jackets, pompadours, Flock of Seagulls, cocaine, gang-related murders, failing school districts, and losing seasons. Enjoy!

      1. Kozak June 21, 2015

        Don’t forget fapping to the Superbowl Shuffle.

    2. Kozak June 21, 2015

      Oh another Chicago tough guy going to reach through the keyboard and smack someone. Maybe I would worry if I lived in Wisonson.

      You mad bro?

  15. icebowl June 19, 2015

    Where’s this wisonson you refer to,.:,;,.:?

  16. Howard June 19, 2015

    And what about imbread?

    1. Phatgzus June 19, 2015

      That part is actually quite obvious; clearly he believes himself to be a loaf of sourdough-the intellectual capabilities of the two certainly equate.

  17. Chicago sports rule June 27, 2015

    Awwww. The little fat packers can only defend themselves by making fun of my grammar on some crappy website that I don’t care how I write since you probably have a hard time reading it anyway right? Chicago is a huge and beautiful not your ugly dump called green bay. It is a fucking dump with a name, come on. FYI I happen to live in one of the most affluent neighborhoods in chicago and go to a great school, unlike the one room school house you send your buck tooth children to.

  18. matty ballgame September 9, 2015

    Disappointed to see the profanity, that is not attractive

  19. Jesse September 25, 2016

    This is why the internet rocks! First off, Minnesota and Wisconsin are practically the same place. We are not that different. Minnesota is populated by more people with useful intellect and we don’t vote for fucking George Bush. Now, let’s talk about the things you said about Mike Zimmer! This was not so long ago and it straight up sounds foolish now. He is an innovator defensively. This is straight from the lips of your very emotional, insecure and extreamly talented quarterback. The dancing queen himself, Aaron Rodgers. I have read several articles on this website and it has to be the most classless, opinionated packer backer site online. When Mike said this, he did not intend for it to be public. This man is about as great a football guy as you can find. He deserves respect. Even from a bunch of asswipes such as the d-bags that congregate here. He has basically shown the entire NFL how to turn Rodgers into Cutler. In two seasons he has reinvented Minnesota into not only the best team in the NFC North, but the best in the NFC. I would call them top 3 in the sport at this time. He is going to continue to improve us, batter your guys and eventually bring us to that elusive championship. If you want to speak about coaches that are irrelevant, look no further then your own backyard. Mr. fundamentals(Mike McCarthy). This guy gets to much credit. You guys have maybe the most accurate quarterback to ever play and you have one ring to show for it. A ring won on the backs a 4 game stretch that had Starks running like AP and a WR corps miles superior to what you have now. Don’t fool yourselfs, it’s a new age and for a the next four or five seasons, its mediocrity island for your football team. This is because of the man you wrote about. He gives your team a great deal of public respect and being the classy, honest, straight shooter he is, he means it. He is a better man then most in the game, as he proved after Bridgewater went down. He is so much better alone then the collective group of coaches in your teams locker room and he can say whatever he pleases, because he will be kicking your teams ass all fucking day and twice on Sundays. You guys that love the Packers so much, need to humble yourselves and stop harassing your QB after every bad game. You are lucky to have him and to not need 20 of them to get through a decade. Without that guy, you assholes are 5-11. That’s if you are lucky. So know this, you are a fucking idiot. You were off on almost every word of this pointless POS article. You now look like what you are. A low class, no life having sack of shit that makes everyone outside of your state hate all packer fans. If you wanna remark on grammar, have at it. I DONT GIVE A FUCK! Proper writing doesn’t make anything I wrote less true. Grammar police are the kinda people that spend Friday nights eating out their moms. Mike Zimmer is a great coach, a great man and we are proud as hell to have him represent our state and our Vikings. We would fire 1000 McCarthys to gain one Mike Zimmer. Making QB’s look stupid and reminding everyone that 52 others matter. SKOL BITCHES!!!