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Flynn Signs with the Pats

Matt Flynn

It was just announced that Matt Flynn has signed with the New England Patriots.

This is great news for Flynn and his fans, and we wish him all the best.

The Packers rang the death-bell to Flynn’s career in Green Bay when they drafted Brett Hundley in the fifth round last month. With Scott Tolzien under contract, and Flynn not, it was immediately obvious who was the odd man out with the new kid in town.

With every NFL team’s OTAs in full swing, it was little surprise that Flynn remained at home, craw-fishing, or doing whatever it is he does when he isn’t playing football. Even though he impressed in spot action in both 2010 and 2011, and he kept the Packers in the playoff picture in 2013, Flynn has never proven to be a capable starter anywhere but in Green Bay.

However, veteran NFL quarterbacks who had even a smidgeon of success are tough to find, and therefore, Flynn was at least in the same boat as James Jones, waiting for training camp or preseason injuries to lead to a phone call.

As it turns out, Flynn didn’t have to wait that long. As the universe knows, Tom Brady is facing a four game suspension to start the upcoming season. That would leave the Patriots in the hands of unproven Jimmy Garoppolo, who was drafted just last year. Sure, many have predicted that Brady is likely to get his suspension reduced, but even so, the Packers themselves know how tenuous relying on back up quarterbacks who haven’t seen a lot of game time can be.

The Patriots have acquired themselves at least a short term insurance policy by signing Flynn. The Patriots are a logical destination for Flynn since they run a shotgun spread offense that is somewhat similar to the Packers. Plus, Flynn had one of his best games as a pro against the Pats back in late 2010.

Besides the cash and the shot at prolonging his career, Flynn also gets an outside chance of actually starting the season under center for the defending Super Bowl champions. That only depends on Garoppolo and his health.

The downside to this opportunity is that the Patriots may release Flynn after Brady’s suspension is over, again, depending on how Garoppolo looks. Plus, in acquiring Flynn this early, they’ll easily be able to cut him in training camp if his arm doesn’t look any better than it did at times for the Packers last season.

Still, another shot is another shot. What more could a guy sitting at home ask for? Plus, did I mention CASH?

Good luck to Matt Flynn.


Shawn Neuser attended UWGB and lives and works in Green Bay. He enjoys long walks on the beach and being intimate with game film.



  1. Nacho dan June 11, 2015

    Plus Belichick gets to pick Flyyns brain about all things Packer.

    1. Kozak June 12, 2015

      And Seahawk