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Brett Favre Wearing a Packers Jersey

We’ll let this speak for itself.

But where are they now? It’s not as if Brett Favre disappeared off the face of the earth post-retirement.

We also got some snippets from the article itself. Nothing too surprising, except maybe where Brett compares himself to Elvis.

When asked about fan reaction to his Packers Hall of Fame induction ceremony, Brett whipped out a comparison to The King.

“I was blown away…. I mean, it’s not Elvis, but it feels that way. Like Elvis is coming back for one last show.”

Elvis Favre.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. RelampagoBlanco June 30, 2015

    Fingers crossed this picture will be enough to make ol’ Wolfie’s head explode.. Sadly, I think it will only bring on another novel about the “sacred oval-G” and how “Berty Judas” doesn’t deserve to wear it. blah blah blah…

    1. E. Wolf June 30, 2015

      I am still standing, and will continue to stand with the same implacable spirit that I have always had. Think of this–you and a few others can’t stop quoting me. Can the same be said of you? I doubt it.
      As far as Berty, who here among you really thinks he wants to see the Packers win another Super Bowl? Exactly. If not fight the power, at least don’t believe the hype.

      1. the real jeff ircink July 4, 2015

        Wolfy – you must just hate this shit, eh?

  2. Deepsky June 30, 2015

    Deepsky wild ass prediction 2016:

    After a contract impass, Russell Wilson plays the 2015 season with the Seahawks but is a free agent in 2016. Ex-Packer front office guy John Schneider calls up his buddy Brett Favre to lead the Seahawks for the 2016 season as Favre sees it as one last time he can screw over the Packers.

  3. CO Bob June 30, 2015

    mr Blanco is onto something…..
    Thank god there isn’t an oval G on the photo.
    Maybe we got lucky?
    Doubt it. (Trolling)

  4. Howard June 30, 2015

    Everyone has their own opinion of Favre. Did he retire or was he forced out? Did he orchestrate his way to the Vikings or was it just dumb luck?

    No matter the opinion there are a couple of things I know for sure. There is only a few ex-Packers who I wanted to see perform well with their new teams, but never watched their games, and those are Reggie White, Edgar Bennett, Charles Woodson and James Jones. There is only one ex-Packer whom I did not want to see perform well for their new team(s), but wanted to watch him play because of the multitude of great, and really bad plays he could make during the course of a game, and that is Favre. You can definitely say Favre made the game of football exciting to watch in a Packer uniform or not.

  5. Phillthy July 1, 2015

    Something makes me cringe about him in the green and gold now, knowing he wanted to beat us and take our bitter rivals to the super bowl.

    I forgive the guy, want to love him, can’t shake the purple and white drama that came after.

  6. Andrew Chitko July 1, 2015

    Brett crowing about how he could still play is nothing but thinly veiled hope that some team more pathetic than the Vikings will come crawling to Hattiesburg and beg him for his services. He’d do it too if someone came hard enough for him.

    And you know what? I hope it happens!

    Howard said it best…Brett Favre in any uniform is must see television.

    1. the real jeff ircink July 4, 2015


  7. Mike Ditka's Mom July 3, 2015

    Come on, we all know you secretly want Brett Favre’s dog to lick your balls. I bet the pages of your copy of Sports Illustrated all sticky.