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“Legends” Tribute to Brett Favre Features Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong

I forget exactly how this came across my desk, but someone unearthed it from the dustbin of the Internet a week or so ago. It is a “legends” tribute to Brett Favre.

And hey, we haven’t had anything about Brett Favre in a while, so consider today your lucky day.

We presume this video was made when Favre retired from the Green Bay Packers. You know, the first time… that didn’t take. And of course, with Favre getting his number retired this summer, this snippet of nostalgia is certainly fitting for another viewing now.

The video features legends from other sports — guys like Wayne Gretzky and John McEnroe — speaking glowingly of Favre and his accomplishments. How he was like a kid out there and… you know the refrain.

Only one problem.

You will see just how dated this thing is when good old Lance Armstrong pops up.

Liar, cheater and generally despicable human being Lance Armstrong.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, do yourself a favor and watch the documentary about Armstrong, Stop At Nothing. We’re aware that some of you will never forgive Favre’s treachery. Well, Favre has nothing on this creep.

But hey, congrats from Lance Armstrong, Brett!

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Cheese May 6, 2015

    Seems like you will “Stop at Nothing” just so you can find something to complain about. A commercial from six years ago where the main theme is about being thankful? Come on man..

  2. mike z May 12, 2015

    That “creep” has raised more money for cancer patients and survivors and their families then any other individual and has continued to do so…maybe the real creep is this biased ignorant “writer”