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The Riveting 2015 Packers’ Preseason Schedule

Mike Daniels and Mike Neal sack Tom Brady

I know you are all super pumped about yesterday’s release of the Packers’ 2015 preseason schedule, or like me, you were more like – “Huh? What?”

As irrelevant and annoying as the preseason might be, I have to admit that this year’s slate of games is at least… interesting. Our typical preseason match-ups with the likes of Cleveland, Kansas City, Tennessee, St. Louis, or whatever team Jeff Fischer or Andy Reid happens to be coaching are not to be found this time around. Instead, the Packers will actually be playing a bunch of teams whose seasons aren’t over even before they’ve begun.

The schedule looks like this:

Game 1 – August 13-17 – at New England

Game 2 – August 20-24 – at Pittsburgh

Game 3 – August 27-30 –  Philadelphia

Game 4 – September 3-4 – New Orleans

You’ll immediately notice that the exact dates and times are not set in stone. The teams will discuss the matter and decide that amongst themselves. All of these games will only be locally telecast, which gives the teams more control over when they will be played.

Besides the variety of the teams, the one thing that I noticed instantly is that those are four teams who can all play some offense. Of course, since it is the preseason, we’ll only be seeing those offenses in short spurts, but it still should be good practice for the defense.

Some hype has been brewed over the fact that the Packers will be starting off their preseason against the Super Bowl champion in their house. However, the saying goes it isn’t necessarily who you face but when you face them, and the first game of the preseason is pretty much the perfect time to travel to New England. Neither Tom Brady nor Aaron Rodgers are known for their love of preseason games, and thus, I wouldn’t expect to see either a whole lot on that night.


Shawn Neuser attended UWGB and lives and works in Green Bay. He enjoys long walks on the beach and being intimate with game film.


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  1. Cheese April 10, 2015

    That picture is awesome. I’m sure people will be talking about how this should have been last years super bowl match up.