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Packers Have Five More Reported Pre-Draft Visits Lined Up

Darryl Roberts

You were probably thrown off by that Bryce Petty pre-draft visit. The Green Bay Packers bringing in a potential third-round draft pick and all. Well, come back to reality because it’s back to normal operating procedure.

And that means the rest of the Packers’ pre-draft visits will be with guys you’ve never heard of or guys who will be lucky to get drafted at all. Because the mad genius Ted Thompson is going outsmart everyone else once again!

Here are the five latest names to join Petty in getting an all-expenses paid trip to Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Texas A&M Commerce receiver Ricky Collins. That’s a Division II school, right there. Collins caught 71 balls for 1,187 yards and 14 touchdowns in 2014. He ran a 4.48 40. Big Ted loves Division II receivers. Can’t get enough of them. Just ask Jeff Janis and Charles Johnson.

Illinois tight end Matt LaCrosse. LaCrosse had 38 catches for 397 yards and six touchdowns in his four-year career with the Illini. He ran a 4.64 40. Obviously, not real big on the stats. But hey, the Packers need another Ryan Taylor-type around. You know, a guy they can keep on the roster for a few years just to play special teams and then release because, wow, he never really developed as a tight end.

Maryland defensive tackle Darius Kilgo. Here’s probably the most important thing — 6-4, 320. Kilgo had 37 tackles and 2.5 sacks in 2014. This made me laugh out loud — pad level is listed as one of his weaknesses. You know who loves to talk about pad level? Mike McCarthy. Big Ted should go get all the guys with bad pad level because Big Mike will coach ’em right up!

Marshall defensive back Darryl Roberts. Roberts had 75 tackles and one interception in 2014. More importantly, he ran a 4.38 40. Here’s a guy that might actually get drafted, although not until the later rounds.

Texas Southern cornerback Tray Walker. Walker is intriguing because he’s tall (6-2). The Packers have exactly zero corners that are taller than 6-0 now that Davon House has left town. He had 41 tackles and four interceptions in 2014. Ran a 4.54 40.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. L April 9, 2015

    Always wondered what happened to Charles Johnson. So much weirdness with him being claimed while having an ACL tear.

    He would have been an amazing complement to Jordy and Cobb.

  2. Brian April 9, 2015

    Your negative schtick is tiring me out. If you hate the packers so much that you constantly want to bash them on your public site?? Why do it?? I’m real close to cutting it off and I know a few people that can’t stand your site because of you and only you.

  3. the real russ letlow April 9, 2015

    of all of the GM’s that are “GM-ing” right now, our guy Ted probably has the best results with UDFA’s. Those 2 CB’s might be interesting….

  4. Fritz April 9, 2015

    a TE with a name LACROSSE? hey, i am from LaCrosse, WI and you never go wrong with a name that fits perfectly you team and fans’ good vibes.

    as historical proof:

    Remember Dan Marino for Miami?

    remember Brett Butler for the Atlanta Braves?

    remember Butthead & Revis for the NYJ?

  5. elafave April 14, 2015

    Fritz, I dig LaCross. Decent town with decent culture for it’s size, located right on the Mighty. Has a decent sushi joint, lots of cool fucking terrain like Grandad’s Bluff and I saw Willy Nelson and Merle Haggard at the LaCross Center. Plus, LaCross seems tonwcome freaks and wierdos. I’m cool with that. Kick ass town. Fuck them tools across the River though.

  6. elafave April 14, 2015

    *to welcome