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Tramon Williams Will End His Career as a Brown

Tramon Williams


Tramon Williams’ celebrated his 32nd birthday today by escaping free agency’s version of the green room. Tramon has been signed by the Cleveland Browns to start opposite Joe Haden.

By offering Williams a three year contract worth $21 million, the Browns priced the Packers and the rest of planet Earth out of the market for Tramon’s services. As usual in the immediate aftermath of a signing, the further details of the contract are not available. So, we do not yet know if the Browns will be obligated to honor the contract for all three years, or if it is front-loaded, allowing the Browns to jettison Williams in a year or two if his play falters.

The Packers were not willing to offer Tramon more than a two year contract, which essentially amounted to a “prove it” contract where he would be kept only as long as he performed. Obviously, that isn’t the kind of security that anyone would be looking for. However, the Brown’s premium offer likely made all of that a moot point anyway.

As I anticipated, this clears the way for Casey Hayward to start opposite Sam Shields for the Packers. Hayward was a 2nd round pick in 2012 and will be in the final year of his rookie contract in 2015. The Packers need to know now whether Hayward can be the starter that they hoped for when they drafted him. Still, with only Micah Hyde and Demetri Goodson behind Hayward on the depth chart, expect the Packers to draft for this position again within the first 4 rounds of the draft.

This closes the book on a player who was signed by Ted Thompson after going undrafted in 2006. Tramon Williams’ raw athleticism and hard work eventually transformed him into a top NFL corner. After becoming a starter in 2008, through seven seasons Tramon amassed 464 tackles and 28 interceptions.

Tramon will probably best be remembered for the interceptions he made against Philadelphia and Atlanta in the playoffs following the 2010 season. The pick against Philadelphia sealed the game for the Packers in the closing seconds, and Tramon returned the pick against the Falcons for a touchdown to stake the Packers out to a 28-14 halftime lead, which they would never relinquish.

That play also remains synonymous with one of my favorite football calls of all time, as Joe Buck exclaimed, “It’s picked off! Tramon Williams! He could go! Matt Ryan tried to bite off some more yards, and he JUST GOT BURNED!!”

We wish Tramon Williams good luck in Cleveland, and we’ll see you again the day you are inducted into the Packer Hall of Fame.



Shawn Neuser attended UWGB and lives and works in Green Bay. He enjoys long walks on the beach and being intimate with game film.



  1. Andrew Chitko March 16, 2015

    As I just tweeted…Damn shame Tramon won’t be celebrating with the Pack for SB 50…but then again the AFC is wide open! Good luck!

    1. Savage57 March 17, 2015

      Speaking of Super Bowls, my favorite TW moment with the Pack is that sweetly-timed, high-point flick of the ball out of Wallace’s hands on 4th down.

      1. Shawn Neuser March 17, 2015

        Yeah, that is a PRETTY GOOD one.

  2. Justin T March 16, 2015

    Good luck Williams. Thanks for the memories.

  3. Sean March 16, 2015

    Good Luck Tramon! Way to get a team to pay you an average of 7 mil.
    Got to love teams who don’t have an elite starting QB. Can overpay for all sorts of things.

    1. Harry Hood March 17, 2015

      Joe Haden isn’t elite?

  4. BZ in BA March 16, 2015

    Way more than Big Ted was going to pay for a 32 year old in decline – and I don’t blame him. Let’s see Casey be THE MAN this year, and then pay him the money he deserves.

  5. Tom Sawyer's Friend Jim March 16, 2015

    Good for Tramon! I hope it’s front loaded for his sake so he can retire with at least one working arm.

  6. E. Wolf March 16, 2015

    If it were not for that shoulder injury, he could have been a premiere coverman.
    Really sorry to see him go. Can’t imagine he would rather play with the Browns, even with the extra money.

    1. Deepsky March 17, 2015

      Agreed. He never really recovered after the shoulder injury.

      1. PF4L March 19, 2015

        lmao..Ok Dr. Deepsky

  7. Cheese March 16, 2015

    With Williams and House gone, and the offense being pretty solid, this looks like another defensive draft.

  8. Abe Frohman March 16, 2015

    I can only assume that Ted has some sort of plan to replace him.

    1. Shawn Neuser March 16, 2015

      Casey Hayward and Micah Hyde have a plan to replace him.

      1. Deepsky March 17, 2015

        The Pack will take a corner in the first round then say he was the “Best available player at any position”. Then the press will say what a great pick, Thompson is a genius. Then said rookie will get beat like a drum his first year.

    2. Howard March 16, 2015

      It is interesting how similar Hyde, Hayward, and Goodson are to Williams in height, weight, forty, verticals etc. at their pro days and combine workouts. There are small differences, however in terms of measurables you are looking at the same guy. Who is going to show the best skills and instincts is the question?

      The Pack will really need to look for a cornerback in the draft with some height and explosion to match up with the taller receivers in the league.

      1. Harry Hood March 17, 2015

        Quickness and speed. All CB’s have quickness, but does Hyde/Hayward have that speed. Do they have that second gear like shields. F**k a 40 time, what can they do when already running in stride with a WR.

        1. Howard March 17, 2015

          I do not believe anyone on the roster has Shields speed or second gear and that includes the departed House and Williams. With the exception of Hayward all the current DBs struggle with finding and securing the ball when it is in the air.

          1. Abe Frohman March 17, 2015

            That guy on the practice squad is supposed to have Shields type speed.

  9. nate March 16, 2015

    For it being your favorite line, you didn’t get it very right :( I can close my eyes and envision the call seeing as its probably also my favorite packer play….

    ….so a bit of a risk. Pass is picked off!! Tramon Williams, and he may go! THEY tried to bite off more yardage, and THEY just got burned! (statement ends at about the exact same time Nick Collins catches up with him in the end zone and almost tackles him, the only contact he received on the play)

    1. Shawn Neuser March 16, 2015

      I didn’t watch it on youtube to quote it word by word. I was just going off memory, and I would say I was pretty close. Right, he says “they” instead of singling out Matt Ryan. Either way it is a great call. “They JUST… GOT… BURNED!!” Hahaha…great call.

  10. Justin T March 16, 2015

    Watch “Tramon Williams (Beast Mode) NFC Playoffs Vs Atlanta 2 Picks(Pick 6)” on YouTube
    Tramon Williams (Beast Mode) NFC Playoffs Vs Atlanta 2 Picks(Pick 6): https://youtu.be/asF8rL7A4S8

  11. rebelgb March 16, 2015

    God I miss Collins.

    Tramon did everything we asked him to do, for the most part, and was a big part of this teams continued winning ways.

    All the best Tramon.

    1. PF4L March 16, 2015

      Did everything, except tackle and be the top tier cornerback he was generously paid to be. So now he goes where the money is, the NFL powerhouse Cleveland Browns. Good luck with that.

  12. the real russ letlow March 16, 2015

    met Tramon in 2011 in Green Bay. Hung out for 5 minutes or so chatting up my family. Great guy. Good luck in Cleveland. Now Hayward has a “prove it” year right in front of him. Lets hope he has a season like his rookie one!

  13. billybong March 16, 2015

    so the Packer will just move guys who aren’t that good on the outside corner to the position and hope they do O.K.??? A lot of question marks as usual with this defense…i guess Ted says we will just score 50 pts a game and it will be ok….hopeso…i don’t see how its a better defense than the last few years, meaning mediocre…draft?? and two – three years to develop???

    1. Shawn Neuser March 16, 2015

      We really don’t know how good Hayward is or isn’t on the outside. He rarely ever played there. He was great at times and poor at other times when covering the slot, but that is a different animal.

    2. PF4L March 16, 2015

      The problem is the same as it’s always been. Ted loses or lets a player go, and he’s ill prepared to provide a replacement.

      Cullen Jenkins comes to mind. Defense went from 5th to 32nd. in 1 year.

      Chad Clifton released, Teds plan?…Marshall fucking Newhouse, we all saw how that worked out.

      Aaron Rodgers…Gee, what should we do? I know, lets sign Vince Young, and call up Seneca Wallace. Wasn’t pretty was it?

      Davon House and Tramon Williams sign with new teams in Free agency…So Casey Hayward and Micah Hyde will be asked to step up and battle for TW’s spot in training camp. Theses 2 players and Davon House were drafted specifically to replace the impending departure of TW and Woody. So we’ll wait and see. But i have a feeling, Ted and the scouts are now looking at cornerbacks in the draft…again. Maybe we can select another corner, instead of trying to find the middle linebacker that we’ve needed for years.

      1. Deepsky March 17, 2015

        Thompson didn’t sign Scott Wells. The next year he only played a few games with the Rams as he blew his knee out and has been injury prone since. Thompson also didn’t sign Aaron Kampman. He lasted a couple games with the Jaguars, blew his knee out and never played again in the NFL. Thompson also didn’t sign Marco Rivera. He played about a season or so with the Cowboys, got a neck injury and got released. Thompson also didn’t sign Javon Walker. He played one OK season with Denver, blew his knee out and never again had a decent season in the NFL. Thompson didn’t sign Desmond Bishop. He signed with the Vikings, but only played in a handful of games after getting injured.

        You ask me, I think Thompson has a crystal ball.

        1. PF4L March 19, 2015

          Did that crystal ball tell him to start Marshall Newhouse at left tackle? smfh

          1. PF4L March 19, 2015

            Did that crystal ball tell him draft Derrik Sherrod? I could go on and on and on….

  14. Lisa March 16, 2015

    Sad day:(

  15. vj March 16, 2015

    One of my personal favorite playmakers. Wish him all the best but ol cheapo Teddy will field us a “competitive” playoff team no matter what!

  16. vj March 16, 2015

    I would’ve kept Tramon over the off injured Bulaga. I mean good right tackles are a dime a dozen…good corners? Whole other story.

  17. PF4L March 16, 2015

    I don’t get all the love for TW, didnt anyone watch any of the games since 2010, all the missed tackles (unwilling to tackle) all the P I penaltys, all the holding penaltys, all the countless times he got beat. All while being paid as a shutdown corner.

    Go to the Browns. Good riddance.

    1. Abe Frohman March 17, 2015

      good riddance on the one hand, but up above because the successions you mention weren’t exactly great, the sky is falling? Which is it?

    2. the real russ letlow March 17, 2015

      he was a good CB who gave us a lot over the years. His skills have declined in the last couple of years, for sure. So Ted was probably right on for what he offered – or didn’t. Tramon was awesome in the 2010 season playoff run and the Super Bowl victory, and will be loved by most Packers fans for that alone. He handled himself well on and off the field too. So, no – not good riddance. Thanks for the memories and good luck.

    3. Shawn Neuser March 17, 2015

      Dude, you’ve done a good job commenting as of late, but your issues with Tramon border on the neurotic.
      Except for the latter half of 2011, Tramon has been a damn good corner for the Packers. I seem to remember a playoff game two years ago against San Francisco, where Clay Matthews was in street clothes and Sam Shields was injured on the sideline, and Tramon was out there battling and almost single-handedly keeping us in that game.
      Tramon was paid his market value, which except for 2011, he mostly lived up to. There is no such thing as a “shutdown corner.” A shutdown corner is a unicorn. Watch Patrick Peterson play a quality WR once, or Darrell Revis get burned by Jordy for a TD or Richard Sherman never leave his side of the field. You are upset at Tramon for not living up to a standard that doesn’t exist.

      1. PF4L March 19, 2015

        First of all….His play was subpar in 11,12, and 1st half of 13.

        2ndly…It’s no secret Tramon wouldn’t tackle, an attempted shoulder block that misses, isn’t a tackle. It’s called not earning his money. I don’t remember seeing a cornerback get beat so bad, that he had to constantly get penaltys for pi and holding, because he was getting beat. Most Packer fans remember all this, but i guess some would rather choose to bury their head in the sand and pretend it never happened. There is a reason he hasn’t been to the Pro Bowl since 2010 But it’s your world, paint the sky any color you want

        1. PF4L March 19, 2015

          Someone posted that TW was the 50th ranked corner in the NFL last season. Well, if market value for that is 9 mill/year, i have a Brett Favre jersey for sale. It can be yours for $2,000.00. Got paypal?

          1. PF4L March 19, 2015

            BTW Shawn…What do you mean when you say iv’e done a good job commenting lately?

            Does that mean that if you’ve somewhat agreed with my comments, that iv’e done a good job? But if you don’t, then i’m out of line?..lol

            My comments have been my football related opinions, which i thought what this site was for, wether you “liked” my post or not.

            But thanks for making it personal by implying i’m being neurotic because you don’t like my comments (opinions) about TW in TW articles. You implying i’m neurotic has about as much integrity as me implying you’re a rapist. If i said that, it doesn’t make it true, it would make me look like an idiot. Don’t look like an idiot.

  18. Abe Frohman March 17, 2015

    TT being a disciple of Ron Wolf probably felt that it’s better to let a go a year too early than a year too late. TT also wanted to see what he has in Hayward and Hyde. It would really suck to have either of those guys leave in free agency in a year or two and then light it up for someone else simply because we didn’t play them enough to really know.