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Report: Seahawks Covet Tramon Williams

Tramon Williams

We’re not exactly sure where the Green Bay Packers stand with cornerback Tramon Williams.

Will they bring back the 31-year-old Williams, the team’s best cornerback in 2014, or will they instead re-sign the younger Davon House? It seems to be an either or proposition.

The Seattle Seahawks could help make the decision for the Packers.

Seattle is expected to pursue Williams to replace Byron Maxwell, widely considered the top free agent cornerback on the market. The Seahawks feel they can’t afford Maxwell and Williams would make a decent (and cheaper) replacement.

According to the Journal Sentinel, the Packers have offered Williams a two-year deal worth $8 million. That proposal has been rejected.

A source close to Williams and his agent, Rodney Williams of Katy, Texas, told the Journal Sentinel that the Seahawks have made it clear they’re going after the 31-year-old cornerback because they have little or no chance to re-sign Maxwell, an unrestricted free agent.

The Seahawks prefer Williams to other veteran cornerbacks because (GM John) Schneider knows him from four seasons in Green Bay and views him as an ideal fit for coach Pete Carroll’s aggressive Cover 3 coverage scheme.

If the Packers want to get a deal with Williams done before free agency opens, it certainly appears doable. Increasing that two-year offer to $10 million might do the trick.

That is, unless Williams thinks he’s going to get more years on the open market. From an objective perspective, that certainly seems doubtful.

Of course, stranger things have happened.

What is clear, is that unlike recent years, the Packers appear primed to lose some key contributors in free agency this year.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. MMTTDCSUCK March 5, 2015

    Here is my take on this, Williams and Cobb? Gone. Develop from within the org. will be the mantra. The pack will most likely bring back AJ Hawk as well btw. This org. does not learn from it’s mistakes as often as we would hope. Raji stays and lays another egg. TT has a few opportunities for some good Defensive people (ILB and DE) but will wait too long, then lay an egg . . . and pick up some serviceable back ups. Let us all hope that I am wrong with this summation, but TT is steering this boat towards the rocks, we are not. All the while A. Rodgers is getting one more year longer in the tooth. This may not be pleasant this offseason. Time will tell.

  2. Richard March 5, 2015

    This is the deepest FA group in years. If somebody wants to fight for 31 year old Tramon the first day of FA then more power to them. The draft is deep enough at CB that I’m sure Ted can find somebody younger and cheaper with the ability to get burnt by Jermaine Kearse.

    1. Tucson Packer March 5, 2015

      It may be deep in terms of CB’s available but if I remember correctly more than one analyst also said it is one of the most average CB groups in years.

  3. vijay March 5, 2015

    But I wanna hear him talk more about being on their P’s and Q’s come playoff time.

  4. Pack March 6, 2015

    MMTTDCSUCK- can you technically still use this name? And really Tramon is not that good. Can probably be replaced by almost anyone.

    1. MMTTDCSUCK March 6, 2015

      This name is tongue in cheek . . . As far as Williams? I just said he was gone! I am not advocating for him to stay. Regarding the validity of MMTTDC? Well, MM and DC both shit the bed at the end of the game, they both played to “not lose” instead of continuing their play calling that had worked for them for 85% of the game. We had all been calling for the termination of Slocum for years, well, most of us anyway! Some, including myself warned of an impending loss because of his lack of control with his players. We all saw how that worked out. TT should have signed Cobb before the season was over, but decided to wait from what I have read. So in hindsight, MMTTDC still suck! But not as bad as others, but they are nowhere nearly as good as some others. But then again, I expect more from the Packers brain trust than most people. I follow that mantra in my own world as well, why should anyone accept less Pack?

  5. Tequila March 7, 2015

    He would be a perfect fit as an overrated corner on the most overrated team in the NFL.

  6. Lisa March 8, 2015

    Keep him