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Randall Cobb Turned Down More Money Elsewhere

Randall Cobb

As expected, Randall Cobb was a hot commodity on the free agent market.

Teams were first able to negotiate with players on Saturday and Cobb received numerous offers. A number of those offers were reportedly more lucrative than the four-year, $40 million deal he ended up signing with the Packers.

That tells us a couple things.

Despite his agent, Cobb really does care more about winning than he does money. It is rumored that three of those offers came from Oakland, Jacksonville and Houston — teams that are either perennial losers or only occasional winners.

Obviously, the Packers quarterback situation also played a role in Cobb’s decision.

On the flip side, you can bet these other offers ended up driving up the price the Packers paid, as they’re now paying their No. 2 receiver more than their No. 1 receiver (by about $200,000 annually).

Cobb was originally seeking $9 million per year. Even that price seemed like more than the Packers wanted to pay.

The market quickly told the Packers they were out of luck. In the end, the Packers probably paid more than they wanted to keep Cobb and Cobb took less than he could have gotten elsewhere.

All for the greater good.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. thatguy188 March 8, 2015

    Tells me a lot about Cobb the person. His head’s in the right place and exactly what we need in Green Bay.

  2. Howard March 8, 2015

    This is good for Cobb and the Pack. I sure would like to see the details. The deal probably helps the Pack this year and next with other free agent signings. I would also guess the only year that exceeds Nelson’s average will be year four.

    To rant for a second, maybe Sexton should try different negotiating tactics rather than leak shit constantly as a “source”. Try something new it may help. Cobb in this case when he tweeted early to not believe everything in the media was referring to his own agent.

    1. Savage57 March 9, 2015

      Sexton was doing his job, Cobb ultimately made the decision.

      Sexton used the external leverage to get Cobb a $4MM bump in the Packers offer. People like to dog Sexton, but he’s probably one of the more respected agents in the biz.

      1. Howard March 10, 2015

        Savage: I would be sure Sexton is doing his job for the players he represents. He must do a good job as he does have a large collection of quality players under his agency. That however is not my problem with Sexton. If you were so inclined to look you would see my problem with Sexton has only been in the last week over his leaks to the media, otherwise I do not give a shit about Sexton.

        The NFL has very harsh rules over tampering with players prior to and during the so called “legal tampering period” we are currently in. As you are aware TT keeps everything close to the vest, in fact he will not even discuss another teams player outside the official free agency period. TT is cautious because of potential tampering charges that could result in fines or lost draft picks.

        My problem with Sexton is he puts enough information regarding discussions out to the press that it could be interpreted by the league to be tampering prior to and during the legal tampering period. You can bet TT avoids discussions with Sexton regarding other teams free agents and that puts the Pack at a disadvantage as Sexton does control a substantial quantity of quality players. So no I do not have a stiffy for Sexton in general. My problem is he puts the Pack at a disadvantage in the legal tampering period. If you do not believe me watch and see if Sextons leaks to the media gets the dolphins in trouble over Suh.

        Please see part of a memo sent to teams last year regarding this legal tampering period. Pay specific attention to the last portion regarding agents and the press. After tomorrow I could care less what Sexton leaks. Until then yes I have a problem with him and my guess is at some point the league and other teams will have a problem with Sexton also.

        “Clubs are further advised that prior to the beginning of the new League Year it is impermissible for a club to enter into an agreement of any kind, express or implied, oral or written, or promises, undertakings, representations, commitments, inducements, assurances of intent or understandings of any kind concerning the terms or conditions of employment offered to, or to be offered to, any prospective Unrestricted Free Agent for inclusion in a Player Contract after the start of the new League Year. Any announcement of an agreement or an agreement in principle by a club or another party, including, but not limited to, a certified agent, player, or media organization may subject the club to a tampering investigation.

        Please contact the Player Personnel department if you have any questions”

  3. PF4L March 8, 2015

    This doesn’t tell us anything, other than it doesn’t make any sense. Ian Rapoport is a hack. Rapoport claims Cobb turned down considerably more money from 6-7 teams? Really? Though he doesn’t mention even one of those teams, much less any #’s. But claims this is what he was told, by who? Jimmy Sexton? The other teams? The dude sitting next to him at the bar?

    Let’s say Jimmy Sexton told him this, does that make it true? Weird that an agent would lie.

    It seems a little odd, that all these teams made him huge offers, but we’ve heard nothing from other teams, other reporters, or that he visited any other team.

    All signs were that Cobb and his agent were looking for the money. Then Rapoport reports they found more money, but turned down more money and signed with Green Bay anyway? Again, makes no sense.

    So what should we take from Rapoport’s “inside information”?
    Maybe some people like this author, believe it to be true, like the tooth fairy and the Easter Bunny.

    If i believed it, it “looks” like Cobb and his agent are hero’s who took less money to stay with the Packers, a hometown discount if you will.

    I’m glad Cobb is still with the Packers, but once again, as is becoming a pattern with Ted, he was overpaid.

    Bulaga, your next.

    1. Howard March 8, 2015

      In regards to Rapoport he may be more than an alleged hack. I believe he is one of sexton’s ventriloquist dummy. Have you noticed that when Rapoport speaks he is always sitting on sextons lap with sextons hand up his ass making his lips move. Look at what is going on with Suh and guess who is suh’s agent?

      1. billybong March 8, 2015

        so what is the point with you two guys…maybe you would like to sit on Teds lap and point him in the right direction…be a skeptic if ya want who gives a shit, we got a good player back for maybe a little more money than he’s worth like 99% of the players in the NFL, so now Ted can’t sign Hawk again…big deal..

        1. Howard March 8, 2015

          Sure Tiger, write what you want. If you want to get it right go back to the recent Cobb articles and you will see I happen to be no skeptic of this move. In fact I believe I called it almost exactly the way it happened. I was just ranting about Sexton and some reporters. Not sure why that bothers you unless you have some close bond with them. If you do sorry for insulting your friends.

      2. billybong March 8, 2015

        so what is the point with you two guys…maybe you would like to sit on Teds lap and point him in the right direction…be a skeptic if ya want who gives a shit, we got a good player back for maybe a little more money than he’s worth like 99% of the players in the NFL, so now Ted can’t sign Hawk again…big deal..

  4. Howard March 8, 2015

    I think the source is sexton and it is out there because Sexton wants to show his current and future clients he can get the money. In addition sexton wanted to make it clear Cobb made the decision not to take the money that he (sexton) worked so hard to achieve with so many teams. I believe if Sexton had his way Cobb would be playing elsewhere. As usual agents put out half truths and the media spreads those leaks as the truth from some reliable source (my ass). Not sure that sexton is or has become more of a deception artist than Rosenhaus.

    1. PF4L March 8, 2015

      Randall Cobb ✔ @rcobb18
      Rule #1: Don’t believe everything you hear in the media.

    2. Savage57 March 9, 2015

      SInce you don’t seem to know shit about negotiating, agency duties and appear to have a stiffy for Sexton, instead of whining about the deal, just maybe accept that he did exactly what his client wanted.

      RC: “Jimmy, I really don’t want to play for anyone besides the Packers, but I’d like to see if I can get you to bump their offer a little bit.”

      JS: “Done.”

      Best thing to do right now is accept what’s happened with Cobb and go look for other windmills to chase.

      1. Howard March 9, 2015

        You are the last person I would expect to have a love affair for a sports agent. By the way, I happen to not be complaining about the deal. It is the exact deal I expected a while ago. Sexton uses the same play book in every negotiation, he is an open book. So much so even a dumb ass like me can read him. Please see previous comments as follows:

        #40 written by Howard
        03/04/2015 – 12:19 pm
        The Packers still have exclusive rights to negotiate with Cobb. There is still time to finalize a contract. All this bullshit floating out there is to get the cost up and is coming from Cobb’s agent or his minions.
        It appears to me that Cobb and the Pack were close to a contract prior to the tag deadline. If Thompson thought there was a market to pay Cobb 12 + mil a year by multiple teams, Thompson would have tagged Cobb and traded him with multiple teams making offers.
        Everyone believes Cobb wants a deal at five years. Cobb may be more interested in a large signing bonus. A three or four year contract averaging around Nelson dollars. Stay with the Pack, get larger commercial endorsements, and get another large contract while still young, with one or two Super Bowl rings. That is the best business and career decision for Cobb.

  5. Shawn Neuser March 8, 2015

    If it’s market value, which this appears to be, then it’s impossible for him to be “overpaid.” He is paid what the market offered, and that’s how it is supposed to work.

    I believe that Cobb did get other offers. However, before we line up for our Cobb jerseys, let’s keep in mind that Cobb waited until the first day of free negotiation to sign. That means he at least wanted to hear what other teams were offering.

    The obvious conclusion is that IF teams were indeed offering more money, it still wasn’t ENOUGH more to warrant leaving a QB and an offense that should help Cobb sign another big contract in 4 years.

    1. PF4L March 8, 2015

      That’s not always the case Shawn. If Raji accepted Thompsons offer of 8 million a year last season, would that price have been set by the market? If i remember right, in free agency last year, there wasn’t even a market for Raji.

      Plus, i just don’t find Rapoports reporting as credible, because there is absolutely nothing outside of his twitter quote, to corroborates anything he said.

  6. vijay March 8, 2015

    $1M more per year for an elite #2 WR, not a bad thing. Good for Randall, good for Aaron and I doubt Jordy cares if you ask him. With nearly equal stats, I would argue we have no #1 WR, rather a collection of top tier #2 guys.

  7. billybong March 8, 2015

    yah, lets fuckin argue about him being over paid, at least its not as bad as all the shit we would be reading if he would of left…all you same people would be heaping on Terrible Ted then on how he let an integral piece of the Packer puzzle slip away for a meer million bucks….what a joke…no ones ever happy…no…thats not right…I AM….

    1. Shawn Neuser March 8, 2015


    2. PF4L March 8, 2015

      Billy…..I made some observations about Rapoport’s Quote, i made an observation (a correct one) about Ted overpaying. I can’t do that? Thinking, and calculating one’s own opinion isn’t allowed in your world? If i’m just a good sheep and follow the crowd, will i then be a better Packer fan in your eyes?

      Billybong, no one was arguing except you. You also don’t sound happy, you sound like you’re crying.

  8. Lisa March 8, 2015

    So many of y’all look for the negative. Cobb chose the Pack over other teams, took less money. He did not pull a Jennings. This guy is a class act through and through.
    Now let’s focus on the other bonus. Such is going to the AFC. Great news!!
    Let’s not look a gift horse in the mouth here folks. Go Pack Go!!

  9. the real russ letlow March 9, 2015

    ok. WR is set. lets sign BB and get some talent at ILB and giddyapp. WOO HOO!

  10. MMTTDCSUCK March 9, 2015

    Certainly happy that I was wrong about Cobb going. Cobb should provide many highlights for the Pack for the next few years! Now sign a great ILB, B. Bulaga, and someone at the CB position as well!