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Now the Packers are Sorry About Jumal Rolle

Jumal Rolle

Maybe you remember cornerback Jumal Rolle.

He played balls out last preseason. Made plays left and right. Totally made the Green Bay Packers roster.

Except that he didn’t.

Despite clearly earning a roster spot and being one of the surprises of the preseason, Ted Thompson decided Rolle would not be getting a roster spot. Instead, he gave Rolle’s roster spot to sixth-round pick Demetri Goodson, who literally made no impact during the preseason and was injured at the time.

The thinking was that the Packers had to keep Goodson on the active roster. If they released him while he was injured, they’d have to give him an injury settlement and wouldn’t have been able to re-sign him for six weeks. So Goodson stayed and Rolle was relegated to the practice squad.

The Packers were bound and determined to bend this kid over and make him take the high, hard one repeatedly though. As such, the injustice and stupidity didn’t end at that time.

No, it continued into the season. Linebacker Andy Mulumba went on injured reserve on Sept. 19. The Packers sat around with an open roster spot for two full weeks.

Promote the most deserving guy from the practice squad, right? That’s the obvious solution and one that would have righted an obvious wrong.


Ted just kept pounding Rolle right in the ass.

Eventually, Rolle got a call from the Houston Texans. They offered him a roster spot and he took it.

Rolle played in 10 games for the Texans in 2014, recording 19 tackles and three picks. That’s as many picks as anyone on the Packers had in 16 games.

And now the Packers are thin at cornerback. And now Big Ted is real sorry he boned that whole situation.

“There’s always some regret,” Thompson said. “I’m a hoarder of players. I like to keep them all. He’s one of those guys we would have liked to have kept, as well.”

Ah, great.

So why the hell didn’t you keep him?

Did he screw your mother?

That’s the only explanation we can fathom.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Annoyed March 24, 2015

    This is making a proclamation before we even know what is goin on. That was one season on a defense that was a lot better and had the best defender putting pressure on the quarterback. Goodson may turn out to be better than Rolle. He may even turn out to be a long term starter. Thompson knows what he’s doing and this isn’t an exception.

    1. jtmax March 24, 2015

      Rolle is actually younger than Goodson and showed that he is a stud and healthy while Goodson sucked and injured. This was as dumb as when we kept Bishop on the bench all those years while letting Hawk prance around as a starter. TT thought he was GM for NBA team so he kept the basketball player. LOL

      1. MMTTDCSUCK March 24, 2015

        MM has always played and kept favorites, always has, always will . . .

  2. Chris F March 24, 2015

    lol, you serious with this?

  3. nic March 24, 2015

    Like I have said before the packers win in spite of buffoon number one and buffoon number two

    1. MMTTDCSUCK March 24, 2015

      Absolutely agree . . .

    2. PF4L March 24, 2015

      Aaron Rodgers

  4. Howard March 24, 2015

    One thing you could see in the college tape of Rolle was he could locate the ball in the air at the last second and either knock it down or intercept. That is a good quality in a corner. Rolle in his short time showed playmaking instincts. Except for maybe Hayward not sure the remaining DB’s have that consistent ability. Have not seen enough of Goodson or Tay to say one way or the other.

  5. vj March 24, 2015

    And that my friends, is why Ted is only a top 10 GM and not the best. I’d have us in the Super Bowl every year with a healthy Rodgers at the helm. I’d simply cut the most expensive contracts in favor or youth but reinvigorate my roster with a few quality vets from shitty teams every year. And oh yeah, I wouldn’t bat .500 in the draft either.

  6. Carl March 24, 2015

    Haha Vj, thinks he’d be better than TT…

    What a dumbass.

  7. Nacho dan March 24, 2015

    I heard Rolle was banging Holmgrens daughter.

  8. Sean March 24, 2015

    It was also not wildly reported that during that two weeks Rolle was given the week off because his son had a brain tumor. He was also offered a roster spot but tuned it down because he thought he could get on the field sooner in Houston.

  9. jimbo March 24, 2015

    This is the most anti-packer website ever. If Rolle was such a stud he would have beeb drafted. Amazing the Packers field one of the best teams on football every year but all you do is complain about the guy that drafted Rodgers or the guy with the number 1 scoring offense in the leauge.

    1. jtmax March 24, 2015

      James Harrison was not drafted among a bunch of Hall of Famers so you are ignorant for evaluating players based on draft. Look at Hawk. One of the highest pick we made and he sucks.
      TT is biased for his draft picks to a fault. You have to be walking on water in camp and preseason if you want to get a chance.

      1. jimbo March 24, 2015

        What is ignorant is evaluating players based off a tiny sample in Houston. To call this guy a stud at this point is quite a stretch and you can’t even say he is better than Goodson.

        But here you go contradicting yourself just remember TT is the one that gave Williams, Shields and many other undrafted players a chance.

  10. nurseratchett March 24, 2015

    I thought it was a mistake to let him go at the time; I believe some asshats here & on acmepackingco reamed me for it.

    Who was right? That would be this broad.

  11. Justin T March 24, 2015

    @jimbo Sam sShields and Tramon Williams were not drafted. Teddy is pretty good at finding these gems. Rolle was obviously one of them gems that got away.

    1. BZ in BA March 24, 2015

      Sam Shields WAS drafted. He was a D7, but that still counts as a draft pick.

      1. Floop March 25, 2015

        Except that he wasn’t drafted. In reality anyway.

      2. jimbo March 25, 2015

        Yeah he was not drafted.

  12. Shawn Neuser March 24, 2015

    A 5th corner? That’s what we are talking about? A 5th corner?
    Not a starter, not a starter, which we die for, but a 5th corner?
    Come on, man! I know its important. Believe me, I do, but a 5th corner??


    It always entertains me how people who didn’t watch a single OTA or training camp practice think they know better than the guys who watched them all because of 2 preseason games. Good stuff. Keep it coming.

  13. Ted Hawthorne March 24, 2015

    Everyone is missing the truth: To have kept
    Rolle over Goodson would have meant Thompson
    would be admitting he made an initial mistake.
    No administrator/manager will ever do that.
    Their first priority is always their own image
    and career–the organization be damned. Rolle
    was so obviously the better cornerback it was
    painful. He had that rare and uncoachable “nose
    for the ball.” I almost become physically ill
    when Stupid let him get away.

  14. BZ in BA March 24, 2015

    Rolle was WAY better than Goodson in preseason last year, and yes, he probably did deserve to make the squad – particularly given the fact that Tramon was in a contract year AND over the hill as far as CBs go, and House had been consistently inconsistent. I thought that it was a mistake to let him slip away at the time, and I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see him starting in another year or two – the kid has hands AND wheels AND vision AND can tackle. I am not criticizing TT – the guy has got a really tough job, and I have no idea what kind of other issues were at play. I am just sorry that we lost this one, because he was a keeper (whereas I think that Goodson is a tosser).

  15. PF4L March 24, 2015

    People,People People…As a Packer fan, i’m disgusted anyone would question Big Ted.

    Do you fine people not remember that Ted won a Super Bowl in 2010? See, once you win a Super Bowl, that’s it, game over, you can never be 2nd guessed or questioned.

    1. jtmax March 25, 2015

      If MM and Dom Capers say they want Rolle and not Goodson, I can’t see TT going the other way. It might be that we were so deep that they didn’t think they can keep a talented guy like Rolle on the roster anyhow. If he’s on a practice squad then we still lose him. If we found Rolle last year then we have just as much chance to find another gem this year and without depth at corner, the best 4 corners will make the roster drafted or undrafted.