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Letroy Guion Visited the Seahawks

Letroy Guion

Well, so much for the Green Bay Packers and their imminent deal with defensive tackle Letroy Guion.

After reaching a plea deal that clears him of any criminal charges in his felony drug case at the beginning of the week, Guion visited the Seattle Seahawks at the end of the week.

He was in Seattle on Friday.


Because despite saying they want Guion back, the Green Bay Packers’ brass obviously has zero urgency to do anything other than sit around with their heads up their asses.

Guion says he’s still hopeful the Packers will step forward with a deal and so are we. Frankly, we have no idea what the hell the holdup is.

The Packers don’t have a capable nose tackle on the roster at the moment. B.J. Raji is also a free agent. Why not sign both of these guys and be done with that position for 2015 already?

No, we’ll just wait around until some other team comes along and signs both of these guys, so we can create another hole on our defense to go along with the ones at cornerback and inside linebacker. And then we can draft someone to fill the hole who will round into form three years from now when our Super Bowl window is much smaller than it is today.

But what about NFL discipline, you say?

Yes, it’s true. The Ginger Hammer will surely be handing Guion some completely arbitrary penalty for getting caught with a giant bag of weed in his car. That penalty will probably cost Guion at least a couple games.

That doesn’t matter in terms of Guion’s contract though. If he’s suspended, he’ll be suspended without pay, so the Packers don’t lose anything except a body for those games.

Get it done already, Ted!

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Andrew Chitko March 27, 2015

    Guion + Legal weed state = drop in production.

    Smoking grass might be the priority for this Guion.

    1. the real russ letlow March 28, 2015

      excellent point.

    2. Harry Hood March 29, 2015

      Probably no drop in production. Probably get more sleep at night. But I still bet he has this as the #1 Pro on the Pro/Con list.

  2. Vijay March 28, 2015

    Seattle, Green Bay, Seattle, Green Bay…umm…I know where I’d go.

  3. Pete Cooney March 28, 2015

    what the hell is wrong with Ted Thompson. Jolly was in prison and he resigned him? What is next?

  4. Church Lady March 28, 2015

    Maybe Ted has ideas of putting Don Barclay at Nose Tackle..he’s put O-lineman on the D line before… Brilliant!!

  5. Shawn Neuser March 28, 2015

    What is the hold up? The same as it always is – MONEY.
    Like anyone else, Guion and Raji are probably hoping for some guaranteed money and going to shop themselves around until they get the biggest chunk of it. Considering Raji’s injury status and Guion’s pot habit, I don’t see the Packers too enthused about handing out a big guaranteed bonus to either.
    Both guys could help this defense and plug a hole, but TT still shouldn’t overpay for players who will likely never make it back to the Pro Bowl. They are decent but not great players.
    The pipeline between Minnesota and Seattle continues as the Seahawks look to replace Kevin Williams with Guion.

  6. Fritz March 29, 2015

    draft a nose tackle, or go back to the 4-3.

  7. Abe Frohman March 30, 2015

    How many of you guys were moaning about signing Guion at the beginning of last season? “The Vikings sign our old players, we don’t sign theirs!”

    what a difference a year makes.