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Free Agency – Who’s Left?

B.J. Raji

As we have grown accustomed to in Green Bay in March, all is quiet on the free agency front. The Packers are now the ONLY team in the NFL to not have signed any free agent from another team during this free agency period. Of course, that rather grandly overlooks the fact that the Packers are also the only team in the NFL to have signed two of the projected top 10 free agents available this offseason. It just happens to be that both those free agents had been Packers before they became free agents.

It also ignores the fact that the free agency period is far from over, and that Packer fans all well know that Ted Thompson is far more likely to sign someone AFTER the first week, which is the week players get overpaid and GMs crash and burn. So, with that being the case, the question remains who is still out there that Teddy might be or should be interested in.

Letroy Guion – DT

Why do it? – Because he played the position last season and did a fairly good job. Plus, he’s younger than nearly all the other options out there. The Packers obviously had interest in him prior to him driving a backpack full of ganja and cash to Florida. The arrest should mitigate Guion’s cost.

Why not do it? –  Guion is looking at a suspension to start 2015. I am guessing the suspension will be in the four game ballpark with the possibility of getting it reduced to 2 games upon appeal. Plus, if you sign Guion, you are not improving the position. You are merely holding serve.

BJ Raji –  DT

Why do it? –  BJ Raji looked good at camp after being moved back to his more natural position of nose tackle in the 3-4. Raji still has the ideal body type and the quick feet that you like at that position. He also should come cheaper than his contract last season. Raji hung around the team all last season, even though he didn’t play a game. That is obviously a good sign.

Why not? –  Raji tore his bicep in the preseason last year, and he was never exactly known for his strength in the first place. In his last couple seasons prior to the injury, Raji was inconsistent at best.

CJ Mosley – DT

Why do it? – The Lions are in danger of losing every DT that started a game for them last season. CJ Mosley was a more than adequate replacement for the oft-injured Nick Fairley. Hall of Famer Bill Polian has Mosley listed as his top DT available in free agency right now. At 6′ 2″ and 310 pounds, at least listed, Mosley has the girth to play the nose in a 3-4.

Why not do it? –  CJ Mosley is another aging option. He will be 32 when the season starts. Though he is big enough to play the nose, he is probably a better fit for the 4-3.

Rolando McClain –  ILB

Why do it? –  Rolando McClain came off the trash heap to play a quality season for the Dallas Cowboys last season. He is still only 25 years old and could yet improve. He is clearly the best free agent ILB available at this point.

Why not do it? – McClain is the classic kind of player that the Packers typically avoid. His off-the-field issues were too much for the RAIDERS to put up with, and now, he just failed his third drug test and his home in Alabama mysteriously burned down. Okay then….

Greg Jennings –  WR

Why do it? –  Like it or not, Jennings is the best option at receiver out there if the Packers wanted some veteran depth behind their starting three. The only depth they have right now is Jeff Janis and Jared Abbrederis, and with Abbrederis coming off a torn ACL, the Packers may want to put him on the practice squad to give him another year to recover. Jennings knows the offense and can play the slot.

Why not do it?  –  Jennings’ skills are on the decline or the Vikings wouldn’t have traded for Mike Wallace and cut him loose in the first place. Jennings would have to be willing to be a #4 since the top 3 are pretty set in stone, and the Packers don’t use as many four receiver sets as they used to. Lastly, Jennings may have burned some bridges after he left. I didn’t take anything he said as other than trying to endear himself to his new teammates, but Aaron Rodgers has been known to be a little bit sensitive to such comments.

Denarius Moore –  WR

Why do it? –  I always liked Moore’s talent and explosiveness. However, injuries, inconsistent play and being on the Raiders has so far prevented Moore from making a name for himself. Moore would be an interesting addition to the starting three and would give the Packers another downfield threat.

Why not do it? –  The Raiders don’t think highly enough of Moore to resign him. I am not sure he can play the slot. The Packers might have a guy similar to Moore already in Jeff Janis.

Ryan Housler  –  TE

Why do it? –  Housler is the best downfield threat at tight end available in free agency. Signing Housler would relieve the need to draft for that position within the first 4 rounds.

Why not do it?  –  Because better options may be available in the draft if you are willing to use a high pick to get one.

Sterling Moore  –  CB

Why do it? – In a weak mix that is left at corner at this point, Sterling Moore is the best one left. He played well on the outside for Dallas last season and would immediately improve the Packers’ depth.

Why not do it?  –  I am not a big fan of picking up corners that other teams are uninterested in resigning. If you weren’t going to get a top one in free agency, then I would prefer to draft one in the first 4 rounds.


Shawn Neuser attended UWGB and lives and works in Green Bay. He enjoys long walks on the beach and being intimate with game film.



  1. Disposable hero March 16, 2015

    Houser would be ok, if he could learn how to block. Raji and Dope Man are the only two mentioned that I would like to see signed.

    1. Harry Hood March 17, 2015

      Dope Man? Who was caught with heroine?

  2. vj March 16, 2015

    Isn’t it “Rob Housler”… Not “Ryan”


    1. Savage57 March 17, 2015

      Somebody fucking up a first name made you ‘laugh out loud’?

      I suggest you wear Depends if you go to a comedy show to keep from pissing yourself.

    2. Shawn Neuser March 17, 2015

      Quite true. I meant to correct that and forgot about it, which suggests how important I deemed it.

  3. Savage57 March 17, 2015

    So pretty much nobody. There’s always practice squads to plunder.

    Fucking defense is going to be shitty again this year.

  4. MMTTDCSUCK March 17, 2015

    As the cookie crumbles . . . in TT we trust. Appears to be another 2011-2012 “D” again, thanks to the “frugal general Manager” smeh. Chronic fucking problem with the “D”. Even some bad teams can get better ILB’s than this putz. Occasionally you need to hang your dick out and take chances . . . just not one time every five fucking years like this putz does. We have a good/great offense (sans TE), and the makings of a weaker “D” again. Hopefully Bradford and someone else will step up . . .

  5. Justin T March 18, 2015

    This is definitely the time teddy should start taking a peek at McClain. I think he can be a nice value pick up.