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Four Positions We’re Not Comfortable With


Ted Thompson

We knew the Green Bay Packers weren’t going to do anything in free agency because there’s obviously some law dictating as much, but what has been a surprise is the Packers’ inactivity in re-signing their own guys.

The Packers re-signed receiver Randall Cobb and tackle Bryan Bulaga early in free agency. Two solid moves. Then they sat back and watched cornerbacks Davon House and Tramon Williams sign with a pair of perennial losers.

That was fine too. Those losers dramatically overpaid for both guys, which is probably one of the reasons they’re perennial losers.

But while the Packers appeared to at least be in the conversation with Williams, we’ve heard nothing other than silence (and some lip service) when it comes to the team’s remaining free agents.

All of this has left the Packers with a weaker roster than they ended the 2014 season with. That’s obviously less than ideal for a team that was literally one play away from the Super Bowl.

So whether it’s because of free agency losses or inactivity, or just not being very good at a position to begin with, here are four areas we’re currently not comfortable with on the Packers’ roster.

If you’re looking toward the draft, you’ll probably want to keep an eye on guys who play these positions.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. vj March 28, 2015

    This just confirms how good Ted is at finding decent cheap players to fill roles. Unfortunately, that usually leads to early playoff exits.

    1. Fritz March 29, 2015

      the “decent” [read: mediocre], cheap, head coach is the main reason for the early playoff exit.

      you are correlating apples with oranges.

  2. Carl March 28, 2015

    Insightful and not totally obvious article…

  3. Bobby d March 28, 2015

    Five positions…GM. Ted’s a qb injury away from getting exposed as what he actually is. Wayyyy overated. Sitting with $22 million because he’s concerned about having enough in ’16 to keep his “fellas”. Has had 2 HOF qb’s and refuses to roll the dice even a little. Resigning this freak was a bad day in Packerville. Schneider does it the right way with the right blend of FA’s and draft picks. The white rat won’t compromise and it’s going to result in coming up just a player or two short each year.

    1. Shawn Neuser March 28, 2015

      Right, 4 time Super Bowl winner Bill Belichick is also one QB injury away from being exposed. Good take.

      1. Fritz March 29, 2015

        LOL. and how can TT be blamed for hof QB #1 not winning more superbowls?

        recheck your packer personnel/mgmt. history, Bobby.

        1. Bobby d March 29, 2015

          Hey Fritz….Favre still had some juice left at the end and Ted had not a clue what AR was going to turn out to be down the road. Check your history with the Vikings. If he had it then, he had it years earlier when old Teddy wouldn’t move on Moss like he didn’t move on Marshawn. He moves on nothing. Down the road, AR will have as many nice things to say about the white rat as Farve does

          1. rebelgb March 30, 2015

            You sir (Bobby d) are a fucking idiot. Please log off life. Thanks!

  4. Icebowler March 28, 2015

    Other than trading for NT Ngata or TE Graham, I wasn’t excited about any FA’s out there. Bradford was switched to ILB way to late to make an impact and Rodgers showed just as much promise as #10 1st round pick, Ebron, in Detroit. I am worried about the NT: We need to get Raji and Guion signed asap. Our scouts have a great track record of finding gems out of nowhere at CB, so I pray that happens again. I whish we could have resigned House, but the jags way over paid. R-E-L-A-X

  5. jimbo March 28, 2015

    They signed the only two free agents they had to have. The rest of them will not make or break this team. What they do in the draft will determine what they do in FA. This is going to be real tough roster to make.

  6. Savage57 March 29, 2015

    TE is going to be fine. RR and AQ platooned the position for 50 catches, 550 yards and 5 touchdowns. Another year of development and it’s reasonable to believe those numbers go up. Besides, who you going to take the targets away from? Nelson? Cobb? Adams?

    Over-hyped, empty box, “matchup nightmare” that never was, the POS known as Jermichael FinME, averaged 43 catches, 542 yds and 4 TD’s.

    Packers’ll be a’ight at TE.

    1. Abe Frohman March 30, 2015

      any production you can get out of TE will help guys like Nelson, Cobb, and Adams – and Cobb in particular when he’s in the slot. It’s not so much about taking opportunities away from those guys as it is making the opposing defense play us honestly.

  7. Andrew Chitko March 29, 2015

    Unless I’m missing something, this Guion and Raji situation is pretty baffling. I totally agree with Monty that by signing both it is a very reasonably priced fix that provides depth.

    What the hell is Ted doing? Let’s hope he has something up his sleeve other than his arm.

    If Seattle makes it further than the Packers next season, I think the “We want Schneider” noise is only going to increase, and I very well may be one adding to that noise.

    This team is freaking boring and while that doesn’t determine success or failure, when you keep leaving obvious holes on the roster and continue to get bounced in the playoffs in early rounds then that is a problem.

    Something’s gotta give. Please do SOMETHING Ted.

    1. Fritz March 29, 2015

      ok. let’s think out of the box:

      what is the return on investment of Tom Brady vs. AR?

      the best ratio for comparison uses compensation divided by no. of SB, the it is no contest. the dollars invested per SB appearance is not even close. the hard facts inevitably lead to a conclusion that we are paying way too much for a playboy who can’t stay in shape and practice enough at his day job to perform at a highest level commensurate with his pay, all the way from game one thru the post season.

      but then, thanks to Favre, that is becoming a GB tradition, no?

      1. PF4L March 29, 2015

        …because all it takes is 1 player to win a Super Bowl.

        Keep blessing us with your wisdom.

        1. Fritz March 29, 2015

          tom brady and AR are both young men who can benefit from a wise mentor. assuming they are both talented enough to put their teams into a SB, if motivated, then it is Tom Brady who is blessed with the wisdom of 1 “player”, his coach, BB, who has provided HIS QB with the wisdom of staying motivated and yes, even humble, that is lacking in the young and not as fully mature, AR. but then, Mike#1 like Mike#2 has never acknowledged that he is even aware of the honor of becoming a head coach in the line of succession from Saint Vince. he certainly has never even shown any humbleness and/or appreciation about it. when he acts like a buffoon, like that day he lost it and threw a red flag for a penalty, he shows that he is not fit to carry on the tradition of head coaches in Titletown, the most famous football franchise in history, no?

  8. jimbo March 29, 2015

    Late in the NFC Championship game is early rounds?

    1. Fritz March 29, 2015

      i think he meant “early” in the sense of an exit that is earlier than superbowl sunday.

    2. Andrew Chitko March 30, 2015

      See 2011-2013. In 2011 we needed a OLB to go opposite of Clay…did nothing. 2012 we needed a safety…did nothing. 2013…still satisfied with AJ Hawk, Brad Jones, etc.

      In 2014 we were good enough to win it all but fell short. How does Ted respond? By making the team worse than last year’s.

      Yeah sure we might add a guy or two via the draft, but that’s a crap shoot. Sometimes I wonder if Ted would rather make the playoffs ten years in a row than win 3 or 4 Super Bowls in that time.

      Unless there are major developments with this team, I see another 2011-2013-esque early playoff exit again.

      1. Phatgzus March 30, 2015

        The Draft is no bigger crap shoot than Free Agency.

  9. billybong March 29, 2015

    Ted is Ted, will always be Ted and until he’s gone its a Ted world so get used to the way Ted does things…and its not nice to call Ted the white rat…Barn Owl maybe but white rat is mean…Ted does it his safe way and like the adoration of being such a smart man by his peers…Ted…

  10. Howard March 29, 2015

    Even though there are legitimate areas of concern. In the NFL every team has some, and by the end of the year those areas of concern will change.

    Agree with all four areas of concern. Would put tight end as last on the list. So D is high on the list. Not sure that any position is worse off from the end of the season to after the initial free agency feeding frenzy except for cornerback.

    Not a huge position of concern but running back should be addressed. Kuhn is not getting any younger and a pass catching back would help besides Lacy. Maybe Rajon is one of those guys.

  11. E. Wolf March 30, 2015

    The only real hole here is inside linebacker. The rest are positions that could withstand some improvement, shoring up, but are actually fairly solid.

  12. SoCal Pack Fan March 30, 2015

    You left out the 5th, multi-position we’re not comfortable with, that being the fucking we get every year starting from the 2011 season.