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Fans Predictably Not Happy with Favre Induction Compromise

We’re pretty sure the people who run the Green Bay Packers organization pat themselves on the back after ever decision they make. You know, because it’s clearly a GREAT decision.

Having dealt with some of these clowns, I know that while they care about the fans to some degree, they care more about money, perception and the NFL as a whole. And because of that, they are often out of touch when comes to what fans want, need or deserve.

Here’s a good example.

After much uproar, from both fans and Brett Favre himself, the Packers decided they would indeed let fans attend Favre’s induction into the Packers Hall of Fame. Actually, they wouldn’t really be able to attend the event, but they would be able to get inside Lambeau Field to watch the proceedings on a very large television.

And, you know… WE REALLY SOLVED THIS ONE! GREAT SOLUTION, GUYS! [sounds of suits slapping each other on the backs]

The ceremony, which is a banquet (because it’s still 1950, apparently), is being held in the Lambeau Field Atrium. The Hall of Fame, which is run by its own board of directors, decided they weren’t going to make any tickets available to Joe Fan. Only corporate sponsors who forked over $1,200 for a table at the banquet would get to see the Favre induction live.

Normally, the tables don’t sell out, especially in years when the Hall class is underwhelming. In such cases, tickets are then released to the general public. But this is Brett Favre. Of course, the corporate goons were going to take all the tickets they could.

Why no one planned for this or it coming is beyond us.

Complete buffoonery. Like a Mike McCarthy 4th-and-1 call.

Cue the uproar. Then the new solution to let fans in, which isn’t really a solution at all.

Predictably, most fans think this is whole bunch of bullshit.

I noticed this on the Journal Sentinel’s website this morning.

Packers poll

We’re not going to suggest this is a scientific poll, but we would consider this a fairly reliable forum. And more than half the fan base is pissed…

For all the talk about “bringing Favre back into the family,” the Packers really have boned it here. How they could be so short-sighted and stupid is beyond us.

All you suits have fun slapping each other on the back at your banquet though.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.

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  1. pf4l March 1, 2015

    First of all…Lets not act like Joe fan isn’t going to the ceremony. Season ticket holders who bought tickets will be going. They got 1st chance, as they should.

    Secondly…Since the renovation, the Packers have always held the HOF ceremony in the Atrium, why hasn’t anyone else whined about this before, including Brett? Because it wasn’t about him, thats why.

    There isn’t enough room in the Atrium for 80,000 fans….Boo hoo…Man up and deal with it. Put on your big boy pants, life goes on.

    1. Arcturus March 2, 2015

      I’m a season ticket holder and I never saw any ticket offering about this. What are you talking about?

      1. Fritz March 5, 2015

        this pf4l guy spends 365 days a year posting on TP, just smoking joints and blowing smoke up his computer keyboard. brain damage from cannabis poisoning, don’t you know?

  2. pf4l March 1, 2015

    If you listen to Favre (whining) on National TV. You’d get the impression that all he cares about is the fans. Since when the fuck did Brett Favre give a flying shit about Packer fans? Wait…I know…Since everyone that attends, is attending to heap praise and adoration on Favre…..That, is what Brett Favre cares about.

  3. billybong March 1, 2015

    well, i guess you won’t be going then…hahaha…in a few years when your an adult it won’t be so bad…there are a lot worse things going on in the shitty world than this….

    1. pf4l March 1, 2015

      Ok, fair enough…then tell us ole mature wise adult, tell us when Favre gave a shit about the fans?…..Do tell.

      1. Savage57 March 2, 2015

        I’m not gonna go off on you like I want to, but to answer your question?

        When did Favre give a shit about the fans? For each and every one of those 275 straight games when he answered the bell.

        1. PF4L March 5, 2015

          Oh, and here i thought you were going to mention the Super Bowl Victory parade in Green Bay. The one where Favre didn’t feeling like even showing up, because he wanted to go golfing instead. Yea, the fans are #1.

  4. billybong March 1, 2015

    lets just wait and see how many “outraged” fans are sitting in the stands that day…

  5. Kozak March 1, 2015

    Jesus Christ. The Packer HOF is a private organization that uses this as their MAJOR annual fund raiser. The compromise is fine. People who support the HOF year after year get their dinner. Fans get to watch on Jumbotron and Favre makes an appeance in the stadium. IN ADDITION Favre will be at a HOME GAME when his number is entered in the Ring Of Honor, so Joe Fan can go to THAT if wants to buy a ticket.

    1. Fritz March 5, 2015

      i would rather not retire the no. 4 jersey until we get a real QB who leads us to 4 lombardi trophies.

  6. Nacho dan March 1, 2015

    Who wants to pay to see Favre cry like a faucet? I guess the tissue companies in paper valley will be happy, there probably a corporate sponsor to.

  7. the real jeff ircink March 2, 2015

    Baboonery, for certain. but hey – wasn’t TP bitching about how Lord Favre stuck his nose in all this saying he would prefer the ceremony LIVE in the stadium? and TP called him out for that? now you’re bitching about it NOT being outside? like Favre asked? Baboonery – the GB organization AND TP.

  8. the real jeff ircink March 2, 2015

    pf41 – ask us one more time when Favre cared about his fans. that would make it three times. ready? GO!

    1. pf4l March 2, 2015

      Hang on, i have to walk your mom out to her car. Why?…Because i’m a Gentleman, that’s why.

  9. Deepsky March 2, 2015

    I think there should be a ‘ceremony’ at Skyline park or Krolls West for those who want to protest Favre’s induction into the Packer Hall of Fame. Or maybe the WFRV parking lot down the street. Get a couple hundred fans together to burn the Favre Vikings jerseys. They are selling for about $10 on ebay.

    1. Fritz March 5, 2015

      i have a GB no. 4 jersey. should i put it up for sale/auction? do u know how much i could get for it?

      thanks in advance,
      Fritz, a newly minted Tony Romo fan [he is from my town, Racine, WI].

  10. Exausted March 2, 2015

    Let’s move on.