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A.J. Hawk Ain’t Dead Yet

A.J. Hawk

We rejoiced when the Green Bay Packers made the long-overdue decision to part ways with A.J. Hawk. However, it now appears there’s at least a slight chance we haven’t seen the last of Hawk.


The Packers reportedly haven’t closed the door on Hawk returning to the team.


That’s right.

The Journal Sentinel has a source that is telling them a Hawk return is still possible. They’re probably just saying this to torture us because not even the Packers can pretend that Hawk was serviceable after last season.

Seriously, the thinking goes something like this and requires a lot of ifs.

IF the Packers don’t sign an inside linebacker in free agency AND IF they don’t draft an inside linebacker AND IF they don’t find a promising inside linebacker in undrafted free agency… then they might consider bringing Hawk back.

Thankfully for our sanity, that doesn’t appear terribly likely.

But who knows?

We highly doubt the Packers will sign anyone in free agency. Undrafted free agents are a crapshoot. If they somehow are unable to draft an inside linebacker that’s halfway decent and someone bashes Mike McCarthy in the head with a 5-iron, then maybe they will bring Hawk back.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Feck March 5, 2015

    What if he really was playing hurt last year and rebounds?

    1. Please March 5, 2015

      Ah, and rebound to what?

  2. jtmax March 5, 2015

    Hurt or not Hawk is Hawk. He needs some PED’s to even be useful out there on the field

    1. MMTTDCSUCK March 5, 2015

      More like a Segway, or a pair of winged sandals . . .

  3. MMTTDCSUCK March 5, 2015

    Besides that, I would question his cognitive skill after deciding to go after Jon Ryan, rather than stay put with the slow lineman he was supposed to cover. To me that was just as bad as Bostick blowing his assignment. No difference, they both did what they were NOT supposed to do . . .

  4. vijay March 5, 2015

    Better him than B-Rad Jones

    1. MMTTDCSUCK March 5, 2015

      Yes, herpes over cancer . . .

  5. Reek March 5, 2015

    What is dead may never die.

  6. Fritz March 5, 2015

    maybe we could trade AJ and AR for JJ? then, we could draft one of those black QB who are really a RB, but due to the nfl touch football rules, they can’t be touched without drawing a flag, unlike a real RB could, back in the days of tackle football? come to think of it, then we won’t need EL either? then let’s trade him for another stud TE to tandem with our budding star, RR. but then we will need a real HC who can get our new set of QB legs some plays called in. i hope one of the younger brighter coaches from pro or college level can be found to replace the jolly likeable giant dope, MM? we won’t need him anymore because he won’t have the intelligence of AR to cover his arse on the more stupid O-play calling? that leaves a lot of salary cap to get a superstar secondary like, say, champ bailey?
    isn’t wet dream, er, fantasy, football fun guys?

  7. Ivomitonvikingfans March 5, 2015

    Don’t worry. Teddy just signed the answer to all of their linebacker problems, Josh Francis 6ft 230lbs from the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. That concludes the Green Bay Packers Free Agencypalooza 2015.

    1. Kato March 5, 2015


      To replace Cobb, TT is looking at some WR from Illinois Weslyan, He is 6′ and 205lbs, runs a 4.45 40, but has had 4 ACL reconstructions and his arm his super glued into his shoulder from multiple separations, but damn the kid has tons of upside.

  8. Annoyed March 6, 2015

    What is with all of you? One poor season by Hawk and all of a sudden he’s been weak his whole career? What was 2013 then? Surrounded by a beat up defense he was solid all the way through. He put up a pro bowl level season. On top of tha, he’s the most stable player we have. He has always shown up and used his mind to make the right play. It doesn’t have to be flashy so long as it gets the job done.

    And to all of you who think McCarthy should go, if he’s so bad how has he gotten us to the playoffs for six straight seasons? There is no coach right now who is better than him and all other teams would die at the chance to grab him. He is the best play caller out there. He knows what play to call on every snap. Do they always work? No. But then again neither do any coaches play calls. Be lucky we have McCarthy and don’t wish he was gone.

    1. Please March 6, 2015

      Hawk should market the words “solid” and stable”. Maybe use them in pushing the AJ Hawk Paper Towels. His fans would gobble them up. It’s the towel that’s always chasing a spill…one that piles on a mess…the towel that makes sure your kitchen is properly organized…

  9. Annoyed March 6, 2015

    Then tell me, please, why he has led the team in tackles numerous times, started almost every game in his career, and played like one of the best in 2013. The Packers just need a stable player. They don’t need a star at every position to win.

    1. Please March 6, 2015

      OK. Here we go again…first off, inside linebackers are the tacklers in a 3-4 defense. They are suppose to make the tackles and should lead their respective team in tackles. Hawk’s problem is that he makes most of his tackles 5+ yards down field. Hawk’s play doesn’t lie. He can’t shed blockers, he’s not instinctive which means he can’t find the ball carrier by the line of scrimmage. He’s always been a grabber and not a tackler. He’s never brought a “punch” to the ball carrier. He’s always backing up and giving ground while attempting to attempt a tackle. He’s not a great cover guy as well. Football publications have rated him one of the worst inside linebackers for several years now and had no idea why TT kept him around. Starting games has nothing to do with production and you must be dreaming if you think Hawk was one of the best in 2013 (by any normal standards he was actually one of the worst). The Packers defense has been awful to average since 2010 and Hawk is a major reason why.

      I understand some people like Hawk for whatever reason (solid, durable, supposedly lines up the defense, shows up, etc) but he didn’t do anything well except show up. No one ever points to his actual play they just throw out generalities like I mentioned above. He should have been released five years ago.

      1. MMTTDCSUCK March 7, 2015

        I totally agree with your summation of A J Hawk.

      2. icebowl March 9, 2015

        Good summary on a mediocre player….

  10. Annoyed March 7, 2015

    1. The way Hawk tackles is among the best on the team. While the rest of the team in 2011 and ’12 we missing their tackles, Hawk was getting them every time he had to. He never missed them. He’s not required to go to the line. He’s required to stay at the five yard zone to get the guys that the d-line and OLB’s miss.

    2. It is not the ILB’s job to shed the blockers. It’s the defensive line’s job to eat up the blocks so that the OLBs can get to the guys on the line. Hawk’s job is to monitor around the 5 yard zone so that the runners don’t have much to go after they break through the line. If there are blockers by Hawk, it’s not his job to shed them.

    3. I don’t know where you were in 2013, but there were numerous analysts who were scratching their heads at why Hawk didn’t get in the Pro Bowl. You don’t need stats to be a good player. You just need to do your job.

    4. The Packers’ defense wa at the top in 2010. It was bad in 2011 because it couldn’t bring any pressure on the quarterback an only had Matthews playing well among the OLB’s, the most important position in a 3-4. In 2012, they came back up, but experienced injuries to everyone but Hawk in 2013 caused them to fall again. They had an increase in 2014, but Hawk fell due to injuries. Had he played healthy, the team would have looked even better.

    Don’t judge Hawk by a lack of stats. He’s amung the smartest players in the NFL and always plays fine. He doesn’t go for glamorous stats. He just gets the job done.

    1. Please March 7, 2015

      I don’t know what to say. Where in two different universes. I hope you have a great Saturday.

    2. MMTTDCSUCK March 7, 2015

      @ Annoyed You stated; “Don’t judge Hawk by a lack of stats. He’s amung the smartest players in the NFL” ! Yes, I particularly thought Hawk was “assignment sure” when he broke away from that SLOW LINEMAN, (allegedly his assignment) to go after Jon Ryan the Seattle punter in the playoffs . . . Man! that was smart!

  11. Annoyed March 7, 2015


    The one who you are thinly of is Brad Jones, who was cut before A.J. Hawk was. Jones is a solid player who definitely ha potential, as evidenced by his 2012 play, but was inconsistent in his play the last two season. He was recently picked up by the Eagles and I would not be the least bit surprised if he does become a starter there.