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Report: Packers’ Focus No Longer on Keeping Randall Cobb

Randall Cobb

The Green Bay Packers are going to let receiver Randall Cobb test free agency, if you believe Jason La Canfora.

Long considered the Packers’ top free agent priority and a virtual lock to get re-signed, it appears the Packers may not want to pay Cobb’s asking price, which is reportedly $9 million per season.

The Packers know that Cobb’s market is likely to get out of hand and have focused on keeping other free agents. They continue to discuss a new deal with the agent for tackle Bryan Bulaga, sources said, and I bet they get their man in the end. Same with nose tackle Letroy Guion. I’d be pretty surprised if they did not re-sign him — his legal issues may be resolved shortly — and especially with fellow defensive lineman B.J. Raji a free agent. Guion did a very nice job thrust into the starting role last season, and the Packers are very good about keeping their value free agents.

Funny that Bulaga — a guy not nearly as important to the offense and who the Packers already have a ready-made replacement on the roster for — is now the top priority. That’s another story though.

What’s important here is that if the Packers let Cobb hit the open market, they may as well kiss him goodbye. And that would leave the Packers with one reliable returning pass catcher in 2015.

If Cobb is indeed all about the dollars, then we hope he enjoys losing — a lot.

We know both the Raiders and the Jaguars are interested in Cobb. The Jags have more than $60 million in available cap space and the Raiders have nearly $50 million. They can pay Cobb whatever he wants.

Oh, by the way, those two teams combined for six wins last season. The Packers had that many wins by week 10.

Maybe Cobb should ask Greg Jennings what happens when you make money your primary motivator.

Greg Jennings mistake

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. UncleGravySword February 26, 2015

    This is shitty news.

  2. [email protected] February 26, 2015


    No no no no no. Pay the man.

  3. Sean February 26, 2015

    Meh… people leaking things to affect negotiations.

    Packers will be fine either way.

  4. Howard February 26, 2015

    Although some believe there are backups behind Bulaga that do not make him important. I believe Bulaga was 20% of an O- line that performed very well. I would like to see that line remain intact. That line is what plows the offense forward. One flat tire can cause problems.

    So Confora is passing on insider info provided by Cobb’s agent. So it must be fact? Cobb’s agent wants all of his clients to hit the feeding frenzy and you cannot blame him.

    Maybe the truth is the Packers are trying to sign Bulaga and maybe one other player prior to free agency so they can determine if they want to tag Cobb and then negotiate?

    1. Phatgzus February 26, 2015

      Couldn’t agree more.

    2. GreenNGold February 26, 2015

      I’m pretty sure Cobb’s agent probably didn’t say that. 7 minutes after this story was reported on “Acme Packing Company” Randall Cobb posted this tweet, “Rule #1: Don’t believe everything you hear in the media.” Sounds to me like he’s calling the report BS and that’s it’s pure speculation on La Canfora’s part. Just a few days ago ESPN reporter Dave Demovsky reported that talks with Tramon Williams agent and all other FA were on hold while they were working on deals with Cobb and Bulaga. Sounds like somebody is making up stories, and i’m gonna go with La Canfora based on Cobb’s tweet immediately after a Packers website reported it.

  5. TyKo Steamboat February 26, 2015

    Do not over-pay for a slot wide receiver … most interchangeable position in the NFL after kicker & punter.

    Franchise tag him…

    Bulaga > Cobb

    1. GreenNGold February 26, 2015

      Except Randall Cobb is far more than just a slot WR, he’s probably the most versatile WR in the NFL. Just cause the Packers relegate Cobb to the slot doesn’t mean he’s limited to the slot. What Cobb offers to Green Bay in ability and production is worth at least 9 mil. Packers obviously like to have one of their best in the slot, last year when Cobb went down Jordy ran out the slot over half the time, and if Cobb wasn’t there, he would have this year, Cobb is just better in the slot. He creates better mismatches, why would Green Bay put him outside when he can play in the slot better than anybody else??? It’s make no sense, and in his limited time on the outside, he’s been productive, 16 catches on 20 targets for 220 yards. Just because the Packers keep him running from the slot doesn’t mean that’s he’s limited to it dude. I don’t see how so many of you can’t seem to get that through your head. Have you never watched the guy play???? If so you, you should know that he’s more than just a slot guy.

  6. TyKo Steamboat February 26, 2015

    Raiders & Jaguars are the 2 teams that keep coming-up with players like Julius Thomas & Demarius Thomas too.

    Only the idiot teams over-pay for receivers.

  7. Arcturus February 26, 2015

    But.. but… he’s got green eyes or something!

  8. Carlos Goodman February 26, 2015

    Cobb tweeted today, “Rule #1: Don’t believe everything you hear in the media” So hopefully that is a good thing. He is the definition of clutch.

  9. Rick February 26, 2015

    You forgot what happened to James Jones. Haha

    1. Phatgzus February 26, 2015

      The basketball player?

  10. Jeff February 26, 2015

    Pay him 9 million a year, he’s worth it, our team and offense takes a huge hit without him. He’s asking for less than Jordy, and as an overall player may be better. He’s extremely talented and versatile. The fact he’s asking a little less than Jordy proves he wants to stay here. On the open market he probably could get 12 million or better with a douche-bag team and close to that with a good team like Denver or New England. Oh, that’s right New England’s leading receiver is a tight end.

    1. pf4l February 26, 2015

      New England is the last team in the NFL that would overpay a player, any player.

  11. Deepsky February 26, 2015

    Let him go, sign a tall free agent receiver who can out jump any defender. Cobbs problem is that he’s short, requiring Rodgers to scramble to find open throwing lanes to him. When Rodgers was injured at the end of last year, Cobb’s shortness became a problem.

    1. Phatgzus February 26, 2015

      He’s a slot receiver, of course he’s short; there are very few tall slot receivers.

    2. GreenNGold February 26, 2015

      Wow, some of you people say the dumbest things. Do you realize that over the last part of the year, like the last 5-6 games or so including playoffs, Randall Cobb was our most productive WR??? Do you even realize he was our best WR in the playoffs??? By your comment, i’m guessing not. And when Rodgers was injured towards the end of the year, Cobb produced 11-131, 4-80-1, 8-116, 7-62-1. 30 catches for 389 yards and 2 TDs in the Packers last 4 games, that doesn’t exactly sound like Cobb was having any problems. And being short isn’t a problem when you’re playing the slot. Being a shorter shiftier guy like Cobb is what you need in the slot. Everything isn’t about being taller in the NFL. Look at Beckham last year, Emmanuel Sanders, Antonio Brown who was the best WR in the NFL last year and he’s the same size as Randall Cobb, they even run the same 40, could probably swap Cobb and Brown and wouldn’t even notice a difference. Cobb doesn’t have to be tall cause he wins with his quickness. Some of you people don’t even seem to have a clue about Randall Cobb or what you’re talking about.

  12. Vano Lucas February 26, 2015

    If he does go, we have to hope Davante Adams is ready to really step up. I’m starting to worry about this team–who the hell is going to play MLB positions?

    1. GreenNGold February 26, 2015

      We’re gonna end up drafting ILB early, there’s no doubt. Sam Barrington has definitely got one of the spots, and it’s likely whoever we draft will have the other ILB spot, unless somebody like Carl Bradford or Joe Thomas becomes a major surprise and steps up and takes the job. And worse come to worse, Clay can play inside with Nick Perry lining up at OLB. They’ll solve the ILB problem, we’ll be better there this year without a doubt. The position i worry most about in CB, and if for some god awful reason Randall Cobb isn’t resigned, WR automatically becomes a worry, a major worry. But i don’t think there’s any way Thompson lets Randall Cobb go at this point in his career, especially with as much as he meant the the Packers success last year.

  13. Organicbuzz February 26, 2015

    Cobb has grown up with Aaron. Play QB as 3rdstring. Run from the backfield. Return kicks.Homegrown by Uncle Ted and Coach Mike. How the fuck do you let him WALK?!

    1. GreenNGold February 26, 2015

      They won’t, they’re smarter than that.

  14. Rick February 26, 2015

    Twitter: Randall Cobb ‏@rcobb18
    Rule #1: Don’t believe everything you hear in the media.

    1. GreenNGold February 26, 2015

      And that was posted 7 minutes after “Acme Packing Company” posted their article about this La Canfora report. To me, he basically called La Canfora’s report BS!!!

  15. Kato February 26, 2015

    I thought the cuts of Hawk and Jones were a sign that they were making room to resign Cobb. If not, then, WTF do you do with all that cap room? Approaching $30 million if I am not mistaken. Jordy gets hurt, and Cobb leaves, we are looking at Adams as #1 and Abbrederis as #2? Yikes.

    1. GreenNGold February 26, 2015

      Yup, and with a Jordy injury there goes any chance of getting to the Super Bowl. Letting Cobb walk will lessen our chance majorly anyway, lose Jordy afterwards to injury and our chances basically go to zero. And you know that’s in the back of Thompson’s head. Randall Cobb is going to be resigned. And like dude above you posted, Cobb tweeted out 7 minutes after this story was published on “Acme Packing Company”, “Rule #1: Don’t believe everything you hear in the media.” Sounds very much like that tweet was in response to the report and him basically calling it BS.

  16. Snarff1 February 26, 2015

    Adams is coming along nicely and with the other wideouts we have and a very deep wide recever class in the draft the most you pay is 7 million a year, these wide recevers need to understand that the QB makes the wideout not the other way around, 7 mil or let him walk ! See how good his #’s are in Jacksonville or Oakland, ask James Jones or Greg Jennings.

    1. GreenNGold February 26, 2015

      That’s called short changing. Yeah, WRs are more times than not gonna be effected by the QB, but it does not mean a QB makes a WR. Cobb isn’t some UDFA bum nobody who Rodgers turned into a star. Cobb’s shown to be far more than just a product of Rodgers by averaging 9.2 ypc over his career running the ball and being one of the best return guys in the NFL his 1st 2 seasons. Cobb shown to be a star in the making from day 1 in the NFL. And in Green Bay, chemistry is most important. Let Cobb go now and Rodgers is almost starting over with a his WRs and it’s gonna take time to develop the kind of chemistry he has with Nelson and Cobb. If we lost Cobb or Jordy last year, we wouldn’t have been where we were. 90+ catches, 1,300+ yards and 12 TDs is worth more than a BS 7 mil a year. Randall Cobb is arguably the most versatile WR in the NFL and offers as much to the Packers as any WR in the NFL offers to a team. 7 mil is BS!!

    2. GreenNGold February 26, 2015

      And as for Adams coming along nicely, in his last 6 games to end the year, he only posted more than 2 catches or 17 yards once, and that was against Dallas, he then proceeded to do what he’s done all year after a good game and that’s disappear the following week when we could have used him most. Yeah, he really came along nicely didn’t he??? He was our 3rd WR and 3rd receiving option on the team, in 2011 Randall Cobb as our 6th receiving option almost had the same numbers. Packers don’t have the depth or enough quality after Jordy and Cobb to just let Cobb go if their expectations for the 2015 season is to make it to the Super Bowl. Cobb’s production cannot be replaced in 2015 by anybody we have or could add unless we’re trading up to get Amari Cooper, Kevin White or Davante Parker, then we’d maybe have a chance but neither Adams, Abbrederis or Janis will replace what we lose in Cobb in 2015.

  17. Fart_Tosser February 27, 2015

    Cobb is worth the 9 mil. Unless he is trying to get Dez type money, letting him leave would be a monumental blunder. His production as much as his intangibles should not be understated. Remember the handful of times we looked anemic on offense and it took for Cobb to be lined up in the backfield to get things rolling.

    Let Bulaga go, Monty? I know Bulaga has been dinged up the last few years. But, I think you are talking about Barclay. Bulaga is the 2nd best guy on that line, behind Sitton. He is not an All pro but you do not hear his named called that often, which usually occurs for line men when they give up a sack.
    Right tackles do not get the same money as left tackles.

    We were one good play away from the Super Bowl (not talking about miffed onside kick). We are already going to have a new look and identity on defense in 2015. Let’s not screw up the formula on the offense which worked for the most part in 2014.

  18. billybong February 27, 2015

    all this is fun stuff to talk about but we know nothing about whats really going on at Headquarters…I’m sure TT and Cobbs agent are talking a lot and daily….if it doesn’t get done it is because Cobbs agent wants something very extreme…you heard it hear first, i just made this up but it fits…R-E-L-A-X!!!!

  19. Vijay February 27, 2015

    Winning while important is not as important as getting paid well at your profession. Bottom line is bottom line. If it were me, I’d sign my best and most reliably healthy players. So, Cobb gets a front loaded deal with a low cap friendly salary and Bulaga takes a walk. However, looking at this differently, the two Super Bowl teams used no top tier WR guys to reach the Super Bowl. Maybe the position, much like RBs, has been devalued and it really comes down to the talent of who is throwing them the ball. Plus this is another strong WR draft class so it may be a good idea not to overpay one position and simply let receivers go who have played their way off good teams they leave behind.

    1. Phatgzus February 27, 2015

      Gronk isn’t a top tier receiver? GTFO. Just because it’s not the name of his position doesn’t mean it ain’t what he is.