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Randall Cobb Discounts Report He’s Leaving

Randall Cobb

Randall Cobb has seen the report and he doesn’t think much of it.

Earlier this week, there was a report that the Green Bay Packers have turned their focus away from re-signing receiver Randall Cobb. The theory was, his price has gotten or is getting out of hand, so the Packers had refocused their efforts on tackle Bryan Bulaga.

Cobb took some time discount that rumor on Thursday.

That’s the thing with this time of year.

Everyone has an agenda, so it’s hard to cut through all the bullshit and know what to believe.

The same thing happened with cornerback Sam Shields last offseason. First the Packers wanted him back, then they were going to let him test the market, and then they ended up re-signing him on the even of free agency.

We wouldn’t doubt that someone from inside the organization floated the rumor that the Packers were willing to let Cobb walk because his price was out of hand. That’s an easy way of saying, “Hey, you go have a nice time down in Jacksonville winning two games a year for the rest of your career.”

Because that’s literally the only leverage the Packers have with Cobb, who’s both young and coming off a career season.

The Packers have plenty of salary cap space available and our guess is they’ll still get a deal with Cobb done.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. [email protected] February 27, 2015

    Franchise tag, maybe?

    1. John Smith February 27, 2015

      that would work also. But it’s essentially a One Year Contract and it’ll be worth $12.71M. Considering that the new Salary Cap rule states that unused money can be transfer to the following year. I don’t think the packers will feel comfortable about having only $10-$12 Million next season transferred over, when they need to resign Mike Daniels, the 2016 Rookies and other FAs.

  2. Jeremy February 27, 2015

    Your an idiot, why not use some real facts when writing. “Goto jax win 2 games a year” Classy stuff.

    1. GreenNGold February 27, 2015

      And when calling somebody an “idiot”, you should at least use proper grammar.

    2. Adam February 27, 2015

      In efforts to be more factually accurate, should he have written “Goto jax win 3 games a year” instead?

      Since that’s their average win total over the past three seasons.

  3. the real russ letlow February 27, 2015

    ok , just pay the man. 2 options – short term (2 or 3 yr) and high “middle” money, front heavy, let him have the chance for another big payday; or long term ( 5 or 6/more years) stretch out that signing bonus, give him low to middle “high” money and make him a Packer until he’s 30.

  4. pf4l February 27, 2015

    This actually makes sense.

    The Packers waited to the eve of free agency where they then proceeded to overpay for Shields. I could see this happening with Cobb.

    Mainly because big Ted is such a shrewd businessman.

    Any chance we can tie up Raji for 8 million a year?

    1. MMTTDCSUCK February 27, 2015

      Do not temp him . . .

  5. Drinksvikingtears February 27, 2015

    Look at the teams with more cap space then us. It’s not many, and other then the colts, they all suck and have no qb. It’s a no brainer. Why would you take a couple million more now just to watch your career fizzle out trying to catch ducks from no name qb’s? If he’s that selfish and stupid I don’t want him on the team anyway.

    1. Cheese February 27, 2015

      Exactly. Does he really want to piss away any chance he has at winning a super bowl, and the chance of all his closest friends/teammates for a couple million so he can play in warm weather and catch passes from a bottom tier QB?

      1. Andy February 28, 2015

        reminds me of the greg jennings situation, but poor greg didnt even get the warm weather

  6. fred February 27, 2015

    Jermys the idiot who dosent like the best packers site

  7. Kyle February 27, 2015

    Should the author said 3 wins a season? The jags haven’t had a winning season since 2007!

  8. Savage57 February 27, 2015

    Rule #2. Sign the contract, beeyatch!

  9. GreenNGold February 27, 2015

    Randall Cobb isn’t about to see the market, Thompson isn’t stupid. He’s gonna do all he can to keep him, and if for some odd reason they can’t, he’ll tag him and then trade him like he did Corey Williams in 2008. They couldn’t get a deal done, he was worth more than that weak comp pick, so he tagged him and traded him for a 2nd round pick 10 days later. I imagine if Thompson sees things not going his way, he’ll do the same with Cobb cause he’s worth far more than that 3rd round comp pick we’ll get which is basically a 4th round pick. I’m absolutely sure Cobb could fetch at least an early 2nd, if not a mid to late 1st seeing as how he’s just 24 years old and still getting better. Things are gonna get done with Cobb though, he’s gonna get his deal from Thompson and stay in Green Bay for the next 5 years at least!!

    1. Andy February 28, 2015

      but really why would you even take a first round pick for a player who is a top 20 reciever? Our first round draft picks have been pretty average for a while now.

  10. Adam February 27, 2015


    Your an idiot, why not use some real facts when writing. “Goto jax win 2 games a year” Classy stuff.

    In efforts to be more factually accurate, should he have written “Goto jax win 3 games a year” instead?

    Since that’s their average win total over the past three seasons.

  11. Organicbuzz February 27, 2015

    GB is only club professional enough for Randall. He’s smart enough to realize not every thing that’s precious is tied to money. Both sides want each other. Go Pack Go!!!

    1. Kozak February 27, 2015

      The problem is the parasite agents. They suck up 10% of the contract, so they ALWAYS push for the higher bidder, regardless of what is actually means for the player’s career since it’s a couple more coins in THEIR pocket.

  12. 13time1265 February 28, 2015

    Re-sign him…stop fucking around Packers!!!!

  13. jtmax March 1, 2015

    Raiders have more cap space, warm weather, location (SF, silicon valley), up and coming QB and ex-Packers running the show (Reggie). If he’s going, that’s where he’d be. Packers’ only card would be that they are probably the team with best chance to get to the SB and win it. We were one Bostick and one Hawk away from beating Seattle and we already beat Patriots. Bostick is gone and so is Hawk. We got money to keep our DB core and focus draft on prime time ILB, DT in first 2 rounds

  14. JPpackerfan March 2, 2015

    Injury plagued player wanting to hit the jackpot with one excellent season.

  15. SokemRokemRobot March 4, 2015

    The Packers will resign Cobb, because if he signed with the Raiders or Jaguars, his stock will be so badly damaged after 5 or 6 yrs., that he’ll never see another great contract after the block-buster contract ends. So, he’ll be way better off staying with the Packers, while keeping his stock up because Rodgers will be his QB, and being on a Super Bowl contender.