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McCarthy: We were the Best Team in Football

Morgan Burnett

Ah, what should have been.

Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy has uttered what most of us have been thinking since the season ended in Seattle. The Green Bay Packers were the best team in football.

“I thought we were the best team in football when our season ended,” McCarthy said on Thursday. “You have to prove it on the field, obviously.”


Yes you do.

Instead, the Packers collapsed in epic fashion, but that has become a memory since the day we watched two inferior teams play each other in the Super Bowl.

The Packers, as well, are saying the debacle is forgotten, although that doesn’t seem to be entirely the case. And how could it be, when people constantly bring it up?

At any rate, McCarthy went on to make some bold proclamations about the team’s offense, as well.

“We scored the most points in the league, but our starting quarterback didn’t play five quarters,” he said. “I’ve never had an offense this good.”

“We hit 13 of the 16 (principles of championship football) on offense,” McCarthy said. “And the three that we didn’t get, I think we were like one play or two plays off. So you know, if we could play at this level of offense from here on in, it will be the best offense pro football has seen.”

That’s great and certainly something to look forward to.

However, as we’ve mentioned many times before, regular season greatness and the stats that come along with that don’t mean anything to us. If that super-awesome offense had been on display in Seattle when it really counted (ahem… Aaron Rodgers…), we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. pf4l February 20, 2015

    Saying you had the best team in football, after watching that epic agonizing meltdown at the end of the NFCCG means nothing except for the chuckle it provides.

    This from a head coach who seemed not to know what was going on around him concerning his team, at the most important game of the season.

  2. Zwoeger February 20, 2015

    What is he saying?

    It’s the best offense I’ve seen but I couldn’t get the best out of it or the offense was good but the defense wasn’t or we both sucked at the end but it isn’t my fault?
    Well he changed the offense calling is he going to change the defense side?
    I don’t like the guy as I don’t like Flynn for the same reason: the way they have that same self over confidend I’m the best who are you look on there face but they can’t deliver.

    1. Phatgzus February 20, 2015

      WTF did I just read? They give you access to computers at the mental health spa?

  3. Howard February 20, 2015

    Well, thanks a lot for raising my blood pressure several points. Not that I would blame the author, but the comments from McCarthy and the picture really piss me off. The best fucking team that never was?!.

    I was thrilled when McCarthy indicated changes in play calling and staff, except not sold on Zook at this time. Prove your worth assistant special team coach to the lowest ranked special teams in the NFL. Zook had no part in that group? He must be very good at saying everyone else failed and no one would do what he wanted. O.K so much for that rant.

    McCarthy’s coaching mentor Marty Schottenheimer coached a lot of the best teams in the NFL only to lose in the playoffs consistently to some lesser teams. A regular season record of 200 -126 -1. A playoff record of 5-13. McCarthy stop attempting to be Marty Schottenheimer. If you have the best fucking team in the NFL, prove it, and win the damn playoff games against your lesser opponents.

    1. pf4l February 20, 2015

      Maybe Zook is another friend of McCarthys, idk. But the guy gets a shot, so we’ll see what happens.

  4. Tucson Packer February 20, 2015

    What do the ANALYTICS say?????

    You need just a spoon full of sugar to win the Big One too.

    No, sorry Jolly, not that kind of sugar my man

  5. Organicbuzz February 20, 2015

    The “best” team in football disappointed the fuck out of me.Time heals all. Go Pack Go!!!

  6. Cheese February 20, 2015

    Best team in football? Fuck you. Talk all you want and stroke your ego but you royally fucked this one up. The only team that can say they were the best are the super bowl champs, which was a team that you had already beat. But because your game management skills are total shit, us fans are sitting here in disbelief after the most epic loss in franchise history. Glad it took you nine years to realize that a head coach is suppose to focus on the entire team and not just the offense. It took a complete meltdown in the game that leads to the super bowl for you to finally put your foot down and hold people accountable. Something you should have did years ago. It’s shit like this that makes me not even want to watch a single game next year. I know I’m just angry and I will watch games, but I’m just so fucking sick of seeing a team that has so much talent and potential piss it away year after year because of stupid undisciplined bullshit. Will this year be different? Who knows, check back during playoff time to find out. Even if they do get better after this and win a bunch of regular season games and have a bunch of blow outs at home, like they did this year, who’s to say that it carries over to the post season? That is why I am so disgusted with this last game. Golden opportunity in the bag, wait…. nevermind. My confidence in this team has totally disappeared. Until they win another super bowl I could give a fuck less about good how the offense, defense, or special teams play. Until they can put it all together none of that means shit. You can say that I’m over reacting because only one team wins it all every year and the other 31 go home. Then I would say yes, that is true. But when you lose to teams that you are clearly superior to and then claim “oh gee wiz you can’t win them all,” that is when I start to get fed up and not fucking care anymore.

    1. pf4l February 20, 2015

      Fuckin A right.

    2. Savage57 February 21, 2015

      “I thought” frames the scope of his statement. “Obviously, you have to prove it on the field” frames the failure to convert that theoretical thought to practical fact.

      Misinterpreting that led you to scribe a manifesto?

      1. pf4l February 21, 2015

        And even then, cheese is still right…Go figure

  7. Cheese February 20, 2015

    The way I view McCarthy is like a race care driver who has the most souped up vehicle you can possibly have, gets out to giant leads like seabiscuit, and then turns the engine off half a lap before the finish line and tries to coast past the checkered flag while attempting to steer back and forth so other cars can’t pass him. It might work sometimes, but it’s completely stupid and is bound to bite you in the ass. Thanks a lot Lightning McCarthy..

    1. NachoDan February 20, 2015

      No it’s like having the best car in a demolishin derby, you need luck to win a Super Bowl. Hard work and talent, but the breaks still need to go your way and you gotta play 60 minutes.

  8. rebelgb February 21, 2015

    Funny, shit ive been saying about MM for 4 years now, the kool aid drinkers are now starting to realize.

    I told you he was going to cost Aaron his legacy.

    Maybe the death of his brother and the loss at Seattle has changed him. I sure hope so.

  9. billy bob February 21, 2015

    The best team won the big dance.McFarty gave it away.

  10. Phatgzus February 21, 2015

    The Seahawks were who we thought they were! And we let them off the hook!!!!

    1. pf4l February 21, 2015