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Clay Matthews and Casey Noble are Having a Kid

This fact was outed a little over a month ago, but I obviously wasn’t paying enough attention. It was brought to my attention a few days ago. That is, that Green Bay Packers linebacker Clay Matthews is having a kid with Casey Noble.

Matthews and an obviously-pregnant Noble were spotted shopping together around the holidays.

Noble is on HGTV and she was apparently still married when she started dating Matthews. They were first spotted together at an LA Kings game back in March of 2013. From what I’ve gathered, the relationship was of the on/off variety. At least until, surprise! I’m knocked up!

Maybe that happened right about here.

Clay Matthews and Casey Noble

In case you’re having a hard time reading, she says, “My shoes just got wet.” He says, “And your pants?”

And your pants? You scalawag, Matthews!

Noble attended at least a couple games with members of the Matthews family this year. Here she is with Clay’s sister Jennifer at the first Chicago game.

Casey Noble and Jennifer Matthews

And here she is with the whole Matthews brood at the Atlanta game, where she may or may not be hiding something.

Clay Matthews' family

And finally, here are Matthews and Noble out and about at Toys R Us for all the world to see.

Clay Matthews and Casey Noble

Clay Matthews and Casey Noble

Clay Matthews and Casey Noble

They totally look like a happy couple, don’t they?


Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. disposable hero February 5, 2015

    What does Cutty! always say…DOOOONNNNNTTTT CAAAARRRREEEE

  2. Christian Values February 5, 2015

    She really upgraded from her former husband to Matthews and then a baby thrown in the mix as well. He’ll be spending his off season changing diapers and burping the baby. Too bad, so sad, things like this happen when you don’t wrap it up!!!

    1. Shawn Neuser February 5, 2015

      You say it like its a bad thing. Get real.

      I wish I had another baby around here. I ask my kids all the time- what did you do with my babies?

      1. Christian Values February 5, 2015

        It is a bad thing when you go around spewing how your parents raised you right. I bet he was sweating bullets when he had to tell his religious parents that he knocked up his senior citizen girlfriend.

  3. Bob E February 5, 2015

    He’s dumb, she’s old, it won’t last, another baby mama on an NFL player’s payroll.

  4. john smith February 5, 2015

    Holy crap, she’s like 10 years older than he I’d. Lol

  5. MMK February 5, 2015

    Is that AJ Hawk’s shitty haircut in the third picture, haha

  6. Shawn Neuser February 5, 2015

    Ah, Casey Noble is fine, always has been. I didn’t know her and Clay were dating.

    Props to Clay for that and more props for BABY… It don’t get any better than that. That’ll put hair on your chest.

    1. Christian Values February 5, 2015

      Fine? Your standards must be pretty low. She’s not fine or gorgeous. She is average at best. He could of been with someone absolutely stunning, with no baggage of a previous marriage and closer to him in age. Hope she has great genes in her family and ages gracefully.

      1. Shawn Neuser February 5, 2015

        Casey Noble is “average at best”? HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Shit. Where are you hanging out? South Beach? DAMN…

        You are right about one thing though… My standards ARE pretty low. When it comes to looks anyway…

  7. notclaymate February 5, 2015

    The person who wrote this & the person chiming in as Christian Values is Claymate from lipstick Alley & admits it on page 44, Clay matthews is hawt pt4.
    In no way did she ever JUST find out, she’s been stalking Clay for years & says the most UN Christian things 24/7 about them both.
    It’s disgusting to preach religion when you are the anti christ. Karma’s a bitch Claymate!

    1. ...... February 9, 2015

      How old are you again? LMAO!!!

  8. Howard February 5, 2015

    As long as they are happy, the baby is healthy, and well taken care of how can anyone complain. Here’s to a healthy child. Congratulations.

  9. Cat February 5, 2015

    Well, said Howard, that’s really all that matters. Wishing that baby the best of life. With a Daddy like Clay that baby shouldn’t want for nothing. Best to all of them.

  10. MJ February 5, 2015

    Who are we to judge.. If they are happy.. rock on.. and in this day and age.. not sure it was as traumatic as we might think telling his family.. Much more to “worry” about or spend time on than Clay having a baby.. Hope it’s healthy and he’s ready when the new season gets started.

  11. elaine February 5, 2015

    All babies are gifts from God!

    Congratulations to the beautiful couple! What a lucky baby to be born into such a blessed and talented family. We are lifelong Matthews fans here & hope to see a new generation of Matthews in football jerseys.
    God Bless from the Midwest.

  12. Laura February 5, 2015

    Lucky Baby!!

  13. Christian Values February 5, 2015


    Please keep your day job. I am not Claymate. I find it interesting that you speak about Claymate stalking Clay, when here you are basically stalking Claymate. Keep your delusions on the Clay gf forum, please.

  14. seriously? February 6, 2015

    Wow, could you keep that crazy tucked in? Are you jealous that Clay wouldn’t look your way even if a gun was pointed at his head?
    How about all you wankers keeping it on your stupid hate sites and leaving people alone.

    Congrats to the obviously happy expectant couple.

  15. Clay fan February 6, 2015

    Gonna be a cute kid!!!! I’m betting they are gonna have a girl!

  16. Nothappy February 6, 2015

    Happy couple? They don’t look happy at all. And if he was so happy, he wouldn’t hide the fact that he is going to be a daddy. Me thinks he is embarrassed but mainly because it might hurt his brand that he has spent so much time cultivating. Clay doesn’t really care about much other than his brand. I called it over a year ago that he was a tool and I was right. Yeah me!

  17. seriously? February 6, 2015

    Me thinks you sound just like one of those stalkers that get run off gossip boards.
    If he announced the birth you fatties would ruin it by posting this crap because you can’t control yourselves. Why would they risk ruining a beautiful thing for a bunch of ignoramuses.

    Get a life, job, hired escort,fresh air, move out of your mom’s basement. It’s not an adult apartment and those disabilities are just in your head.

  18. ...... February 6, 2015

    There are some bitter sounding people in these comments. Get over yourselves. Congrats to him and his girl.

  19. Christian Values February 7, 2015

    Wonder will she wear white at her shotgun wedding?

  20. seriously? February 7, 2015

    Don’t think I want to know what the Fred Phelps protégé thinks of gays and blacks! Shouldn’t you be picketing a soldiers funeral? Perhaps you’re picking out your own white dress? Ya right old maid better clip some more battery coupons and stock up.
    Clay don’t want your ugly ass.

  21. Christian Values February 7, 2015


    Are you mentally retarded? What does Fred Phelps have to do with anything? Please try to stay on topic. You sound like a moron. Just for the record, I am not checking for Clay or trying to get with him. Besides, he likes his women very old.

  22. ...... February 7, 2015

    The comments on here are so telling. Grow up.

  23. seriously? February 7, 2015

    Wow Satan’s span is also politically incorrect. You may want to look up Fred & his views before you call others moron. Totally on topic.
    Jealous he’s with a hot blonde and not your couldn’t be a sank if she tried fat undesirable ass?
    Go wax your face, lose a hundred or two pounds, shop vac the cobwebs & rotten zucchini remnants from your vagina & maybe your piss poor attitude will attract some beer goggled loser from the local tavern tonight.
    Doubtful but anything to get you out of the house on lady/beast night.

  24. Christian Values February 7, 2015


    Such language,tsk tsk. The trailer park must be so proud of you. Talking tough behind a computer spouting crap like it’s the gospel truth. Please continue. I love to read your totally unhinged rants. You’re beyond pathethic. LOL.

  25. go away February 8, 2015

    Shouldn’t you be in church instead of calling people names. Hypocrisy at its best.

  26. Christian Values February 8, 2015

    I’m not the one that is fornicating and making out of wedlock kids, which are known as bastards in the bible. If anyone needs to be in a church pew right now, it’s Mr Matthews and his baby mama, Ms Noble.

  27. go away February 8, 2015

    Wow! I know who’s a bastard in my book issued in 2015. My God doesn’t judge. My God loves all his people.

    Karma though doesn’t care.

  28. seriously? February 8, 2015

    Fornication? Bastard babies? This losers problem is a lack of human cooch poking. I was hoping that you were someone’s last call last night & got the nasty banged out of you. Obviously still a virgin holding out for Clay Matthews. Ain’t going to happen garden gnome!
    Just keep using that peanut butter under your bed & call the cats over.

  29. Christian Values February 8, 2015


    Something really is wrong with you. You do need Jesus. Maybe you won’t post such vile things. I hope you get the help you need via therapist, shock treatment or medication. You are in my prayers, sweetie.

  30. seriously? February 8, 2015

    Nah, keep your kooky anti Christian shit to yourself. You’ll probably need those prayers when the friction of your plus size thighs while humping your Thor doll causes a fire.

  31. Christian Values February 9, 2015


    Talk to Jesus. You have a very unhealthy obsession with other women’s vaginas. It’s not normal. Please get the help that you so desperately need. I am begging you. Drop to your knees and pray to God that he heals you.

  32. brtn mng February 9, 2015

    Seriously aka Legend on talk-sports CM gf. Your usual vulgar words just gave you away. NT.

  33. DMV1986 February 9, 2015

    Okay people, when it comes to name calling, let’s keep to each other and not on this child. It’s bad enough this child already is in the news due to his parents’ lack of maturity and complete ignorance.

  34. notclaymate February 9, 2015

    I’m pretty sure it’s the alley cats figthing with everyone. Sounds like their typical hypocritical veiws. Only vulgarity I’ve ever seen comes from them.

    1. Christian Values February 9, 2015

      You really don’t know what you are talking about. The “ladies” over at the Clay girlfriend site have very filthy mouths. And if you want to talk stalking, they are the only ones that have dared contact Clay’s older brother to get some attention.

  35. Disgusted February 9, 2015

    Actually there are two websites, both of which have lunatic women involved in grade school behavior over Clay Matthews. They’re on a never-ending rant – both “alleycats” from Lipstick Alley and the equally as insane Talk-Sports Clay Matthews Girlfriend “psychos”. Honestly I wish that both of you websites would crash and burn. You’re horrible, awful, stalker women who will never mature into adulthood. I actually wish he had the power to shut both of your stalker websites down, then you could go out in the real world and rip each other to shreds.

  36. Seriously? February 10, 2015

    Not surprised holier than thou doesn’t know a chick from a dick. I’m sure you like the way I talk to you and you re read it every night in Clays voice.

  37. Disgusted February 10, 2015

    Thanks for making my case you horrid person, Seriously. Obviously you heinous excuses for women can’t even get along amongst yourselves on your own forums.

  38. Christian Values February 11, 2015


    What you post here is just utter filth.I have no doubts that you aren’t from the Clay girlfriend forum. You sound just like one of those barracudas.

  39. Marilyn February 16, 2015

    Casey had the baby. Case closed.

  40. CJ February 19, 2015

    Are you sure Clay and Casey have a baby boy? Not much news around lately. Not even Packers.com didn’t say anything. If so, what day he born? And what is his name? Or is it scam??

  41. I loathe hypocrites February 22, 2015

    Clay Matthews won’t be the only man in America with a child out of wedlock so some of you need to calm down. There is nothing wrong with her being older than him. All that matters is they are happy. A few of you need to mature a little.