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Sherman, Rodgers Now Part of Mutual Admiration Society

Aaron Rodgers and Richard Sherman

Remember back after the Seattle Seahawks demolished the Green Bay Packers in week 1. The Packers didn’t throw in cornerback Richard Sherman’s direction once and Sherman accused Aaron Rodgers of avoiding him after the game. Rodgers shrugged and blew him off.

No fist bump for you! Controversy, manufactured!

Well, now Sherman and Rodgers might as well be slurping on each other’s poles.

Although Rodgers insisted then as he insists now, he did not and will not purposely avoid Sherman, he’s obviously wary of him.

“You have to be aware of him,” Rodgers said Tuesday on his radio show. “Not scared of him, but you have a ton of respect for him.

“Look at the numbers, they don’t lie. Not a lot of guys catch passes on his side, and for the amount of times he’s targeted, his interception totals are very impressive. You just have to play your game, but if he’s locking his guy down, he’s probably not going to get a lot of passes thrown his way.”

Right, right, right. We know. Dick Sherman is a really good corner.

Sherman, meanwhile, got a visit from MMQB’s Robert Klemko last Sunday while he was watching Rodgers beat the Cowboys. First, Sherman gave Rodgers his stamp of approval for MVP.

“In my mind he’s the MVP. People want to talk about J.J. Watt getting it, but he’s sitting at home. No knock on what he was doing, but it wasn’t enough to put them in the playoffs. In the NBA, you’d never see the MVP go to a guy who isn’t in the playoffs.”

Then, just after Rodgers hit Richard Rodgers for what would be the game-winning touchdown, Sherman marveled some more.

“He’s everything to that team,” Sherman says. “You look at that throw. There are only a few people who can make that throw, and there’s no one besides Aaron Rodgers who has the balls to even try it.”

Agreed. That throw was pretty damn impressive.

What will be more impressive is if Rodgers gets the best of Sherman this week.

Surely, the Packers will have to test him this time around. You don’t win a lot of football games by only utilizing half the field.

More importantly, these guys will surely be hugging it out at midfield afterwards, regardless of what happens.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. pf4l January 14, 2015

    I’ll concede the Packers braintrust (MM) decided to play Jordy opposite of Sherman, leaving Jarrett Boykin on Shermans side.

    Now just to be real, it’s not like Boykin was going to school Sherman on the field. Maybe if Boykin got open, Rodgers would have thrown to him.

    I think we have to ask ourselves, where is Jarrett Boykin now? On the bench?


  2. SA Packerfan January 14, 2015

    Glad they like each other, now it is time to shame Sherman.

    All I know is that here in Texas it has been a great week! Every time I hear a cowboys fan whine that they were robbed I know that they know they were going to lose anyway and so are grasping at any explanation. I felt that way years ago with the game ending Rodgers face mask and fumble. We lost that game long before the face mask.

    A single play was not going to win that game for the cowboys. The packers had the game in hand by that point. The O was easily moving the ball and the D was bending but not breaking. That game was won long before the non-catch.

    1. pf4l January 14, 2015

      Just an observation of the Dez catch, that no one has brought up whatsoever.

      If you watch the play closely, you’ll see why Dez came crashing to the ground losing control of the football. You’ll see Shields right leg lift as he was falling, and tripping up Dez’s right leg, causing the fall.

    2. Cheese January 15, 2015

      The Packers didn’t Lose that game against the Cardinals long before the facemask. Yes the defense looked like shit, but Rodgers played amazing to bring the team back and tie it. Stop trying to push any responsibility of the refs aside by saying some team “shoulda, woulda, coulda” earlier in the game. They lost the game before that call? It was fucking TIED. Rodgers was on fire, and we almost did win the game with a single play when he overthrew a wide open Greg Jennings in the middle of the field.

      I hate the logic that people use by saying “well you should have played better earlier in the game, or you should have scored more points” when a high pressure opportunity to win gets botched by an official. Everyone likes to brag about football being a game of inches. Well that game of inches is very easily swayed and manipulated when incompetent zebras are involved. Just because a team plays poorly in the first half is no excuse for shitty officiating.

      As for the cowboys, a single play was not going to win the game for them. But several plays could have, if Bryants catch had been upheld. If Dallas had scored and took the lead it’s not 100% guaranteed the Packers would have marched down and scored a field goal, as much as Packer fans would like to assume (myself included). All of that is moot though, because the call on the Bryant catch was the correct interpretation of a rule that has been in place for 5 years. Maybe he should learn it since he’s paid millions to know it.

  3. Hawk_Eye January 14, 2015

    Every team says they need to make Sherman pay, and yet he always has the last laugh! Go ahead. Test him. Make my day!

  4. UpNorth January 14, 2015

    First play of the game I want Lacy to slam through the line right in #24’s direction and pound him. Want to loosen him up? That will do it. Other then that glad that at least their is a manner of respect there.

    1. Farmer Ted January 14, 2015

      You mean #25? Pretty sure Marshawn will be sticking with just the offensive team. Either way, here’s to many beers consumed as the Pack get their revenge.

      1. UpNorth January 14, 2015

        Yeah I meant 25, had Lynch on the brain since I consider him the larger threat then Sherman.

  5. Organicbuzz January 14, 2015

    First play of day is long bomb to whomever Sherman is defending.In his face,even let AR roll out of pocket a tad bit to do that dagger! Proactive not reactive. Good luck GB. Go Pack Go!!!