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Predictions: NFC Championship Game

Marshawn Lynch

Shawn (14-3) — Let’s get this party started right — fuck the Seattle Seahawks. I’m picking the Packers.

Now, I know the Seahawks are the favorite to repeat and I know they are favored to win this game by around a touchdown. I also know that it is quite possible that they could cover.

However, as George Thorogood once said when accused of leaning up against a post — “But I’m TIRED!”

I am tired of hearing about how Seattle beat the Packers by 20 in Week 1. That was ages ago, back in the days of Brad Jones and A.J. Hawk at middle linebacker, or the Dark Ages as we like to call them. Davante Adams was a glint in Mike McCarthy’s eye. Letroy Guion still stank of Viking. Sam Barrington festered on special teams. Ha Ha Clinton-Dix was becoming a man. And the Seahawks still had Percy Harvin and Brandon Mebane on their active roster.

I am tired of hearing about how great Seattle’s defense is. Yeah, they are probably the best unit in football until someone proves otherwise, but the wearer of the crown is never comfortable. They have to load up more than they used to against the run in order to stop it. That has left their All Pro defensive backs hanging in the breeze and if the pass rush isn’t getting home, then suddenly the best pass defense in football becomes vulnerable and soft in the middle. Heck, Dallas did hang 30 on them.

Most of all, I am TIRED of hearing about Aaron Rodgers’ injured calf. I am going to tell you right now what no one else is saying. The injury to Rodgers’ calf can be a bad or a GOOD thing, completely depending on the offensive line and Rodgers.

The injury has removed Rodgers’ crutch of fleeing the pocket whenever the coverage is too tight for him to pull the trigger. That is off the table. Rodgers MUST remain in the pocket and throw the football. If the coverage is tight, then he must beat the coverage with his accuracy. That’s what he did in the second half against Dallas, and that is exactly what he must do against Seattle. By the way, that’s exactly how Rodgers won a Super Bowl, by hanging in the pocket and beating good coverage by throwing perfect passes.

He can do it and I believe he WILL do it.

Defensively, the Packers need to tackle, and they need to contain Russell Wilson. They must limit his big plays to just one or two in the game. Or none, even better. The Packers can play a little defense too and every one of those guys should have a chip on their shoulder right now.

Keep Wilson in the pocket and he’s an average quarterback. Cover Doug Baldwin and Luke Wilson on third down. Those are basically the only guys Wilson throws to on key downs.

And tackle, tackle, tackle. Let’s get after them, boys.

Packers 24, Seahawks 20

Andrew (13-4) — “Great moments are born from great opportunities.”

That’s how Olympic hockey coach Herb Brooks began when he addressed the ‘Miracle on Ice’ team that would go on to beat the unbeatable Soviets, en route to winning the most unlikely of gold medals for America in 1980.

And what an opportunity the Green Bay Packers have on Sunday. Actually, it’s not singular, it’s plural. The Packers have several opportunities before them as they travel to the Pacific Northwest to take on the defending world champion Seattle Seahawks in the NFC Championship game.

First and most recently, the Packers can get revenge on the Seahawks for the week one thumping they suffered at CenturyLink Field. That Kickoff Thursday debacle featured the unveiling of a secret ‘quads’ defensive personnel grouping, an ineffective Eddie Lacy, an offensive game plan hellbent on using only one side of the field, a gimpy Randall Cobb, and a cameo appearance by none other than Derek Sherrod.

Quite a bit has changed since then.

Secondly, the Packers can right the wrong that still lives as one of the most painful regular season losses in Green Bay Packers history — the Fail Mary. In fact, it lives on with such strength and vigor that everything that can possibly be said on the matter has already been said. Let’s move on.

Finally, and most importantly, the Packers have a chance to beat the best team in football in their own house, the odds-on favorites to win it all, and prevent them from sparking talks of a dynasty.

If the Packers win this game, it could go down as one of the biggest wins in franchise history. Seriously. How often in the lifetime of the Packers franchise has there been a game of this magnitude where they came in as hefty underdogs and ended up winning?

The only game that enters my mind is when Brett Favre and the Packers went into San Francisco in 1996 and upset the Steve Young-led 49ers. That game lives on in Packers history and was only a divisional round game. With a trip to the Super Bowl on the line, this game is obviously so much bigger.

Can you imagine the magnitude of beating this Seahawks team in their own stadium and what that would mean to the Packers’ franchise history? It would be epic. It would be historic. It would be a game we would relive over and over again and never forget.

However, it could go another way too.

Much like the many failed efforts versus the Cowboys in Dallas when Mike Holmgren and Brett Favre were at the helm, this game can just as easily be forgotten if the Packers lose as expected.  There it will disappear deep into the recesses of our collective brains and hopefully be forgotten. That is, until we are rudely reminded that it really did happen, when we accidentally run into the NFL Films footage or America’s Game on how the Seahawks won their second of back-to-back titles.

And that will only be for the rest of our lives.

So that’s what the good guys in green and gold are playing for on Sunday. They’re playing so this game is remembered by the right fans and for the right reasons. They are playing for a piece of eternal history within the greatest franchise in all of professional sports.

In order to do that, the Packers will have to figure out how to put points up on a very daunting Seattle defense. On the other side of the ball, they need to limit Marshawn Lynch and Russell Wilson.


In my opinion, Wilson is the key because he is a magician on third downs.

It’s like Wilson is constantly improvising new ways of converting that are specifically designed to inflict the most damage possible to the opponent’s psyche. As someone who cheered against Seattle all year knowing they were the most likely host of the game we’re about to see on Sunday, I was often totally frustrated watching teams try to stop Russell Wilson. It just doesn’t happen very often or with much consistency.

I mean, I’m a guy on the couch watching Wilson and I’m getting completely frazzled as he converts over and over again. Imagine how the opposing defense must feel!

Last week Wilson went 8-for-8 on third down, converting seven of those into first downs. If the Seahawks’ numbers are anything resembling that, then the Packers are in very big trouble. If however Green Bay can win the third down battles on defense and get off the field, they’ve got a great chance to win.

At the end of the day, the team who wins the third down conversion battle on both sides of the ball will come out on top. But who will that be? I hope I’m correct in thinking that it’s too close to call.

However this game isn’t ending in a tie, so we must pick a winner.

After some more Aaron Rodgers heroics, the Packers take a 19-17 lead late in the game, but Russell Wilson has four minutes left on the clock and does what he’s done all year. He keeps his cool and leads his team down the field for the winning chip shot with mere seconds left on the clock.

The only team I’ve feared all year in the NFC brings my darkest nightmares to the forefront, as they end the Packers’ run one game shy of the big dance.

But hey! The ‘Miracle on Ice’ team lost to the Soviet Union by a score of 10-3 in an exhibition game that took place just prior to the opening of the Olympics that year. So anything can happen.

Here’s to me being wrong.

Seahawks 20, Packers 19 

Monty (13-4) — Unlike last week, when I thought about the Dallas Cowboys exactly zero times before they faced the Green Bay Packers, I’ve thought about the shitdicks from Seattle almost constantly this week.

Last week, I gave Dallas zero chance to win in Green Bay. This week, unfortunately, I’m giving the Packers only a slight chance to win in Seattle.

The Packers would have to play a perfect game in order to pull this one out. That means they run the ball effectively with Eddie Lacy. They keep Aaron Rodgers clean and Rodgers is effective on third down AND in the red zone. They win the turnover battle. They limit Seattle’s rushing attack to somewhere in the neighborhood of 100 yards (they gave up more than 200 back in week 1).

Can the Packers do all of those things? Yes, I believe they can, but there’s a big difference between can and will.

The thing I love most about the Packers right now is their level of focus and business-like approach to the game. It’s reminiscent of 2010. While the Seahawks seem to be eating up all the hype surrounding them, the Packers give zero shits. They’re just coming to play ball.

This also reminds me of a game the Packers were on the other side of — Super Bowl XXXII. Going into that game, the Packers were double-digit favorites, sucking up all the hype. Meanwhile, the Denver Broncos were just the patsy, there for the Packers to roll over on their way to back-to-back titles.

Well, you know how that turned out. Broncos 31, Packers 24.

Now that I’ve said all of that, I have to pick Seattle and it really boils down to a singular reason. The Green Bay Packers, for whatever reason, have been nothing more than mediocre on the road all season.

And the Seahawks are decidedly not the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

I’m making this pick with my head, rather than my heart. And Seattle can still eat a fucking dick.

Seahawks 31, Packers 27




  1. Fritz January 17, 2015

    thanks, Shawn. as the most accurate predictor of the three i will use old faithful, Terry Bradshaw to break the tie. made a lot of money using old “wrong way Terry” as a “180” weathervane, lol.

    so take it to the bank: if Bradshaw calls it for the Cheathawks, call your corner bookie right away, or “eat shit: 400 trillion flies can’t be wrong”?

  2. Organicbuzz January 17, 2015

    Packers 37 Seattle 34 Mason will be 3 for 3 in the game. Go Pack Go!!!

  3. PackAttack January 17, 2015

    Let’s state the facts here. From a biased standpoint.

    First of all, Seattle is not that good — if any team in the playoffs is grossly overrated, it’s Seattle. FACT: This is not the same Seahawks team from Week #1 (no Percy Harvin) and it’s not the same Seahawks defense from 2013. Go back and look at their schedule this year and who they’ve played down the stretch, mainly the QB’s Seattle has gone up against — Ryan Lindley, Drew Stanton, Colin Kaepernick, Mark Sanchez and the great Shaun Hill. Ok — umm Wow. If there’s a definition of a “soft schedule” that’s it. How many of those teams did Seattle “blow out”? Excluding the pathetic AZ win in Week #16, that would be zero. Let’s not also forget that in the first-half of the season (when Seattle actually went up against good passing attacks) they started the year 3-3 losing to SD, DAL and STL and they should’ve lost to Denver in Week #3. Case in point – Seattle didn’t blow out any good teams and they sure as hell didn’t dominate the mediocre competition.

    FACT: Their passing offense is ranked 27th in the league (now with no Paul Richardson and no Percy Harvin), so unless Doug Baldwin and Ricardo Lockette decide to have monster games against a pretty solid Pack secondary — they ain’t beating Green Bay through the air. Lynch? Marshawn Lynch hasn’t done shit in the last 3 weeks to a month (he played like shit last week) and I can’t imagine the Pack front 7 are going into tomorrow’s game not hell-bent on shutting Lynch down. If Seattle wins on offense, Wilson and Lynch are going to have to beat Green Bay with their legs and I’m not so sure with the athleticism of Peppers and Matthews that happens.

    FACT: If Cam Newton doesn’t throw that pick-6 last week — a mediocre Carolina team is in a position to win that game. Pair that with a lucky one-handed catch by Kearse — translation — Seattle was just as lucky as Green Bay was last week.

    FACT: Rodgers, McCarthy and the Pack will have played in Seattle three times now. It’s not like this is foreign territory for them.

    FACT: Green Bay is much more likely to blow Seattle out, then Seattle is to blow Green Bay out. Green Bay has more offensive weapons than Carolina does. Seattle might have a better defense, but even Detroit had a better run-D than Seattle this year.

    FACT: You want to talk about who controls Luck. The NFL referees are as corrupt as anyone in the country and if you don’t think the league has a “say” in who wins games and who loses you need to wake the fuck up. Who do you think the league wants to see in the Super Bowl — Brady vs Russell Wilson and the overspent Richard Sherman — or Brady vs Rodgers? Think about that.

    FACT: This game could very well define Aaron Rodgers post-season legacy. The last three years the Pack have been major busts in the playoffs (NYG and SF twice). Rodgers and McCarthy have yet to have that “marquee playoff win” (I’m not counting SBXLV). Going into Seattle and beating this team against the odds just has the makings of an Aaron Rodgers story.

    FACT: Rodgers is the best QB in the league and Green Bay is a much different animal than it was in Week #1. The offensive line is completely different, the running game is different, Davante Adams is different, the tight-ends are different and the Pack D is different. LeTroy Guion at NT, Josh Boyd at DE and Brad Jones no longer starting (probably the biggest defensive change) Matthews on the right-side, Peppers on the left, Micah Hyde was starting at FS in Week #1 now it’s a much different Clinton-Dix.

    How much has Seattle D Changed? Not much.

    Just sayin’.

    IMO. This isn’t going to be a Seahawks blowout unless the Pack just come out completely flat (I guess it’s possible). Seattle is going to need early big-strike plays on special teams and offense. But, like usual, they’re gonna come out hot with their usual predictable boring game plan pounding with Lynch and checkdown passing. YAWN. Maybe Seattle wins — I don’t know — but right now they’re expected to win and in some circles blow the Packers out, and those are not good combinations for a mediocre team who played a soft-schedule who is trying to be the first team in 10 years to go to a Super-Bowl in consecutive years.

    1. camcpack January 17, 2015

      I got nothing, you said it all bro.

    2. Mr. Hankey January 17, 2015

      I feel like James Carville in ‘Old SChool’ “We have no response…that was perfect”.

      Well done sir.

      1. PackAttack January 17, 2015

        If anyone really thinks Seattle is going to win this game by more than 10 points — I feel bad for you. I’ll take the Seattle +7 line in my sleep. Seattle winning by 10!??? They care barely beat SF and St. Louis by 10 at home!

        Seriously, no joke. Dallas had a red-hot offense going into last week’s game. Romo was hot, DeMarco best RB in football, Dez is a top 10 WR, Witten/Williams/Beasley — they had a good offense and they still didn’t do much. And your telling me I need to be scared of Marshawn Lynch who hasn’t had more than 14 touches in the last month?? Wait, isn’t DeMarco a better RB than Lynch!? Yes — what difference did that make?

        All we are talking about here is the Seattle D and homefield advantage. Ok — sweet. So basically the Seahawks need to play ungodly on special teams and the Pack have to just fall flat on their face on D. I don’t know (for the exception of SF and NYG) if there is anytime any team in the last 7-9 years that’s beaten GB multiple times in the same year, same venue in convincing fashion. That’s not only hard to do, it’s unlikely.

        Remember this: GREEN BAY IS NOT EXPECTED TO WIN THIS GAME. The odds are against them. Their QB1 is supposedly hurt (but he just played his best Playoff Game since SB XLV so not sure what that means) and they are 7+ points “underdogs” — so was Indianapolis last week and look how that turned out.

        The NFL WANTS a Brady vs Rodgers Super Bowl. Mark my words. The League is all about ratings, merchandise and hype. And what better way to end a turmoil filled year than have the two best players in the NFL battle it out on the biggest stage!

    3. Andy January 18, 2015

      I’d say Rodgers and McCarthy had that “marquee playoff win” in the divisional round against atlanta in 2010. Atlanta were 14-2, at home in their dome and Green bay were a lousy wild card upstart. The offence and the defence completely shredded that team to pieces so it was over early in the 3rd. That was the moment we went from a 6th seed to superbowl favourites after that. My lasting memory of that game is rodgers getting pressured on a third down, escaping the rush that was coming from behind him and throwing a dart to nelson to completely take the air out of the building.

    4. Savage57 January 18, 2015

      For a FACT-based dissertation, there sure are a lot of ‘ifs’ and conjecture in it.

      But I respect the optimism.

    5. Deepsky January 18, 2015

      Last year the Seahawks had 28 interceptions, but this year, facing a load of back up and no-name quarterbacks, they got only 13 interceptions. Yet we I heard over and over the Seattle defensive backs saying how they will get interceptions.

      These guys are very arrogant.

  4. billybong January 17, 2015

    if the Pack comes out and looks flat, lets Wilson run for yardage, i know he’ll get some, and if The Beast runs over Tramon numerous times….then its a blowout…the Seattle offense is not a blowout machine so that would be very embarrassing to the Packer coaching staff….hoping for a win, thinking a close loss…i’m saying next year is the year, provided Rodgers stays healthy…this getting injured in the last quarter of the year for him is starting to suck….

    1. PackAttack January 17, 2015

      Sorry but Seattle isn’t a better team. They’ve played a soft schedule the whole year, they’re overrated and over-confident. Rodgers is healthy enough to play — last week’s win was his best playoff performance in 4 years (Since SBXLV), so he’s clearly better on one leg than he was on two the last few years.

      Seattle’s offense isn’t nearly as good as Dallas or even Detroit. Marshawn Lynch??? He’s nothing compared to DeMarco Murray who is the best damn RB in the NFL and even he couldn’t totally destroy GB (let’s not also forget Dallas was as hot as any team in the league). Look at Lynch’s production this season — he’s not Walter Payton he’s played more like Ryan Grant down the stretch. People are giving Lynch way, way, way too much credit. Tackle him and you’ll be fine.

      Yeah. Green Bay had some rust last week (coming off a BYE) but that’s over now. They’ve played better teams this year and beaten them (DET, DAL, NE, CAR, MIA) all had Top-10 defenses and the Pack BLEW TEAMS OUT! Seattle did not.

      The only advantage Seattle holds right now is home-field advantage and this will be GB’s THIRD VISIT TO SEATTLE. Not totally foreign to them.

      Wait til’ next year? This is next year, this is the time.

      1. PackerFan January 17, 2015

        Finally, someone with their head on straight. Apart from their disreputably engineered “home field acoustics”, this Seattle team holds a major advantage in one category: Hype. Kick off can’t come soon enough, I’m sick of all these idiots and their foregone conclusions.

        1. pf4l January 17, 2015

          “The only advantage Seattle holds right now is home-field advantage”

          “This Seattle team holds a major advantage in one category: Hype.”

          Seattle’s defense isn’t a major advantage? Interesting.

          1. PackerFan January 17, 2015

            I wouldn’t call it a MAJOR advantage. I would say their defense is great but I expect the Packers D to make noise tomorrow as well. Our offense gets the nod, whereas their defense does. My point was really that this game is very winnable for the Packers and all people seem to want to do is slobber over the Seahawks.

  5. Fritz January 17, 2015

    another point: if the nfl puts their second best refs in for this one, expect the cheathawks to get flagged their usual 5-10 times esp. on defense, e.g., jumping early, holding, etc. and if AR gets a free play like Cam did last week, not likely he is going to throw it to the wrong zip code?

    1. PackAttack January 17, 2015

      Put money on it. The refs are going to play a big part in tomorrow’s game. Bank on it!

  6. Tequila January 17, 2015

    Fuck Seattle. Fuck Marshawn Lynch. Fuck dicknose Carroll.

    Aaron and company came to ball and this is time for that definitive win.

    Don’t believe the hype.

    Packers 30 Seattle 17

  7. pf4l January 17, 2015

    Bottom line….

    If the Rodgers and the Packers play like they did in the 1st half of the Dallas game, they are fucked.

    If they play like they did in the 2nd half, i give them a decent chance.

    It is what it is.

    GO PACK GO!!

  8. Fresher than Wonder Bread January 17, 2015

    Come on Pack nation, let’s go back to the 2007 NFC Championship game where, you know, good ol’ Brent threw that game ending INT. The Giants were the underdogs going into Lambeau, nobody expected man-child Eli Manning to lead them into the Super Bowl, why the fuck can’t our squad be the 2007 NY Giants tomorrow and beat the Seasquawks and their 12th FAG?! 24-20, Packers.

  9. Howard January 17, 2015

    Well, I was not concerned regarding the outcome of the game until I read the predictions. Two out of three against the Pack. I understand this is away from Lambeau. It is the defending champs and they have a great defense. Aaron is not 100%. It is a tough task. It is the sum of all fears! It was similar to week four against the bears when all hope was lost and the predictions were lopsided against the Pack.

    Everyone has wrote what needs to be wrote about each teams personnel then and now. I do not believe anyone has indicated how much of an effect Harvin had on the run defense. Harvin was the driving force for the hawks O in game No.1. Harvin really caused at a minimum Matthews, Perry, and Peppers to not maintain their gap control and to be hesitant in their reactions. Without Harvin the athletic Neal ( who is playing very well right now), Matthews, Peppers, Datone Jones, Daniels and Perry, can cause problems for Wilson as a runner, and in the pass game. As others have said stop wilson and lynch. The Pack matches up well with the other WR’s and TE’s.

    Many talk of Lynch and his beast mode. Well I happen to be tired of reading that shit. When Lacy runs over DB’s those assholes are carrying their arm limp and grabbing body parts to see if they are still attached. The same will happen to the hawks DB’s when Lacy gets in the open. I believe the Pack has the best O line, QB, slot receiver, and big back in the league.There is no way Cobb can be contained for an entire game. The Pack TE’s and Cobb will be open down the middle of the field. Do not take me wrong the hawks have a very good D, however they are small but fast on the D line and at linebacker. This D can be pushed off the ball by the O line and be ran through by Lacy. Just do not try to run laterally they will run someone down. It is O.K to pass against Sherman. Sherman just like Revis uses the sidelines to his advantage. There is nothing wrong with gaining some separation toward the middle of the field. Stay out of predictable pass plays on long downs, this is were the hawks flourish. Show up again Davante.

    This year has seen the Pack be able to rest numerous players due to blowouts. In addition several second and third level players have received experience. The Pack looks like a fresh team. The hawks had an early bye week and have had multiple close games while having to keep most of their No.1’s in the game. To me the hawks look like a mildly worn down team. The physical nature of their division, the length of last season, the extended gyrations and showboating by their D after normal tackles, and the fact they can not as easily partake of PED’s, I believe has impacted them as the season has gone on.

    The Packers have learned as the season goes to play all four quarters, grind out wins playoff style, and FINISH STRONG! This game will be no different than the last three. GO PACK! Get ready to do another set of Packer predictions in two weeks.

  10. PackAttack January 17, 2015

    Again people — who has Seattle played this year? Why is their defense ranked so high? Look at who they have fucking played! Arizona (Twice), San Fran (twice), St Louis (twice, lost once and barely pulled away w/ 14 points in the 4th Q), Philly and KC. That’s Drew Stanton/Ryan Lindley, Shaun Hill, Mark Sanchez and Alex Smith!

    “Well they have been a tough run D” — okay against who? Jamal Charles blew this D apart. DeMarco ran all over Seattle. Trey Mason had a good game vs them, Jonathan Stewart avg 4.5 yd/per carry last week vs them. Good RB’s do well vs Seattle. They are not impenetrable.

    What MUST happen tomorrow!
    Green Bay CANNOT beat themselves. Seattle is not that good but Green Bay can easily beat themselves by bad coaching, poor tackling, fuck-ups on Special Teams and of course turnovers. McCarthy CANNOT fuck himself in the ass with piss poor play calling tomorrow — I do not think Seattle will beat themselves tomorrow but I think GB could. You simply cannot afford to give up big plays on defense and play overly conservative on offense, you just can’t. I will hold true (win or lose) that Seattle just isn’t that good and I think if they do win they won’t be beating New England. McCarthy and Rodgers really, really need to step up. They have to, just absolutely have to!

    Pray for us tonight Pack Nation. We need this tomorrow.

    1. Ogden January 17, 2015

      Seattle isn’t a big play type of team. Our O-line can and will create running lanes for Lacy. Whatever unfavorable plays McCarthy calls Rodgers (like always) will audible for gains. The noise will be a factor but not huge. Packers ALWAYS play better when they’re the undog and have something to prove. Fuck Seattle. Packers 31-24

  11. rebelgb January 17, 2015

    Great stuff. Hats off to out 3 writers and their predictions, all were well thought out and convincing. PackAttack wrote a comment that was worthy of being the 4th part of the main article.

    I started the week out going “woaas mee” and feeling bad for myself. All year the one thing I dreaded was the Pack going to Seattle for a playoff game. However, the more I looked at the stats and the actual match-up, the more this week I realized that GB has a good shot. Heres what I think needs to happen:

    1- Dont let Seattle start out hot. GB cannot turn it over early, get stuffed on 4th down, or let Seattle have a long easy drive. If the Pack can keep things say 7-7 in the first 20 minutes of the game, they are in good shape.

    2- Pass rush then contain. Im actually not really worried about Lynch. I think he will get 100 yards, but so what? As long as we rush Wilson successfully on 2nd and 3rd down and DONT let him run, we can let Lynch get his occasional 6 on 1st. There is no Percy Harvin anymore to fake the inside sweep. Running QB’s have NOT been a problem for this defense the last half of the season and I expect that to continue.

    3- Aaron needs to be good and Lacy has to be involved. Notice I didnt say Aaron needed to be “great”. If Lacy can run for 100 yards, then Arodge only needs this following to win the game: 290 yards passing, 2 TD’s and No Int’s.

    Unknown: My big unknown with this game is MM. I worry that he will try to outthink and out scheme himself. Mike tends to stick with things regardless of whether they are working or not based upon his arrogance. He needs to be able to adapt and change in this contest. Is he willing to do that? So far id say NO; its not in his make up. Hopefully his original game plan works and we dont need to have that happen.

  12. Andrew Chitko January 17, 2015

    Gotta say…all week long I’ve been pretty chill. I guess being underdogs will do that. But in the last couple hours I’ve started to amp up some, and the comments section has been awesome!!!

    You guys rock. Keep em coming!

  13. pf4l January 17, 2015

    I just want the game to begin….

    All i read is the Packers can win IF…Rodgers has a good game, Lacy can run the ball, Davante Adams can run the right routes and catch the ball. We don’t let Lynch run wild. We don’t turn over the ball. The refs don’t “fix” the game. We don’t get behind early. The defense needs to contain Wilson. The defense needs to tackle. (Like, no shit).

    Two things are huge concerns, The noise factor (yes, it’s real and it’s a problem) Rodgers calf injury…Contrary to what Shawn said…Rodgers doesn’t always play at his best staying in the pocket.(Look at the 1st half of the Dallas game). The 2nd half he became mobile and slipped pressure and was just lethal. Rodgers is the best in the NFL scrambling with his feet, buying time outside the pocket. Since 2008, Rodgers has the most touchdown passes over anyone outside the pocket (33). Rodgers has to be able to move left or right, step up in the pocket, slip pass rushers coming in, to perform at his best, because he is the best in the NFL in doing so.

    Let the game begin.

    GO PACK GO!!!

  14. Vijay January 17, 2015

    The only way Green Bay wins is if the Seahawks are overconfident, lack respect for their opponent and beat themselves. This defense is like kryptonite to offenses like ours. If MM can call a near perfect game and the players on our team all play very well, we’ve got a fighters chance and could pull an upset. I think there are too many IFs for Green Bay and not that many for Seattle. I see this as a wake up call for Ted Thompson where the personnel apprentice/ guru, Schneider, flexes his muscle and lays a beat down on Teddy and our beloved Packers. Will it be closer than a 20 pt differential, sure…but not by much. I see those fricken Seachickens winning by at least 7 pts, more like between 10-14 pts. However, their dynasty will end after this year, maybe…

    1. PackAttack January 18, 2015

      the only way GB wins is if Seattle is “overconfident” and “beat themselves”.

      Ladies and Gentlemen, the quote of the year.

      So when Dallas kicked the piss outta Seattle, in Seattle, and Dallas actually had more turnovers in the game — Seattle beat themselves huh? I mean your boy Lynch couldn’t top 61 yards and DeMarco got his 115 but Seattle musta beat themselves in that one right?

      Or when San Diego kicked the piss outta Seattle and Russell Wilson had a 119.1 QB-rating. They musta beat themselves then too huh?

      St. Louis beats Seattle 28-26, Seahawks didn’t turn the ball over once — but how’d they lose? They almost lost to STL twice!

      Seattle BARELY beats Denver and goes to OT in Week #3. Then Seattle plays arguably the worst SF team in a decade and can’t score more than 19 points in either game. They go to KC and lose, Jamal Charles runs ALL OVER this unstoppable Seahawks D. Fucking Oakland almost beats Seattle in Seattle. And again….who did Seattle play that was actually decent in any of these games? How many teams did they actually blowout?

      I hope your projection holds up V — I really do b/c if it doesn’t and GB wins, I’m going to find you a beat the shit outta you. Cowards run their mouth about the favorite teams and then bandwagon jump when times are great — that’s you. Absolute grade-A coward. You can’t wait to watch the Pack lose and then tell everyone you were right. Great analogy V — noble work your doing man, keep grinding out your rent money and McDonalds.

      1. Savage57 January 18, 2015

        I don’t agree with Vijay’s conclusions anymore than I do with yours. Either position is an unproven hypothesis with no meaning until they are proofed on Century Link field Sunday afternoon. Circular reasoning is why most elements of your argument blow up – my premise validates my conclusion, therefore my conclusion validates my premise.

        Your repetition, volume and vehemence is a more accurate indicator of fear and the absence of faith than it is one of confidence. While trying to convince everyone else, the person you’re really trying to convince is yourself.

        And how or why in the hell are you going to ‘find someone and
        beat the shit outta them’ over the internet? And why is it such a conundrum for you that he disagrees with what you say?

        “Any of you homos say the Packers are gonna lose, I’m gonna kill ya”.

        Relax, Francis.

      2. Deepsky January 18, 2015

        Seattle DID beat themselves against the Cowboys, although the Cowboys running game made a huge difference. Harvin was having a tantrum and sat for a good portion of the game.

  15. Vijay January 17, 2015

    Also, Lynch is an exceptional RB, much better even than Demarco Murray. Demarco got all those yards because his line was one of, if not the best, in the league. Rodgers heroics and grit coupled with a B.S. “completing the catch” rule prevented them from losing last week. Defense wins Championships and while we’ve improved, we don’t limit teams quite as well as Seattle does (#1 scoring defense).

    1. PackAttack January 18, 2015


      First off, your a fucking moron and you don’t have a clue what you’re talking about. Case in point. Lynch is “much better” RB than DeMarco Murray? What are you basing that off — your opinion? It’s gotta be because your fucking high if you think the numbers are even close between the two. So Dallas has a better O-line — okay, and…….what do you think usually makes a good RB exceptional? His shoes? Seattle doesn’t have the O-line Dallas does, it’s not even close, so by default DeMarco and Dallas was more of a challenge to GB that Lynch will be. Exceptional RB my ass, this team is used to seeing RB’s like AP, DeMarco and Forte….sorry Lynch doesn’t top them.
      And maybe you can explain to why this “exceptional RB” hasn’t gotten more than 15 touches in almost a month?

      10-14 better huh? The 27th ranked passing offense. Softest schedule in the NFL in the 2nd Half and the combination of Doug Baldwin, Ricardo Lockette and Luke Wilson must really be flying under the radar to be 14 point favorites against the better offense in the league. If you really believe that, I’d like to see you drop a bet on it (link me to prove it). Please, prove to us all you really think that and aren’t just shooting your mouth off.

      14 point favorites is laughable. Again, what are you basing this off? An opinion or actual research. B/c if you research you’d know that Seattle saw Ryan Lindley, Mark Sanchez, Shaun Hill and Alex Smith the last 2 months of the season (and the great Colin Kaepernick)…..tough games. Oakland almost beat Seattle (at home) and St. Louis should have (twice!). So how is this great Seattle team going to win by 14 points??? Russell Wilson might beat GB with his legs but he ain’t throwing 3 TD’s again (last week was the first time in almost 2 years Wilson has done that) and you want to talk about luck. How about Kearse one-handed catch and Cam Newton’s pick-6 in the red zone last week? Cam threw for 250+, Carolina ran for over 130 as a team, came into Seattle and put up 17 points (should have been 24) against this “unstoppable” Seahawks D. CAROLINA WAS 8 and FUCKING 8!!! And they made it a game, and your telling me the Pack are 14 point underdogs! BWAHAHAHAHA…..wow….either your looking for sympathy and someone to wipe your ass or your really fucking lost.

      Please post a link to your bet…I want to see you put $100 down on the Seahawks covering that spread. Please enlighten me and back up your pathetic projection.

    2. PackAttack January 18, 2015

      Seattle #1 scoring defense??? What?? Dude, what the fuck are you smoking? #1 scoring defense??

      The #1 scoring defense belongs to Philadelphia you dumbass, Philly had 11 defensive TD’s this year to Seattle’s 3. Seattle didn’t even rank in the TOP 10 in the NFL in interceptions, defensive TD’s or Sacks or fumble recoveries. They get credit because THEY PLAYED BAD FUCKING TEAMS! Do some fucking research bro.

      #1 scoring defense….V this is 2015 man, your a year behind….wake the fuck up man.

  16. Tequila January 17, 2015

    Fuck the Seahawks. Any given Sunday and this one is designed to take rodgers from MVP to legend status.

    Packers win 30-17

  17. pullurheadout January 17, 2015

    You guys are delusional. Seahawks in the beginning of the year had their defense hurt and were without quite a few players when they went 6-4. Since then they have their defense back to full health and have not lost a game and held opponents to less than a TD in all but one of those games in the regular season. Packers specifically Rodgers doesn’t do well against top 5 NFL defenses are were 1-3 against them only winning the rematch against Detroit. Seahawks were 3-0 against top 5 defenses. Packers were 3-1 against top 10 NFL offenses, Seahawks were also 3-1 against top 10 NFL offenses. Packers had a very weak schedule only playing 6 teams with winning records, going 3-3 against them. Seahawks played 8 teams with winning records going 5-3 against them. Seahawks did not lose any game by more than 9 points, Green Bay lost two games by 20 and only one by less than 9 points. Seahawks have the #1 overall defense, #1 passing defense, #1 scoring defense, #1 rushing offense, #2 scoring differential, #3 rushing defense, #3 turnover ratio. Green Bay has the #1 scoring offense, and #1 turnover ratio, #3 scoring differential and is not in the top 5 in any other category. Seahawks are not a good matchup for Green Bay which is why everyone is picking the Seahawks to win this game.

  18. Andrea January 18, 2015

    If Aronne was at 100 percent, I’d bet my house that Packers beat those assholes and their fucking noise, therefore all of them should play the game of their life to get the ticket to Arizona. GO PACKERS GO!

  19. Ay hombre January 18, 2015

    Everything Vijay says just oozes with negativity and arrogance. Just STFU.

  20. Andrew Chitko January 18, 2015

    Today Showers. High near 51. Breezy, with a southwest wind 18 to 24 mph, with gusts as high as 37 mph. Chance of precipitation is 80%. New precipitation amounts of less than a tenth of an inch possible.

    Not good weather for the Packers. My confidence is at an all time low.

  21. Howard January 18, 2015

    Sons of Lambeau, Packer faithful, my brothers!
    I read in your words the same fear that would take the heart of me.
    A day may come when the courage of the Packer faithful may fail.
    When we forsake our friends and break all bonds of fellowship
    But it is not this day.
    An hour of wind and showers, when the Pack comes crashing down
    But it is not this day!
    This day we WIN!
    By all that you hold dear on this good earth
    I bid you stand together, Packer faithful.


  22. Deepsky January 18, 2015

    I think the Packers are a much better team than the Seahawks faced at the beginning of the season, but I can’t get past:

    1) Rodgers is injured and can’t evade a pass rush
    2) Russell Wilson can run better than even Colin Kaepernick now and we all know what Kaepernick did to the Packers in the playoffs.
    3) The Packers have horrible luck in this stadium, both with the Fail Mary and Bulaga going down in the last game.

    Seahawks 27 Packers 24

    1. pf4l January 18, 2015

      I won’t be ok if Lacy cant gain more than the 34 yards he had in the 1st game.

      I won’t be ok if the defense gives up over 200 yards rushing like the 1st game.

      I won’t be ok if MM and DC get out coached.

      I’ll be ok with a loss, ONLY if the Packers leave it all out on the field and fight for 60 minutes.

      I’ll be ecstatic over a Packers victory.

      GO PACK GO!!

  23. Kozak January 18, 2015

    Epic first half.

  24. elafave January 18, 2015

    Yo. SEAHAWKSOWNYOU… Where the fuck is your big mouth now? Shut that beak, fuckboy. Pessimists… Pshhhh. Save that weak shit.

  25. pf4l January 18, 2015

    15:00 min left for a trip to the Super Bowl….LETS GO BOYS!!!!!

    1. pf4l January 18, 2015

      un FUCKING believable.

  26. Salazar January 18, 2015

    Fuck Bostick in the fucking eye.

  27. Ivomitonvikingfans January 18, 2015

    Same shit different year with this team. Soft ass team. The TT and MM way. See you again next year. Nothing will change.

  28. jnutz January 18, 2015

    As a Viking fan, given the kindness you guys show us, all I can say is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!

  29. bears for the win January 18, 2015

    Fuck u packers!!!!!! Payback for the 2010 NFC championship game!!!! Have a good off season loser rednecks!! Bye!!

    1. Ivomitonvikingfans January 18, 2015

      Really? Your team is the shartstain of the division. Fuck off.

      1. jnutz January 18, 2015

        At least there is one thing a Viking and a Packer can agree on…


    2. AT January 19, 2015

      And yet the Bears still suck….. Soooo maybe when you fucks actually when a superbowl in the near future , maybe you can talk.

  30. pf4l January 18, 2015

    I’d like to extend a big FUCK YOU to BRANDON BOSTICK, Sam Barrington, Ha Ha (on that piss poor 2 point attempt) Casey Hayward (turn your head around and defend the pass fuck nuts) Tramon Williams for giving up a 35 yard td (just jump up and knock the ball down) Packers pass defense for giving up 70 yards and a TD in 2 pass plays.

    I make no apologies..That was the worst 8 minutes of Green Bay Packer football i’ve ever seen in my life. Fuck you

  31. icebowl January 18, 2015

    You leave 8 friggin points on the table and play lame D in the last 5 minutes and you lose every time….
    In my 48 years of being a fan never been so embarrassed to be associated with them.

    Done w Packers – done w NFL…..

  32. pf4l January 18, 2015

    Mr. Slocum? Is Brandon Bostick part of your “hands team”?