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Morgan Burnett Stands by that Slide

Morgan Burnett

One of the shoulda, coulda moments of the Green Bay Packers’ NFC Championship loss to the Seattle Seahawks was safety Morgan Burnett sliding down after intercepting Russell Wilson with around five minutes to go.

No Seattle player was near Burnett and he clearly could have returned the pick much further than he did. Some say he could have taken it to the house, but at the very least, he probably could have put Green Bay in field goal range.

Instead, he harmlessly slid down after running a few yards and started to celebrate with Ha Ha Clinton-Dix. So clearly, Burnett has some regret today, right?



“I don’t take anything back that I did,” Burnett said. “It’s easy to sit here after and say ‘we should have did this, we should have did that.’ If the outcome was different, we wouldn’t even be talking about it.”

Ahhhhhhhh, but the outcome is totally the same as it was yesterday, you prick.

Burnett goes on to blame the slide on the team’s other defensive captain, Julius Peppers, who gave him a signal to slide after he caught the ball.

“I was just trying to secure the catch, I got the ball in my hand and the main thing was just gaining possession of the ball. And I got the ‘no mas’ signal, which means ‘no more, no return, get down’ and secure possession of the ball, give our offense the ball.”

You know, there’s probably a lesson to be learned here. And that’s when you have a chance to stomp on someone’s throat and put them out of their misery once and for all, you stomp on their fucking throat.

Burnett is by no means the focal point of the blame for Sunday’s loss, nor should he be. He’s simply the culprit in one of the Packers’ missed opportunities, of which there were many.

That being said, don’t sit there and say you wouldn’t have done it differently. Don’t point the finger at someone else for telling you to do something.

In a game where literally one play makes the difference between winning and losing, you admit your fault and take your share of the blame.

And if you can’t do that, then I would like Julius Peppers to tell you to point a revolver at your head and pull the trigger, since you’re so keen on following his instructions.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Andrew Chitko January 19, 2015

    Lots of failures by a lot of different players and coaches. So far I haven’t heard one person hold himself accountable for his part in it.

    Ok…maybe Bostick did.

    1. pf4l January 19, 2015

      He manned up, props to him. he’s one up on everyone else.

      Clay, tell us why you were standing on the sidelines in the most crucial, biggest 2 minutes of the game. It’s your turn.

  2. pf4l January 19, 2015

    “I don’t take anything back that I did,” Burnett said. “It’s easy to sit here after and say ‘we should have did this, we should have did that.’ If the outcome was different, we wouldn’t even be talking about it.” – Morgan Burnett

    Yes Morgan, it’s very easy to say “We should have did this, you should have did that”………ONLY because, you and the team provided so many fuck up moments, that yes, it is…easy to say!!

    And Yes Morgan, if the Packers did a lot of things different(right) we wouldnt be talking about this, we’d be talking about the Packers going to the Super Bowl.

  3. pf4l January 19, 2015

    Mike McCarthy: “You have to give the Seahawks credit.”

    How about, you and your team take responsibility for pissing the game away? Show some emotion, get mad, do something other than credit the other team…Fuck that.

    “You have to give the Seahawks credit.” <—- Exactly how to avoid accountability. Your streak is unbroken.

  4. Ryan January 19, 2015

    I don’t know that I saw a good vantage of point of what the field looked like after he caught it, but if there were Seahawks near him, I think going down was a good move. I’d rather he secure that ball and give it to the offense than return it to Seattle by trying to do too much with it. I don’t recall seeing any in the screen immediately after catching it, but who knows what was just outside of the camera’s view?

    I mean, what was the score and situation at that point in the game? We were winning, but was this before the offense really started to sputter and suck? Or did we still think the offense would take advantage? I don’t recall… The whole collapse is kind of a blur to me

  5. rebelgb January 19, 2015

    Is anyone really surprised?

    Did Mike Mccarthy take any responsibility? NO (he never does).

    Did our supposed HoF QB say he could have played better? NOPE.

    Did Clay Matthews tell us why he sat on the bench late in the 4th Quarter? NOPE.

    The only guy who took any responsibility was the young man who dropped the onside kick. He was the ONLY one who manned up.

    But what do you expect? This team is coached by an EGO Maniac who would have you believe his shit smells like Summer Breeze Pledge and his football knowledge is as up for question as Einsteins ability to count to 10.

    From what ive seen today by the Packer players everyone is really in just one big hurry to get the hell out of town and get on with their offseason. Well enjoy So Cal Arodge with your millions of dollars and your slut of a fuck doll girlfriend. Meanwhile the rest of us will just freeze our ass off here in old “hick town” WI with the shitty taste of the worst melt down in Packer history in our mouth to make our long as winter even longer….

  6. James Bennett January 19, 2015

    There’s no excuse for what Burnett did. He easily could have returned that int to the house, and for sure into the red zone. This is a veteran player; what in god’s name was he thinking? And I don’t give a damn what hand signals julius peppers or any other player made. It’s just one of the great bonehead plays of all time.

  7. Pack January 19, 2015

    I am not sure Burnett sliding hurt us at all. He secured the ball and played it safe so our high powered offense can get on the field. He did the right thing. We have no idea how far he could have went.

  8. Salazar January 19, 2015

    Brad Cocksuckin’, Motherfuckin’ Jones, ladies and gents.


    1. rebelgb January 19, 2015

      Great find!

  9. Howard January 19, 2015

    To answer a question. I believe Matthews was standing on the sideline because Clay along with multiple defensive players thought the game was over the second Burnett did his Woody from Toy Story flop routine. Hell some may have been removing tape and pads as far as we know. The second I saw all the glad handing and antics on the bench after the INT. I said the game is not over. The offense will try to run time of the clock and have to punt. The defense lost focus and never regained it.

    Is their not any coach or veteran player on the sideline that could have knocked some sense into the F—king victory celebrants on the sideline? Their should be if there is not, and that is a coaching issue. Where is Kevin Green when you need him.

  10. mr January 19, 2015

    How can he man up with a name like “Morgan”?

  11. Richard January 19, 2015

    There seemed to be plenty of other plays that were more critical to the Packers chances, but I definitely agree this nonsense about giving Seattle credit for doing little more than picking up free points as Green Bay leaves them on the field is even more pathetic than the outcome itself. These guys played tough for 55 minutes and now that backbone has disintegrated apparently

  12. Jared January 19, 2015

    With a 19-7 lead late in the 2nd half against a very good Seattle team in their stadium was no time to call the dogs off and coast to the end. For Godsakes when are NFL coaches going stop being so scared stiff to go for the jugular only because they dont wanna hurt the other guy’s feelings. This is the kind of shit that normally gets people fired or some kind of drastic roster change. And yet nothing will be done and next season it will be back to the same crap again. Great coaches coach not to be afraid of their opponents. McCarthy is no Vince Lombardi.

  13. Makayla January 20, 2015

    When I saw him slide I started screaming at the TD. he had lotsbof room to run and could of potentially scored a much needed TD.The whole thing was just crazy. 1 thing after another just kept making the Packers lead over that game slip away.

  14. James Bennett January 20, 2015

    Every single one of those screw-ups had to happen in order for Seattle to win. It’s as if God was on their side.

  15. Howard January 20, 2015

    They made a deal with the devil is more like it.