Jay Cutler Takes Care of Kids Like He Plays Football

Jay Cutler and son


Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler was recently left in charge of his two young sons, Jaxon (2) and Camden (8 months), which just sounds like a bad idea.

It was. Old Cutty! couldn’t quite handle the situation, so he he just heaved up a prayer.

He texted wife Kristin Cavallari this nonsense.

What’s Cutty! gonna do? Cutty! gonna up and leave!

Yup. He’s just gonna say fuck it and leave. Let the kids figure it out themselves.

On another note, get some goddam nannies. We know what Cutty! makes. You asshats can certainly afford one or two.

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  1. rebelgb

    Sounds like he didn’t know where his wife was at and she wasn’t answering his attempts to contact her. I know this drill. Wouldn’t be suprised at all if his woman was cheating on him, I mean it is Jay Cutler.

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