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Here’s What People Were Saying About that Dez Bryant Call

Dez Bryant says that was a catch

Let’s get this nonsense out of the way. The Green Bay Packers beat the Dallas Cowboys 26-21 on Sunday. There was a controversial call where an apparent fourth-down catch by Dallas’ Dez Bryant late in the game was overturned. The play, if it stood, would have resulted in a first down and given the Cowboys the ball inside the Packers’ 5-yard line and a chance at the go-ahead score.

The ruling — that Bryant didn’t have possession of the ball through the entire catch — was absolutely correct. Was it close? Yes, but clearly the ball hits the ground and comes out at the very end of the catch. If you want to argue about something, it’s that the rule itself sucks. And maybe you have an argument there.

Dez Bryant catch

Of course, that hasn’t stopped Cowboys fans from proclaiming that they were robbed by the refs, which we find completely laughable for a couple reasons. First, even if the refs had called that a catch, the Cowboys would still have had to score a touchdown to take the lead. They would also have given Aaron Rodgers and the Packers over two minutes to go and score again themselves.

Rodgers was on a streak where he had completed his last 10 passes, two of them for touchdowns and eight of them for first downs. That doesn’t matter, but we get it. You’re pissed because you didn’t get the opportunity to lose the game later than you did and by Rodgers’ hand.

Dallas Cowboys get over it

Second is the fact that the referees handed Dallas a game last week by picking up an obvious pass interference flag against the Lions. And Cowboys fans were all like, oh, too bad for you. Well, too bad for you fucking pricks now, huh? The Cowboys win because of a blatant screw up one week and then lose partially because of a correct, but controversial call the next and THEY have been wronged?

Dallas Cowboys pass interference

Eat a dick.

Naturally, the Lions were pretty pleased about this.

poetic justice

Cornelius Lucas likes the Cowboys' loss

Eric Ebron reacts to Cowboys' loss

Naturally, the Cowboys homers were not pleased.

Dallas Cowboys bandwagon

Oh, right. The Cowboys homers…

Emmitt Smith is angry

Skip Bayless is a turd

Hey, no one likes either of you. Did you know that?

Anyway, the trolls were also plenty happy.

Cowboys second week of vacation

Paul Ryan trolls Chris Christie

That’s Wisconsin Governor Paul Ryan sticking it to New Jersey Governor and Cowboys fan Chris Christie, who awkwardly hugged Dallas owner Jerry Jones last week. Christie and Jones looked like this after the call was reversed.

Jerry Jones' and Chris Christie's reaction

Soon after this photo was taken, Christie ate Jones.

Finally, we’ll come back to this. The refs made the right call according to the rule.

the right call

Enjoy your vacation, Dallas. We’ll look forward to more of your whining next season.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Jonathan January 12, 2015

    Great article. Except Scott Walker is the governor, not Paul Ryan.

    1. Lynn Fuckin' Dickey January 12, 2015

      that Monty sure has some opinions about politics, about which he apparently knows nothing.

    2. Arcturus January 12, 2015

      Holy shit, the one guy that might even be worse than Walker.

  2. Joe January 12, 2015

    Even if Dez made that catch (which he should have; it IS a weird rule), Packers would still have won. The O got into field goal range there at the end with plenty of time on the clock. Cowboys can’t say they would have won with a TD there.

  3. Howard January 12, 2015

    Would have, should have, could have. Who cares! I thought Jerry Rice fumbled in the playoff loss in SF and the replays indicated such but guess what it was not called a fumble. So it was not a fumble and never will be. Same with yesterday it was called an incomplete pass and always will be an incomplete pass. The Pack D should have stopped that final drive by SF.

    What really gets me this morning is hearing many, but not all the talking heads saying it cost the cowboys the game. Did they not see the game. Rodgers and Co. Started the final drive at their 32 with approximately 4 minutes left trying to run out the clock. The last I remember was having a first and ten at Dallas 23 with 2 minutes left and a time out. Dallas D did everything they could to get the ball back and could not do it. Even if Dallas would have scored they would have given up a last minute field goal at the least! The offense was on a roll and nothing was going to stop them.

    1. the real russ letlow January 12, 2015


  4. icebowl January 12, 2015

    Well stated H.

  5. Pack January 12, 2015

    I agree this catch is being made more than it is but don’t forget we would have most likely started at our 20 if Dallas scored- not at the 32. Dallas should have handled their business like the Pack did the rest of the game then they would have no excuses.

    Also what was that NY Bozo cadence that Rodgers was yelling? Inside joke or something else?

    1. Howard January 12, 2015

      I hope someone asks Rodgers if New York bozo was meant for Christie. It will be great to see that smirk go across his face before he denies it. Rodgers definitely meant that for Christie. Very good play!

      1. Lynn Fuckin' Dickey January 12, 2015

        a fine theory except Christie is from New Jersey so?

        1. Tucson Packer January 12, 2015

          Yea if you couldn’t tell Monty and most people here don’t know politics. Those ones will be the first to talk about it. And vote accordingly.

    2. Adam January 12, 2015

      I heard the Bozo call in a few games recently. The Lions game specifically. Aaron and the O-Line wont lead on whether it means anything or not.

      1. Ryan January 12, 2015

        I heard Bozo is some sort of reference or terminology used in the West Coast Offense. Some NFL Insider guy tweeted that I think

  6. James Bennett January 12, 2015

    That fatass governor of NJ (I still think he’s Lucca Brazzi in disguise) jetting around the country to root for Dallas and kiss the ass of the Cowboys’ owner. What’s up with that? If Scott Walker did call him out on that, it’s pretty funny, since they’re both Republican governors. At last; a reason to like Scott Walker…I never thought I’d be able to say that.

    1. Fritz January 12, 2015

      more like Jon Lovitz in disguise, LOL. in fact that is who i thought it was in the camera shot, having recently seen the recent “Riggles Picks” skit with Jon singing Xmas carols about Romo choking, lol.

  7. Howard January 12, 2015

    Even though Christie is governor of New Jersey I believe it was meant for Christie. It would have been to obvious to say New Jersey Bozo. You could be right about starting at the 20, however I believe we did get at least one return out to the 30 range. We would have still been at the Dallas 35 with approximately two minutes , first and ten and a time out.

  8. Salazar January 12, 2015

    It was the right call on a stupid rule. What bothers me the most is how often these types of calls keep coming up and potentially changing the outcomes of games, not that I think that was necessarily the case here. The real “12th man” in today’s NFL is the officiating crew, and it’s ruining the game.

    1. jtmax January 12, 2015

      I don’t think it is a stupid rule because you need to have a clear indication that the receiver truely had control of the ball. If the receiver truely had control of the ball, he would not let the ball hit the ground.

  9. Andrew Chitko January 12, 2015

    The rule covers multiple scenarios and was designed as such. It is not perfect and it is likely not possible for it to ever be. The player needs to know the rules and situation. Period.

    1. Cheesemaker January 12, 2015

      That’s exactly what Chris Carter says and, surprisingly, he not only agreed with the call, he agrees with the rule. As much as I HATED him as a player, he’s quickly becoming my favorite NFL analyst. Calls it like it is.

  10. kato January 12, 2015

    There will always be some subjection with this rule no matter what, especially with the “football move” aspect of it. Problem is I don’t think there is a better option. I really don’t think two feet down and possession should constitute as a catch.

  11. ThirdStringSfety January 12, 2015

    The only reason this is a “controversial” issue is because it was near the end of the game. How many times over the course of the season do you see a wide receiver catch a ball, get both feet down in bounds, but then lose the ball when they hit the ground out of bounds? It’s always called an incomplete pass and it’s never an issue because it’s tucked away in the first three quarters with plenty of time left. But due to the game circumstances – and the fact that it’s Dez Bryant and the Cowboys – suddenly it’s controversial and cost them the game! Memo to Dez: You get paid millions to catch a ball. Know the rules on how to do your job properly before tearing off your helmet and pitching a fit.

    1. Andy January 12, 2015

      doesnt get paid millions yet but will shortly. He’ll end up getting calvin/fitz money and hopefully that deal doesnt have an impact on Mr.Cobbs deal

    2. Abe Frohman January 12, 2015

      Isn’t this the second week in a row that 88 was on the field with his helmet off? Last I heard, that was a penalty. Why wasn’t that called and enforced?

  12. SA Packerfan January 12, 2015

    If two feet down and possession is a catch then then a subsequent hit causing the ball loose is a fumble. It’s called the cheap fumble rule. The rule protects the receivers from this. Can you imagine if you could cause a fumble on someone in the air or just having touched the ground? It would make for even more crazier game situations and huge injuries.

  13. E. Wolf January 12, 2015

    It is not that hard people. The receiver was going to the ground, and the ball came loose at the end, touching the ground. Incomplete pass.

  14. ThePumaMan January 12, 2015

    Why did Dallas throw on 3rd and 2 anyway? That was dumb play calling.

    1. Fritz January 12, 2015

      1 – element of surprise.
      2 – #1 above can get the secondary playing desperate catchup leading to a pass interference call.
      3 – there was still plenty of time left for Dallas as well to get the ball back. only down by 5 points.
      PS – that is why i wonder why they did not use JP on that 2 point try; as our TE was not tall enough to go up and get the ball. then they are up by 7 pts., not 5.

      1. Abe Frohman January 12, 2015

        Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tym0MObFpTI

        1. icebowl January 13, 2015

          Classic !

    2. Adam January 12, 2015

      It was 4th down

    3. ferris January 12, 2015

      It was 4th and 2

  15. disposable hero January 12, 2015

    Fuck the Cowboys and their bandwagon fans. I (unfortunately) live in TX right now and all my coworkers are crying about the catch that never was. Not word one on stopping Adams, and Cobb or Murray’s fumble or fire crotch’s piss poor clock management and even worse OC play calling. Of course last week all they said was good call picking up the flag. Now we get to hear from the other bandwagon pole smoking pillow biters from Seattle. If we win the mayor will have to institute a suicide watch campaign so they don’t go all Cobain and shit.

    1. MMTTDCSUCK January 12, 2015


    2. icebowl January 13, 2015

      Well said !
      Look for Lance “Fail-Mary” Easley will be in the owners box on Sunday afternoon….

  16. jtmax January 12, 2015

    I live in silicon valley and there are a ton of cowboys fans here too. They’ve never heard of Calvin Johnson rule and are up in arms about it. It’s a good thing that officiating is not decided by popularity contest. “America’s” team finally did not get special treatment and so they cry like spoiled brats. They had 4 big PI’s go their way between Detroit and Packers so it’s about time they have to earn a victory instead of getting it handed to them on silver platter

  17. James Bennett January 12, 2015

    Someone mentioned it, but I’d like to remind people on fourth and two they should have handed off to Murray instead of heaving up a prayer to a tightly-covered receiver and just hope the prayer would be answered. Actually, it was more like fourth down and 1 and a half yards.

    1. icebowl January 13, 2015

      Romo changed call at line.

  18. Derek Purvis January 27, 2015

    It was a catch, stop trying to deny it… This was a entertaining article, and obviously helped (some) of the packers fan feel better, but let’s be honest.

    Packers head coach said it was a catch, the ref standing 1 foot away said it was a catch, and even the packers defender admited to it being a catch. NFL sound FX showed Clay Mathews saying he thought it was a catch. Unless you think the packers coach and some of the players are packers fans, this goes far beyond (crying) this call came down to one man miles away in New York decideing that DEZ did not make a football move.

    the bottom line, not enough evidence to overturn it. Over 56% of packer fans agree that it was a catch. It’s still talked about today, and if a call us being talked about 2/12 weeks after it was made, then it’s not “undesputable” evidence. It was a 50/50 call, and inconsistently went against the call on the field.

    Cute article though.

    1. Shawn Neuser January 27, 2015

      That’s only because people don’t know the rules.
      All the people whose job it is to know the rules- they’ve all agreed it was not a catch. Sorry.
      And the Packer head coach challenged it after seeing the replay… because he knows the rules.