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These Guys Don’t Give a Fuuuuuuuuuck!

Aaron Rodgers and Mike McCarthy have an argument

Maybe Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers’ moronic R-E-L-A-X statement will turn out to be prophetic after all.

One thing we can tell you is, despite the Packers facing their toughest test of the season this weekend, we’re pretty at ease about the game. It’s starting to feel like the Packers actually have something no one is giving them — a chance to win.


It’s the attitude of the team, man.

They just don’t give a fuuuuuuuuuuuck!

These guys have been peppered with dumbass questions all week and no one has shown one iota of concern.

Hey, Aaron Rodgers, what about that injured calf?

Not concerned.

Well, what about Dick Sherman then? He’s pretty tough.

Not concerned.

Okay, well, Jordy Nelson, you must have some thoughts on facing Dick Sherman?

Not concerned.

Alright, dammit. Eddie Lacy, hear your knee is sore. Is that going to hinder you on Sunday?

Not concerned.

Shit! Mike! Big Mike! You’re underdogs on Sunday. How do you feel about that?

Not concerned.

Guess what? These guys ain’t concerned about any of that noise. Players and coaches have literally been saying “not concerned” all week long when media types ask them about things you’d think they’d be concerned about.

If they go out and get trounced by Seattle again, then we’ll probably look back and say they should have been more concerned.

However, right now, the Green Bay Packers’ lack of concern about any of this bullshit hype has us fired the fuck up!

We’re not going to mention any specifics, but we can certainly remember the last time a Packers team seemed this focused in the playoffs. You probably can too.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. TyKo Seamboat January 16, 2015

    Good. The2 offensive recipes for success are San Diego’s formula:

    1.) Pound the rock
    25+ touches for Lacy, please. 130 yards would equate victory.

    2.) Little 5 yard “dink & dunk” passes.
    Keenan Allen found success vs. Dick Sherman on 5 yard receptions that ended-up going for about 15 yards. This will also keep Rodg upright & make the bomb available later

  2. the real russ letlow January 16, 2015

    new keyword for the last 2 games – F-O-C-U-S!

  3. Vijay January 16, 2015

    Don’t you realize that whenever they say something it’s meant to be taken with a grain of salt? Not concerned!? I highly doubt that. They’re lying and putting on a good face. Some of the players are handling nerves well, some are not…all part of the game. When they kick off it will be about execution, assignments and playing fundamentally sound. Or as Tramon says, being on your P’s & Q’s.

  4. kato January 16, 2015

    I don’t agree vijay. I think this team is relaxed to a point. They aren’t supposed to win, there are no expectations. The pressure is on the Seattle seahawks. They are supposed to win this game, and repeat as super bowl champions. It is hard to repeat. The packers found that out in super bowl 32. I don’t expect to win on Sunday, but at the same time if some things fall in place and they catch some breaks, we could be looking at another super bowl appearance. The seahawks are not invincible.

    1. pf4l January 16, 2015

      Kato knows of what he speaks.

      The Green Bay Packers are playing with house money at this point, they have absolutely nothing to lose.

      If they lose the game, it’s what everyone expected. If they win the game, then bring on the Colts or most likely the Patriots in the Super Bowl, and i love the Packers chances of winning their 5th Super Bowl.

      The Packers need to have a “Fuck You” attitude concerning the Seahawks on Sunday.

      Leave it all on the field Sunday, nothing to lose.

      Go Pack Go!!!

      1. pf4l January 17, 2015

        Oh, and one more thing…..

        The author of this article refers to Rodgers “relax” statement, as moronic.

        All Rodgers did after that statement was go 11-2, while most likely earning NFL MVP honors. If that’s moronic, i’ll take that every season.

        I’m a Packer fan, who doesn’t think Rodgers is a moron, but that’s just me.

        1. Savage57 January 17, 2015

          I agree. There was nothing moronic about the statement. At the time he made it, it was just AR being the cool customer that he is, sayin’ ‘I got this’.

          What IS moronic is the brain-dead portion of the fan base that thinks repeating the word over and over, until it’s worn out like a New Orleans hooker on Ash Wednesday, makes them ‘witty’.

          1. Fritz January 17, 2015

            it’s not a word, ok? it’s five letters, interspaced with dashes.

  5. Don Q January 16, 2015

    Fuck yeah! Go Pack!

  6. Nacho dan January 16, 2015

    When you get to the end zone act like you’ve been there.

    1. Fritz January 17, 2015

      right. and nobody has set the trend for the new “classy TD celebration” low key handshake than our own JN! no infantile “salsa” dance that looks like a 6 year old tranny aaaaraaab belly dancer…

      to close, wish all good luck, with the game and with your sports bet if any; and don’t forget to take Terry Bradshaw’s golden wrong way prediction to the bank tomorrow!

      PS- i suppose i could be considered brain dead by some of the other posters here, but i can’t help “repeating over and over” GO PACK GO! [sorry, Savage57].

  7. Packer Bob January 17, 2015

    Let’s just agree to not collectively lose our shit and call for everyone to be fired if they lose. Either way it’s been a great season.

  8. Organicbuzz January 18, 2015

    Hell I’m not concerned. We will take it straight at them and directly into their face. Let the chips fall where they may. Go Pack Go!!!