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Finally, Someone Else Wants to Fire Shawn Slocum

Shawn Slocum

Besides you, of course. Me, you and now Pete Dougherty has finally gotten around to figuring out the obvious — the Green Bay Packers need to fire special teams coordinator Shawn Slocum.

We’ve been harping on this for years because, you know, the Packers special teams are ALWAYS ATROCIOUS and no one is ever held accountable. Dougherty, who has one of the most unfortunate-looking skulls we’ve ever seen, says Slocum hasn’t gotten the boot yet because he and McCarthy are good friends.

They both started their coaching careers as graduate assistants at Pitt back in 1990. Slocum was also hired by McCarthy when he came to Green Bay in 2006.

Dougherty thinks change is coming though.

And seriously, that guy should wear a hood like Skeletor did to cover up that dome. Maybe a cape too. Everybody likes a cape.

Anyway, here’s what he had to say.

But on this one, I’m inclined to think McCarthy will, and probably should, make the change at special teams, even if Shawn Slocum is a good coach and friend of his. Seasons like this often cost an assistant his job regardless of culpability, because it’s the NFL, and most are either on notice or one step away. It keeps everyone else on their toes.

The reason I’m willing to weigh in on this one, is that we know McCarthy has been concerned with something about his special teams. Twice in five years, he’s let go of Slocum’s assistant. In 2010, the coach demoted Curtis Fuller to an administrative assistant, and last year he fired Chad Morton.

But bringing in the veteran Ron Zook as the assistant this year did nothing to improve the special teams.

You know, we’ve harped on this for years.

The only goddam common denominator for the Packers’ shitty special teams from one year to the next is the guy coaching them. It doesn’t take a mathematician to figure that out.

The straw that finally breaks the camel’s back just may be the two gaffes — Seattle’s successful fake field goal and the failed onside kick recovery — in this year’s NFC Championship game.

It never would have come to that in any other workplace, where you actually have to be competent at your job in order to keep it, but maybe it’s come to that here.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Howard January 22, 2015

    Even though McCarthy does not like to use injuries as an excuse, McCarthy may have given Slocum the benefit of the doubt with the quantity of injuries in previous years. Injuries do affect the special teams play. This year there is no injury excuse and how did the special teams perform?

    Most of us are happy when the special teams break even in a game. We should expect to win on the special teams side in every game, that is what championship teams do. The time has long past for an upgrade.

  2. Bobby D January 22, 2015

    That would be a start to cleaning up some of the garbage on this team. Now if old gay Ted would cut his girlfriend AJ and Brad Jones, fire Capers and MM and then retire, we may have something

    1. MMTTDCSUCK January 23, 2015


  3. MMK January 22, 2015

    A successful special teams day means not thinking about them at all throughout a game. No news is good news. That doesn’t happen in GB. Fire that goof and show that maybe just maybe there are circumstances for fucking up big time.

  4. rebelgb January 22, 2015

    Big Ego Mike fire his buddy when he knows thats what everyone thinks and wants to happen? HA HA yeah right. He will keep him if not just for that reason.

    If they were going to fire him they would have done it already.

    1. Andrew Chitko January 23, 2015

      That is a scary notion but not entirely far-fetched. Reminds me of “All the President’s Men”…

      Ben Bradlee, Editor in Chief of the Washington Post (played by Jason Robards in the movie.

      “Once when I was reporting, Lyndon Johnson’s top guy gave me the word they were looking for a successor to J. Edgar Hoover.

      I wrote it and the day it appeared Johnson called a press conference and appointed Hoover head of the FBI for life… And when he was done, he turned to his top guy and the President said, “Call Ben Bradlee and tell him fuck you.”

  5. Chad Lundberg January 22, 2015

    This is really mean to say, but I can’t help it. This guy just LOOKS like an idiot! Friends or no, It’s a complete and total mystery of how this guy has kept his job for so long. Wish we lived in a world where Lovie Smith didn’t hate the Packers, he may be the single most effect special teams coach in the NFL. His ST’s always thrive, and he has a hell of a knack for getting players that fit his schemes ideally.

    1. Fritz January 23, 2015

      Who looks like an idiot?

    2. MMTTDCSUCK January 23, 2015

      Because McGlurpy plays and keeps his favorites period! always has . . .

  6. Peter Maiz January 22, 2015

    McCarthy loves his “bud” Slocum. Ted is gay. Caper’s schemes implode: 23rd in total defense, but of course, Dom is a genius…The players aren’t going to give their heart and soul to the game come 2015 and the fan base (outside of the cheese state) have had it. I think this was Rodgers last chance with McCarthy’s sycophants running an abysmal show.

    1. MMTTDCSUCK January 23, 2015


  7. Richard January 22, 2015

    This moron should be #1 on the casualty list for last Sunday’s disgrace, followed by Bostick just so his stink doesn’t rub off on the rest of the guys who actually follow directions.

  8. pf4l January 22, 2015

    If this were true….(that MM hasn’t fired Slocum because they are friends) then MM should be fired immediately.

    If that is true, MM put his personal friendship ahead of what’s in the best interest of the Green Bay Packers and their fans.

    One thing i don’t want to hear about, is Slocum’s squad under performs every year because of injurys. Is that MM’s justification for keeping him around? Maybe the Green Bay Packers are the only team in the NFL whose players get injured.

    TT and Mark Murphy…FIX THIS SHIT!!!

    1. Andrew Chitko January 23, 2015

      Check this out. I think this is a very smart article on what you’re talking about.


  9. pf4l January 22, 2015

    #8 written by Richard C
    12/16/2014 – 8:06 pm
    They will lose a game in the playoffs due to the special teams play…. Don’t have to be a genie with a crystal ball to see that!!!

  10. Snarff January 22, 2015

    I think Slocum did better this year, I think the problem was stupid players, so you make an example of them, give AJ, Jones, and that wonderful tight end who didnt do their JOBS the boot. This sends a message I would hope to the rest on the team.

    1. Fritz January 23, 2015

      So much for TP asking for no screaming for heads if we lost LOL (predictions story?)

  11. Mason Crosby January 23, 2015

    I really like him. Me kick field goals really well :)

  12. Tedtomato January 23, 2015

    That clown should be fired!! First they demote one of his assistants..it cant possibly be slocums fault!! Then they fire morton..who goes to seattle as a special teams assistant..&seems to be succeeding! Then they hire zook..whos been a head coach d coordinator in college..because slocum is so incompetent..and they still SUCK!! One common denominator in all this suckitude? SHAWN FUCKFACE SLOCUM!!

  13. Bobby D January 23, 2015

    Same old same old…If AR is off, we’re dead meat. Why? Because we have fat boy kicking field goals from the 6 inch line and running it into a 9 man front instead of going for the kill in the 4th qtr, the two worst ILB’s in the entire league still on the field, Sloshit still fucking up ST’s years after year and TT spending money on dog shit like Hawk and Jones instead of dabbling in a FA once in a while. Fatso and Gay Ted riding Olivia’s boyfriends coat tails for years. Way overrated. In Mc tubby’ case, he’s getting worse. Coaching cost us a shot at the SB…plain and simple

    1. Shawn Neuser January 23, 2015

      Except AR has a pass option on most plays. And if AR is off, shouldn’t HE be accountable? The money spent on Hawk and Jones is hardly worth talking about, certainly doesn’t set the Packers back at all.
      For most teams with $20 mil QBs, if those QBs are “off” in the playoffs, then those teams are screwed.

      1. Bobby D January 23, 2015

        AJ and Jones don’t matter? Aside from close to $8 million in wasted money, the biggest issue is they’re still on the roster. And if you’re one of those 3 AJ Buckeye apologists, just let it be…not worth debating. And I didn’t defend AR. I said if he’s off, and he was, we’re toast. Ted has built himself pretty much of a one man show. Check the 8 games he’s missed last year…2-5-1

        1. Shawn Neuser January 23, 2015

          And in the games started by Matt Flynn last year… 2-2, certainly 3-2 if he would have started the game against Minny instead of being inserted in the second half.
          That didn’t look like a one-man show against Seattle. Let’s give the offensive line and the defense some credit. In fact, the defense wins that game all by themselves if not for the special teams and Morgan Burnett lying down. All that team needed was the one-man show to make a couple plays in the second half. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen.
          But yeah, A-Rodge better be important to the team’s success; he’s taking up 1/6 of the cap.

      2. Phatgzus January 24, 2015


  14. Vijay January 23, 2015

    Oh let it go already… We’re Packer fans content to win a division. We don’t need another Lombardi trophy…we’re too nice of a team/ organization. Leave the Championships to the real a$$holes of the world, you know the teams/ orgs playing in that big game next week.

    1. Shawn Neuser January 23, 2015

      Right, because it has been SO long since we last won one. We are such a long suffering franchise. Kind of like the Lions or Cubs…

      1. Bobby D January 24, 2015

        Get back in your bat cave Ted….

    2. Phatgzus January 24, 2015

      Dude, Cow (Indian god, yes, I made the fucking connection, not hard), yo9u’re a fuckin’ joke, you know it, we know it, so just do us all a favor and fuck off.

  15. Bobby D January 24, 2015

    Who u talking to phat ass?

    1. Phatgzus January 24, 2015

      Learn to comprehend a reply cascade, Bobbo, ya mental hobbit.

  16. Bobby D January 24, 2015

    Good comeback ass wipe…you’re a real scholar