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Clay Matthews Quit on the Packers

Clay Matthews is a quitter

There was no direct answer as to why Clay Matthews wasn’t on the field as the Green Bay Packers futilely tried to stop the Seattle Seahawks near the end of regulation in the NFC Championship game. However, it’s clear that it was Clay’s decision not to be out there.

Matthews was absent on the Seahawks’ final two drives in the fourth quarter, both of which they scored touchdowns on. He would return for overtime, so obviously he wasn’t injured. That means the only conclusions that could be drawn are that he was benched or he quit.

During his season-ending press conference, coach Mike McCarthy didn’t indicate Matthews’ absence was a coach’s decision.

“I talked to Clay. He said he needed a minute. Looking him in the eye, I didn’t see any reason for his concern. Unless it impacts a game, I’m not going to be notified,” McCarthy said.

While that may not make a lot of sense, the question was posed as one about whether Matthews had suffered a concussion. Because, for some reason, all the bozos who cover the Packers are unable to state the obvious question in a straight-forward manner.

Why wasn’t Clay Matthews on the field?

So McCarthy said Matthews didn’t have a concussion and then tried to cover for him a little bit by saying the training staff was looking at his knee. He also mentioned that Jordy Nelson waved him over, presumably to take a look at Matthews and see if he was injured.

But the statement is definitive. There is no evidence that Matthews was injured. Nor was there mention that someone decided to take Matthews out of the game.

“He said he needed a minute.”

Matthews took himself out. As Shawn outlined earlier this week, Matthews was out for much longer than a minute. He was out at least 20 minutes in real time and then went back in for overtime. He also played in the Pro Bowl on Sunday.

Meanwhile, Seattle corner Richard Sherman finished the NFC Championship game with a sprained elbow and safety Earl Thomas finished it with a dislocated shoulder. Neither of those guys needed a minute, much less 20.

The Packers needed their best defensive player on the field down the stretch of that game.

He was too soft to come through.

At least now we know this. Don’t be surprised when Clay Matthews pulls himself in crunch time of a big game because his vagina hurts.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. The Money Mike January 28, 2015

    Hes overrated and sucks now that hes off the PEDs, apparently hes lazy too, I hope you choke on your 66 million loser

    1. Fritz January 28, 2015

      wrong, WE are the 66 million dollar losers, it is us fans, who fund the game, that are choking under this insane system of compensation that does not reward performance. it is the same story with AR and many other players in the nfl: once they have secured a financial windfall that is not to be impacted by future performance, then is it not obvious that their contract motivates them to safeguard their market value by avoiding injury? or even avoid a negative performance evaluation by not going on the field and thus avoiding screwing up while under the national spotlight? plus, he probably didn’t think the meltdown would be so spectacular that even the sidelines would be reviewed by fans, media, and even management?

      also, the nfl has an equally insane system of rewarding loser franchises with the prize draft picks. why not a randomized system where each team has an equal chance, one in 32, of getting a high draft pick, but not for the WHOLE goddam draft? like, can’t they “spin the wheel” before each and every round of the seven [randomized] draft rounds?

      u know why? because this country is heaven for lawyers, and unions’ lawyers, and the courts and lawyers have been somehow been able to get control of all aspects of american life: govt. at all levels, education, health “scare” and finally, the last straw, to meddle and screw up our american national sporting treasures. all of this is unconstitutional, by the way. the constitution never granted the courts the power to nullify contracts between professional sporting clubs and the players they sign. and the constitution never granted unions the right to take over powers and financial control of private sports entities, i.e., the league/s.

      1. The Money Mike January 29, 2015

        You’re right, but how you gonna change it

  2. Chris January 28, 2015

    So disappointing

  3. Lynn Fuckin' Dickey January 28, 2015

    Never thought we’d see this kind of stuff from Clay. Disgusting if true.

  4. cd4packers January 28, 2015

    Doesn’t make any sense to me. This wasn’t the only strange thing that happened during this game. Almost like this game was intentionally thrown right in the Seahawks laps. Too many incidents occurred that should never happen in a championship game that definitely swayed the outcome of the game in the hawks favor. Very upsetting.

  5. MMTTDCSUCK January 28, 2015


  6. john smith January 28, 2015

    Let it go.

    1. pf4l January 28, 2015

      “Let it go?” Spoken like a true Green Bay Packer fan?

      John? Would you like a big glass of green and gold kool aid….McCarthy made it…Drink up bitch.

      1. pf4l January 28, 2015

        I don’t care if it’s 10 years from now, if someone brings up this game, i’ll still be pissed. Because, i’m a Green Bay Packer fan.

        1. The Money Mike January 29, 2015


        2. icebowl January 29, 2015

          Hooyah !

  7. brad January 28, 2015

    His finger was sore.

  8. Chad Lundberg January 28, 2015

    Clay Matthews, the guy who fought the entire second half of the 2010 season on a stress fracture in his leg, is suddenly too soft. only in monty world.

    1. Fritz January 28, 2015

      chad, i haven’t looked it up but i’ll bet you a dollar to a donut that in 2010 he had not yet been signed to a FA contract winning him financial security for life, no?
      now, chad, if u were him, what would have higher priority?
      your financial success as a proven performing stud, winning you financial security for life, OR, a “stress” LOL “fracture”???

      1. Fritz January 28, 2015

        but you can double down if you want, and let’s wager what his manager’s advice was at the time, lol!

        1. Chad Lundberg January 28, 2015

          How about he really was actually winded to the point where he would have been a disservice to his team? Should he have stayed in the game if it meant he couldn’t catch up or tackle Marshawn Lynch? Matthews plays hard on every snap, all the way to the whistle, it’s entirely possible he was at the point where he just didn’t have anything left in him, and desperately needed a break until he regained his breath and energy.

          1. pf4l January 28, 2015

            Let me get this straight Chad….So on the Seahawks 1st possession that Clay was out, it wasn’t enough time to regain his breath? So then he had to sit out the 2nd possession? In what would turn out to be the 2 most important possessions of the season.

            Have a glass of Green and gold kool aid Chad, McCarthy made it.

          2. Chad Lundberg January 29, 2015

            It sure as hell makes more sense than your “he quit on the team” nonsense. As if somehow you were there and you knew exactly what was going on, where as I acknowledge the fact we weren’t, and therefore draw no immediate conclusions and give Matthews the benefit of the doubt. And if you knew anything about me, you would know I’m one of Green Bay’s biggest critics. If all you have to say about me is an insult, that’s a sign that you no longer have a response related to the subject at hand and are forced to attack the messenger/argument opponent, and therefore you know you’re losing the debate.

          3. pf4l January 31, 2015

            What insult? Telling you to drink kool aid?

            Gee, i hope you’re gonna be ok Chad.

            I’m sowwy.

          4. Chad Lundberg February 1, 2015

            You just keep proving my point. Keep it up buddy.

    2. The Money Mike January 29, 2015

      Yeah when he had to work for what he now has…irrelevant

  9. Nacho dan January 28, 2015

    I wonder what Cutler thinks about this?

  10. Jorge January 28, 2015

    The author of this article is still understandbly salty over the loss.http://www.espnwisconsin.com/common/more.php?m=49&action=blog&r=40&post_id=46441 another take on the situation. no mention of his vagina.

  11. rebelgb January 28, 2015

    So we have a Jay Cutler on our team. I bet the Bear fans are laughing their ass off.

  12. Cat January 28, 2015

    Really, this is a total piece of shit. There was something wrong with the man or he wouldn’t of been on the sidelines. Quit spreading shit unless you know the real story which you never will considering the Packer Organization finds your whole web magazine to be the Total piece of shit that it is. Total Packers is equivalent of a Packer National Enquirer.

    1. JB January 28, 2015

      Easy guy.

      For the most part, this website is Packer news and analysis fused with entertaining/ sophomoric humor. It’s right up the alley for those of us who enjoy Judd Apatow AND the Packers with a healthy dose of comical misogyny. If you don’t like it, go to whatever site your mom reads for Packer news.

      I think this article is spot on. I was right behind the Packers’ bench at the game watching Clay stand around doing nithing during the meltdown. That begs some serious, straight forward questions. The answers to which have some real implications on this team. As pointed out, Seattle had legitimately injured guys finish the game.

    2. MMTTDCSUCK January 29, 2015

      That must be why you are on here . . . right? Fucking hall monitor.

      1. MMTTDCSUCK January 29, 2015

        Sorry JB! it looks like I am going after you! Was replying to Cat

  13. Mr Bob Harris January 28, 2015

    I don’t agree with Cat above that TP is a piece of shit, BUT I do agree that this article, and the ensuing comments, are pretty idiotic and loosely based in some sort of sad reality.

    I, as a Packer fan of nearly 40 years, am having a harder time with this game than I can ever remember, but let’s chill the fuck out on dumping it one guy when you’re not even close to having all the facts.

    Have you even considered that maybe Matthews got his fucking bell rung (it is the Seahawks) and was just trying his best to avoid going thru the concussion protocol? And instead, trying to get himself back out on the field to try to win the fucking game? I’m not saying this is what happened, but that seems way more feasible to me than him quitting on the team.

    Yeah, that the shittiest loss I ever fucking witnessed, but let’s calm the fuck down and look at the facts of why we actually lost.

  14. pf4l January 28, 2015

    To all the people who speculate Clay had some good reason to sit out those 2 scoring possessions by the Seahawks.

    How about…Clay fucking Mathews get’s in front of a microphone and addresses the situation?

    I’m sure he would have been asked after the game. But he had a plane to catch to get to the Pro-Bowl.

    Like iv’e posted earlier, the longer it’s not addressed by Clay, the worse it looks. Now…If he doesn’t give a shit enough to answer up to it, then what does that tell you?

  15. Howard January 29, 2015

    I would really like to grasp onto some of the narratives thrown out as to why Matthews was not in the game those last two series. The alternative narrative is one I do not like to associate with any Packer player. There is one action by Matthews that keeps causing me to dismiss most of the reasons Matthews missed the last two series.

    Matthews was winded: I believe prior to Matthews sitting there were only 51 defensive plays give or take one or two. That is not excessive and Matthews has played substantially more in other games including special teams. Why not go back into the game on final series of the fourth quarter after sitting the previous series?

    Matthews had injured his knee: why go to the pro bowl the next week? Would the team even allow Matthews to go with an injured knee? Matthews celebration with Nelson after Nelson’s pro bowl TD screams of no leg or knee injury.

    Matthews was dinged and wanted to avoid the concussion protocol: O.K this I can understand. You are dinged and may not be thinking straight. You may not even realize the Super Bowl is two weeks away giving you enough time to go through the protocol. Even though you are dinged you force yourself onto the field for OT. I like this narrative. This is my kind of player, until you consider, why go to the pro bowl the next week? The team and NFL can not disgard their responsibility of the concussion protocol just because it was the Packers last game! Did Matthews enter the system for concussion testing? If he did I believe it would have been addressed by the media. I did not read or see anything in the media. I doubt if there was even a hint of being dinged ( concussion in today’s NFL) Matthews would have played in the probowl. In addition the team and NFL would not have allowed such. Unless both the team and the NFL missed putting a pro bowl player into the concussion protocol system and is trying to cover their huge screwup from the players association, now that would be a huge story. So are we missing a major screwup by the NFL and team? Unlikely, but possible.

    I would not have any problem with Matthews missing the last two series of the fourth quarter if Matthews would have indicated he was not going to the pro bowl because he had an injury. No further debate or discussion. Going to the pro bowl is when Matthews loses me until he rationally explains his actions further.

  16. Howard January 29, 2015

    Maybe some dumb ass reporter should follow up the question to McCarthy about potential concussion to the NFL! Is it part of concussion protocol for the head coach to look into the players eyes? If so is that were the evaluation stops? Is there a hole in the NFL’s concussion protocol system after a teams last game and the player is traveling to the Pro bowl? Did Matthews play in the Pro Bowl with a concussion? Did Matthews go through the Concussion protocol with the team or the NFL? If not how does the NFL know that Matthews did not have a concussion and played in their worthless pro bowl?

  17. icebowl January 29, 2015

    It was the shooter from the Grassy Knoll…..

  18. Andrew Chitko January 29, 2015

    Howard as usual…spot on.

  19. Vijay January 29, 2015

    Okay, we all knew Clay was supremely talented but a bit of a diva going into this thing. With premiere emphasis placed on finding guys who can rush the passer, it’s understandable to over pay for his services.

    It comes down to the DNA of a team, Seattle’s DNA is simply better right now. They had and have the more hungry and determined squad- period.

    They’re kind of Rocky-like.

  20. Pack January 29, 2015

    Please stop- I can’t see Matthews quitting on the team. There was most likely something up with his health at the time. This guy has never quit. He accepted a move to a whole new position without an argument and changed the whole face of the defense. This team would have never had made the playoffs without that change. There were so many errors made in that last 5 minutes it is really uncanny. Him sitting out had nothing to do with this loss.

    1. Andrew Chitko January 29, 2015


      If you really believe that you must not think much of Clay Matthews since you’re more or less admitting that AJ Hawk is just as capable as Matthews when the game is on the line.

      Look we may never know what happened but this looks really bad for Clay. As Howard above says, if Clay can’t play in the Pro Bowl then no one can say squat.

      But he did and opened up a massive can of worms in the process by doing so.

    2. pf4l January 29, 2015

      “Him sitting out had nothing to do with this loss.”

      So you “know” for fact. That Mathews would not have covered Lynch better than Barrington did if he was in?

      So, you “know” for fact, even if Clay was in the game the last 2 possessions, he would have had no bearing on the game?

      Sounds plausible.

      Funny thing is, i remember Clay Mathews punishing hit on Rasheed Mendenhall causing a huge forced fumble and turnover in the Super bowl.

      But hey, maybe you’re just smarter than the rest of us.

  21. Cliff January 29, 2015

    He’s a dirty player and he is a disgrace to the Packers!

  22. JB January 29, 2015

    Vijay nailed it.

    On the Woodson article, people were commenting on Chuck’s leadership…. Agree 100%.

    I don’t think that collapse happens with Chuck on the team. He’s a guy with that rare level of competitiveness that has the stature to demand it from his teammates.

  23. Fritz January 29, 2015

    looking for a “leader” out there somewhere in the nfl wilderness are we? guess we have all been in denial; it is the coaches who are hired to provide leadership and morale, and to promote those players who demonstrate leadership potential and motivation, or who can be motivated to do so? THAT is the 300 lb. gorilla, er, buffoon missing from the picture here.

  24. pf4l January 29, 2015

    I thought in the presser right after the game, that McCarthy said he didnt know that Clay wasn’t on the field?

    But now we learn he talked to him and Clay told him he needed a minute?

    A lot of bs to sift through here.

  25. Jack January 30, 2015

    As a hawks fan and a football fan I was wondering why Matthew was not on as well.. And I’m very happy he wasn’t because the guy can play!! Dude was on the sideline admiring the hawks play…there is no way in the world that you don’t want to be on the field at that point… I would really want to hear Matthew tell the fans what happened there.. Being a the pro bowl having a good time sure didn’t help. Hey maybe he’s just trying to let the fans know that… “Hey guys it’s just a gammmmmeeeee”. Or that he knew that “after the onside kick it was over the hawks were unstoppable so why bother save my energy for the problem “

  26. [email protected] January 30, 2015

    I want to give Clay the benefit of the doubt. That’s probably the fan in me, but here’s hoping the ESPN Wisconsin article is more true than this one.

    If he needed a minute because he was, as many of us here are, frustrated with Caper’s inability to readjust when offenses catch on to his “scheme”, then he gets although not a pass from me, but a little more understanding.

    Let the flaming of me begin…..

  27. 13TIME1265 January 31, 2015

    Since there is no real explanation as to why he needed a minute and it turned into a lot more than just a minute this is a red flag that begs the question….why did you quit on your team Clay? If this is the case that is a big shame.

  28. 13TIME1265 January 31, 2015

    If you are a “Hawks” fan please enjoy your loss this Sunday.

  29. Phatgzus February 1, 2015


    Really? Of all the potential scapegoats you’re going to choose Capers? After the D’s performance in this game? Sorry, but you have such a massive battle axe to grind that it’s made you fucking insane. The only thing you could possibly blame Capers for is going to the prevent, but seeing as every other DC in the history of the NFL would almost assuredly done the same in that position, that’d be a pretty fucking weak defense. The D was awesome all game until that point, at which they were gassed, seeing as that was the 15th and 16th drives on the c ield, i think that’s understandable.

    Oh, you can blame him for rushing 2 on 3rd-and-forever and perhaps the OT cover 0, but considering the D’s play on that day, you’d be grasping at straws.