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Brett Favre: No Hard Feelings for Rodgers

Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers at the NFL Honors

This should probably be something we come to expect — it’s Super Bowl week, so people are digging up Brett Favre and asking him all kinds of stupid questions.

When you think about it, you realize this has become an annual occurrence.

So here’s Yahoo! treading over that old, tired story about how Favre didn’t think it was his job to tutor Aaron Rodgers back when the Green Bay Packers drafted him.

I think as a starter my job is hard enough to win ball games and be a leader,” Favre said. “You’re not a babysitter. And I’m not, by no means talking about Aaron, but he’s the starter now. So the next quarterback comes in, whether he is a first-round pick or third-round pick or free agent, but they like him. Nowhere does it say that you have to take that guy under your wing and teach him the ropes. You don’t have to do anything but win ball games for whoever it is you are the starting quarterback for. Ultimately, that’s what keeps you around or doesn’t.”

That’s a solid point by Brett, but it was never really viewed in that way before. The problem for Brett is Brett. He’s viewed as selfish because, frankly, he is selfish. This stance toward Rodgers just reinforced that idea in peoples’ minds.

So while Brett is right — his concern should be about winning games — he should have had more tact when he first addressed this question.

“I’m sure I can teach him a thing or two.”

That would have been a tactful response. And then Brett could have gone off and done absolutely nothing to teach Rodgers anything at all and we never would have known. But Brett Favre does not know what tact is, as we’ve witnessed so many times.

Naturally, this is the basis for the Brett Favre doesn’t like Aaron Rodgers narrative, which has also grown tiresome.

Brett, of course, insists he has no problem with Aaron.

“Aaron and I, we don’t talk all the time but I don’t talk all the time with family members,” Favre said. “It has nothing to do with him being the starting quarterback of Green Bay in spite of what people may think. 

“I got no hard feelings. Why would I have hard feelings for Aaron Rodgers and why would he have hard feelings for me?”

Good question. These were just two dudes caught up in an uncomfortable situation created by their employer. They have never been, as far as we know, arch enemies.

It’s just that one of them handled that uncomfortable situation better than the other one did. Much better, as you surely know.

And so the one that didn’t handle it well gets to be the villain. He may not like that, but that’s the narrative that he created and will, at least in some part, forever be saddled with.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. pf4l January 29, 2015

    Looking back at that situation, Brett wasn’t exactly “thrilled” about the Rodgers pick. As a matter of fact, he was pretty salty about it, not unlike other times he didn’t get his way.

    With that said…I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that Brett didn’t exactly welcome Rodgers with open arms. Thinking back to reports of those days, it seemed clear that over time, Favre’s teammates really liked Rodgers, therefore Brett softening his stance on Rodger’s, as to not make himself look like a total asshole.

    I don’t think Rodgers gets enough credit for how professionally he was during that early time, and even to this day. He always handled it it with class.

  2. Andrew Chitko January 29, 2015

    Favre was in need of weapons and a brand new GM came in and took a QB in the first round. I’d be pissed too. I hated the pick at the time because I wanted to “win now” with Brett.

    If they pass on Rodgers and hit a home run with that pick, maybe Brett has another Lombardi or two on his shelf. For example, Roddy White was selected three picks after Rodgers.

    Ya nevah know. It’s a funny, funny t’ing.

    1. pf4l January 29, 2015

      But then again, if Ted passed on the Rodgers pick, it’s doubtful we would have another Lombardi trophy, not to mention a SB MVP, MVP and franchise QB right now. Franchise QB’s are not real easy to find, ask Chicago, or the majority of NFL teams.

      So in retrospect, Favre might have won another Super Bowl IF Ted hit on that 1st round pick, maybe, but i doubt it. Look at Favre stats for the 2005 season. Quite pathetic, and by pathetic, i mean worse than Seneca Wallace kind of pathetic.

      I for one am pretty damn thankful old Ted picked Rodgers. Rodgers was the highest rated player on the Packers draft board when they picked, so they took him.

    2. DJ January 29, 2015

      No chance Favre wins another. It wasnt for lack of weaponry that we lost playoff games in the Sherman/early MM yrs… we lost because #4 was throwing the damn ball to the other team in crunch time. It was time to start grooming a replacement. The 05′ draft won us the Super Bowl. Period. ARod in the 1st and Nick Collins in the 2nd. We could’ve hit that home run AND secured the future had we taken Vincent Jackson with our second 2nd round pick (went two or three spots after) instead of Terrence Murphy who got hurt & we whiffed.

      Bottom line is that pick ensured that the Packers would be a relevant force in the NFL for THREE DECADES in a row. Montana & Young, Favre & ARod, and now Peyton & Luck…franchises buying themselves a decade or more of relevance. EVERY Sunday since 1992 we’ve had a legit chance to win every game. Did you enjoy the Matt Flynn stint last season? That is how the rest of the league has been living while we’ve had a first ballot HOF’er under center for a quarter century now. So I thank God every day. lol

      1. DJ January 29, 2015

        Because I lived/suffered through the 70s & 80s! lol

      2. Fritz January 30, 2015

        i for one did enjoy the MF stint last season. i did NOT enjoy the AR stint last season, however. maybe you did not notice that you were NOT enjoying the MF playoff stint? because there was none, he was taken out for the playoffs last year, just as he completed his rust removal return to form and QBing a playoff berth?

        so hello? you were actually enjoying the AR stink, er stint, last year, at least in the playoffs, NOT MF, ok?

  3. Makayla January 30, 2015

    *sigh* this story again lol…anyway I was a big Favre fan and he is part of the reason I became a Packers fan in the 90s. But towards the end of his career I thought he was the biggest pre-madonna diva and I never thought it was fair how some fans were jumping on Aaron Rodgers when it was Favre who couldn’t make up his mind. I remember lots of Packer fans (#4 supporters) talking so much crap about Rodgers and I was like “guys really?”(Mind you some of those same fans I knew now are in love with Rodgers because he helped lead our team to a superbowl lol).
    I’ll always have a place for #4 in my heart.If you’re a Packers fan how could you not? But man did his true colors really show. Rubbed me the wrong way. But we forgive.

    1. Fritz January 30, 2015

      sounds like your true feelings may be tickled again, this time with AR vis a vis matt flynn?

      if so, how about giving me some love here, as regards my frequent questioning the conventional dogma in packerland as regards the true value and potential of MF? because, like AR during the Favre tenure, recent questioning the value of the $100 million superstar starter vis a vis the valuable services MF donated as a released FA then having to return and get retrained into the system with no preseason play and little prep, in order to SAVE OUR SEASON last year, only to have the [dubious] “healed” arm of AR take us down in a heroic but stinkeroo performance crusted with rust, both physical and preparatory, seems to be dismissed as heresy by many [hopefully not you] even on this knowledgable forum.