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Aaron Rodgers was Not Happy with the Play Calling

Aaron Rodgers

Well, for those of you who want to blame Mike McCarthy for the Green Bay Packers season being over, you probably have an ally in quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

After the game, Rodgers didn’t exactly conceal his feelings about the Packers running the ball while they were trying to close out the game with a little over four minutes left. The Packers ran three consecutive times for a net of negative-four yards. Rodgers didn’t like it.

“We’ve finished off games before in four-minute,” Rodgers said. “We had a chance to do some things; didn’t do it.”

Yeah, we get it. Rodgers wanted a shot to close out the game by throwing the ball.

The Packers have done that very thing several times throughout the season, most recently against Dallas in the divisional round.

This situation wasn’t quite the same as any of those, however. In fact, the differences are numerous.

The Packers defense had been dominant up to that very point in the game, something that hadn’t happened in any of the previous games. There was no reason to think the defense wasn’t capable of closing out the game.

On the flip side, Rodgers had been awful all game long, so he really has no one to blame but himself.

And of course, we’ve belabored this point, but it bears mentioning again. The Packers were 3-for-14 in converting third downs on Sunday.

With all of those things in mind, the best move certainly seems like running the ball and eating clock.

Hey, if Rodgers would have played better, we wouldn’t even be having this conversation. So maybe look in the mirror, QB1.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Nate January 20, 2015

    Awful all game long? What the hell game were you watching?

  2. tfeds1 January 20, 2015

    I have no problem with our best player wanting the ball in his hands at the end of the game. I also have no problem with Rodgers saying it. We did a lot of things wrong at the end of this game! We didn’t finish! Play calling was fine. Don’t know why you make it so personal against Rodgers! The last sentence of this article is a joke!

  3. tfeds1 January 20, 2015

    The coaching decisions I have problems with are with the special teams and defense. Why were they able to run at the end of the game? Because we played a defense that allowed them to run! We gave them the run! Where was Mathews the last 2 drives of the 4th quarter? Standing on the sideline! Onside kick and a fake field goal? Are you kidding me? Defense and special teams had a chance to close this game out with a 12 point lead and they didn’t finish.

  4. E. Wolf January 20, 2015

    I hope this game teaches McCarthy a lesson and changes conventional wisdom in the game. When you have a quarterback like that, put the ball in that player’s hands and go for the first down–give the ball to your best player.
    Btw, to those who listen to ESPN 540, note that Bill Johnson rambled with his usual idiocy about “playcalling guy”, and was screaming, in a rather threatening manner, for making the very same complaint. jason Wilde later went on to the say the same thing in his analysis.
    Anyway-there it is from the horse’s mouth. McCarthy needs to undergo a fundamental change in his philosophy.

  5. Stickman January 20, 2015

    You have probably one of the best qb`s on earth and you try to play conservative.The o-line did a great jog protecting him all day. Win or lose with what got you there, go for the throat and never let up. P.S. get that prevent defence and file it in the do not use section of your notes

    1. Fritz January 20, 2015

      they already had it filed in their archives of infamy since the same shit play by the D had already cratered them at philthyl’s mcNabb [4th and 26th].

      as the saying goes. “first time, shame on you. 2nd time, shame on us”. [us being the clueless GB HC or DC or both if they didn’t confer on this proven flop of a stunt on D]. but HC always wants to show he is smartest guy in the stadium, he alone can defy the odds of historical consequences, he actually thinks this was his greatest coaching day of gameday play calling in his entire career? you can stick a fork in this “one ring wonder” right now. that’s right. he is already certified even though they may tolerate him for one more season’s belly flop.

  6. pf4l January 20, 2015

    lol….Sometimes i wonder if Monty is even a Green Bay Packer fan at all. Seems he wants to change his mind on a hourly basis as to whose to blame for this game.

    Lacy ran for 3.5 ypc. Starks had 1 32 yard run out of 5 carries to boost his average, other than that, the run game was shut down. So in retrospect, if we need 1st downs to move the chains and secure a victory, i’ll take my chances with the ball in Rodgers hands vs. getting stuffed on running plays, i’d rather go down swinging than repeatedly getting tackled for losses as the Seahawks run blitzed.

    Lets be real……Where is this team without Rodgers? I think we found that out last year when Rodgers was out. Where would TT and MM be with having Rodgers starting since 2008, an 8-8 team at best. I don’t know where TT and MM would be without Rodgers, but i’m guessing they wouldn’t be with the Packers right now.

    So would i put the ball in Rodgers hands to secure a victory against Seattle? Would i put the ball in the hands of a 2 time MVP, a SB MVP and arguably the best QB in the league? You bet your ass i would.

    Matter of fact i think Rodgers should be calling all the offensive plays all the time, not MM.

    Go big or go home (again).

  7. MMK January 20, 2015

    55% completion percentage, 2 picks/1 td and 178 yards. That’s awful.

    He was pretty bad, and I think the worst lingering effect of this game (and this season) is the idea that Rodgers/McCarthy consistently shit the bed against good teams and big game situations. I don’t really give a shit about watching them put 50 plus points up on washed out teams in the middle of the regular season anymore. It was fun as hell at the time.

    1. pf4l January 20, 2015

      It’s Seattle, they have a pretty good defense, It’s loud as hell. I think the receivers not being able to get open and drops had something to do with those #’s.

      So MMK…I’ll take it you’d rather have the Packers run the ball against a stacked boxed, than put the ball in Rodgers hands then?

      1. MMK January 20, 2015

        No? I would rather you put it in his hands and he made a play with it.

  8. billybong January 20, 2015

    getting conservative lost this game…exemplified by the insane slide down by Burnett…what pro football player does that with an open field in front of him with 5 mins to play?? Play not to lose, see what happened…those three Lacy runs on 1st, 2nd, and then 3rd down SUCKED…

  9. Richard January 20, 2015

    8-8 as the top end without Rodgers is generous. I’d guess 6-10 tops

    1. MMK January 20, 2015

      Yeah I agree, he carries the team. And that’s part of the problem, as Rodgers goes, so go the packers. Which showed up in seattle (x2) detroit and buffalo.

      1. Fritz January 20, 2015

        the ST effort on several key ST plays was screwed by the coach SS. the D was fucked by DC/HC deciding to run the 4th and 26/mobile mcNabb flop AGAIN, against an even more mobile QB AGAIN! maybe they never heard of Mike Sherman or Donovan McNabb’s playoff win? the O was fucked by AR who did not take over the helm from peabrain MM 2 min. drill call when the clock actually had over 6 min. on it. i swear this guy has gone into an autotonic trance in a number of late 4th quarter losses throughout his tenure [a loss vs. colts comes immediately to mind].

        so if AR would not take over play selection for coach Queeg, what does that tell you about AR? then this chickenshit monday morning QBing of HIMSELF?

        conclusion: you guys are right. if GB is without rodgers mentally, as happened in several of their losses this year, incl. this game, at times, they will be next year 6-10 with HIM as QB: a year older, a year frailer. they would be better off with a good alternative like flynn in those games, playing with focus, like he did last year to get us to the playoffs, esp. vs. dallas where he showed more heart than those playboys favre and AR ever did. another concern: every year AR closes some more window on the twilite of his career– so: more blown free plays, more interceptions, more overthrows, more day dreaming in the pocket to be sacked, or worse [a la collarbone hit] when he could have alertly thrown the ball away… yet he still gets paid ten times what he made in his SB ch. season?
        wtf? something is very wrong with this picture.

        conclusion 2. they need to get this talented team a new coach, [NOT mgmt. as TT is great as GM]. in fact, they should have thought about trading MM and coaches when they had the chance a couple years ago when their stock was peaking. they still have a great team, even without AR physically in the game, but it is a poor team when AR is mentally NOT on his game. this great team, whether with a mentally fit AR or a physically absent AR, will nevertheless be ruined by the ghastly coaching esp. on ST [but ultimately on the HC] that they have now and this must be addressed by mgmt. ASAP.

        i rec. trying to make a deal with a young aggressive minded coach like Jeff Fisher. he serves with integrity, he takes HC responsibilities seriously [e.g., he doesn’t consider himself the OC first and firgurehead HC second, like MM], hey he beat the cheathawks with less than half the team that MM had. how? by using EVERY weapon in his playbook incl. a few creative trick plays [plus he doesn’t let the cheathawks live in his head like MM either], so who is the smarter coach? also, which coach has the smartest assistants around him? no brainer.

        1. MMTTDCSUCK January 21, 2015

          Amen! Rodgers appears to take parts of games off sometimes. I believe that it may be caused by his frustration with play calling and the “packages” that McGlurpy uses. Sometimes the “packages” do not give him any recourse but to just run them . . . And McGlurpy? wow! he just sucks on game day. And, FUCK ALL OF YOU WHO MENTION HIS RECORD! A Rodgers is the reason for those lofty numbers. Not Buffoon! We win in spite of his bed shitting! thanks to Rodgers and some of the other talent on the team . . . remember when J. Nelson ran out and picked up that red flag last year? Good example of an OVER RATED HC! His own players know the rules better than he does. Buffoon over reacts, chokes, and plays scared. Never runs the score up, never seems to make immediate adjustments. Appears to be lacking in game time pro-activity with the SS and the DC’s play calling and adjustments when they start to shit the bed! See last weekend as a GREAT EXAMPLE. Plus he plays favorites over talent! Fuck this guy! he sucks!

          1. Fritz January 21, 2015

            i am going to re-post my frustration also, because we have been masking this Mike-to-Mike coaching train wreck for fifteen years, now: mike sherman originated the “crawl into a cocoon” stunt vs. McNabb at Philthy [4th & 26] over ten years ago? NOW, we got MM and DC and SS embellishing this mike sherman original dogshit late game “package” in 2014? wake up TT: it is time to clean house, and get one of the younger smarter aggressive up to date HC like jeff fisher who also, unlike Mike and Mike, relishes the “old school” philosophy: bury the opp. early if they give you the opportunity, never let up, and don’t tolerate any metrosexual hollywood attitude like AR and favre would exude on and off the field [e.g. that yukking it up between AR and sherman & co. made me nauseous. what was AR joking about? how he crapped on a free play TD pass overthrowing JN in the end zone by ten yards?? i never saw him stink so bad in that play before… he better watch out: he is starting to look like the “my shit can’t stink” favre [without the aging durability however].

  10. E. Wolf January 20, 2015

    I hope this game teaches McCarthy a lesson and changes conventional wisdom in the game. When you have a quarterback like that, put the ball in that player’s hands and go for the first down–give the ball to your best player.
    Btw, to those who listen to ESPN 540, note that Bill Johnson rambled with his usual idiocy about “playcalling guy”, and was screaming, in a rather threatening manner, for making the very same complaint. Jason Wilde later went on to the say the same thing in his analysis.
    Anyway-there it is from the horse’s mouth. McCarthy needs to undergo a fundamental change in his philosophy.

    1. Andy January 20, 2015

      The problem is he did exactly that vs Dallas and New England and it worked! I know those games were at home but why change the philosophy if it works? Game on the line I want my best player with the ball in his hands.

      1. E. Wolf January 20, 2015

        No because in those games, Rodgers threw it to move the chains.

    2. rebelgb January 20, 2015

      Holy shit have you not been following MM’s career? That guy isnt learning any lessons or changing any philosophies/strategies or conventional wisdom s. The guy is a fucking ego maniac and if your a fan of his and you cant admit that I dont know what to tell you.

  11. Kato January 20, 2015

    This is dumb. You are supposed to run the ball to end the game. Run clock. It is up to people to execute their assignments. The only thing they could have done is thrown quick hitters outside, but I think the corners were playing press at the time. McCarthy was right. You run the ball to close out games, period!!!!

    1. rebelgb January 20, 2015

      You run the ball if you can get them under 2 minutes. Force them to get under the 2 minute warning. We did not have the ability to do that. So run on 1st and 2nd, up the gut so you dont lose yards, make them use 2 TO’s, then you try to convert on 3rd and win the game.

      Seems pretty fucking simple to me. But hey im not the all knowing infallible Mike Ego Maniac Mccarthy.

  12. camcpack January 20, 2015

    Nine players in the box. You don’t run.End of story. Youplay action and burn them. McCarthy is a fucking chickenshit, and a terrible plat caller. HE lost the game, all of the shit that happened was because He put us there by having he hand on the chickenshit switch.

  13. Shawn Neuser January 20, 2015

    I think A-Rodge’s statement is being misinterpreted here. The Packers did use the 4 minute offense to run out a number of games this season- Minnesota, Atlanta, etc… And we did it by handing Edde Lacy the football.

    When we ran the clock out against Dallas and New England, we went run, run, and then pass on 3rd down. The only difference here was that 3rd down was third and 16. You aren’t going to pick that up so you run the football and take time off the clock. I guarantee that if it was third and 9 or less, we would have thrown for it.

    1. Fritz January 21, 2015

      which begs the question: how the fuck can a simple 1st and 10 vertical rushing situation result in a fucking 3rd and WHAT? was there a offensive penalty or false start thrown in there somewhere that i missed? repeat after me: on the coach, on the coach…

      1. Fritz January 21, 2015

        somebody posted here on TP before the game, that they need to throw some screens in there on rushing situations to keep the hawks honest… well MM must not have thought of that and did not prx those. ’cause that play stunk up the joint too, e.g., one screen was short of the mark and in the dirt, but another one, even more hilariously, hit eddie lacy in the back! shit like that is what gives a team in a hole hopes that they will be able to dig out of it, that they, not the dufus opponent, had made some early mistakes and would have plenty of time to adjust correct and make up the deficit… even against the might AR led packers, and sadly, MM, you choking puking POS, you and your garbage coaches were to validate their hopes.

        still, it was fun for awhile. i really enjoyed noticing pete carroll had swallowed a big wad of bubblegum by the end of the first qtr. [prob. due to shell shock].

        1. Fritz January 21, 2015

          i guess, with the passing of real football players, like urlacher, from our N div. opposition, it is time to update the N division moniker: from “black and blue” division, to “keystone kops” division, er, “keystone flops” division? as we were the last of the “serious” threats to the rest of the league.

          so what now? if we are so dumb to keep this clown troupe of coaches, maybe we can kill the other teams outside our div. with laughter?

  14. MMTTDCSUCK January 21, 2015

    This epic collapse, days later, makes me wonder if this game is fixed . . . If not, then WTF is going on! at least this fail would have reason or purpose if in fact it was rigged, but not this wholesale bed shitting by way too many individuals. I have NEVER seen such an epic failure by a team en masse throughout my experiences of watching, listening or playing. No matter the level. And still! what was up with Matthews???

  15. elafave January 21, 2015

    Occam’s razor. No fix possible. If games are fixed in the NFL at some point you would hear about it ala’ Brad Johnson and fixed balls. We just took a giant shit all over the field, explosively, like a slovenly, methyl soaked, dumpster dwelling wino going through a 7a.m. Blatz gravy blast. Fuck. Is what it is. Gotta’ face reality and admit to ourselves that the Packers sucked harder than a toothless 3 dollar rock hound in an alley behind Ford Field.

    1. Fritz January 22, 2015

      very funny. but seriously, it is time for the GB front office to re-assess their traditional mgmt. philosophy.

      time to update and get with the modern corporate america game, the game of building a brain trust like the GB school of coaching of renown. time to play the “raid and trade” game of acquisition and, like other franchises [and corporations!] in modern america, must EXTEND THIS TO INCLUDE COACHES NOT JUST PLAYERS!

      time to abandon the age-old GB tradition of lifetime tenure for coaches who bring home a lombardi trophy?