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Stream of Consciousness: Outlasting the Dirty Birds Edition

Atlanta Falcons offensive line

Sure it was a win, but it wasn’t as pretty as it should have been. Here are the top 10 things that stood out in the Green Bay Packers’ tenth win of the year.

1. Dominance again… and one awful breakdown

Like they were last week against the New England Patriots, the Packers offensive line was again a dominant force against Atlanta. They allowed Aaron Rodgers massive amounts of time to survey the field and they consistently opened up big holes for Eddie Lacy and James Starks.

Unfortunately in both of the Packers’ last two prime time wins, the offensive line sacrificed near perfection on eerily similar looking pass plays that came with similarly disastrous results. None of us were too thrilled at seeing Rodgers grimace in pain after getting rocked when the o-line let a rusher come free up the gut. The Packers awesome offensive line made a similar error against the Patriots in what was otherwise a near flawless performance.

Beware the delayed blitz up the middle fellas.

2. The definition of ‘soft’

No one likes to be called soft, but sometimes it is warranted. And no, I’m not talking about the second half of the game either. I’m talking about Atlanta’s very first possession.

There are just too many guys standing around and not finishing plays on the Packers defense. It started on Steven Jackson’s first carry that went for 11 yards and went on through the entire game. A tough defense relishes the opportunity to put a hit on a man as long as it is within the confines of the rules. The Packers defense did not do that Monday night and don’t do it consistently enough to be called tough.

I challenge the Packers defense to watch the Seattle Seahawks. No one gets a free pass playing Seattle. You will be hit, and hit, and hit again.

While Packers players watch passively as teammates drag ball carriers to the ground, gaining extra yardage as they do, Seattle’s defenders are hellbent on hitting you HARD even if your ass is one inch from hitting the turf, you’re about to be down, and (this is the most important thing) by hitting you again the yardage gained will not change.

The Seattle Seahawks hit you because they can. As a unit, they refuse to pass up any opportunity to relentlessly punish you. That’s the difference between soft and tough. A tough defense hits you with every ounce of grit they have until the whistle blows, while a soft defense is filled with players who watch and think, “Oh, he’s going down. My teammate has this.”

That’s why the Seahawks are the defending Super Bowl champions and, in my eyes, are still the favorites in the NFC.

3. The Walking Wounded

Check out the graphic at the top of the page. When you saw that didn’t you immediately anticipate the Packers in Matt Ryan’s grill all night long? It didn’t happen though.

Check out the production/lack of production put forth by the Packers’ pass rushers on Monday night:

QB sack(s): 1

QB hits: 4

This is not the result the Packers were looking for out of what is supposed to be a first-rate pass rush. To put it into context, the Packers Pro Bowler-filled offensive line yielded one QB sack and three QB hits.

You have to believe the Packers expect to win that match-up by a wider margin than that.

4. Re-Juvenating Julius?

Where is Julius Peppers? Does he only rise to the occasion when he knows his team needs him? When he senses they don’t, does he go through the motions and rebuild his super-strength for the future?

If that is the case and he’s saving it up, then Peppers should have plenty to give down the stretch.

Here are Peppers’ lines from the last three games:

ATL: 3 tackles, 1 QB hit

MIN: 2 tackles

NE: 2 tackles, 2 blocked passes

Granted, Big Julie is getting some double team attention, but not often enough to explain away the lack of pressure he’s been getting on the opposing quarterback.

5. Skinny-ass Kroll’s burger

I didn’t know they made a “shaved” burger. I thought that was reserved for cured meats like ham and roast beef. I could write a letter on that burger patty, fold it into thirds, and fit it into a business-sized envelope without tearing it or needing additional postage. The grease and butter however…

To me, a person born and raised in Green Bay who has eaten at Kroll’s dozens and maybe over a hundred times, I can safely say that the old gray mare ain’t what she used to be. It’s overpriced and overrated. And that’s coming from someone who now calls SoCal home and is no stranger to high-priced… well, everything.

I do like the bar there at Kroll’s West and they do still mix a nice whiskey Old Fashioned sweet. Plus, that spicy snack mix they serve in the little cardboard boxes at the bar? Out of sight, man.

But as for the eats, I’ll typically go elsewhere. If I do decide to stay, I inevitably regret it.

I might take some heat on this one, as I know there are plenty of Kroll’s fans out there. What’s your go-to/pre-game spot for good grub in Green Bay? Is it the above-mentioned or do you have a best kept secret you’re willing to share?

6. Douchebag

I don’t care if it might have sparked a comeback. I don’t care if it showed more emotion than the entire Packers defense did all night long. At the end of the day, if you do some ridiculous end zone celebration dance when your team is getting its ass handed to it, there’s a word reserved for you. That word follows the number 6 above.

And for the record, Eric Weems, the entire world watching the game at that moment thought the exact same thing. Maybe that’s what you were going for though.

7. Not the back shoulder

Aaron Rodgers is one of the best at throwing to the back shoulder. Davante Adams is not the best at knowing when to look for that ball. Okay, he might be the worst or at least the worst on the team. To both Rodgers’ credit and detriment, he hasn’t given up on trying this play to Adams, but on the season they must be about 0-for-8. And to the best of my recollection, I don’t believe it’s ever even been close.

Adams needs to admit to himself and recognize when he has blanket coverage inside and over the top. The rookie wants to keep going with the vertical route too long and is missing some big opportunities. The back shoulder is all about using the defensive back’s perfect coverage against him, making him feel all warm and fuzzy about the position he has on you and then… BAM! There’s the back shoulder.

It’s a lot about feel and trust. Right now, it’s Adams that is the one not trusting Rodgers, not the other way around.

If Davante can figure out this route and get on point with Rodgers, it’s that much sooner that defenders will start looking for the back shoulder, which in turn will make the long ball more successful. But as it stands right now, a d-back shouldn’t even think about the back shoulder until Adams comes remotely close to catching one.

8. Matty Nice

This one should probably be up higher on the list. Matt Ryan played a helluva game.

In a lot of ways, this contest reminded me of the epic 2010 Wild Card shootout when the Packers lost to the Cardinals 51-45 in overtime, a game I was lucky enough to be able to attend. Both games featured notoriously porous defensive play and sparkling All-Universe quarterback play from both sides. Matt Ryan reminded me of how Kurt Warner played that day, squeezing balls into tight coverage time and time again.

The Packers secondary played pretty poorly all game long Monday night, but in the moments of their finest efforts, Ryan was still beating them like a pinata. Matt Ryan might not get the credit or the publicity that some of the other quarterbacks in the league get, but with the exception of one really hideous ball that was intercepted by Morgan Burnett, he matched Rodgers on Monday night.

And that’s the whole point. Matt Ryan is nice, but he’s no Aaron Rodgers. Even in what was almost a brilliant come-from-behind win where Ryan carried his team on his arm, Rodgers still outplayed him. ARodge didn’t make the one mistake that Ryan did and it was the difference in the game.

9. Holy Julio

Prior to the game someone on the message board anticipated that Julio Jones would have a massive day. That person was absolutely right, but his reason was because he thought Davon House would be covering him all game long. As it turned out, it might have been because House wasn’t on Jones all game that he had the game he had.

I joked on the boards that Jones would get his but “it’s not going to be Plaxico and Al Harris out there either.”

I was wrong. It was MUCH worse than that. How do they not start doubling him every single play?

I’ve got six little letters for the Packers coaching staff out there.


10. Tough love

A win is a win is a win.

But that was not the effort of a team on the rise. There was an opportunity to put the Falcons away early and neither the defense or the offense could get it done in the second half.

That being said, everything is still in front of this team and there is a lot to be excited about. On the road on a short week… never an easy task.

Go Pack!



  1. BZ in BA December 10, 2014

    I think that Jones was doubled part of the time, but he is SO big and so athletic and SO fast that it is just really hard to cover him. Perhaps they needed to start playing more man and less zone. I agree that Ryan is a good QB – and maybe even a great one – but he is still nowhere near where AR is.

    1. Fritz December 10, 2014

      any care about where Ryan is? hello, this is a packer website.

    2. Andrew Chitko December 10, 2014

      Nope. And he never will be. He’s just not as physically gifted.

      Wooden personality aside, the guy impressed me. I will be a little more cautious and respectful the next time the Packers face them. I tip my cap to Matty Nice.

  2. Derek December 10, 2014

    I agree with #2 whole-heartedly. Our guys are soft. I remember one play in particular where CM3 watched a guy get tackled when he could have easily helped or jumped on the pile at least. just stood there. too bad you can’t cut or bench your highest paid defensive player. they need to play tougher.

    1. Andrew Chitko December 10, 2014

      He was absolutely one of the players I was referring to. He did it on at least two plays on the very first drive. I don’t imagine it stopped there.

      And where the hell is HaHa and why haven’t I seen him flashing into the frame from off camera to lay a big hit on someone? That hasn’t happened in weeks.

      No time to hit the rookie wall, HHCD. Let’s go!

      1. Phatgzus December 10, 2014

        Pretty sure I watched him just stand there at the LILB position on a Jackson first down run, when he was unblocked and could’ve flashed to the hole and dropped; I dunno, maybe they’re just afraid of getting hurt in the cold (or in general) but I couldn’t agree with you more on the comparison with Seattle. Then again Seattle gets a helluva lot of penalties and our coaching staff sure hates those lil’ yellow flags, maybe there’s something in the coaching regarding this issue, who knows.

    2. Fritz December 10, 2014

      MM is that you? why can’t you bench a particular player? you have done it in the past, why not now? and WTF does salary have to do with it? AR gets benched all the time in the interest of giving the second team some playing time, no?

  3. Packer Bob December 10, 2014

    I agree about the Seahawks being the favorite to win the NFC with that defense right now. Hell, I think they’re a favorite to repeat. I’m not sure anyone can stop them. Not Rodgers, not Manning, not Brady. They’re simply unstoppable. But a lot can happen between now and the playoffs. Let’s just hope if a rematch does happen it happens at Lambeau.

    1. Andrew Chitko December 10, 2014

      Amen to that. Even at Lambeau, I would be frightened.

      Nothing would make me happier than conquering them in a big game though. It would all be on the defense in a game like that.

      1. Fritz December 10, 2014

        maybe we should trade for Romo then. he beat them in Seattle’s Sonic Stadium, on the road, not at home? anybody else beaten the shehawks in seattle? if we can’t get romo, maybe we could get their HC… he knows how to beat them in seattle.

  4. tequila December 10, 2014

    Chitko, get the ‘Seaburger’ next time you have to eat at Krolls. Hasn’t changed a bit and great with a couple New Glarus.

  5. pf4l December 10, 2014

    Excellent article. Nice change of pace, real football content.

    Thoughts to some points of your article.

    1) I think the line played ok, i wouldn’t say near perfection, i remember Linsley getting backed up so far into Rodgers i thought he was gonna come out of his ass. The Falcons have 16 sacks on the season, hardly a powerhouse def front. Lets also be real here, Rodgers footwork and escape skills keeps him out of trouble, that Rodgers, not the O line. They played ok.

    2) I couldnt say it any better.

    7) I think it’s Rodgers who doesn’t trust Adams. to contend that those 2 aren’t on the same page because Adams doesn’t trust Rodgers, is ludicrous. The rookie receiver doesn’t trust a proven MVP QB, or the experienced MVP QB doesn’t trust the rookie wide receiver? Which makes more sense? They aren’t on the same page i think, because Adams still isn’t knowledge in running his routes crisp, what adjusments in his routes in certain defensive schemes he needs to make. He shows flashes here and there. You can see Rodgers frustration with him on every broken play. I commend Rodgers for being so patient with him to come around. But i think thats because Rodgers needs him when they blanket Jordy and Cobb.

    Related: What happend to Jarrett Boykin? Wasn’t he the up n comer 3rd wide out? Now he just plays special teams it seems. I guess they like Adams potential more. But sooner or later, they have to get on the same page.

    Seattle’s starting to peak right now, we need to also. 30 points given up in 1 half, isn’t peaking. Shields and T W need to earn their huge contracts, or at least 1/2 of it.

    Kudos to M Burnett’s pick…Resulted in td, packers won by 6

  6. Phatgzus December 10, 2014

    Nice article, sir.

    2) Couldn’t agree more. Another thing about the ‘Squawks-when they hit you, you go down. Not so much with the our D. That’s also the one thing about ATL’s D that wasn’t awful, they did a pretty solid job tackling, unfortunately for them that was usually after we gained a first down.

    8) That’s the main thing that keeps Matty from being Elite, all the ability but he’ll almost always make a bonehead play or 2 every game. That and he can’t throw on the run.

  7. jtmax December 10, 2014

    first half we shut them down.
    second half, we played prevent defense and it almost prevented us from winning.
    No more prevent defense. Just pedal to the metal. Press and rush 5. Harrass QB and receiver all day.

  8. Howard December 11, 2014

    A very odd game. Great comparison to the Arizona game. I also thought of that game and the Pittsburgh game a few weeks earlier. Cannot believe the D did not indicate to atlanta that they had a safety clearly over the top on Julio. The alignments of both safeties on Julio’s side of the field were shading more to the middle of the field allowing Ryan the confidence that the safety would not get to the deep sideline in time. Ryan who is careless at times (thank you from Burnett) can also be conservative and would look away from Jones, most of the time, if his initial read is solid safety help. The safeties for the most part aligned in no mans land as it related to Jones. Jones does warrant solid double coverage.

    Can’t agree more with all comments regarding item 2.

    I do hope that this game was a fluke regarding the inability to get solid rush pressure on Ryan. The atlanta line, although improving should not have shut out Peppers. There are ways to get peppers free. Look at how S.F’s Justin Smith frees up Aldon Smith for sacks. It is not all just rush straight up against the guy or two in front of you.

    Well for the second week Barrington has worn the headset helmet. I would think Hawks days as having to be in the game because he gets everyone aligned properly are over. I think Barrington is the best choice at this time, however do believe there is some alignment confusion due to the change. Do not see anyone has the headset helmet when Barrington is out and usually that means Brad Jones in. So I guess it is important to have the headset on the field on most alignments but not in the dime package? I guess there is always hand signals. I have to admit Jones is doing very well on ST’s, however I believe he should not be on the field as a linebacker and that includes in the dime.

  9. Arcturus December 11, 2014

    You are correct: I will never understand the love Kroll’s gets for it’s shitty to mediocre food and terrible atmosphere. And I never heard of Weems either, but yes, I marked him in my mind as a dickhead after that embarrassing little dance.

  10. Zwoeger December 11, 2014

    “I’ve got six little letters for the Packers coaching staff out there.


    I said it several times, that might be the main problem with MM and Capers. They just can’t.