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Morgan Burnett

The Green Bay Packers had five players elected to the Pro Bowl. They were Aaron Rodgers, Jordy Nelson, John Kuhn, Josh Sitton and Clay Matthews.

Is that enough? Not in our estimation.

In fact, we’d give back John Kuhn and Clay Matthews, who probably really don’t deserve to be there in the first place.

But what about these guys?

Here’s the argument.

Randall Cobb87 catches, 1,207 yards, 10 TDs
I know, I know, this is a tough one. The receiver group is always tough to crack and the Packers already have one in the mix. First of all, most people want to see the Giants’ Odell Beckham, who was also snubbed, in this mix. Well, fuck him. His team is dog shit and Cobb’s stats are better. The only thing Beckham has over Cobb are some highlight-reel catches. First, let’s look at who can take a walk. Two guys — both of whom made it only on reputation — Calvin Johnson and A.J. Green. Both guys have missed ample time because of injury. Johnson has 20 fewer receptions, 169 fewer yards and four fewer touchdowns that Cobb. The Green selection is even more egregious. He has 26 fewer receptions, 248 fewer yards and four fewer touchdowns than Cobb. I’m not making the argument that Cobb is an overall better receiver than Johnson or Green, but his season is more deserving of a Pro Bowl nod than either of these guys’. Dump both of these chumps and add Cobb and Beckham.

David Bakhtiari
It’s hard to make argument for an offensive lineman because they don’t have any stats. We’re going to make one for the Packers’ left tackle anyway. While Bakhtiari had a couple clunkers this season, he was, for the most part, dominant. Bakhtiari regularly faces the opposition’s best pass rushers. He regularly shuts them down. So which tackle on this year’s Pro Bowl roster can piss off? How about Washington’s Trent Williams. The Redskins have allowed 55 sacks this season, that’s the second-highest total in the NFL behind Jacksonville. Meanwhile, the Packers have one of the best lines in the NFL. They’ve only given up 29 sacks. That argument makes itself.

Corey Linsley
Coach Mike McCarthy has been saying rookie center Corey Linsley is having a Pro Bowl-caliber year since midseason. We weren’t always sold on that, but watching Linsley’s play down the stretch has us convinced. Is he having a better year than Travis Frederick, Jason Kelce, Nick Mangold or Maurkice Pouncey, the four centers who did make the roster? I have no idea. I don’t watch their shitty teams play. What I do know is that Linsley has played at a level similar to the Packers’ Pro Bowl guard Josh Sitton and Bakhtiari, who should have made the team. The only reason we can imagine that Linsley didn’t make the Pro Bowl squad is because he’s a rookie and doesn’t have the name recognition that these other clowns do.

Morgan Burnett122 tackles, 1.5 sacks, 1 INT, 1 FF
If anyone on the Packers defense deserved to make the Pro Bowl, it was Burnett. He’s rebounded from a total turd of a season in 2013 with his best campaign. Burnett leads the Packers in tackles by a wide margin. His 122 tackles are 28 more than Ha Ha Clinton-Dix. That number is also good for eighth in the league. It’s 13 more than the next safety on the list, which is Pro Bowler Eric Weddle, who ranks 16th in the league. Every other player in the top 15 in tackles in the NFL, other than Burnett, is a linebacker. So which of these jerkoff safeties on the Pro Bowl roster should go to make room for Burnett? Who gives a shit? All of them. Burnett is easily the Green Bay Packers biggest Pro Bowl snub.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Michael valade December 24, 2014

    87 yards and 1 less TD in 4 more games, makes Cobb better? You sound like a Packer fan that’s bitter from getting beat down by the Gmen in the playoffs. The only thing Cobb has done better than OBJ is start the season healthy. We will look at some stats (keep in mind Cobb is not having teams focus on him like OBJ is) I’m sure you think Rodgers is better than Eli too, right? That should also make OBJ look better.

    Yds/G 80.5 (12th)
    Rec/G 5.8 (11th)
    Td/G .67 (don’t know but the best it can be is tied for 10th)

    Yds/G 101.8 (3rd)
    Rec/G 7.2 (2nd)
    Td/G 1 (1st)

    Let’s also talk about him doing things no other WR (screw the countless rookie records he’s set) has ever done. He is the only Wr in NFL history to have 100+ yards, 1 td and 10 receptions in 3 games over a 4 game stretch! With 90 yards this week, he will tie Irvin’s record for most games over 90 in a row in NFL history.

    So to quote you: “[email protected]*#” Cobb.

    1. the real russ letlow December 24, 2014

      and all of this means? nada. NYG is tearing up the league with that 6 W 9 L record. Its 2014, chump.

      1. Michael Valade December 24, 2014

        I am just speculating why the writer is so bitter towards OBJ. It seems like a logical conclusion to me. No person that knows anything about the NFL thinks Cobb has been better than OBJ this season.

        The stats mean something, Chump.

        1. the real russ letlow December 24, 2014

          that would be Mr. Chump, thank you.

          1. Phatgzus December 25, 2014

            That’s Mr. Chump the IV, actually, I believe.

          2. the real russ letlow December 26, 2014


    2. PizzaSquadTurbo December 24, 2014

      Good lord, Giants fans acted like they won the Superbowl after Beckam’s highlight catch. Congrats. You finally have a very good wide receiver. We’re used to it. Sharpe, Freeman, Driver and now Nelson and Cobb. It’s almost boring. We’ve had so many great WRs we take it for granted. But congrats on Beckam and an utterly useless season for the Giants.

      1. Michael Valade December 26, 2014

        Is that what you read into my comments? I was just responding to the classless, biased Packers writer who had the audacity to say Cobb had a better season than OBJ. I thought I did pretty well articulating my point.

        [email protected]#% him. His team is dog s#!? and Cobb’s stats are better. “

        You know why he brought up Beckham?.. To get more people to read this horrible blog. He knows no one but Packers fans tune in. But if he writes about OBJ, he has a chance to get some outside visits to his site. It worked. I remember Packers fans having a stronger knowledge of football, and more respect for the game. Lambeau has always been one of few away fields where I have been treated that way.

        1. Cheesecurds December 26, 2014

          It’s called TotalPackers, of course it’s biased.

          Also, in the article he actually says that OBJ deserves to make the Pro Bowl together with Cobb.

    3. Shawn Neuser December 26, 2014

      I had ODB in fantasy football this year, and there is no way I’d put him in the Pro Bowl. ODB missed the first quarter of the season.

      1. Michael Valade December 26, 2014

        I have never hear of the “he only played so many games, so he shouldn’t be in argument” before. That actually makes his season that much more impressive.
        Should Calvin Johnson be in? What about AJ Green?

        They each played 12 games to OBJ’s 11. Do injuries in the middle of the season count less? or is the over under on qualifying 11.5 out of 15 games?

        67 Rec
        1038 Yards
        6 TD

        61 Rec
        959 Yards
        6 TD

        1. Michael Valade December 26, 2014

          79 Rec
          1120 Yards
          11 Td

          1. Howard December 26, 2014

            I think the writer was giving your guy props. The writer clearly indicated Cobb and Beckham should have been in over Johnson and Green. The writer was also correct in indicating the Giants were dog shit. The writer I believe would have wrote the same or worse if the Pack had the giants record.

            The reality of why Beckham did not make the Pro bowl (yet) is he is a Rookie, he played on a dog shit team this year, and he missed multiple games. As you indicated in an earlier comment Beckham had great stats for three games. Beckham also had a four game stretch with zero starts, zero catches, zero TD’s, that is 0.00. Those are Blutarsky type stats and a rookie does not make it with that four game stretch, like a proven vet might.

            If it helps any Beckham will be a replacement for one of the receivers on one of the playoff teams. Go Pack!

          2. Michael Valade December 26, 2014


            I guess we both have a different definition of props. You are right about the Giants having a bad season.

            At no point did I indicate OBJ only had good stats for 3 games. I just stated he did what NO other WR did in 3 games over a 4 game stretch in NFL history.

            He had 1 bad game this season, against the Eagles.

            Other than that every other game he has 90 yards or a TD. We would all agree that means he impacted every game except 1 that he was healthy for. This is without any off season or preseason as a rookie. That’s pretty impressive. The other record (which I believe he will tie this week) is 9 straight games over 90 yards. In his last 8 games alone he has 69 receptions for 1014 yards and 8 TDs. He basically put up what most WR would take for a season in half.

            You are right about 1 thing. He will get in.

    4. Michael Valade December 28, 2014

      Week 17 stats update:

      OBJ is the #1 WR heading in to SNF in Yards and Td’s per game. #2 in receptions per game.

      For the record he now has the same number of receptions and Td’s but more yards than Cobb in 4 less games!

  2. Nacho dan December 24, 2014

    It’s the Grammys of the nfl, even if you get in does it really mean anything? Besides the coke and whores you get in Hawaii.

  3. Howard December 24, 2014

    I believe almost everyone on the team was screwed over by their fellow nfl brethren. Damn they should be pissed and show everyone how wrong they were all the way to the Lombardi trophy.

    The pro bowl this year is in Arizona so the whole thing is a screw job. Sorry to anyone in Arizona but who the hell wants to go to the damn desert unless it is to watch the Pack get another Lombardi. GO PACK!

    1. Fritz December 24, 2014

      er, they don’t have to fly the coke and whores in from the big island [CA]? only a couple hundred miles to phoenix, right?

  4. Vijay December 24, 2014

    Odell Beckham > Randall Cobb

  5. Fritz December 24, 2014

    CL was the 160th overall pick in the 6th Rd. of 2014 draft. so the nfl must figure his performance at C was helped a lot by his two admittedly great Oline wingmen.
    also, the other 31 organizations wouldn’t want to be embarrassed by the fact that TT’s pick was as good or better than their 150 higher picks LOL. but maybe next year, or next few years…

  6. Deepsky December 24, 2014

    None of these guys deserved a Pro Bowl appearance. Just because Burnett went from leading the team in missed tackles to no longer looking like a fool doesn’t make him a Pro Bowler. When he makes a few game changing plays like Butler or Collins would do, then he can be considered.

    1. Fritz December 24, 2014

      that reminds me, come to think of it, when it comes to game changing plays, why the hell is JP not in the pro bowl?

    2. Phatgzus December 25, 2014

      Bak-T def did in my opinion, he has shut down most everyone week in and week out, he’s had all of 2 bad games; at least 3 of the holding penalties called on him were bogus as well.

      Burnett is borderline, he doesn’t have the impact stats (FF, FR, INT) but he’ one of the leading tacklers in the NFL and that is a pretty significant metric for safeties and ILBs.

  7. big gay clay December 24, 2014

    Obj is NOT going to have a good season next year. Teams will figure out how to stop him, if I were a d coordinator I would just press the weak son of a bitch

    1. Michael Valade December 24, 2014

      Oh yeah no NFL team has tried that yet. You know you could have a promising career as a defensive coordinator. You think the Rams tried press coverage, or even to send a message to him? I’ll take it one step further. We all would agree that Sherman is a pretty good corner right? Packers fans should remember how Rodgers was scared to throw at him. I want you to watch some film on OBJ vs Sherman. More importantly look at the praise that Sherman gives him. Keep in mind this is 2 weeks before the catch. We all know Sherman isn’t going to give anyone praise unless it is deserved! (let alone a rookie in his 3rd start)


      Video: (looks like hes in press but can’t get his hands on him)

      1. Michael Valade December 24, 2014

        Also Eli has the #6 QBR in the game (we all would agree his start to the season wasn’t stellar) You don’t think year 2 in Ben McAdoo’s system will go smoother? How about you add Cruz in the slot.

  8. joe December 25, 2014

    Beckham can have Nelsons pro bowl spot cause Nelson will b starting in a more important game GO PACKERS GO!!!!!

  9. Andrew Chitko December 28, 2014

    ODB is clearly the better receiver. Who cares if he didn’t make the Pro Bowl? It’s a meaningless popularity contest and he’s a rookie. Pro Bowl nods are always a couple years behind.

    Next year for sure.