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Ohhhhhhh! Now Shawn Slocum is Extremely Frustrated!

Shawn Slocum

Hey, can one of you who lives in the Green Bay area go track Shawn Slocum down and bash his skull in with the butt of your nine?

I think that’s the only option we have left.

So you probably noticed that the Green Bay Packers had their seventh kick blocked this season, on Sunday. It came on Mason Crosby’s 52-yard try early in the fourth quarter.

With all of the protection issues the Packers have had on kicks this season, coupled with the fact that it was freezing AND windy, it’s fair to wonder why they even attempted the kick. That’s a question for a different buffoon though.

When it comes to the question of why we’re asking about another fucking kick getting blocked, that goes to Slocum. And as usual, he’s got excuses!

It’s not his fault though. Time to pass the buck!

“We need to do a better job — personnel needs to do a better job and accountability factor,” he said. “They need to do a better job in protection.”

I bet that’s what Marc Trestman said on Monday when he got fired.

“Hey, the players have to do a better job!”

Slocum was also asked how high his frustration level is. His response: extremely high.

Ohhhhhhhhhh! Look out, everyone! Shawn Slocum is really frustrated! He just might start coaching special teams now! And at the very least, he’s going to point fingers!

Seriously, even if the players are screwing up, then it says something about the coach. The players have been screwing up on special teams for years. They obviously aren’t listening, don’t care or are purposely trying to sabotage the person in charge.

All of those things say the same thing. Time for a change.

Slocum clearly doesn’t have the ability to get through.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Brewtown Packer Backer December 30, 2014

    In the last two posts, we’ve had suggestions of lynching and bashing skulls with the butt of a gun. I usually enjoy your tirades, Monty, and I completely agree that Suh is a piece of shit and Slocum sucks balls. That said, for now you need to take your ritalin, lay off the sauce, go rub one out, take ten deep breaths… whatever you gotta do. Just fucking chill the fuck out for fucks sake.

  2. Howard December 30, 2014

    Brew, I think you may have missed “die, Brad”. The truth is the Pack players need to perform. With that said I do worry about Slocums coaching and it is not just the blocked kicks. How do the ST”s only put ten on the field on the onside punt the Pack performed against the bills? Then against Detroit on there onside punt it was clear no one except maybe Cobb recognized that you could fair catch that high punt. That play although not common has been used in the league. To me that is a coaching lapse during the off season, season, and just prior to the play. What else has Slocum not coached or reviewed with the ST’s?

    1. Fritz December 30, 2014

      their [not “there”] lack of fluency on ST plays, infrequent punts, etc. due to the O success at dominating the clock was speculated as one reason, if I heard Buck and Aiken correctly during the Lions game broadcast on Fox.

      but then, Buck and Aiken didn’t know if CM3’s complaint to the umpire about being held during that 1st down rush on 3rd and long with 6:30 left in the first half was a legitimate complaint, even tho the replay clearly showed Detroit’s lineman’s arm reaching around from behind him and pulling him from behind with hand on CM3’s chest. so much for getting any kind of FB expertise from the current crop of TV announcers. the incompetence continued when it was noted during the replay that Tramon Williams’ arm might have deflected the safety kick as it was coming down. but the replay video they showed never had TW’s arm, or the ball, in the frame! LOL.

      maybe fox should hire ESpN’s Tirico as an announcer. someone who can babble on about meaningless “streaks” and other stat trivia of no interest to anyone, so they can avoid exposing their TV announcers as clueless about what’s going on out on the field in front of them?

      1. Howard December 30, 2014

        Fritz, thank you for the critique on my spelling. Your critique of announcers is also something I agree with in part. Do you think that Slocum is doing a good job? I use to give Slocum the benefit of the doubt when the Pack had so many injuries. The rotation of multiple players due to injuries is an excuse, but it is one you can understand. For anyone to claim that the offense is performing at a high level so that causes the ST’s to perform poorly does not hold water.

    2. Shawn Neuser December 30, 2014

      Actually, about four or five guys signaled fair catch on that play. Unfortunately, Boykin was not one of them and misplayed the ball, big shock.

  3. Cheese December 30, 2014

    Seven blocked kicks this season? How the fuck does this guy have a job?

    “personnel needs to do a better job and accountability factor,” – More like YOU need to do a better job and have some accountability, coach.

  4. pf4l December 30, 2014

    Listen…..is this shit something new all of a sudden?

    Who cares about this play, or that play. The Packers special teams have, by and large, under performed since Slocum’s arrival. That’s…The bottom line.

    I find it absolutely humorous, that a Packers coach doesn’t take responsibilty for a unit which that very coach is in charge of. Then claims that these players need to be held accountable. I have never seen or heard Capers or Slocum take responsibility for anything, unless….it was something positive. In other words, when are Packer coaches going to be held accountable for the their own body of work?

    For some reason, these two Packers coaches seem to not have any interest in being accountable. lets be real here, both of these coaches have had periods of their units being pathetic, embarrassing, and occupying the lowest of rankings for their units they are responsible for. I have not, in my memory, heard either of these two men take responsibility in the last 4 years.

    Historically when a team wins a Super Bowl. Other teams pluck that teams coaches, i don’t find it at all surprising these two coaches weren’t pursued by other teams.

    As far as accountability. i guess if you won a Super Bowl 4 years ago, you are exempt from accountability. Maybe that’s written in the Green Bay Packers bylaws, or it just seems so. Fuck Slocum and that shit show he calls special teams that has under performed since his arrival. Blame it on the players?…..Really dude?