Ndamukong Suh is Playing Now, Fined Instead

Ndamukong Suh

Ndamukong Suh

The NFL’s totally arbitrary justice system just got more arbitrary. Human pile of feces Ndamukong Suh had his one-game suspension for intentionally stepping on Aaron Rodgers overturned on appeal.

He’ll now be available to face the Dallas Cowboys this weekend. He was instead fined $70,000, which is nothing for him.

What compelling evidence did the NFL find to overturn the initial suspension? From what we’ve heard, it was overturned because Suh’s teammates came to his defense, many saying what a fine human being he’s been this season.

That’s, uh… convenient.

Facing the prospect of losing their best defensive player for the rarer than rare playoff appearance, the teammates of said player regale us with tales of what an outstanding citizen he is.


And let’s not leave the NFL out here. The league’s No. 1 rushing defense (Detroit), facing the league’s leading rusher (Dallas’ DeMarco Murray) is much more compelling with the anchor of that run defense of the field.

And guess what? The game probably stays close longer, which means better ratings numbers of the NFL!

Everybody wins!

Or, well… at least the Detroit Lions and the NFL win. And that’s all that matters!

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19 Comments on "Ndamukong Suh is Playing Now, Fined Instead"

  1. Kyle

    Honestly, I’d like to see Detroit win. Their fans deserve at least a thin ray of hope (before it gets snuffed out in Seattle), and it gives Green Bay the winner of the Carolina/Arizona pillow fight.

    • Cheesemaker

      I agree. Despite the #6 seed I think the Lions are better than either Carolina or Arizona. I’d rather see the Packers play the winner of that game, and who knows, with Detroit’s D, maybe they could pull the upset in Seattle. I like their chances better than either the Panthers or the Cardinals.

    • Fritz

      the main point, tho, is that Detroit’s dirty defensive players will be exptected to try and take out the legs of speedy Russell wilson. then Skedattle will respond with their usual flurry of infractions. in any event, if Lions visit shithawks, expect a flagfest. might even incite retired flaghappy ref Cary to come out of retirement! if it’s hochule, he might want to be specially equipped with a bandolier belt of extra flags.

  2. Packer Bob

    What a joke. Slap the QB in the head and it’s a potential game changing penalty. Intentionally step on the QB’s leg after the play and it’s a chump change fine. Keep fuckin that chicken, Goodell.


      It is all about revenue for the rich NFL owners. Better game with Suh. Goodell is a Republican money whore. Repeat after me, The NFL IS ONLY ABOUT THE MONEY!

  3. Shawn Neuser

    Well, what is the point of having an appeals process if you never overturn anything, right?

    I think most Packer fans are fine with this as it gives the Lions a better chance of knocking off Dallas.

    I also think that the Cowboys better not be reading their press. Everyone seems to think that the Cowboys will walk up and down the field on the Lions’ defense, and I think they are in for a rude awakening.

    • Deepsky

      I think the Cowboys success is an aberration. As for their offense, of the 16 games they have played, only 3 games have come against a top 15 defense. No wonder Romo is having a career year. In contrast, the Packers have played against a top 15 defense in 10 games this season and against a top 4 defense in 4 games. On defense, the Cowboys pass defense is ranked 26th even after playing against backup QBs in their division.

  4. camcpack

    NFL Law and Rules lolololooooooooooooool. Hand up don’t shoot. Really? That piece of shit should be gone for good. It is not a right to play , it is a privilege

  5. Mrs Suh

    My boy is innocent! That mean man on the ground intentionally hit my boy on the soles of his feet. TWICE! The. He slapped my boy on his big sexy butt
    # #
    Honestly, I blindly supported the NFL all these years but now believe it is a fucking joke. This is ridiculous. Combine it with Ray Rice, all the criminals, utter and hypocritical disregard for player safety and everything else and I’m losing my ability to enjoy it. Godell is a lying piece of shit Players association has no tucking integrity and can be counted on to blindly support thugs. It all sucks.

  6. Savage57

    Fuck this. The NFL has an arcane 32 game probation period and the first game this 7-time asshole is no longer considered a repeat offender, he tries to fuck up the injured opposing QB who just happens to be ass-raping his team?

    Who the fuck are they kidding? Lions come back to Lambeau and I want that human speed bump Lane Taylor to have a box-cutter in his sock, take one for the team and just hamstring this fuck Suh out the game for good. NFL won’t handle business? Take care of it yourself.

    During his appeal he can tell them it wasn’t on purpose, he just didn’t really understand what they meant by a ‘cut block’.

  7. Always blocked

    Wtf why are my comments constantly blocked? People insult you guys and use nasty language and you let it through. Is it the fact I’m accessing from overseas through a vpn ? I’m serving at the embassy in China. I’ve been blocked four times for innocuous comments. Either your filter is screwed up or you think I slept with your Girlfriend/boyfriend/dog. I didn’t

  8. Fritz

    i think goodell can smooth everything over, here’s how: he goes to india with hat in hand to ask the ceo of pepsi if she could fund another series of TV ads to counter violence on the field: “NO MORE, YOU BOOR!” [sort of like a sequel to the series of TV ads they ran to counter domestic violence in the nfl], to be preceded by a TV press conference for her to express her personal support of Citizen Goodell, so she can display her resplendence in full burkha regalia.

    • Fritz, I think you are getting your brown people confused….the primary religion of India is Hinduism not Islam. In India, the traditional dress is a sari, not a burqa. Racist much?

      Just out of curiosity—do your obvious issues with women stem from an overbearing or absent mother? Potty trained at gunpoint? Too bad you weren’t breast fed–studies have shown it adds IQ points.

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