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McCarthy Doesn’t Like Those Personalities

Jermichael Finley gets his groove back

While Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy was talking at the media on Monday, he went against character and actually said something we found to be fairly interesting.

It came as part of his answer to a question about keeping an even keel after a big win, such as the Packers had on Sunday.

“I think this is my most consistent team in my nine years here. Just the way they prepare. You don’t have a lot of personalities to deal with,” McCarthy said.

Other outlets have made a big deal out of the first part of that comment, but that’s not the part we find interesting. It’s the last part.

By “personalities” McCarthy is obviously referring to guys who are, how to say it. Media-friendly? Not afraid to speak their mind? Happy to let whatever thought runs through their mind flow right out of their mouths like diarrhea?

In other words, guys who don’t toe the company line. Guys who sometimes appear to put their own interests before the team.

Jermichael Finley.

Right. That was too obvious, but we were thinking about guys who were contributors on last season’s team who aren’t around this season.

Finley, Johnny Jolly, Ryan Pickett, M.D. Jennings, James Jones and Evan Dietrich-Smith.

Who would you consider a “personality?”


You’d have to look back to the 2012 team to find another “personality.” His name was Greg Jennings and the Packers let him take a walk to purgatory.

No doubt guys like that can cause distractions. And this is probably a good indication that Green Bay won’t be employing anyone with any personality as long as Mike is sheriff.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Howard December 2, 2014

    I doubt by personality McCarthy means “media friendly” or “speaking their mind”, otherwise, that would put Rodgers and Matthews in the list ( media friendly). In addition Sitton calling the lions scumbags, although accurate would fit under speaking his mind. My guess MM is saying some individuals did not put the team first, they were ME people and not WE people. Not sure who all those personalities may have been but Finley was probably there. I would also bet no individuals at this point have their own locker room.

    1. Fritz December 3, 2014

      does scott Tolzien even use the locker room?

  2. rebelgb December 2, 2014

    ^^ This. Howard has it. He is definetely referring to “me” first guys. Finley, Jennings, maybe even Bishop. When you think about it, we dont have guys like that on the team anymore (guys who think they are bigger than the team). At least none that we hear about.

  3. The Legendary Leon December 2, 2014

    “Hey Leon, there isn’t any “I” in team.”

    Leon: “They ain’t no “We” either.

  4. E. Wolf December 2, 2014

    This article forgot to mention another certain ex-Packer who became a Viking. You know who. …

    1. [email protected] December 2, 2014

      He Who Shall Not Be Named….

      1. Phatgzus December 2, 2014

        Lord Voldemort?!

        1. Fritz December 3, 2014

          wow, was Lord V. the last packer to have his own private locker room?

    2. Savage57 December 3, 2014

      “Look!, a dead horse! My vag is still all packed full of sand. Let’s kick it! Again.”

  5. [email protected] December 2, 2014


    We all know I was pissed when we let Tom Crabtree walk, but after watching the Mike McCarthy show on Packers.com with Richard Rodgers, I love this kid…..LOVE HIM. He represents what I think might be the personalities McCarthy eluded to in this comment. RR was humble & when McCarren gave him props for acting like he’d been in the end zone before, said (paraphrasing) ‘I don’t celebrate because you see there were 10 other guys out there that made that touchdown happen”.

    GO PACK GO!!!

    1. Phatgzus December 2, 2014

      The kid is huge, has decent speed and route-running ability, and incredibly soft hands. When he fully adjusts to the pro game and gets blocking down and Aaron’s confidence-look out.

  6. Organicbuzz December 2, 2014

    Can not lose to Atlanta. Hope D continues and create a couple of turnovers just to keep things humming along. Injuries seem to be down a little, compared to last few years. Go Pack Go!!