Here’s Ndamukong Suh Trying to Injure Aaron Rodgers

Ndamukong Suh trying to injure Aaron Rodgers

Ndamukong Suh trying to injure Aaron Rodgers

Can we go a week without someone on the Detroit Lions being a total and utter piece of trash? A week after center Dominic Raiola intentionally tried to injure Chicago Bears defensive tackle Ego Ferguson, all-world shit stain Ndamukong Suh intentionally tried to injure Green Bay Packers quarterback with this stomp.

Well, maybe it isn’t exactly a stomp, but it most certainly was intentional and it most certainly was meant to injure the opponent. You first see this fat fucking cunt step on Rodgers’ injured calf with his right foot. That might actually have been accidental, but then this piece of shit steps on Rodgers’ calf with his left foot. You can tell it’s meant to injure because he then lifts his right foot off the ground shifting all of his weight to the foot that’s on top of Rodgers’ calf.

Last time I checked, people don’t walk in that fashion.

Total bush league bullshit.

And of course, just like that other fucktard Raiola, this isn’t the first time this particular pussy fart has done something like this. He’s most noted for stomping on former Packers offensive lineman Evan Dietrich-Smith. He also clearly did that on purpose and then denied that was the case.

Because he’s a high-character guy.

The NFL suspended Suh two games without pay for that shit. They’ve also suspended him for other incidents.

If they don’t suspend this prick again, we’re going to be irate. He’s obviously too fucking stupid to have gotten any of the earlier messages that were sent.

Maybe sitting his fat ass on the sidelines for a playoff game will register.

Suh is a free agent after the season. He probably won’t be back with the Lions and to that we say, good fucking riddance you fucking piece of shit.


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Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.

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  1. Jeff

    This world class piece of shit should be banished from the league. That’s the only way he will learn, apparently.

  2. TyKo Steamboat

    I like the “Anti-Suh” campaign, however, the only way we see these turds again is in the NFC title & he will prolly be in a different jersey next season. Let’s hope it’s a Jaguars jersey or something…

    • Phatgzus

      Thank God the Seasquawks have to re-sign Wilson et al. otherwise I wouldn’t be surprised Pete “I’m-a-Super-Dick” Carroll
      lobbied his ass off to sign this scumlord.

  3. Big B

    Cheap shot, a massive fine would be nice, but don’t suspend him, because a higher priority is hoping the Lions take down the ‘Boys. They’ll need all they can muster to have a chance. The sweetest scene next week would be Jerrah sobbing in his luxury box with sycophant son Steven consoling him.

    • Phatgzus

      That would be great, I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t even take that much to set JERRAH!!!! off these days either, what with the price of gas and all.

  4. Howard

    Just as soon see Suh play against Dallas. No reason to give Dallas and possible Seattle a break. The league needs to do something about this shit, and I say there should at least be a two game suspension. One of those games should be the next game the offender plays against the team the offense occurred.

  5. Bobby D

    Lang got in the cock suckers face…how about doing it the old fashioned way. How about holding him up & somebody destroying a leg or two. He stomped on EDS and now this. When do we take this fucking dick out?

    • Fritz

      Good point. Also, our Oline should know better, like how about keeping an eye on ur QB until how is up or u go over to him and help him odd the ground. And if tubby the Lion is standing on him then you launch your helmet into fatty’s backside and send him flying off your QB. or at least sandwich fatso between two guys rite then and there! Or “accidentally” stumble and fall helmet first into Suh’s knees? They should have been ready for a stunt like that, as it’s not like they haven’t seen that Lion dung stunt/s before.

  6. Andrew Chitko

    Even as a frequent contributor to this site, sometimes even I think Monty goes a little overboard with the vulgarities. Not this time. Perfectly stated.

    • TyKo Steamboat

      As a 31 year-old man that spent the first 23.5 years of his life in Eastern Nebraska…This was said perfectly. Thank you

  7. pf4l

    Goodell would probably re-gain some respect by calling this fuck on the carpet, again. Also the refs should prove they have a set, and flag him for this shit. Typical fucking Canadian.

    • Phatgzus

      *FRENCH-Canadian, the westerners are pretty alright, fuckeneh; as in all countries, just don’t piss off the natives.

  8. pf4l

    Agree with Bobby D……This team needs to (toughen the fuck up) send a message to these fucks….Fuck a flag or game suspension, take out his fucking knee. The bully won’t stop until you knock his ass out.

      • Phatgzus

        That’s when you insert Lane Taylor as an eligible receiver and have him cut-block the dickwad while he’s getting two hamfists shoved down his throat.

  9. BZ in BA

    Beautiful journalism. Pulitzer-type stuff. A sophisticated, well written piece. Wonderful use of adjectives, several of which felt quite original.

  10. I also believe it was intentional. If the league does what I think it should, they will fine Suh a substantial amount and suspend him at least one game.

  11. Suh often thinks only of himself. When he makes choices such as this, he considers no one but himself. Not his team, not his fans, not the kids pictured in his website, no one. Time for this liability player to be made an example of.

  12. Cheese

    It makes me think what the NFL would do if Suh actually did re-injure Rodgers leg, taking him back out of the game.

  13. Deepsky

    You can bet Goodell is going to suspend Suh for this game against the Cowboys. Nothing makes the NFL salivate more than stacking the odds in favor of the Cowboys.


    Rodgers is a pussy just learn to take a beating. Oh well in a few weeks we will do far worse things to him. The stars are aligning, and we are gonna dominate the NFL. PUSSIES.

  15. Some believe that the league will do little or nothing about this incident. If they are correct, It seems like a strange irony that the NFL will fine players $10,000 or more dollars for wearing the wrong color cleats, but if a player commits an act outside the lines presumably to cause harm or pain and for no reason, then it’s no harm & no foul? What?

  16. CO Bob

    Suh is a pussy fart stinky cunt motherfucking anus licking hooker blowjob breath herpes puss drained douchebag.

    Monty rules at taking care if this type of biz….


    Hey SEAHAWKSOWNYOU! where do you get “WE” from? they (the team) may own us in a few weeks, but you are just some punk lemming who buys their bling and jersey’s (if you can afford them that is) and has no say in the outcome of this game! You are an observer only! Smile fool! The team you ONLY CHEER FOR is having a good year! NOT BECA– — USE OF YOU! lol!

  18. The Truth

    I love how you dumbasses ignore the fact that Suh was shoved onto Rodgers by one of the Green Bay players. Watch the whole damn replay instead of just the edited version of it. Here is a screenshot of it for proof. You are a bunch of whiny morons.

    • Phatgzus

      Except, 1) that’s not a shove.
      2) He had regained his balance the first time he stepped on Rodgers.
      3) The natural reaction if one steps on an object unawares (in this situation requisite evidence for dismissing intent to injure), one generally looks back to identify what was stepped on and where to place the next step without putting oneself in a position of harm, as well as placing that leg down quickly so as to regain balance and NOT loading one’s weight on to said leg.
      4) As already mentioned if in article, if you had read it (although you probably can’t read, Detroit public schools and all), he lifted up his right leg before stepping off Rodgers, thus putting all the pressure generated by gravity acting on his considerable mass onto Rodgers legs.

      But I’m sure you wouldn’t be able to figure that out as the DPS is the only school system in the U.S. that could make D.C.’s and Chicago’s look like Ivy League universities. Nice fuckin’ try though, Cochran.

  19. icebowl

    Not sure if the Suh suspension is a good thing, was hoping pussies could beat Romo – Gonna be that much harder for them to pull that off without that asshole playing for Lions.

    It would put the Packers in position to play Arizona or Carolina in Lambeau in two weeks….

  20. Fritz

    Carolina is going to Shitaddle, unless lions pull off a huge upset in Dallas. Either way, the matchup for the Shithawks is unknown but better than if AZ would be playing there.

    If,Arias,could have found one fucking durable QB, like MF, he could have been coach of the year!

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