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Eddie Lacy

The Green Bay Packers 20-3 win over the two-win Tampa Bay Buccaneers sets up just what we anticipated all along — a game with the Detroit Lions that will decide the NFC North.

Before we get on to that, let’s get to five more thoughts from the Packers’ week 16 win. By the way, the Packers are early seven-point favorites against Detroit because, lest you forget, these are the Detroit fucking Lions we’re talking about.

Welcome back, Buffoon
Mike McCarthy had a pretty decent run there for a while. He strung together a couple games in a row where he managed not to employ his typical buffoonish tactics. Then there was last week in Buffalo, where he refused to ride Eddie Lacy, despite the fact that Lacy looked unstoppable and Aaron Rodgers looked like Barney Fife. He followed that up with the buffoonish play calling on the first and goal series this week. First, if Eddie Lacy didn’t break the plane on second down, he was awfully close. You at least challenge that play. Not Buffoon. Then, on third down, Buffoon decides, hey, let’s run this slow-developing run play and hand it to the slowest dude on the team, John Kuhn. Maybe Kuhn had a shot if we was going straight ahead. Instead, Kuhn was running left to right on the play and predictably got buried in the backfield. So what do you do on fourth down? Five wide, of course! You know, when you have the ball at the opponent’s 1-yard line, I don’t care if you go for it on fourth down and fail to convert, so long as you handed the ball to Eddie Lacy up the middle on each one of the four plays. Buffoon had to get cute though and Buffoon got what he deserved.

Is the MVP in doubt?
We tabbed Aaron Rodgers as the runaway winner of the MVP a few weeks back. J.J. Watt and DeMarco Murray were probably his closest competition. Watt will still get some consideration, but his team just isn’t good enough to make him a legitimate contender. As for Murray, great season, but there’s zero buzz surrounding the guy at this point. No, the guy who’s probably pushing Rodgers now is none other than Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo. You did not read that wrong. Rodgers has slowed down a bit. There was that turd in Buffalo and although he threw for over 300 yards this week, Rodgers only threw one touchdown. Meanwhile, Romo has been lights out lately. He has 32 touchdowns against 8 interceptions and he’s thrown 10 and zero in the past three games. If you look at the total body of work, Rodgers should still get the nod, but the race is probably closer now than at any point in the second half of the season. If the Packers lose in week 17 and Rodgers has a bad game, Romo could overtake him. Not that this should be anyone’s primary concern, but it will be interesting to watch.

Hey, Eddie Lacy went over 1,000 yards on Sunday. Did you notice? This is Lacy’s second 1,000-yard season in two NFL seasons, which is a swell accomplishment. Lacy has 1,039 yards so far this year and has averaged an impressive 4.7 yards per carry. That’s an improvement over the 4.1 yards per carry he averaged last season. We don’t bring this up because it’s all that noteworthy. If you’re a featured back in the NFL and you DON’T go over 1,000 yards in a season, you’re not much of a featured back. We bring it up because, have you ever noticed a quieter 1,000-yard season by a running back? Obviously, Buffoon despises running the football, so that aspect of the game is total afterthought. Partially because of that, Lacy has had only two 100-yard games all season. Both came against Minnesota. He’s also only carried the ball more than 20 times twice all season. Despite the fact that no one noticed, it’s actually quite impressive that Lacy surpassed 1,000 yards in spite of Buffoon’s play calling.

Pad those stats, boys!
While it was very pleasing to watch the Packers defense maul an opponent for once, all we could think when they were piling up all of those sacks was, way to pad your stats, boys! Clay Matthews led the parade with 2.5 sacks, which gives him 10 for the season. That’s a nice number after he recorded only 7.5 sacks last year. Still, a quarter of his sack production came against one team — the worst team on the schedule. The same goes for Julius Peppers, who hasn’t sniffed a quarterback in weeks. Yet, there was Peppers ringing up two sacks of his own on Sunday. That gives him seven on the season, which is the same number he had last year in Chicago, but is the fewest he’s had since 2007.

Speaking of Clay Matthews
He seems to have settled in to the inside/outside linebacker role pretty nicely. We still feel like he’s better utilized inside, but the Packers obviously disagree because they have been using Matthews more extensively on the outside in recent weeks. They’ve forced more A.J. Hawk down our throats in the process, but that’s beside the point. Matthews’ production in the past three games looks like this — 15 tackles, 5.5 sacks, 1 pass defended. He appears to be in better positions to make plays than he was early in the season and he’s making them.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Cliff December 22, 2014

    A wins a win- plain and simple especially with the D coming along. Time to feed the Bull! Get your Ed Bull shirts and hoodies here!

  2. James Bennett December 22, 2014

    Let’s not forget how our defense is finally showing up and no doubt about it. That’s two straight games the D didn’t allow a touchdown. I hope they’re wired big time for the scumbag Lions.

  3. KazooPackFan December 22, 2014

    Couldn’t agree more on the play calling at the one yard line. If you count the later series that resulted in the 1-yd Jordy catch, McCarthy had a total of SIX chances to give the ball to #27 for the TD and chose to do so only once. WHO CARES if the defense knows he is getting the ball – that is the point – he is your best bet to get a yard – he’ll likely get you four or five – especially if you give him 3 cracks at it. WTF? And you say this is the best oline since you’ve been here. — — USE THEM. It ain’t rocket science.

    1. MMTTDCSUCK December 22, 2014

      This is one of many reasons why the author of this article calls McGlurpy “Buffoon”.

  4. Packer Bob December 22, 2014

    “I don’t care if you go for it on fourth down and fail to convert, so long as you handed the ball to Eddie Lacy up the middle on each one of the four plays.”


    Aaron Rodgers is the best player on the team. We would you not give him the ball to score as often as you can? The offensive online does more than just block for runners, they give the QB time to find an open receiver. There’s no guarantee that Lacy would have gotten in the end zone either, and then you’d be complaining about why didn’t they pass the ball instead of running it.

    1. Ryan December 22, 2014

      It seemed to me like ARod got banged around pretty good yesterday, despite this great O Line

      1. Phatgzus December 22, 2014

        Seems to me like we watched different games. He got rushed on the first series, but after that, most of the hits came from free blitzers, not as the result of our guys getting beaten. You also have to remember he was forced into the role of a pure pocket passer for most of the game as well. Pocket passers get hit more.

  5. Ryan December 22, 2014

    Gotta give the D credit this week. Again, not an impressive offense they were facing, but I almost felt bad for giving them a hard time after last week’s game. They almost looked like a coherent unit yesterday. Let’s hope they can keep it up against the Frat boy next week… Detroit can be a scary offense when they click. I anticipate several 3rd-and-long scenarios being converted by them dumping screens to a RB out of the backfield. And a few prayers to Megatron that probably include Sam Shields looking like an idiot and a safety coming over to ‘help’ 2 seconds after the ball arrives. But outside of that, we might be OK

    1. Phatgzus December 22, 2014

      Speaking of poor safety play-HHCD should’ve needs to make a pick (or at the very least, bat the ball away) on that prayer to Evans. That was just U-G-L-Y. Kid’ll be a pretty good player, possibly a multiple-Pro-Bowler one day, but he has a ways to go.

  6. Phatgzus December 22, 2014

    “You at least challenge that play”
    -Yeah, I thought Lacy was in too, then again I couldn’t see where his knee went down based on the fact that there were about 20 bodies and 3 tons of human blocking my view-exactly why YOU DON’T CHALLENGE that call (Answer me this, when was the last time you can recall a goal line spot being reviewed and overturned? Fucking never). Also, it was second down, you expect the O, the way the line and LAcy have been playing to pound it in from the one given 4 opportunities. Isn’t that one of the things all of you naysayers love to bitch about anyway? Not pounding it in from close to the goal line? FYI, the quick handoffs to Kuhn have been pretty fucking effective ever since we drafted Eddie Lacy (see his 2 runs late in the game), though I do agree I’d like to have seen him running north-and-south, MM go too cute on that one. Finally, we had a TD on the 5-Wide if Cobb doesn’t get tackled before he ever touches the ball. The quick slant has worked for a TD time and time again.

    The day Tony Romo wins the MVP will be the day I hijack a space shuttle to fly me into the sun.

    How about the fact that “the Buffoon’s” play-calling enabled Lacy to average 4.7 YPC, or is THAT one all on the players alone? FYI Lacy has been damn near 100 yards at least 3 times, including twice in the last 2, but he was injured at the end of both and MM opted to keep him healthy for more important games rather than let him pass some arbitrary yardage goal.
    COULD we run more? Sure? Would I LIKE to see Eazy E.D. tote the rock more? Mos Def. Do we NEED to run more? Not usually when Aaron King Charles Rodgers is your QB. Additionally, how many of those games were out of control and they took Lacy out in the third or fourth quarter? At least 4. Hell, Starks even got to sit in one of them.

    The Defense has been playing damn near lights out since Philly (sans 2 quarters). But I guess you gotta bitch about something, that’s just how you roll. Keep on ridin’ white and nerdy, McMahon.

    1. Howard December 22, 2014

      Thanks for making it easy. Agree entirely.

      Would like to add one item. Certain people bitch about the D. Well Detroit has the number 2 D in the league. Both of our last two opponents played Detroit. The bills gained 342 yds against the lions in detroit. Tampa gained 253 yds against the lions in Detroit two weeks ago. We held the bills to 233 yds in Buffalo and Tampa to 109 yds. Who was the better defense against the last two opponents? Detroit or The Pack.

      Oh, the week before the Pack played the patriots, the lions played them. The lions No. 2 D held the patriots to 439 yds and 34 points while that lowly Pack D allowed a whooping 320 yards and 21 points to the patriots. The Pack’s D is trending up!

      1. Fritz December 22, 2014

        your O stats need to be corrected for the conditions and the venue they were generated. games played in domes are always more O heavy than those played in cold blustery wintry weather outdoors. even kyle orton, who has now beaten the pack twice in a row, was getting the blubirds from his home crowd after a string of incompletions and 3-and-outs.
        now TB, that was a home crowd alright, for GB! nothing like a winter trip to sunny balmy florida to enjoy the packers win one in a stadium with lots of good cheap seats LOL.

        1. Howard December 23, 2014

          There is no reason to factor home and away for the bills and Tampa. However since you brought it up. For all teams except for the Pack here are the average yards per game.

          Tampa offense
          Away – 308 YPG
          Home – 303 YPG

          Bills offense
          Away – 322 YPG
          Home – 330 YPG

          Detroit as the dome team here are there defensive stats at home and away

          Detroit defense
          Away – 311 YPG
          Home – 282 YPG

          The bills and Tampa games were in very good winter conditions. So what was cold and blustery about those games? The stats show the lions play better D at home. So what about playing O in Detroit was an advantage for the bills and Tampa? In fact did you factor in crowd noise for the opposition offense in the lions dome? The stats and conditions do not prove out what you claim. Do you just hate the Pack D? Although there have been some bumps in the road there has been steady improvement. Give the D some credit, if it doesn’t hurt to bad. The reason Orton was getting booed at home is because the Pack D made him look bad.

  7. SEAHAWKSOWNYOU December 22, 2014

    Bwahahaha, you guys are gonna get ass raped in Seattle. PUSSIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your team sucks, and your trophies have some cobwebs around them. WE ARE THE NEXT DYNASTY!!!!

    1. Savage57 December 23, 2014

      So what you’re saying is that your girls love to get them some man ass? Sounds about right for the Shehawks .

      When your girls go down, make sure the rope is short and strong enough to get the fucking job done.

  8. CO Bob December 22, 2014

    Seahawk dynasty…you heard it here first, folks…..if they win another, they get to buy a trophy case.

  9. jtmax December 22, 2014

    What’s wrong with Adams folks? Runs wrong route. drop balls. Next thing he’ll start fumbling. Common man. Get it together or Janis might get a chance. About that. Common coach. Let Janis get a shot. They’re more motivated when they get their first shot. Too big and fast to stash on the bench. Build like Nelson. Big, fast white guys who can catch.

    1. Fritz December 22, 2014

      maybe there is a lot more influenza bug going around than we know right now. unlike other teams, the packer are always tight-lipped about that stuff. another reason i don’t mind if they have to go on the road in the playoffs. a lot of players catch the bug from their families/kids. it devastated the packers locker room and contributed to their playoff loss a couple years ago, 2012 i think. CM for one looked downright deathly pale and pasty as i remember.
      also this subject came up during the cards loss to the shehawks. one of the cards said he got it from his kids. home game. also i don’t think areas/cities in the pacific NW have a climate as susceptible to flu/cold [e.g. Shitaddle]. who knows, if we have to play there for the nfc, it might be a blessing in disguise. if i was MM in a cold wet winter we’ve had so far, with all the obama bugs coming across the S border, i would quarantine my players from family and order everyone to carry a bottle of sterilizing lotion like they hand out at the local supermarket… can’t be too careful. i heard on the news Fri. that a deadly form of infectious disease known as Listeria is now starting to spread in the Eastern USA along with the usual bugs going around right now…

    2. Phatgzus December 23, 2014

      He’s a rookie who’s made some mistakes that have caused him to lose confidence and make further mistakes. Hopefully he regains it in time for the Playoffs so he can turn this vicious cycle into a virtuous one.

  10. SEAHAWKSOWNYOU December 23, 2014

    Bwahahaha your pussy ads team are gonna pushed around like grocery bags by us. Bring it on you dickheads. Mr Rodgers is old and boring. Russell Wilson is young and athletic.

    1. Kozak December 23, 2014

      Us? What position do you play?

      1. Fritz December 23, 2014

        LOL. he hasn’t reached puberty yet judging by the level and quality of his posts. he is playing with his new iPad or tablet, and discovering the first hint of sexual arousal when he plays pocket pool with his new toy. Best we all ignore this prepubescent juvenile or he might start jerking off on the “SEND” button.

        hopefully the site monitor will consider deleting his posts? i don’t normally support that, since 99% of the fans of other teams are clearly adult and sober when posting here, but in this case,…

        1. Phatgzus December 23, 2014

          Nah, Monty gets revenue from this twat hammer’s trolling, he won’t get banned.

          1. Fritz December 23, 2014

            “twat hammer” that’s a good one! i have lived a long time [like 10x the age of this JD], and i rarely come across a new epithet that has a great ring to it. congrats, phats!

          2. Phatgzus December 24, 2014

            Thanks, sir. Glad you like it.

  11. kato December 23, 2014

    Here is a question for you faggot. Can Russell Wilson be an effective qb from the pocket without running? You know there are schemes defenses can play to keep qbs from the pocket. I would expect cm3 to be a spy on Wilson for the entire game. And old boring Rodgers will be winning another MVP…

  12. SEAHAWKSOWNYOU December 23, 2014

    12th Man are way more loyal than you Cheesedickheads. We are everywhere.

    1. Phatgzus December 23, 2014

      LMFAO. How long’s the Seahawks waiting list for season tickets? I bet it isn’t three-and-a-half decades.

  13. SEAHAWKSOWNYOU December 23, 2014

    You saw what he did against Zona right? Yeah good luck trying to cover us you bandwagon douches.

  14. SEAHAWKSOWNYOU December 23, 2014

    You saw what he did against Zona right? Yeah good luck trying to cover us you bandwagon douches.

  15. Richard C December 23, 2014

    Wilson will be midget 2.0 next year when you tards let Lynch walk.

    Can’t wait until the Packers skull fuck Seattle in Seattle……it will be a glorious sight!