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Brett Goode Won the Lottery

It’s okay if you don’t know who Brett Goode is. He’s the long snapper for the Green Bay Packers, so not many people do.

But Brett Goode has won the lottery.

Not literally, but in a figurative, you get to have a totally awesome life even thought there’s nothing particularly great about you sense.

First of all, he’s the long snapper for the Green Bay Packers. We don’t even know why that’s a job, but it is. So all he does is snap the ball on punts, field goals and extra points.

Goode pretty much gets paid AND gets a sideline pass to watch the Green Bay Packers play.

Oh, and he gets paid pretty well. The Packers signed Goode to a three-year contract extension back in 2012. That deal will pay him $2.715 million.

So Goode is also a millionaire.

Lastly, you should know that Brett Goode looks like this.

Brett Goode

Basically, your run of the mill hillbilly with a sweet-ass perm.

And that hillbilly recently married this.

Monica Goode

That’s Goode’s wife Monica and I don’t even think that’s a great photo of her. In other words, she might actually be hotter than what you’re looking at right there.

And she’s married to this guy. Lottery winner Brett Goode.

Brett and Monica Goode

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. [email protected] December 5, 2014

    Wow, that’s a ton of money considering that with a long-snapper you don’t even have the worry of insuring the player has a non-sweaty ass crack.

  2. MJ December 5, 2014

    Point is, if many do not know his name, he is probably doing a good job.
    He would be noticed otherwise.
    In fact, does anyone remember a failed long snap from this guy?

  3. Carlos Goodman December 5, 2014

    Great at his job. However, correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe he is drinking a Keystone light out of the coozie in the last pic.

  4. The Legendary Leon December 5, 2014

    He doesn’t strike me as a wine drinker.

  5. MMTTDCSUCK December 5, 2014

    This guy is automatic as the long snapper. A very good player at his position. He warrants every penny that he gets. He is an asset. Now sometimes with a lot of money comes better looking women, but on the flip side, many of them are more mercenary because of the money. So, some of these guys may have to really watch their money and future more closely, and that could suck . . . So in some regards, he is no better off than most of us when it comes to everything in life.

  6. Fritz December 5, 2014

    sure that pic is not Megan Kelly, the hot blonde chick on fox news channel every week night?

  7. MMTTDCSUCK December 5, 2014

    Who in the hell watches FOX NEWS?

    1. Chad Lundberg December 5, 2014

      Who watches the highest rated cable news network? That’s like asking “Why do myopic people wear glasses?”

      1. Fritz December 5, 2014

        if your taste runs closer to home: Greta, the other blonde chick on Fox News Ch. every weeknite is an ex-wisconsinite [albeit nowhere near as hot as Megan Kelly]… and she has her own one hour show as well.

  8. MMTTDCSUCK December 5, 2014

    So that is why you watch FOX NEWS! for the women! I get it!, because it certainly could not be for the fear mongering, half truths, propaganda and obfuscating that they pump out!

    1. Fritz December 5, 2014

      aren’t you describing MSLSD? double check the channel no. on your screen next time you watch the nightly cable news.

  9. Nacho dan December 5, 2014

    That’s some fine ass pussy. Probably does ass to mouth as well. You guys still talking politics? I’d titty fuck her till the cows come home.

  10. MMTTDCSUCK December 5, 2014

    I am with you Nacho Dan! Just as long as she requires no kiss at the end . . .

  11. MMTTDCSUCK December 5, 2014

    Personally Fritz, I believe they both cater to our confirmation bias(s). Keep us all separated, so we pay NO attention to the man behind the curtain. FOX NEWS still sucks, and so does MSNBC. They want us fighting each other, not hearing about how they are fucking us. But I figured that you knew that already . . .

    1. Fritz December 5, 2014

      that’s probably why u and i go to the internet for a step up in quality for our sports news and mainstream news as well. in any event, if the current administration doesn’t succeed in screwing up the internet, we will still be able to get higher quality outlets that cater to our particular taste, e.g., this site is preferred by the discriminating packer fan. for news, you have huff post for left leaning tastes, and e.g., breitbart for conservative leaning tastes. and many more available; all are superior in quality/objectivity to the mainstream media news outlets. remember when all we had for on-demand sports news was ESPN? ugh.

      1. NachoDan December 5, 2014

        And brazzers

  12. Shawn Neuser December 5, 2014

    Geezus, Kelly Hall really gets around…

    And what the HELL is she wearing in that first picture??

    1. JB December 5, 2014


  13. MMTTDCSUCK December 5, 2014

    Agreed on all points Fritz! I do believe that Obama is really pressing Tom Wheeler to maintain net neutrality! let us all hope this happens! And remember when MTV was all music? lol!

    1. Phatgzsus December 5, 2014

      Ohhow the times have changed since video killed the radio star.

  14. MMTTDCSUCK December 5, 2014

    She certainly loves white! go figure . . .

  15. MMTTDCSUCK December 7, 2014

    Yep! Very first song played by MTV . . .

  16. Arkansan December 11, 2014

    Well well. Monica Casey-Meadows-Goode has finally struck it rich. Good for her. I guess ex-husband Joseph wasn’t good enough. Maybe if she wasnt such a spiteful nasty person, her ex wouldn’t have left her. Oh well. Good luck Goode. I’m sure she will do a good job of pretending to love you and she will make sure to have kids to keep that payday coming for life after she ditches you. If you dated her longer than 3 months you would have seen what a mistake it is to marry her.