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Jay Cutler

That was the Bears Offensive Coordinator Slamming Jay Cutler


I love me a good Cutty! story and this one has to be right up there with the top Cutty! stories.

The dysfunction known as the Chicago Bears just keeps on getting more and more awesome. Last week there was a story that the Bears had buyer’s remorse about giving quarterback Jay Cutler that gigantic contract this past offseason.

Apparently, there was also a source within the team complaining to the same reporter who wrote that story about Cutler’s game management. You know, the old dooooooooooon’t caaaaaaaaaare! style of game management that we’ve all grown to love.

Well, that person was Cutler’s own offensive coordinator Aaron Kromer because… Cutty!

On Thursday, Kromer got up in front of his shitty team, admitted he was the source and issued a tearful apology. How did Cutty! react?

You just go ahead and take a guess.

Dooooooooooooon’t caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaare!

Yeah, seriously, he shook his head as these shenanigans were transpiring.

So how did the players not named Cutty! react?

This about sums it up.

“I’m still kind of trying to sort my way through this to be honest,” one player said. “It’s one of the most (messed) up things I have ever seen.”

That’s a real tight operation they’re running there down in Chicago. Amazing that they haven’t come close to living up to expectations this year, isn’t it?

You’ll always have 1985, Bears fans!

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. E. Wolf December 12, 2014

    If they cut him after this year, they face something like a 20 million salary cap hit. It will take YEARS, if not a decade or more, to recover from this.

    1. You Enjoy Myself December 13, 2014

      This reeks of over exaggeration, but I don’t want to put it past them…

  2. pf4l December 12, 2014

    Excuse me. Let me give you some factual information.

    If they cut him after this season (not happening). They would still have to pay him 31.5 million for his 2015-16 base salary which is guaranteed.

    As far as cap hits. The Bears would have a cap hit of 16.5/mil in 2015 and 17/mil in 2016.

    You’re welcome.

    1. E. Wolf December 12, 2014

      16.5-17 roughly equals “something LIKE 20 million” (emphasis added).

      1. pf4l December 12, 2014

        As a “writer” you should already know accuracy counts. 33.5 mill. is not “something LIKE 20 million.”


        1. E. Wolf December 12, 2014

          And the little weiner dog went “yap, yap, yap.”
          I am still within the phrase “20 million.” In any case, I can direct you to the closing segment of Green and Gold today, where Wilde said it could be from 20-26 million.

          1. E. Wolf December 12, 2014

            *the phrase “something like 20 million.”

          2. pf4l December 12, 2014

            So in your world…”something like 20 million: is in the range of what?…. 6.5-33.5 million? Sounds logical.

            Maybe in the future, (as a writer) instead of listening to what others say as truth, you should corroborate it, (as real writers do). And learn something for yourself vs “something you heard”.

            Have a great day Wolfie.

          3. E. Wolf December 12, 2014

            “Something like” means exactly what it means, and my statement still holds true. Whether it is 20, 26, or 33.5 is of no import. Any which way, it is a crippling hit on their salary cap REGARDLESS, a devastating blow that will require years to recover from, if not a decade or more.
            And I will remind you of the difference between *informal* postings in comments section are different than a formally composed article or other composition that is carefully drafted, edited, and proofread.

        2. Kato December 12, 2014

          Alright where are you guys getting these figures from? Just out of curiosity.

          This is the website I use, and from what I hear, it is very dependable and accurate.

          So basically, they are stuck with him next year unless they can work out a trade to a desperate team. After next year, they can cut him pretty easily with little salary cap ramifications, only $3 million hit in 2016, which will be nothing and given that the salary cap is supposed to grow. Not to mention that their salary cap situation is actually very favorable for them (somehow, I dont know how with all the free agents they sign) starting next year.

          If you scroll all the way to the bottom, you will see the Bears somehow have $30 million in cap space. So basically it would be very easy for them to cut Cutty! lose after next year.

          1. E. Wolf December 12, 2014

            I stated my source, ending segment of Green and Gold today. And no I have not looked it up. For me the number is trivial, because I know if they cut him after this year, they are in cap hell. Whether it is 20, 26, or whatever. It really does not matter.
            I will say that if you are correct, the bears may be in somewhat better shape than I thought, ie that they only take a hit one year.
            No matter how you cut it, I doubt anyone will trade for this guy. Not even the Raiders (they have a QB).

          2. pf4l December 12, 2014

            Kato…..The 3 million you referenced is called dead money, that isn’t the cap hit.

            Look to the column to the left of that…where it reads “cap hit” 2016 = $17 million. Then look at 2015, that is a $16.5 million hit…That’s = 33.5 million.

            That has to be paid out, as he was guaranteed 54 million his 1st 3 years. Now in 2017, they are basically free and clear to cut him.

  3. Abe Frohman December 12, 2014

    Good luck getting another job, Kromer. It’s not that anyone really disagrees with what he said, it’s that he has now destroyed the trust he would like to have with any future QB.

  4. pf4l December 12, 2014

    It’s the bears, so who gives a fuck, lol. The longer they operate as a dysfunctional franchise, the happier i am. :) LOVE IT!!! The McCaskeys don’t care as long as the seats are full, and they are making money. Which is the same thing that ailed the Packers in the 70’s and 80’s under the direction of one Mr. Judge Robert Parins. Who upon retirement, admitted, he didn’t know the 1st thing about football.

    1. Tucson Packer December 12, 2014

      YOU apparently give a fuck.

      You’re going out of your way to start a back and forth for your own kicks while simultaneously, yet again, causing everyone else who visits said page/article to have to deal with it.

      You are gonna nit-pick with another fellow Packer fan about how much the Bears screwed themselves? really?

      You got banned from here for quite some time for a reason, guess you’re the one looking to “re=peat”

      1. pf4l December 12, 2014

        JC dude…You whine much?…Tell ya what…you wanna cry about something, go cry to Monty, if he doesn’t give a shit, then go tell your problems to Jesus, he cares…I don’t.

        1. E. Wolf December 12, 2014

          Apparently I at least am no longer permitted to use the words “twat” or “fuck” anymore. Thanks, Shawn. No matter, I am sure PFAIL can read my mind. Or maybe that is too much to expect from our resident weiner dog. Yap, yap, YAP.

          1. Mr. Hankey December 12, 2014

            Great Quote from Fox Valley Tech’s best graduate!

  5. pf4l December 12, 2014

    It wasn’t an attack. It wasn’t directed at him personally… read it again slower, it was a rip on the bears team…So sit down, catch your breath and relax. no need to blow a gasket son.

  6. Packer Bob December 12, 2014

    If there is a bright center of the NFL this blog is the place farthest from it.

    1. Andrew Chitko December 12, 2014

      But you know you love it Packer Bob. You know it!

  7. Fred December 12, 2014

    I dont think e wolf counts as a writer.

  8. Kato December 12, 2014


    Excuse me. Let me give you some factual information.
    If they cut him after this season (not happening). They would still have to pay him 31.5 million for his 2015-16 base salary which is guaranteed.
    As far as cap hits. The Bears would have a cap hit of 16.5/mil in 2015 and 17/mil in 2016.
    You’re welcome.

    Agreed. I doubt they will cut him after this year. Would not make any sense for them to take a $20 million hit. They will probably take a qb relatively high in this draft (unless they really like Clausen for some reason) and have him sit on the bench for a year behind Cutler. Their cap situation looks good now, but they will have to sign Alshon Jeffrey longterm, which will take a decent chunk of change. Either way, you are right, that team is screwed for a while, no true franchise qb, very old and veteran team, no young standouts on defense, barely any on offense.

    On a more important note, I was looking at the packers salary cap situation for next year, and it isn’t as favorable as I would have thought. Looks like it will be tough for them to resign all of their free agents, even with Brad Jones and AJ Hawk’s contracts likely coming off the books next year before the new league year. Be interesting to see what they do with Raji. I dont see any strong candidates that will be available to them in the draft besides Danny Shelton, and I will be surprised if he falls to them. I don’t know that they are too enamored with Mike Pennel.

    1. Kato December 12, 2014

      Wasn’t meaning to quote pf4l, meant to quote E. Wolf.

      1. E. Wolf December 12, 2014

        Which is the essence of my original post that PFAIL, our resident weiner dog yapped at. They have a least loss situation that they cannot win from. EIther they cut him, take a huge cap hit, and rid themselves of the cancer, or they keep him, try and get some value from him, but delay hinder the rebuilding process another year.
        Whatever the exact cap hit they take is not really that important, it is devastating in all cases.
        I would suggest the Bears would best to cut bait this year, get it over with, start rebuilding now. It’s going to take a long time.

        1. pf4l December 12, 2014

          Absolutely correct. If the Bears cut Cutler after this year, they’ll have to take something like a $20 million cap hit the next 2 years. Or 33.5 million…..close enough.

        2. pf4l December 12, 2014

          Why would a Packer fan ever want the bears to cut bait with Cutler. So they get better? Really?

          I say keep him the next 6 years as they have him signed. the Packers have dominated him.

          Plus, How much fun and laughter do Packer fans have at Cutlers expense? Cut bait with Cutler?……Moron.

          1. E. Wolf December 13, 2014

            I never stated things in terms of what I want you idiot.
            I stated cutting bait with Cutler is probably their “best” option, or more aptly their least worst option.

    2. Phatgzus December 12, 2014

      Fuller will likely turn out to be a pretty good player, otherwise that D’s only talented players are old(er) and expensive.

      As for Raji, I wouldn’t be surprised if he and the Pack agree to another short-term deal (1-3 years). They seem to like Pennel a bit, he gets a decent amount of play time; he’s only a rook.

      1. pf4l December 12, 2014

        It’s a damn good thing that Raji and his agent didnt accept the 8 million/year contract that TT offered. So we only had to pay him $4 million to sit around and get a year fatter. Only in America folks.

        But then again, it could have been just a phony offer. Maybe it was just gamemanship though.