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Sending off the Throwbacks for the Green and Gold

Julius Peppers

I — along with millions of other Green Bay Packers fans — am most elated indeed by the smack down the Packers put on the Eagles this past Sunday. Indeed, such dominance over one of the better teams in the NFL gave me that post-orgasmic glow feeling of elation and well-being I often experience when our Packers are rolling, as endorphins flood into my bloodstream. This time it is not just a blowout, but a signature win announcing the promise of continued dominance over anyone we face this year: dominance which might just culminate in yet another Super Bowl championship, fulfilling our birthright and destiny.

I will be even more pleased, however, if Mark Murphy and crew decides to let the Acme Packers throwbacks exit stage left on this high note. As history dictates, I am sure my comments will not be met without controversy, even from Packers fans. Not that such controversy has ever stopped me before.

Even though the more comfortable cut of the pants has been carried over to the Packers’ primary uniforms (the main reason Aaron Rodgers fancied them), there are many arguments in favor of retaining these year in and year out.

Most obviously, they are a tip of the cap to Curly Lambeau’s early championship teams. That matters a great deal. However, after having several games with these throwbacks over a number of seasons, that purpose has been fulfilled.

Those who were not aware of this uniform from the Packers’ heady days as an upstart nearly a century ago are aware of them now.

Others mention that the Packers are undefeated when wearing them. Never mind that four games is a small sample size.

As in the past, yours truly can only recommend the wise words of wisdom of comedian and misanthrope Jim Florentine, who regularly mocks silly superstitions by both athletes and fans alike. The most poignant example he gives is that, as a San Francisco Giants fan, his son was in their hospital during the first of three World Series titles. During their second appearance, he did not give a second thought to the notion that not having his son in this hospital might jinx them. Similarly, the throwbacks have little if anything to do with Sunday’s beatdown, aside from perhaps the psychology of a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The arguments in favor of sending off the throwbacks while on top are far more persuasive — among them the ability to retire them while still undefeated. Going beyond that, however, these uniforms are just not appealing to the eye, objectively speaking at least.

Search “ugly NFL throwbacks” and sadly, you will find that these Packers’ throwbacks are featured prominently, more than the Steelers infamous “bumble bee” getup and indeed more than the Broncos piss yellow and shit brown Milk Dud disaster a few years ago.

Beyond that, and more importantly, is the missed opportunity of one more home game at Lambeau dressed in home greens. Every single time our Packers suit up in their home greens is a sight to behold. The Green and Gold, replete with white trim work so well. The look so classic, so timeless, I feel that endorphin rush alluded to earlier by the mere thought or mention of them. Indeed, the Green and Gold is really what it is all about.

Above all is the brandishing of that oval G symbol on the helmets — a subject on which I have written before.

Neither I nor anyone could ever wax and wane enough about its absolute perfection — perfection in aesthetic appeal, graphic design and in what it represents to so many millions. That iconic logo — which by itself represents the team and its legions of diehard fans who invest so much time, emotion, love and anguish in this team — is without parallel. It ranks right up there with the Yankees famous interlocking NY logo in history, mystique and visual appeal. That is precisely why it should always be adorned on those helmets. Always.

Indeed, that oval G symbol represents the Packers — the players, the staff, the history and its sprawling minions of fans — in the same way that the crucifix represents Jesus Christ and the religion of Christianity. I know I embrace that oval G symbol with equal if not greater ardor than the most devout religious fanatic. I believe in that oval G as much as anything in the known universe. I embrace that symbol with unbridled passion, zealotry and fanaticism. As great as Sunday’s display of dominance was, it would be even better if we could gaze yet once more at all the Gs on those helmets, with the donning of the Green and Gold the way only our boys can.

Packers vs. Saints


Some in our midst will state they do not care what our Packers wear if they win like this. Some will say they could go out on the field in all pink and it would suit them fine. But how many of you would have been drawn to the Packers initially, and indeed how would you feed and nurture this growing obsession, this fanaticism, this boundless passion, without the allure of such classic unis and one if not the most iconic symbol in all of sports?

Uniforms, colors and symbols matter. Just like language, they are used to represent ideas and concepts. In the instance of the Packers, those uniforms, those colors — and above all that oval G symbol — signify everything we love about the Packers: history, tradition, excellence and a mystical aura; the legacy of Vince Lombardi, Bart Starr, Ray Nitzschke and all the others that would fill a paragraph; the unique legacy of a team situated in a small Midwest town that could never seat a billion dollar, storied NFL franchise, but for that proud history and tradition of excellence, of winning, of championships.

All of that and more is signified by that mark, those colors, and that uniform. I, for one, long to behold such magnificent splendor each and every Sunday the Packers take the field, in Green and Gold and marked by the Oval G. It is one of my great passions in life if not my one great passion in life — a passion I know I share with millions. Those Green and Gold colors, that Oval G symbol not only represent that passion, they ARE that passion.

E. Wolf

Just a Packers fan and native Seattleite left stranded in New York City, and apparently suffering from post traumatic stress disorder from the near disaster in New Orleans in January of 2010. Bleeds Green and Gold through and through. Listens to indie and hardcore industrial and aggrotech music, and thus would much rather hear Headhunter by Front 242 or Front Line Assembly's "Mindphaser" than "Celebrate" or "I Gotta Feeling" in the fourth quarter, or any time.



  1. Savage57 November 18, 2014

    Lucky us. Another blathering plea for some half-ass crusade that anyone with a life cares nothing about.

    If you’ve reached the comments section before wasting 3 minutes of your life trying to hack your way through the jungle of jilted and overwrought prose that Wolfie thinks is ‘writing’, don’t go back – it’s a black hole of circular logic with no real significance.

    Petition website soon to come!

    1. RelampagoBlanco November 18, 2014

      Now if only someone was petty enough to petition to have E. Wolf’s novels be banned from the site..

    2. pf4l November 18, 2014

      It seems if Mr. Wolf doesn’t have anything to bitch and whine about, (even in the wake of the Packers playing at their best) he isn’t happy.

      Yes, i’m sure a petition is being drawn up and e-mails sent out to the Packers upper management in accordance to what Mr. Wolf feels are sins of the Green Bay Packers, and the (wrong) decisions that organization makes in it’s day to day operations without consulting with Mr. Wolf..

      Sometimes i wonder why Mr. Wolf doesn’t quit his job at KFC and join the ranks of the Green Bay Packers Board of Directors so he would then be able to stop this madness. It is painfully clear that when the Packers try making daily operational decisions, without input and final say from Mr. Wolf, they always and predictably get it wrong.

  2. Rick November 18, 2014

    What the fuck did I just read?

  3. MGP November 18, 2014

    Very well written, Wolf.

    However, i believe that once in a while the Packers should remember their rich history.

    So, wearing occasionally the throwbacks it´s not to bad.

  4. Dick Butkus November 18, 2014

    Give us the 1960’s throwbacks.

  5. BZ in BA November 18, 2014

    I like the throwbacks. I have a Woodson throwback jersey, and it is one of my favorites. I agree that the Steelers throwbacks were REALLY ugly, but maybe that’s OK as well – I am not a Steelers fan, so I don’t really care that much. However, my impression of Pittsburgh is that it is an ugly city (I was only there once), so I guess I see the uniforms as fitting. I don’t remember the “milk duds disaster” in Denver, so I can’t comment about it.

  6. Patrick November 18, 2014

    I look forward to the throwback game every year. I think it’s great that they’ve found a way to incorporate an alternative jersey that still represents the history. Also, I like the big yellow circle, it’s totally different than anything else going right now. I hope that the alternate uniforms last a long time, regardless of wins or losses it’s really cool to see such a modern style team in an “old school” uniform. Lastly, the oval G commentary got borderline creepy about half way through the article.

  7. kato November 18, 2014

    Agree with mgp. Maybe every five years. They are not as bad as when they had the brown helmets. And not nearly as atrocious as the steelers bumble bee uniforms

  8. brett favre November 18, 2014

    I like wranglers…..

  9. icebowl November 18, 2014

    Herr Wolfe,

    That was one of your worse rants….

    Rumour has it Brett will be wearing throw back when #4 is retired and he’s inducted in GB HOF.

  10. Nacho dan November 18, 2014

    They just wanna sell more merchandise, it reminds me to much of University of Michigan. Who owns the G logo and how does Georgia have one??

    1. Ulvfox November 18, 2014

      I do remember reading somewhere that the University of Georgia rents, or pay royalties to the Green Bay Packers for the use of the G logo.

  11. Patrick November 18, 2014

    What’s wrong with selling more merchandise if people like it? They also want to sell tickets. And beer. And brats…

  12. Packer Bob November 18, 2014

    I guess it must have been a good week for the Packers if we’re complaining about the uniforms and not last Sunday’s game.

  13. Mr. Hankey November 18, 2014

    This article doesn’t seem to be up to the normal standards of this site – not sure why.

  14. [email protected] November 18, 2014

    Eloquent as always E….although I am lock step behind you when we are talking about “He Who Shall Not Be Named”, I have to disagree with you here. They are hideous, I always complain when they’re worn, but I am ok with it once a season for the nostalgia.

    1. E. Wolf November 18, 2014

      Ah, the lovely Nurse Ratchett! Thanks for your kind words, but are you sure you really disagree with my position? Stating that you are “ok” with some is damning with faint praise. And while I do not favor the throwbacks by any means, I do not think they are “hideous.”
      Think of it this way. If you have not been to Lambeau yet, what would you want them to wear for your pilgrimage to Mecca? Exactly.
      I have to say I chuckle at Savage, Blacno and a couple others foaming at the mouth. As I even stated in the article, I do not back down from controversy, never have never will. I not only do not give a shit what you people think, I regard your words of protest like a badge of honor, a sign that I am doing something right.

      1. pf4l November 18, 2014

        When will people start to realize..that when Mr Wolf disagree’s with something the Green Bay Packer organization does, they should not only agree with it, but they should stand behind him, and work to change all that is wrong with the Green Bay Packers operations and policy’s.

        Lets us not condemn him, let us thank him for showing us the light.

        I am in the process of making a new Packer Jersey with the name being “Wolfstrong” on the back, also with the Packers “G” proudly displayed front and back.

        Keep fighting the good fight Mr. Wolf.

  15. Fritz November 18, 2014

    i live in DC area now, after growing up in WI in the lombardi era. just be grateful that our packers are not fighting for their very team name, not just their team logo, every friggin’ couple of years thanks to the PC police who got nothin better to do than act like frustrated applicants for the parking meter maids arm of the police force who got rejected cause their tits weren’t big enough in the job interview.

  16. CA November 18, 2014

    You need to get a fucking life E Wolf. This is beyond dumb.

  17. Tom Brown November 18, 2014

    Love the throwbacks. Whenever the Packers wear them, it takes me back to this Donald Driver TD.

  18. LordDouche November 18, 2014

    I am from the Baltimore area and I am happy to know that the Packers have nothing but good characters on their team. Unlike the Ravens, who seem to have murderers and wife beaters. Its nice to know that the Packers have an upstanding history.

  19. Andrew Chitko November 18, 2014

    Nope. Still haven’t made it through one E. Wolfe post. And I try, too.

    1. Arcturus November 18, 2014

      Me neither. His constructions are unintentionally comical sometimes… in a ‘junior English student trying to impress his teacher’ sort of way.

  20. guysocke November 18, 2014

    Seriously, fuck this guy.

    1. RelampagoBlanco November 18, 2014


  21. Arcturus November 18, 2014

    Hey, its content, right Monty?

  22. Lynn Fuckin' Dickey November 18, 2014

    They looked way better with the brown helmets, IMHO. I say retire them, they are cool, we’ve won 3/3 with them, let it go. Think up some other alternate uni if you want to move more merch.

  23. E. Wolf November 18, 2014

    The same, tiresome tantrums from the usual suspects. Yawn. Who would have ever thought such animus would be directed at someone writing about how classic and timeless are uniforms, colors, and oval G symbol are. Not anyone who knows there is far too much brother on brother hate in the streets of Packerland since about 2008.
    Here are three basic questions to consider. If you answer yes to all three, I win, as usual.

    1) In relation to the majority of Packer fans who get to travel to Lambeau but rarely, once in a few years or, as is very often the case, once in a lifetime, would the vast majority want them to wear our real uniforms?

    2) All things considered, do you prefer our real uniforms over these others?

    3) As far as a gimmick to sell more merch, further relegating Packer fans to the status of a true milking cow, would they sell far more if our throwbacks were uniforms altered to replicate the 1960s Lombardi era garments?

    You all know “yes” is the one and only correct answer for all three. I am right, my detractors are wrong–as usual. Fa le la la. I WIN!

  24. Rick November 18, 2014

    1. Yes
    2. Yes
    3. Yes
    4. Shut the fuck up

    1. E. Wolf November 18, 2014

      How very childish, But perhaps the failure in communication is on my part, for not communicating in terms you, with the mentality of a slow, not altogether attractive child, can understand.
      Please allow me another opportunity, to clear up any misunderstanding, but this time in the form of a nursery rhyme that even slow children like you can understand.

      Hickory Dickory Dock,
      Open wide and SUCK MY COCK

      Mit Liebe


      1. LD November 18, 2014

        You call someone childish and then retort with “suck my cock” in all caps, just in case “suck my cock” didn’t seem juvenile enough? This doesn’t sound like someone who regards “words of protest like a badge of honor.” It sounds like pot calling kettle black. Get a hold of yourself, Wolf.

        It looks like most of the comments above focus more on the style of your writing than on its content. If you’re going to write 700+ words to express a fifty-word opinion and then share it with the public, then be prepared to take some potentially harsh criticism for it, and do so with the class and humility of a true writer, if that’s how you view yourself.

        “Hickory Dickory Dock,
        Open wide and SUCK MY COCK”

        Really? This is the best response you could muster? If you could, would you share this with Bart Starr, Vince Lombardi, Aaron Rodgers, or [insert your favorite Packer player/coach] as a testament to your knowledge, wit, and Packer pride? Your hide must be wearing thin, Mr. Wolf. Your article has some fine points that could have generated some entertaining discussion if your readers weren’t so distracted by your bloated, self-important writing and your reactionary, witless responses to criticism, no matter how childish.

        In terms you might understand: You’re a big fat stupidhead. I’ll stitch that on a badge for you so you can wear it with honor.

        1. E. Wolf November 18, 2014

          Do not be confused–I am certainly not addressing the likes of Rodgers or Lombardi or even Favre, or at this point anyone I actually respect, but rather internet trolls telling me to fuck off, to shut the fuck up, so on and so forth, without even addressing the actual content of my words. In other words, I bite back. Tit for tat.
          And yes, “the Hickory Dickory Dock/ Open wide and suck my cock” line connotes quite perfectly the defiance, as well as the murderous contempt and disdain I harbor for this handful of individuals. Of course I also added further insult by calling him a slow, not altogether attractive child, you know the sort that probably ought to have been aborted with proper foresight. I am very, very disappointed you overlooked such originality, in that you undertake an effort, however half-assed, to critique my writing.
          And on that matter of my supposed “bloated, jilted” insert random perjorative writing style, I write how I write. I have been told I write I like a dead, sexually repressed Victorian woman. This was intended as at worst an insult, at best a backhanded compliment, damning with faint praise. I however take it as one of the greatest compliments anyone has ever paid me, ever.
          If you or anyone do not like my writing style, I have a simple suggestion. Do not read it. I do not care. I will add of course that most of my prose reads at about the 11th grade level, and I rarely use a thesaurus (although I did consult one to try and find other words besides ” beat down” and smack down”). And people use that–ie that my writing reflects a classical education– as a vehicle to try and insult me. Ah the dumbing down of America is a wonderful thing.
          Any other questions or grievances, Chico?

          1. LD November 18, 2014

            No, Wolf, I have no other questions or grievances to share. Your response, like your original article, is already illustrating my points perfectly. I will add a small observation, though: It’s sad that writing at an eleventh grade level should be something to boast about (unless you’re younger than that, which wouldn’t surprise me). I’m not sure if you’re part of the cause of the dumbing down of America or just an example of it. Perhaps both.

      2. Arcturus November 19, 2014

        You wrote the book on childish, if you say something is childish, you are correct. Heck you even write like a child.

  25. Cheese November 18, 2014

    It’s nice that Wolf likes the Green and Gold jerseys. They obviously have a ton of history and the Packers won’t stop wearing them. But when it comes to tradition, the Blue and Gold came first. Star and Lombardi aren’t the only guys who brought success to this organization. Two words- Don Hutson. Best receiver in the history of the league and his records still stand today. Lambeau has six titles under his belt. That’s more than Vince. John “Blood” McNally, Arnie Herber, Cal Hubbard, all hall of famers. All before the Green, and the G.

    You say they’re undefeated wearing these throwbacks? Maybe they should wear them every game. I don’t think the jerseys are great but there is no way they’re uglier than the Steelers. Even if they were who cares. It’s one game a season. Don’t want to see them wearing Blue? Go to a different game. Or go to more than one game. I’ve been to throwback games. Not a big deal.

    Trying to mimic a throwback from the 60’s would be silly since they already look 95% like the jerseys they already wear.

    1. E. Wolf November 19, 2014

      Cheese, consider that a majority of Packers in the nation and indeed the world do not live in Wisconsin. Above all, and partly because we are all over the continent and indeed the globe, the vast majority do not go to Lambeau to attend games regualarly. For some it is a rare occurence, every few years. For others it is once in a lifetime pilgrimage.
      Last week while donning my Rodgers authentic jersey at the Neptune dinner eating breakfast, an older gentleman approached me and identified himself as a fan. We talked about how the team is resurging, how we are back in the hunt this year. Told him that I am oiiginalyl from Seattle, and asked him if he had ever been to Lambeau as I told him of my trip there for the game against hte Giants in 2010. He had not yet been but wants to go. I told him how it is almost a quasi religious experience and the rush I expereinced as I entered the gates. Also, I have met several fans in Seattle who have not yet made the pilgrimage. SE Cupp, a republican fox news harlot, who is well to do and has married in accordance with her hotness has been there twice. And she has a pretty face wtih a pretty pussy between her legs working in new media, and married to a power broker in the GOP.
      In relation to that consideration of how few attend regularly, they did not announce the throwbacks until last week, I believe. It certainly was not announced at the beginning of the year.
      Our real unis, our colors and above that sacred oval G symbol are among the very best in all the world, in any sport. They should be on display every time, all the time, possibly with a blue and gold diversion every few years, well in advance. Not every year. 1960s throwbacks would be better, in part to highlight the subtle differnces that have evolved over the years, and how litlte our unis have changed.

  26. Kozak November 18, 2014

    This is ridiculous. The history of the Packers goes back far beyond the 60’s where Wolf seems to be stuck. Lambeau and tons of early Packers, many original members of the HOF were PROUD to wear the blue and gold. It’s not a lot to ask to honor those guys with a once a year acknowledgement of their greatness and contributions to the Packers. I love the Throwbacks. I wear my McNally throwback jersey with pride.

  27. MMTTDCSUCK November 19, 2014

    Who gives a fuck what they wear! Just win! baby win! As far as all the invectives are concerned, everyone on here (for the most part) is concerned with having fun bashing each other just for the sake of bashing! I get a kick out of all you closeted schadenfreudists’! Here’s to a good “fuck you” to all of the prose trolls . . . lol!

    1. E. Wolf November 19, 2014

      Who gives a fuck? Indeed. Uniforms, logos, style do not matter at all, and are in no part of any legacy of greatness. Just consider the pinstripes of interlocking NY logo of the Yankees. Or the black and white von der deutschen Nationalmanschaft in international football (soccer) competition. There are many others.
      Our unis, colors and above all that logo g symbol which signifiy our greatness are what removes us from teams like the Patriots and Seahawks. We have the look of a real tradition in the NFL, unlike those with gaudy arean football getups.

  28. MMTTDCSUCK November 19, 2014

    Well, you obviously missed my point. Please allow me to relieve you of your vapid defense of said “uni’s”. The Green and Gold is the standard. The brown, yellow and blue are fun diversions for nostalgia and merchandizing purposes ONLY. If someone comes to a brown, yellow and blue Packer game, it is because they are coming to a Packer game. If the uni’s are not green and gold, who gives a fuck? Unless however, they are OCD about uni colors. In that case . . . who gives a fuck? If they are true Packer or true football fans, do they really care? And if so, then they should DOUBLE CHECK as to games using “throwback jerseys”. The history you reference in your insipid response, does include these other colors. Are you the official “hall monitor” of Packer uni’s that can only be green and gold? Because green and gold is the be all end all to your Packer mindset? If so, then who gives a fuck? . . .

    1. E. Wolf November 19, 2014

      I give a fuck you piece of subhuman garbage. See my answer to Cheese, it addresses some of your “points.” I must ask how anyone who uses a moniker such as yours is not completely and totally beneath discussion. Hint, we can thank TT and Mac every single day for being a solid contender year in and year out. Just look at Chicago or Minnesota if you want to see a gm and coach tandem worth complaining about.

      1. MMTTDCSUCK November 20, 2014

        Wolf, your response to my retort was about as mature as a five year olds petulance involving removal of play time or no new doll for you while shopping at “Toy’s R Us”. Jesus! what kind of insipid retort was that? As far as my moniker goes . . . who gives a fuck? You are a fucking joke homer who worships at the alter of 1265. Wow! get over your sensitivities! Grow up, or commit to a pair of diapers! Figure it out . . .

        1. E. Wolf November 20, 2014

          Oh the irony. An idiot who goes by the moniker “MMTTDCSUCK” calls me childish. It truly beggars belief as his idea of conversation can be reduced down to pretty much stuttering “who gives a fuck” over and over.
          I of course marvel that you think you are somehow insulting me by stating I worshiop at the altar of 1265 Lombardi Avenue. You are fucking right I do, and especially so since my pilgrimage–yes pilgrimage–a few years ago.
          Are we in bizarro world. A Packers fan waxes romantically about are unis and colors, and gets attacked by others claiming to be Packer fans.

          PS–listen to Gary Ellerson, who decires people calling for Ted and Mike to be fired as idiots and “jokers.” Or as I stated before just look at the hot mess that Minn and chicago are in. There are maybe two or three teams that have arguablhy a better gm and coaching tandem, and that’s argurable.

          1. MMTTDCSUCK November 20, 2014

            Idiot eh? How about learning the difference between OUR and ARE in your weak attempt at explaining why you feel the silly way that you do! You wrote it, I did not. Furthermore, Your assumption as to my moniker? Speaking of Irony! lol! If you read my posts CLEARLY, it is sarcasm that I dish out fucktard! While you may be a homer, I believe in reality. Continue to use confirmation bias and cognitive dissonance to rationalize your POV’s genius, and while I’m at it, have you checked yourself for being a candidate for “Dunning Kruger Effect? I believe that you suffer from it . . . was that enough stuttering for you shit for brains? Or do I give a fuck?

          2. E. Wolf November 20, 2014

            You actually I think i don’t know the difference between “our and “are.” For someone carrying on about such things like confirmation bias and Kruger-dunning, you seem purposefully ignorant of how the mind can mix up homophones in a moment of haste.
            But by all means carry on All I need to do is consider the source–ieone of those knucle-draggings “fire the coach, fire the gm” idiots.

    2. MMTTDCSUCK November 20, 2014

      Yeah! you got me pegged! you are so awesome . . . as far as “haste” is concerned, you should make “haste” back to your “wittle” corner you petulant “wittle” boy . . .

  29. Waltkilledhank November 19, 2014

    I want the 50’s all green throwbacks.

  30. DevilDon November 19, 2014

    I don’t know how I missed it before, but that E. Wolf character writes some bizarre shit.
    Did you wash your hands after your pontification?
    You are a weird dude methinks.