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Scott Walker Really Stuck it to the Minnesota Vikings

scott walker

It has been brought to my attention that it’s election season. While I give exactly zero shits, I did find this move by Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker to be pretty smooth.

You know, which is relative, since he’s a politician and there’s nothing smooth about him.

So this ALMOST made him cool. Walker made a campaign stop at a steel plant in West Salem, Wisconsin recently. This happened to be the steel plant making the roof beams for the Hormel Chili Dome, which is where the Minnesota Vikings will one day lose.

Walker and Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch went and wrote “Go Packers” on one of the beams.

Take that, you scumbags!

Naturally, Walker told everyone about this at another campaign stop last Friday. It probably won him a vote or two.

He also took the obligatory no championships shot at the Vikings while he was at it, saying the Vikings saved $1 million on their new stadium because “they decided they didn’t need a trophy room.”


So suck on that, Minnesota.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Brewtown Packer Backer November 3, 2014

    Scott Walker is a pile of shit with ebola frosting.

    1. Shawn Neuser November 3, 2014

      Tomorrow is going to be a bad day for you then.

      1. Brewtown Packer Backer November 4, 2014

        It will be bad for our children and grandchildren once our education system is reduced to nothing. We’re on our way to becoming Mississippi. On the other hand, enjoy the extra $37 on your tax return. Hope it’s worth it! By the way, if that walking drip of ball sweat wins, he’s just going to start campaigning for president. Either way, his concern for Wisconsin is OVER, if it ever existed in the first place. He’s a career politician in the worst possible way.

        I’m a conservative, by the way. Unlike most others of my ilk, I happen to not be a drooling idiot whose afraid anything not white and Christian.

        1. El Capitain November 4, 2014

          The Stupid is deep in this one.

          1. Brewtown Packer Backer November 4, 2014

            Says the guy who couldn’t spell his Spanish name correctly. Run along now, little boy- the adults are talking.

        2. J.B. November 4, 2014

          Obviously you’re not a conservative. What a joke.

          If you really think that conservatives are drooling idiots and are afraid of anything not white and christian… You must not know any conservatives and you must be incapable of understanding the actual positions taken by actual conservatives, so you just attack the lib caricature of a conservative.

          You sir, are a drooling idiot.

          Looks like Walker won again!

  2. Mike R November 3, 2014

    Walker will be sticking it to the democrats and all of the stupid hippies that tried to get him recalled 2 years ago, come tomorrow. Those protests that costs WI tax payers millions of dollars and halted things in downtown Madison for days was well worth it. It also really spoke to what the majority of the people in the state of WI were feeling, just like the media was framing it as.

  3. Howard November 3, 2014

    The great thing about writing on a roof beam is when the beam goes up the writing has a 50% chance of being upside down. Those rejects in Minnesota will probably be in awe that there is some foreign language (from the north land for sure) written on their beams. It will bring excitement, wonderment, and joy to entire inbred family’s for years to come. srekcap og.

  4. Tequila November 3, 2014

    Scott Walker is an embarrassment to politicians which is saying a lot. How many fucking failures does one guy have to rack up for you turds to make a rational decision? Wisconsin is rapidly becoming the Arkansas of the Midwest while the state gets carved up for corporate interests. Fuck you Monty for putting this cunt on our total packers.

  5. Cheese November 3, 2014

    That picture is smooth~~~~

  6. Arcturus November 4, 2014

    That’s what Walker is good at… StIcking it to people, like Wisconsin workers and school kids mainly. And he’s as much of a real Packer fan as he is a hunter or Harley rider. But he’s good at getting the sucker vote.

  7. J.B. November 4, 2014

    Yeah! Because only people in unions work! And those people shouldn’t be allowed to choose whether or not they want to be in a union! Because, they might choose to not be in a union! And that would be unfair to those who do want to be in a union! So, forget individuals making choices, it’s better to force compliance!

    1. Brewtown Packer Backer November 4, 2014

      I find it amazing that you can use a computer.

      1. J.B. November 4, 2014

        I find it amazing how flattered with yourself you are. You must be incredibly accomplished.

        But I totally agree with your point – workers in unions are workers. Non-union workers are not in fact workers, they are something else entirely. No need to explain that logic because it’s self-evident. Thanks champ!

  8. packnutt November 4, 2014

    Walker rocks! Suck it librats.

  9. Jim November 4, 2014

    Go Vikings!

  10. Howard November 4, 2014

    Ok Jim now your pushing the envelope. With all the above civilized discussion about politics and you have to get nasty. This is the prime reason you never mix politics and football.

  11. Tequila November 4, 2014

    The only response you numb dicks can muster is you’re happy he is sticking it to liberals? That’s like eating a burger not because you want it but because you met a vegetarian you didn’t like. He’s a bad administrator and hasn’t done a thing to help wisconsin, unless of course your ignorant premise prevails and you just like taking things away and hurting people you don’t like. Where are the jobs? How did union busting help the state? What did his tea party bullshit get you? ‘Conservative’ policies….don’t work. Good luck new Florida.

  12. Vikingsgal November 5, 2014

    I think Walker did such an infantile thing and then bragged about it to get votes. Typical Repug, resorting to graffiti to sway the vote instead of doing anything substantial that truly helps people.

  13. MMTTDCSUCK November 5, 2014

    In 1933 Hitler and his party did away with “collective bargaining” for its workers. We all know where that took them DON’T WE? I would venture to guess that anyone in here using invectives with the term “liberal” do not understand either term referenced! because if they DID, they NEVER would have written what they have in the above comments . . . Someday you mis-informed people will unfortunately be informed just how FUCKED you really are, and it will NOT be from the Liberals, it will be from the narrow minded Koch Bros. Fucktards that you placed into office (when you still had a chance not to). Keep listening to talking points and reading your “Memes”! last night was a DIRECT reflection of your LACK of knowledge about Walker. I still cannot believe that adults would vote for this fucktard! Someday you will all see this, it is just sad that you could not see it before it happened. The Packers, TT, McGlurpy, all pale in comparison to what you “macho voters” did last night to yourselves and your families:( fucking sad.

  14. MMTTDCSUCK November 5, 2014

    This explains my POV about voting in the Fucktard Walker much better

  15. J.B. November 6, 2014

    So much anger from you idiots!

  16. packnutt November 6, 2014

    The American people have spoken!

  17. MMTTDCSUCK November 6, 2014

    Packnutt! you have the mental capacity of a gnat. You will see someday just how much of a lemming that you are. What a female lamb . . . baaaaah baaaaah

  18. Matthew Shannon January 14, 2015

    The ‘Go Packers’ written on the beam was found and eliminated. Sorry guys, but sometimes Packer fans take it too seriously. Its a game. Even former DE Sean Jones said they needed to ‘get a life’. When the new stadium opens there will far fewer Packer fans in Minny.