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Predictions: Green Bay Packers at Minnesota Vikings

Teddy Bridgewater

Shawn (7-3) — Beating the Minnesota Vikings is one of the few things in life that never gets old. It is kind of like beating the French. Even when they are in perpetual decline with their glory years long past, it is still a pure pleasure. Even though they never won anything. Unlike the Cowboys or Bears who you partially hate because they were good at one point, the Vikings were never good enough to win anything, but it doesn’t matter. They THINK they were good or they think that they WILL be good, and that is enough for us to laugh our asses off at what the Joker once called their “failed and useless lives.”

Any time an NFL team plays a divisional game on the road, shit can happen. See the effin Raiders beating the Chiefs. The Packers need to play well in this game. If they think, or if fans think, that they are just gonna show up and win, then they can give Andy Reid a call.

Even though Eddie Lacy had his best game of the year against them, I fully expect the Vikings to go cover-2, rush four and drop seven against the Packers offense. I’m sure they are well aware of what Aaron Rodgers, Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb have been doing to defenses, and they’ll look to double team the outside guys and make someone else beat them.

They aren’t looking to get any help from the weather in, yes, an outside game in Minnesota. It has been 20 degrees below normal around here for the past two weeks, but it is finally warming up over the weekend. Weather should be no issue.

What the Vikings will also look to do is run the football and keep the Packers offense off the field. If they can get that going, then the little dumps to the fullback and misdirections to the tight end that they love to run should open up as well. With Teddy Bridgewater in at QB, the Vikings have a better third down option than they did at Lambeau, but they’ll still want to keep those third downs of the short variety.

For me, the key to the game is the Viking pass rush. Everson Griffin has played well in the past against the Packers and the Vikings will need him and others on that defensive line to have a big game. If they can’t get pressure with their front four, the Vikings are sunk, and the Packers will cover the spread easily. If the Vikings can get some pressure and run the football, they have a chance to keep the game close.

The Vikings are a fast-starting team and I can see them keeping this game close early. However, it would be crazy to pick the Packers in anything but a blowout at this point. Let’s keep the momentum rolling.

Packers 38, Vikings 17

Andrew (8-2) — The Green Bay Packers head on the road for the first time in a few weeks to take on their inept nemesis, the Minnesota Vikings. The Packers absolutely throttled the Vikings the last time the two teams met, but that was within the friendly confines of Lambeau Field versus a Christian Ponder-led offense. Will things be just as easy for the sizzling hot Packers this week, or will a little bit of a reality check take place as Green Bay reminds everyone that they haven’t always looked that good playing on the road?

This game the Packers get their first up-close look at Teddy Bridgewater. I’ve read that the rookie looks pretty good thus far. See, I wouldn’t know beyond that because I would rather be caught wearing a leather bustier at the Blue Oyster Bar than have to watch those purple pukes more than twice, and in rare cases, three times a year. But from what I ascertain, there is some reason to be concerned about the upgrade the Vikings will have at quarterback this time.

The Vikings are 4-6 which really isn’t that bad, but it is a deceptive 4-6 to be sure. The Vikings four wins came against the Rams, Falcons, Buccaneers, and Redskins. That powerhouse foursome boasts an unimpressive 13-27 record this season or 32.5 percent. Against teams with winning records, the Vikings are 0-4 and have lost by an average of 20 points a game in those contests. Against the only .500 team in the league, the Buffalo Bills, the purple pukes lost on the road by one.

So the Vikings are an average team. Plain and simple. But since the playoffs are obviously off the table this year (What else is new?) this will be their Super Bowl on Sunday and they will play hard. I don’t think the Vikings will be a pushover for the Packers. I just think they’re outmatched.

All that being said, if the Packers don’t come ready to do battle and decide to take this team even a little bit lightly, the result could end up a whole lot closer.

Packers 31

Vikings 13

Monty (6-4) — The Green Bay Packers are rolling, having put up more than 50 points on their last two opponents. Those games weren’t even close. They were more or less over by halftime.

What’s more, the Packers did that against an Eagles team that is obviously superior to the Minnesota Vikings team they play on Sunday and a Bears team that just beat this Vikings team last week.

So clearly, the Packers are going to annihilate the Vikings and rookie quarterback Teddy Butthole. Right?

Mmmmm… kind of.

I have no doubt the Packers are going to win. They’re just far too superior of a team not to and one of the themes of the week was guarding against a letdown. So I fully expect Green Bay to be focused and play well.

That being said, I do not expect another 50-point romp that’s over by halftime. Simply, the Packers are a different team on the road than they are at home. You have to look no further than their last loss, which was of the humiliating variety to a not-very-good New Orleans Saints team.

That was only four weeks ago, in case you forgot.

All three of the Packers’ losses have come on the road this year. In two of those losses, the defense has been awful. In the other (Detroit), Aaron Rodgers was awful. Now, I don’t expect either of those things to be the case this week, but I also don’t see any way the Packers keep up the pace they have set the past two weeks.

I’m looking for a big day from Eddie Lacy, much like the first time these teams met, and for the Packers to pull away a little more slowly than normal.

Adrian Peterson is not walking through that door.

So suck a dick, Minnesota.

Packers 35, Vikings 16



  1. BZ in BA November 22, 2014

    50 Burger. Third in a row. New NFL record.

  2. Ed west November 22, 2014

    Play off ticket bills came on Friday. I wonder what will happen this year. Healthy qb sell them all.

  3. bob at 82 November 22, 2014

    on paper it looks like no contest, but under dogs can rise up and bite you in the . . . .
    go pack go

  4. Don Q November 22, 2014

    I’ll on the 45 yard line 12 rows up, so I’m predicting an nice vantage point to watch Rodgers tear that secondary the fuck up.

  5. Phatgzus November 22, 2014

    Game will be close for 2-3 quarters. Teddy B will make plays with his legs but our pseudo-shutdown-corners will take care of the Vikings WRs, including a certain #85; though a Queenceiver will get open deep once or twice, it won’t result in a TD. ur red zone D will continue to play quite well.

    Our first few drives will be hit or miss, and will likely result in no more than half our points, but may account for possession time and put us up early-preventing the Queens from running as much as they’d like.

    The Special Teams will be solid (no TDs for either side)-they’ll likely give up yards, but not points. Look for the little-used, underrated Crosby and Masthay to display why they’re among the best in the league (yes, I included Crosby among the best PKs, because even though he has occasional tiffs with accuracy on FGs, he has a powerful leg and is great with hang time, directional kicking, and onsides kicks, and sometime, somewhere, someone need to give him credit for that). even if rusty.

    If Perry doesn’t play, Neal/Matthews have to the hold the edge vs. TB Deuce and McKinnon. Even if the Vikes do get the run game going and early, I still see the Packers winning; the Pack’s D will do enough to slow down the run and Eddie Lacy will do enough vs. the Vike’s Cover 2 cocktail to make the game (the Packers O-line will play well, though not as well as at home) come down to Rodgers vs. Bridgewater, and regardless of Teddy Bear’s ceiling, I’ll gladly take Rodgers vs. any QB in the game, in his prime-EVER.

    Will certainly be closer than the previous game, but not THAT close; maybe next year, Minnesota Freddy Mercuries:

    34-20 Packers

  6. packnutt November 22, 2014

    Packers are on a roll and their average margin of victory is 22 points They’ll beat the queens by at least 28.

    42-14 Pack

  7. James Bennett November 23, 2014

    If Matthews is at MLB again and our OL gives Rodgers decent pocket protection, this one shouldn’t be close; but I still have a queasy feeling it could be a trap game upset. Realistically, we should be all alone in first place in the division by day’s end; I can’t see the offensive-challenged Lions beating New England out there.

  8. Howard November 23, 2014

    Wow this is the ideal trap game. This is how you draw one up on the board . A team you destroyed earlier sandwiched between two bigger games. Well this is an very important game for potential division crown. The team will be ready and win ;however this will still be a closer game than many expect.

    D remember Rudolph is probably back and he has hurt us in the past. Watch those damn bubble screens to Patterson. Do not let Patterson get loose he is the big play threat. Forget about Bridgewater running the ball he had his ankle tweeted again against the bears. Bridgewater sure looks fragile. Not sure he makes it through the game if he is hit often. Stay home HHCD, at the first of the game expect vikes to try to go deep and loosen D. If bridge water is allowed to do more than dump offs to backs and TE’s there will be picks. Get a push up the middle he will struggle.

    Still think we can run to the edges against vikes. There D ends although good in pass rush leave the edges open. In addition it is possible there best run D lineman in pursuit is hurt # 73. I do not see there LB’s getting of blocks on a consistent basis. Not sure who is going to keep up with Cobb. Even though Minny will be in cover two and may try to take out Jordy. The TE’s RB’s and Cobb should be open. If Adams is against other than Rhoades he will have a season high total.

    I worry about ST’s with the guys who may be out or have a reduced role because of there current conditions. Just do not let Patterson or sherref return one or make a short field. Go Pack!

  9. James Bennett November 23, 2014

    I share your concerns. But if we put some serious pressure on Bridgewater, our DBs may come up with some interceptions. How about a couple pick sixes?

  10. Deepsky November 23, 2014

    Let’s not forget. This is the Vikings Super Bowl. The Vikings are not like the Bears where there’s a bunch of disgruntled players trying to get their coach fired. These guys will come to play and bring their A game, which is like the Packers B game, so the game should be much closer than the first game. Remember too, the Packers have been playing a lot worse on the road this year. Also consider the Vikings haven’t let any team score more than 30 points all year. The game will be close, but Bridgewater won’t put together the game winning drive.

    Packers 27, Vikings 24.

    1. E. Wolf November 23, 2014

      We put up 42 against them, remember?
      They gave up 26 against Washington and 28 against Atlanta, both at home. 26 and 28 are certainly less than 30, but those teams are simialrly less than ours.

  11. Cavilier November 23, 2014

    Packers 31 Vikings 13. If defense keeps up playing great, they will be hard to beat. Eventually one side of the bowl won’t have as stellar a game. Last two games team looked scary. I love my Green Bay Packers! God I love polka. I’m so NOT a football expert that on Thanksgiving I’ll see more football on that day than the entire season combined.

  12. tequila November 23, 2014

    Sorry, super distracted by Sean’s ‘kind of like beating the French’ comment. The Packers nor the United States have not fought or beat the French at anything.

    F the Vikings!

    1. Shawn Neuser November 23, 2014

      I’m talking sports, like the Olympics. IMO, there is no country’s team that I prefer to beat.

      1. Phatgzus November 23, 2014

        Germany; I love beating Germany, especially in the Winter.

  13. Iggles November 23, 2014

    Y’all suck! Jesus Christ that was a terrible W against the Queens. E-A-G-L-E-S you fags.