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Packers Take Bears Behind the Woodshed

Jordy Nelson

Green Bay Packers: 55, Chicago Bears: 14.

Now that’s how you start the second half of a season — by curb stomping your biggest rival. The Packers effectively ended the Bears’ season, dropping them to 3-6, while improving to 6-3 themselves.

At really no point was this game competitive.

After the Bears took the ball to open the game and were forced to punt, the Packers took their first possession and marched down the field. That drive was capped by a fourth-and-goal conversion that saw Aaron Rodgers hit tight end Brandon Bostick for a one-yard score.

The pretty much set the tone.

On the next Bears’ possession, Jay Cutler was his marvelous Cutty! self, when he threw a pick to Micah Hyde. That gave the Packers great field position and Rodgers would hit Andrew Quarless from four yards out shortly thereafter.

That was all the scoring in the first quarter, but the Packers would put up 42 to the Bears’ zero in the first half. Things got really wild in the second quarter, when Rodgers hit Jordy Nelson on pass plays of 73 and 40 yards, Eddie Lacy took a short pass and rumbled 56 yards and Randall Cobb atoned for a red zone fumble by making a one-handed grab for an 18-yard score.

And after that, who cares?

With their backs against the wall, the Bears couldn’t even put forth one quarter of competitive football. Too bad for them.

Rodgers, who exited in the third quarter, was obviously sharp. He finished with 315 yards, six TDs and no picks. Nelson had 152 of those yards and Cobb had 72.

The last time the Packers played the Bears, they got killed on the ground and by tight end Martellus Bennett. The Bears didn’t look like they wanted to run this time around and they netted only 55 yards rushing. Meanwhile, Bennett only had two catches for 45 yards.

Defensively, the star for the Packers was Clay Matthews and that’s the first time we’ve said that all season. Matthews finished with 11 tackles and a sack, easily his finest game of the yeah.

Matthews actually looked like he wanted to be the complete linebacker he always talks about instead of just a pass rusher for the first time maybe ever.

He wasn’t alone though. Safety Morgan Burnett, returning from a calf injury, also made his presence known, finishing with six tackles and a sack. Sam Barrington and Julius Peppers added sacks, with Julie also forcing a fumble.

Although it was meaningless, Casey Hayward rubbed some salt in the Bears’ wounds by returning a pick 82 yards for a score in the fourth.

Couple that with a Jarrett Boykin blocked punt and two Mason Crosby field goals, on of which was from 52, and even the special teams had a nice day (yeah, we’re going to ignore that kickoff return).

All in all, a hell of a way to start the stretch run.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. the real russ letlow November 9, 2014

    Clay playing inside and then outside really worked tonight. He was really bringing it. Should have had 2 sacks, that was a nit picking call. He absolutely stoned that WR on the reverse. Best game in quite some time for the Claymaker!

  2. Fresher than Wonder Bread November 9, 2014

    It’s gonna be a great week, go pack go.

  3. E. Wolf November 9, 2014

    Absolute beatdown. While the Packers deserve credit, it has just as much to do with the fact that Bears team has given up.

    1. Deepsky November 10, 2014

      Right. I think the Bears secondary and receivers want Cutler and Trestman fired. Neither group played like they were trying.

    2. Savage57 November 10, 2014

      Wolfie. I want you and all your Favre-hating, sand-packed vag compadres to read this article and watch the videos.


      Then, shut the fuck up about it – forever. Shut down your Quixotic website/petition, and apologize to every Packer and Favre fan who ever wasted a second of their time reading your ranting manifestos about your desire for vengeance – they’re really nothing more than thinly-veiled Freudian dissertations on how much you miss your hero, your lover that jilted you. And since it’s going to happen in spite of your bitter resentment, on the day/night they retire Favre’s jersey and enshrine him in Lambeau, ignore the proceedings and just stay home, watch Flo commercials and have a love-fest with your hand.

      The truth is, you and your acolytes aren’t worthy of sniffing a shit-scented hair from this man’s ass.

      1. E. Wolf November 10, 2014

        I will read it. But I will never apologize, and never falter.
        I will note your homoerotic fixations in passing. You spend way too much time thinking about me tending to myself. And the other imaged conjured in your mind is really disgusting. Please keep that to yourself. Thankee.

        1. pf4l November 10, 2014

          By tending to himself…Wolf means “self gratification”

          1. E. Wolf November 10, 2014

            Very good you can read.

        2. Savage57 November 11, 2014

          Don’t flatter yourself. I just call bullshit when I see it.

          1. E. Wolf November 11, 2014

            Your words speak for themselves. You have a fixation on male masturbation, particularly as it pertains to me. That puts you into one of two categories, a straight heterosexual woman, of the variety who watches Jerkoff flicks to get off with her assortment of sex toys, or a faggot.
            The sort of masturbation I think about is purely and solely the female variety, but I tend to keep that to myself, given my quaint, neo-Victorian sensibilities about propriety.
            Of course, the allusion to oral anal activities, replete with scatalogical allusions, puts things over the top.

      2. montyisahomo November 10, 2014

        Wolfag should love Favre because he stuck it to TT and MM. The dumbass writer and his band of Knee pad wearers have no clue.

        I am surprised the homo writer did not take time to bash MM on the challenge in the second half. Why did he not call for the heads of the kickoff team? What a joke.

        Favre helped bring this GB team out of the gutter. Yea, his split was ugly but was the right call by TT. TT was raked over the coals on this site when this went down. Now you homos should just go down on each other and STFU.

        Monty, did you enjoy your weekend with Michael Sam?

        1. E. Wolf November 10, 2014

          By sticking it to TT and Mac he stuck it to the Packers AND above all Green Bay Packers. So all I hear is the refrain from a famous song by Joy Division: No love lost. NO LOVE LOST.
          Why are you people bringing this up, we just kicked the shit out of our greatest rival (albeit a rival I respect)–on a Germany Brazil type level. Add this to the list of reasons why folks should hate you-know-who.

        2. pf4l November 10, 2014

          That’s enough!!…..Mr Wolf has taken his valuable time to e-mail Ted Thompson and Green Bay’s Mayor stating his case that Favre shouldn’t be allowed back in Green Bay. Also filing a restraining order in court against Favre forbidding him to come within 100 miles of Title Town.

          He also took his own personal time to draft up a petition to force the powers to be, to not retire Favre’s # in Green Bay, which is gaining momentum with the last count at 9 signatures.

          So please….Lets start showing Mr. Wolf the respect he deserves.

          Thank you for understanding.

          1. E. Wolf November 10, 2014

            You and Savage57 spend way too much time thinking about me. If I were a woman I’d call you a “creeper.”

      3. E. Wolf November 10, 2014

        Read most of that article. This passage speaks for itself, and validates everything I have ever uttered on the matter. He considers his act of treason and the outrage rightly felt by Packer fans as an honor. To hell with him, and to hell with you and all like you!

        “I think we’re well beyond that, I really do. There’s always some yahoo that’s going to voice his opinion. But I want to be remembered as a Packer — will be remembered as a Packer.”

        A far cry from Nov. 1, 2009, when he returned to Lambeau as a Viking. That day had a horror-movie feel to it, the camera panning across an angry mob of Packers fans straight to Favre, flashing a demonic half grin.

        He heard you all. He considers your vehement roar flattering.

        “The loudest booing and ranting and raving in all the years I was in Green Bay — and it just so happened I was the opponent,” Favre says. “I consider that an honor.”

        1. Packer Bob November 10, 2014

          Dude, you spend way too much time thinking about Favre. I think you have a man-crush on him.

          1. E. Wolf November 10, 2014

            Savage brought it up, not I. I was not thinking about him at all until Savage brought it up.

        2. DJ November 10, 2014

          Savage sounds like a typical Favre pillow biting cuckold. That article proves and says NOTHING we didnt already know. Favre will still get booed whether Wolf’s petition exists or not. Favre will still get booed whether Bart holds his hand or not. Favre will still get booed…no matter what…if or until he owns up to fan base. Its that simple. Why? Because Loyalty, Honor, & Respect are TWO WAY STREETS!! It doesnt matter what HE thinks! What matters is what the fan base thinks and if “it is what it is” is his position, then so be it. He’ll reap what he sowed. And I am on record for being in favor of reconciliation too as long as an EFFORT at proper amends is made. Newsflash: This aint it.

          Honor? What a fucking joke. How did his jumping around & celebrating my agony “honor” me? How did his fist pumping & flexing to Queen fans “honor” me? Google that shit… I saw it with my own eyes & I’ll have to wipe clean my hard drive now too. lol Contrast that with Frank Lampard in the EPL, who played for Chelsea for 13yrs & is the club’s career scoring leader & a legend, he gets put on loan to Man City this past summer & he scores an equalizing goal vs Chelsea, in Man City’s stadium, and then REF– — USES to celebrate out of respect for the Chelsea fans. Renaldo did the same for Man U fans. THAT is Respect. THAT is HONORING the fan base. THAT is how you keep your legacy with a team intact even if you are grudging with management. Think about it. Imagine Favre showing no emotion while lighting us up twice…going against his whole persona & his demonstrative ways…out of respect for us & all the loyalty we ALWAYS showed him even after all his major, season ending, championship killing fuck ups….as in plural. None of this would even be happening. He’d been honored long ago & deservedly so. However, that didnt happen. In fact, we got the opposite in the extreme. Dont take my word for it….look it up.

          So you wanna retire a Packer & still be revered, huh? Should’ve thought about that shit & acted accordingly six years ago, moron. Should recognize and address that shit TODAY if you want to fix it. Until then….Enjoy the boos.

          1. Savage57 November 11, 2014

            I hope that the folks that judge your life, and the inevitable fuckups it contains, as harshly as you judge Favre.

          2. E. Wolf November 11, 2014

            DJ, I SALUTE YOU!

      4. Deepsky November 10, 2014

        You don’t get it, do you. The Journal/Sentinell guys have made money off writing Favre books in the past and they are all jockeying to write his tell all book. These guys will continually to portray Favre as a hero FOR MONEY, and continue to bash Rodgers. For instance, notice the writer mentions the 4th and 26 – not the interception Favre committed in overtime that gave the Eagles the win. This is slanted writing to convince Favre to pick Tyler Dunne as his autobiographer.

        Don’t kid yourself. You Favre sychophants aren’t Packers fans at all. You’re Brett Favre fans. Let me ask you, did you ever attend a Packer game before he came along?

        One man isn’t greater than the great Packer organization. Brett Favre thought he was.

  4. Howard November 9, 2014

    Great game all around for the Pack. The bears stunk up the joint. I guess the old saying is true bears really do shit in the woods.

  5. Sal November 9, 2014

    I really hope this version of Clay Matthews sticks around.

  6. Vijay November 9, 2014

    Wasn’t someone on a previous blog post calling for Matthews to try manning the middle? Oh yeah, that was me.

    Though he didn’t seem to thrilled about this change in post game interviews. Still, it’s a way to continue to have more playmakers on the field at the same time.

    Great ass whooping tonight!

  7. Organicbuzz November 10, 2014

    Go Pack Go!!! Make’s a fan feel good.

  8. Neder November 10, 2014

    Someone make sure their heads don’t get all bloated!!! Start talking some smack about a crappy aspect of the game.

    1. Savage57 November 10, 2014

      OK. Packers lost the 2nd half 14-13.

      Happy now?

  9. James Bennett November 10, 2014

    Moving Matthews was a great idea. Let’s do plenty more of that and move Lattimore to OLB with Perry. Hawk could play the middle on obvious running downs with Clay sliding over. And while we’re at it, let’s go consistently to four down linemen. That’s what Peppers is–a defensive end. Always has been. The idea of trying to turn him into a linebacker is absurd on its face. He doesn’t need any more downs at WR either. I’d like to think Capers is getting a handle on this but I’m scared to say it out loud yet.

  10. Savage57 November 10, 2014

    What do you call that thing that happened between Boykin and the Bears punter?

    A funt?

    A pumble?

    All I know is that if there was any doubt that the Bears could fuck up a wet dream Sunday night, that play erased it.

  11. Howard November 10, 2014

    It may be called soccer with more hitting. If only Boykin could have kicked through the uprights.

  12. Deepsky November 10, 2014

    Having Matthews play inside linebacker and seeing him flying all over and making plays unfortunately only emphasized how bad AJ Hawk is.

    1. Please November 10, 2014


    2. Tundraboy November 10, 2014

      That’s a good thing. As if we did not already know. Hope MM keeps it this way

  13. Disposable h3ro November 10, 2014

    We did what we were supposed to do, whip a deflated 3 win team. Time to get ready for Dirty Sanchez and the Eagles.

  14. billybong November 10, 2014

    its all about the Lions this year..everything is bouncing their way so far…should be fun at Lambeau in Dec…

  15. BZ in BA November 10, 2014

    I absolutely love Cuntty! and his hurty vaginey, and I hope he remains the Bears QB for at least the next five years. I also hope that the McKloset Family remains faithful to Phail emery and Mr. Tristy (which happens to mean “sad man” in Spanish…. kind of).

    Now if someone would just stop handing the Lions the game in the last 45 seconds we will be back atop the division where we belong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO PACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Cheesemaker November 10, 2014

      Re Cutty, could not agree more. He is truly the gift that keeps giving.

      Living in Chicago area, cannot get enough of talk radio after a beatdown like that. They are already fantasizing of trading Cutty to AZ. It’s like watching a capybara get dropped into a school of piranha.

      1. Cheesemaker November 10, 2014

        That pic pretty much says it all. Worst body English for a franchise QB you will ever see. It’s like handing the keys to your Bugatti to your mopey teenager…

        1. E. Wolf November 10, 2014

          Back in his heyday of the 80s, Robert Smith of the Cure was more masculine than cutty. We should all love Cutty, because I believe he has set back the bears at least ten years.

          1. Cheesemaker November 10, 2014

            LOL, so true. I’m chagrined that I didn’t think of this sooner, but that pic brings to mind this comparison: Spaulding Smails.

  16. pf4l November 10, 2014

    Listen to the score on 670AM Chicago…Pure Gold

    1. Cheesemaker November 10, 2014

      That’s how I started my morning. Had to tell the wife and kids to shut up so I wouldn’t miss a second of it.

      1. pf4l November 10, 2014

        You should have heard it last night. It was an epic sweetmelt session.

  17. Fresher than Wonder Bread November 10, 2014

    How about that one handed TD pass catch by Tex Cobb? Fuckin’ A..

  18. packers5 November 10, 2014

    Can someone tell me who figured out that c.m. can play the hell out of the middle linebacker? Instead of limiting him to one side of the field. Hell of a move and they need to keep him there.

  19. packers5 November 10, 2014

    How about J. Harris ran like he was on a mission

  20. MMTTDCSUCK November 10, 2014

    I have wanted CMIII there for a few years! DuJuan Harris has always been able to find holes. Did McGlurpy finally do a few things right? Well, his time out was usual . . . But the D and O came to play last night! Fun game to watch.

    1. Packer Bob November 10, 2014

      Yeah, he listened to you and everyone else on this site. Because it had nothing to do with having pass rushers like old man Julius Peppers and Nick “BUST!” Perry on the outside.

      Yep, Buffoon and company sure pulled one out of their asses this week.

  21. MrPatriot November 10, 2014

    Oh big deal, you crushed the Bears and WAIT until you play us in a few weeks. You have no idea what Brady, Gronk, and Lefall bring to the table. We crushed Denver last week, and we will fuck you up in a few weeks. You cheese eating dickheads. Patriots legacy is superior to the Packers.

    1. Kato November 10, 2014

      A legacy built on cheating and filming opponents practices? Yeah, that is really inspiring. And a ten year run of success and being merely irrelevant for the other years of your existence doesnt make the patriots legacy superior to the packers long and storied history.

  22. MMTTDCSUCK November 10, 2014

    Packer Bob, you are one hell of a rationalizer! CMIII should have been there a few years ago. AJ Hawk Blows, Dom Capers and MM had the answer staring them in the face for years! and if they were doing what many of us said my cute little MM apologist, they would have done it a few years ago! So go suck on the small head of your Buffoon and leave the real knowledgeable fans to speculate . . . shouldn’t Bob be Bub?

  23. Kato November 10, 2014

    I am still not going to drink the packers koolaid. I started to buy in right until the debacle in New Orleans. I still can’t take them seriously yet.