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New England Patriots: The Ugliest Disgrace of All

Now that the Green Bay Packers have defeated the Minnesota Vikings at Gopher Stadium, they simply MUST carry forward and defeat the New England Patriots — preferably in blowout fashion. Aside from the importance of racking up yet another win to stay ahead of the Detroit Lions in the race for the NFC North — and the home playoff game and probable bye week that comes with it — and aside from the sort of “statement win” this will be, the Packers must win simply because the New England Patriots are one of the most repugnant, despicable entities not just in sports, but perhaps in all of American popular culture.

That, of course, is up against some pretty stiff competition. So let us count the ways and reasons why one ought to hate this disgrace that is the New England Patriots. Their coach, their quarterback, their owner, their fans and their fugly uniforms and symbol are just some of the reasons why we should all revel in our hatred and contempt for this shameful disgrace, this pariah of the NFL.

As one of the most successful head coaches in league history, it is telling indeed that the only saving grace of Bill Belichick is his professional acumen. Those ridiculous hooded sweatshirts he wears, that permanent look on his face as if someone pissed on his Cheerios, his rude, dismissive manner towards journalists and everyone else on the planet all demonstrate what a horrible human being this man is. Wholly unfamiliar with even a semblance of sportsmanship, he runs up scores and is such a sore loser he hardly even shakes hands when he does so.

Bill Belichick handshake

Of course, there is room to question Belichick’s status as one of the greatest of all time, as he has not been able to win a championship since the Patriots’ Spygate scandal was unearthed. It cannot simply be coincidence that such an unstoppable offense like the Greatest Show on Turf  just happened to be hampered only by the underdog Patriots. The two other Patriot titles that followed were also won under the narrowest of margins — narrow enough for such cheating to be the difference.

Perhaps that adage taught in grade school how “cheaters never win” may not be true after all.

The dynasty period of the last decade is rendered more dubious by the consideration that it may never have happened at all, but for that infamous “Tuck Rule” game, which has proven to be even more fortuitous for the Patriots than it was disastrous for the Raiders. Particularly after a decade of postseason failure, it begs the question — is Belichick an evil mastermind who succeeded on the basis of both unconscionable dishonesty and cheating, as well as a robust horseshoe lodged deep in his ass?

Tom Brady is not much less loathsome. A pretty-boy, metrosexual playboy who peddles Uggs — a label indelibly linked to the fairer sex. As much as I hate Randy Moss, as a player and a human being, I must concede he was right about one thing; Tom Brady did look like a girl.


Tom Brady: girl

Such womanly attributes are only further pronounced by how much he pouts to referees whenever a defensive player lays a finger on him.

Most damning of all, the single greatest rule change behind the increasing marginalization of defenses in this league can be attributed to him. The so called “Brady Rule” practically relegates contact of the quarterback to flag football rules.

All of this is made only that much more insufferable by the endless pandering of idiots like Chris Berman, Tony Kornheiser and others of similar ilk who drone on endlessly about how great Tom Brady is ad nauseum.

The hate train does not stop there. That dark choo-choo train keeps rolling down those choo-choo tracks! The New England Patriots owner, Robert Kraft, is even more unlikeable. There cannot be a more typical point-one percenter — not one-percenter, but point-one percenter — who profits off the huddled masses. I cannot imagine supporting a team if it meant lining the pockets of a guy like this:

New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft and Jay-Z


The smugness, arrogance and self-satisfaction of this über-rich asshole is beyond cringe-worthy.

But it gets worse. Upon the death of his late wife, Myra Kraft, he appealed to schmaltzy sentimentalism of the worst sort, perhaps no better represented than these kitschy in-memoriam patches that some people somehow think shows “class.”

The sappy sentimentality was piled on even further with promotional flyers like this. As if professional athletes are really inspired by the death of a wildly privileged socialite like Myra Kraft, who has nothing in common with any NFL player except perhaps those born into wealth like the Mannings or Johnny Manziel.

New England Patriots MHK

The schmaltzy aftertaste is enough to make one vomit as is. But this nausea inducing “tribute” is accelerated yet further by a single consideration — within a year of this privileged socialite dying, her husband pulls a Donald Sterling with some tramp half his age.

Bob Kraft's girlfriend


It truly beggars belief that even a man entitled with such unimaginable wealth would have the gall, the chutzpah to feign mourning for his wife and to plaster his team’s uniforms with a piss-poor imitation of the Chicago Bears’ GSH initials (in memory of George Stanley Halas), only to compound the distastefulness of such disingenuous sentimentality by frolicking with a woman young enough to be his granddaughter 15 minutes later. All in plain sight for all to see, without even mimicking any semblance of discretion or propriety.

Of course, one must remember that only a small portion of the proverbial iceberg is ever visible, so it stands to reason this sort of thing was going on long before, likely with a stable of gold-digging harlots just like this.

Adding more fuel to this insufferable inferno is a deluded, front-running fan base that struts about, each and every year, with absolute assuredness that the Patriots are going to win the Super Bowl. This is a self-evident proposition and will only be mentioned in passing.

Living in New York City, one such as yours truly is exposed to this odious sort far more than I care to be. It is rivaled perhaps only by Yankees fans, who up until recently carried on the same way.

Still, there is a particularly noxious stench to the Patriots fan that one can only truly appreciate by living here in the Northeast. Perhaps it’s because every single person outside of New England, almost to a man, hates the Patriots the way saints hate sin.

Perhaps above all that — above the despicable people who comprise the team and its ownership, above the arrogance and presumption of the most self-entitled fan base ever — are how this team shat all over their heritage and traded their classic uniforms of old for the arena league getup they now don.

Aside from the smug arrogance, the this-and-that talk about the “Patriots Way,” the Spygate cheating scandal which should have, if not gotten Belicheck banned from the league forever, at least earned him a one-year suspension, the Patriots traded in a truly classic uniform for a uniform that is both ugly, unoriginal and uninspired.

A color palette of dark blue and alternating white and silver is perhaps the single greatest overused palette in football. It has been used so many times before there could not be a look more lacking in originality.

New England Patriots throwback uniforms

Worst of all is that that fugly flying Elvis logo they have adopted as their mark.

Patriots logo

Soulless, sterile, and uninspiring, it looks more fitting for a mutual fund or insurance company than an NFL football team.

To be most charitable, it might pass for the symbol of an Arena League team. With the exception of that flaming T in a circle bit of the Titans, which seems more fitting for a rice car than an NFL team, even expansion teams like the Panthers, Jaguars and Seahawks have better symbols. I dare say that the logo for Paul Revere pizza would be better suited than this disgrace.

The Flying Elvis is not only uninspiring, it is unappealing to the eye. It looks as if it originated from a high school graphic art project with a B- grade. The hat does not depict the tricorner hat of the period at all. The chin is exaggerated to comical proportions and the downward curl of the lip looks as if the figure is wincing after mistakenly putting spoiled cream in his coffee. The blueish-silver tone of his face depicts no living person I have ever seen, as it is better fitted to someone dying from advanced hypothermia. The dark spots for the eyes further render a lifeless appearance. Perhaps it is meant to depict a “zombie” minuteman, although that is doubtful.

Another reasonable impression would be that the figure has a black eye from a recent pummeling.

That heinous logo combined with the utterly uninspiring color palette and uniform design together create a look that is both unappealing aesthetically and utterly sterile and soulless at its very essence. When placed in contrast with teams of truly great tradition and history, such as our illustrious Green Bay Packers — teams who do not tread on their colors or look with each passing whim, with each new fad — the difference is obvious, the choice crystal clear.

All of these reasons and many more besides, show why our Green Bay Packers are innately superior to the New England Patriots. Not a mere preference or matter of taste or of opinion, but innately superior, in the same way that premium porterhouse is superior to strip steak, that single-malt Scotch is superior to the blended variety, that a Ferrari is superior to a Trans-Am, or Amy Adams is superior to Natalie from Facts of Life.

Indeed, there is no better subject to juxtapose our Packers with which illuminates everything that makes the Packers so great. All but overshadowing the highly dubious success the Patriots have enjoyed, which climaxed almost a decade ago, our Packers have nearly a century of tradition and excellence.

And in spite of being in the wilderness for some 25 years, we never betrayed our colors or abandoned our mark, that magnificent Oval G symbol. Nor are we beholden to some über-rich scumbag owner. Likewise, an inherently despicable asshole like Belichick could never fit in Green Bay, just as Tom Brady’s pretty boy personage would be equally anathema to everything the Green Bay Packers stand for.

All of these and more are reasons why our Packers must win on Sunday — and above all in any eventual matchup in this Super Bowl. Above racking up another win pushing the Packers closer to the NFC North division crown and a home field playoff game and first-round bye, our Packers must win to put these cretins in their place and punctuate how superior they are in every way, intrinsically and on the field of play.

E. Wolf

Just a Packers fan and native Seattleite left stranded in New York City, and apparently suffering from post traumatic stress disorder from the near disaster in New Orleans in January of 2010. Bleeds Green and Gold through and through. Listens to indie and hardcore industrial and aggrotech music, and thus would much rather hear Headhunter by Front 242 or Front Line Assembly's "Mindphaser" than "Celebrate" or "I Gotta Feeling" in the fourth quarter, or any time.



  1. Andrew Chitko November 29, 2014

    Nope. Couldn’t make it through this one either. Monty should hit the mute button.

    1. TyKo Steamboat November 29, 2014

      Lowlife Scum Lords of the NFL:

      1.) ViQueens
      2.) Bears
      3.) Doncos

      1. E. Wolf November 29, 2014

        Uh, no.

        1) Vikings
        2) Patriots
        3) Broncos

        1. Trolloquio November 30, 2014

          how about:
          1.) you, fuck off.
          2.) guy who posted this ridiculous blog, fuck off!
          3.) Packers vs Pats is going to be a decent matchup, don’t post click-bait bullshit, none of this article is based on relevant information. Its just one whiny cocksucker that is jealous of a winning franchise.

          1. You Enjoy Myself December 1, 2014

            Packer fans…jealous? Of what…

          2. E. Wolf December 1, 2014

            Hey Puppy Pup,

            I wrote this article. Guess you did not like it, which is fine by me. See I have the faculty of discrimination.
            You think my article is not based on relevant information, but every contention and observation pertains to valid reasons why someone would like or dislike a team. The only reason for one to like a team I left out is regional affiliation–and that is because as a native Seattlite now living in NYC, it is not something that resonates with me, or even something I really understand all that well.
            A teams colors, uniforms, symbols are some of the main reasons why a person comes to like a team. And that is just one example. And as I linked to, it is pretty much indisputable that your team is by far the most hated in the country outside of New England.
            So again, your team’s owner, coach and quarterback are all intensely repugnant for a variety of reasons. Your uniforms suck and are as ugly as sin. And your symbol, your mark, that thing that signifies the very essence of your team looks like a FUCKING BANK LOGO.

  2. Paul November 29, 2014

    This article is just pure nonsense. Couldn’t even make it halfway through. This seems to be someone trying to manufacture a storyline for the game or something. Let’s sit back and admire two of the best quarterbacks of all time face two very good defenses put together by two great head coaches. This will be a great game

  3. Packerfan2008 November 29, 2014

    Yeah, I read about half and got bored.

    1. Savage57 November 30, 2014

      I’ve learned that when you see a post here, and it’s authored by E. “I love the sight of my own words” Wolf, either skip to the comments to see the scathing review of said pap or just stab your eyes out with a pencil after reading to ensure that you’ll never subject yourself to such pain ever again.

      When I first read Wolfie’s crap, four words came to mind. Stilted, pedantic, over-wrought and condescending. Don’t even need to read the verbal diarrhea to know it’s as true today as it was then.

      Monty, I know you love the clicks this prick produces, but c’mon man, put a metaphorical muzzle on this self-serving asshole.

  4. Pete November 29, 2014

    These are my two favorite teams. After reading (part of) this diatribe, I’m pulling for the Patriots.

  5. bob at 82 November 29, 2014

    I guess the smug east coast is getting to you monty.

  6. bob at 82 November 29, 2014

    opps sorry wolfie, but then the cold got to me

  7. pf4l November 29, 2014

    Another agonizing 30 paragraph diatribe that i can sum up in 12 seconds.

    The Patriots are cheaters, Tom Brady is a despicable human being, and Robert Kraft is even a worse person than Brady, plus, he owns a NFL team to make a profit.

    A note to E Wolf. Bitterness,negativity, and hatred are no way to go through life. For the good of everyone involved, please seek professional help.

    1. billybong November 30, 2014

      yah, too many of these young writers want to be Hunter S. and write sometime of “Gonzo” journalism or to seem sensational…save the bullshit for the little girls in the bars…

    2. Arcturus November 30, 2014

      Thought you were gone forever.

    3. Fritz December 1, 2014

      One point i agree with: eagles and pats current uniforms.
      1- from a brilliant collegiate green and bald eagle white, to a dark tinted green blue the color of grass clippings stained by urine.

      2- now every time i get a USPS express envelope i do a doubletake to check if i have gotten on the pats junk mail list (as i am an nfl owner after all).

  8. Howard November 29, 2014

    O.K you had me on the Belichick stuff, and the Tuck rule, and ESPN, after that?

    I believe Belichick and Boston must have made a deal with the devil. They are the devil ‘s advocate. Evil embodied. Well there will be a price to pay for those actions.

    Boston is headed for a disaster of biblical proportions. Fire and Brimstone coming down from the sky! Rivers and Seas boiling! Forty years of darkness! Earthquakes! Volcanos! Chess being played 24/7! The dead rising from the grave! Human sacrifices! Dogs and Cats living together! Mass hysteria!

    Go Pack! Kick Boston’s asses.

  9. bstnflteam November 29, 2014

    too much hate!! so sorry for you on Sunday! New England defense will stop Green Bay and the offense will rack up too many points for Green Bay to keep up. Bonus for you! No cheating involved,just a better team! Sorry Green Bay!!

  10. Rick November 29, 2014

    Ugh, please stop this dribble

    1. Fritz December 1, 2014

      Uh, u mean “drivel”? If a packer fan takes the time to write a piece of his mind, we fellow fans owe him the time to read it.

  11. Chris November 29, 2014

    Please stop, when is the last time you even won a playoff game after your Superbowl victory not including against the Vikings. You’re just an idiot and when my Patriots whoop that ass don’t be bitching cause when it comes down to it the Packers can only beat below average teams who they are suppose to beat but don’t stand a change against true elite teams. The Packers has lost to the Lions, the Seahawks, and the “Saints”. This season while the Patriots have beaten the Lions, Broncos, Colts,. So with a though defense led by our elite Secondary and number one Offense don’t get your lil hopes up to high with that no good Defense y’all running around with. And too bad this lil article crap won’t get attention cause I would love my Pats to see this one, just more of a reason to beat down that over rated Quarterback named Aaron Rodgers

    1. Fritz December 1, 2014

      Colts an elite team? lol.

  12. Some guy November 29, 2014

    I don’t know. I thought it was pretty funny, and pretty accurate.

    1. pf4l November 29, 2014

      So that’s 2 of you.

      1. Arcturus November 30, 2014

        Yes, forever! Boo hoo.

  13. Marty November 29, 2014

    My gosh! Making fun of a dead woman to elicit laughs. What a lack of humanity!

    1. tina November 30, 2014

      People all over the country show their love and support over the lost of a loved one. I see it all the time on the back of cars, SUV’s t-shirts. It was for one year. In memory of…..
      I am a Patriots fan, my dad is a Packers fan, my mom loves the seahawks and my sister…..she could care less about football but her husband is a steeler fan…..
      I hope you enjoyed blasting the Patriots and remember Karma is a Bitch!!!!

  14. Bill November 29, 2014

    Kiss the Rings.

    1. TyKo Steamboat November 29, 2014

      You must be a Packers fan then…

      1. You Enjoy Myself December 1, 2014

        LOL these fucking clowns!

  15. Mattsky November 29, 2014

    I’d expect such drivel from a few other fan bases. I thought GB was better then this. Looks like I was wrong.

  16. JB November 29, 2014

    Ha- funny. I only made it through about half of this annoying novel too…. And it was easy to tell who wrote it by the way he tries so hard to be clever and eloquent, that he is neither.

    Oh- and he’s a pedarast that thinks it’s ok for a 30 year old man to bang a 16 year old girl as long as that is the age of consent in any given state. Yet, he sure gets offended by a 70 year old man banging a 35 year old, grown woman… At least if that man is rich he gets offended.

    1. E. Wolf November 29, 2014

      You fucking dolt, you do not even know what a pederast is or what the word means. Hint–the dictionary is your friend. It basically means “boy love,” and pertains exclusively to homosexual pedophilia. And you dare to talk down to me and suggest that I am “trying to be clever and eloquent.”
      Here’s another tip: if my writing really were that bad, that insufferable, you and your band of about three or four people who just move on and not bother reading or responding. You respond as you do because I threaten you in some way and make you feel insecure.
      All of you doth protest too much.

      1. pf4l November 29, 2014

        I made it to “And you dare to talk down to me…”


      2. JB November 30, 2014

        A) what makes you think that I didn’t intend to use pedarast correctly? B) I’m not talking down to you. In fact, you self-absorbed prick, I wasn’t writing to you at all. I was commenting on you. C) there’s nothing threatening about you at all. I respond the way I do because you’re insufferable and hyper-sensitive, which makes for a fun combo.

        “All of you doth protest too much.” The irony in that closing statement is brilliant.

  17. CO Bob November 29, 2014

    Made it 1/4 the way thru it.
    Usually read the whole thing, then flush.
    Didn’t enjoy my morning glory. Bummer.

  18. NYCPackerBacker November 29, 2014

    I lived in Boston during the Patriots dynasty days and honestly listening to their fanbase brag up and down about how they did things right made me fucking cringe. Those bandwagon douchebags will be gone when Hoodie and Tommy Boy both retire. When Gronk breaks down, Revis gets older, and Browner and Wilfork all end up getting even more old. I promise you that fanbase will not be found 50 miles within the Boston city limits…..

  19. cydni kukla November 29, 2014

    You are a new yorker and it’s so sickenly obvious. As a packers fan living in packer country I and many others here with me would beat you to a pulp if you ever showed you sick, classless face in our state. You are not a packers fan and frankly we don’t want jack off like you. So go back to your pathetic new York teams you sick little man because that’s were you and douches like you belong.

    1. pf4l November 29, 2014

      Stay in school kids.

    2. NYCPackerBacker November 29, 2014

      I’ve shown my face many times in Wisconsin actually. Classless? No leave that to VaGina’s and JUST END THE SEASON fans.

      1. Yo mama November 29, 2014

        Seriously, you cunting douche. Go fuck and hang yourself. You write a trolling article and than proceed to troll people who have a problem with it? You are a waste of sperm, and your mother should’ve aborted your dumb, angry, faggot ass. If you have children, you should drown them so they don’t end up as fucked up and ignorant as you. You’re probably a fucking pederast. You probably fuck little boys, you angry little bitch.
        So, to sum it up… Go fuck yourself, than go suck on a business end of a revolver & pull the trigger.

  20. Pats Fan November 29, 2014

    You whiners are pathetic, truly, I read the whole article and laughed through most of it. The dude that wrote this article sounds like a pissy little pouting child. Lets face facts . . everyone outside of new England hates the Pats because we do f’cking win !! Maybe not every single championship but we have a respectable showing year after year. This season the Pats have been riddled with injuries yet have been able to create a successful team with 2nd string players. Long and the short of it, haters just want to hate, we just want to win. And for the record, a lot of Pats fans love the old uniforms but having a winning team is more important than the logo on the helmet. Grow up ladies.

    1. NYCPackerBacker November 29, 2014

      Why don’t go drown in Semen Chowder and Sam Adams you annoying douche.

  21. bstnflteam November 29, 2014

    I can’t write anything pro New England?? All I said was New England is a better team… a little biased are’nt ya? I know ya gotta make sure my comment is OK for the rest of the group. Still say Patriot defense is better… and for the person who wrote that horrible article, Packers have only gone to the super bowl once with Rogers, Patriots have been 5 times with Brady… sorry Green Bay

  22. John November 29, 2014

    What an awful article, try not to sound so jealous of their success, it makes us all look bad.

  23. Minnesota Pats November 29, 2014


    Pats fan here. 20 years now in St. Paul but grew up in Boston.

    The writer of this pretty much lives down to the Midwestern stereotype of a superiority complex hiding an inferiority complex. Or put another way, I can assure you that no Pats fan has written a similarly unhinged rant about the Packers “disgraceful” history. You know, the one that includes the fake player scandal in 1921 or employing Mark “Wasn’t something a married man should do” Chmura or Darren “Here, take this pill” Sharper. Yeah, and never mind about Paul “Admitted he bet on games” Hornung.

    Yup, the Packers are as pure as the driven snow.

    But seriously. Nobody’s perfect. Not me. Not you. And definitely not your average pro football player.

    I was disappointed to learn that Belichek had broken the rules. But he copped to it and he and the team were penalized severely for it. And pretty much everyone has moved on. Except the writer.

    Brady? A good but not great QB – I’d rather have Rodgers. Gronkowski? Just a boy in a man’s body. Having fun. Playing like it’s a game, not a business. I wish more players played with that joy. Bob Kraft? He turned the franchise around and is basically never in trouble with the league or the law. His wife was by all account a nice woman. The Krafts have been immensely generous to charity throughout their lives. And Bob Kraft is entitled to live his widowed life any damn way he wants.

    I seriously hope what you wrote was parody because if you’re this invested in a professional football team then…neither I nor anyone sane probably wants to spend time with you.

    I’m a Pats fan. For the first 35 years of the franchises’s history, that was hard. So that last 20 years or so have been a nice counterweight. Probably won’t last forever, so we’re enjoying it now. I suggest you enjoy Rodgers and Matthews the same way.

    1. NYCPackerBacker November 29, 2014

      Yeah oh geez a nice response from another dipshit from Boston who lives in Minnesota. So let me guess you are a closet Vikings fan as well right? Oh so you want to bring up Darren Sharper and Paul Hornung? BWAHAHAHA lets talk about Aaron Hernandez for a minute huh? Yeah that’s right you know you have one of his jerseys hanging up your closet. You see the problem with Boston sports fans in general is you motherfuckers have no sense of humor. You take shit so personal that you believe you actually were out there winning lol. Oh the first 35 years, it was so hard for you to be a fan of the Patriots. Oh my god, life was so hard probably because you NEVER GAVE A SHIT ABOUT YOUR FUCKING TEAM EVER. Now get the fuck out of here, and take Kraft’s dick out of your mouth.

      1. E. Wolf November 29, 2014

        I do not believe any of that stuff with Sharper went down when he was actually a Packer. He became more defined by his time as a Viking or a Saint then a Packer, and because he went to the Vikings, he is pretty much persona non grata even before all that came out. As for Chmura, well he was acquitted. I am critical of age of consent laws at 18 (very much a minority rule) and am far more disappointed by his infidelity. But Chmura hardly has a monopoly on infidelity. I think the stories surrounding the “Three Amigos” in Appleton and Green Bay are far more damning.
        By the way, let there be no mistake. I am deadly serious about every single word I write in this article, although I am making some fun too, esp with the Paul Revere’s Pizza logo.

  24. Jay November 29, 2014

    I got about a paragraph in and all I could picture was how red in the face he was while writing this. Take a deep breath, guy.

  25. dan November 29, 2014

    This article is obviously written by a pathetic patriot hater that can do nothing more than spit spoon fed trash from his fingertips. Spygate? Come on. You have little to know understanding of the circumstances. Brady is awful because of the way he looks? You must be a sad lonely pitiful man, ugly and full of hate. I feel very sorry for you.

  26. Joe Snuffy November 29, 2014


  27. yourAterriblejournalist November 29, 2014

    Are you kidding me? This reminds me of something similar to what Westboro Baptist would say except its about FOOTBALL. It’s a game. It’s people like you that make this world a worse place to live in. You are given a great opportunity to write about a team that i think (not sure though) that you are dedicated to and all you do is trash the opposing team to no end and spread lies about them? Even my little brother’s high school football team isn’t as bad as you are. You are a disgrace to journalism and this sport. If I was you I would just take this down and honestly stop writing. This really isn’t for you, maybe taking a bussing job at the local shithole restaurant would knock you down a few pegs. Really though you are terrible.

    1. You Enjoy Myself December 1, 2014

      “your” a terrible journalist

  28. E. Wolf November 29, 2014

    The foaming at the mouth and gnashing of teeth is most palpable indeed. Incurring the ire of both Patriots fans and the usual handful of detractors, I have done my job, and done my job well.

    1. Mattsky November 29, 2014

      Do you hate all the owners because they are rich? Does Kraft get your ire because he is Jewish?

      1. pf4l November 29, 2014

        This is what passes as having a job?

        Wolfie, i think i just heard your Mom calling you upstairs for lunch.

    2. NYCPackerBacker November 29, 2014

      BWahahaha, I love it because the Patriots fans are some of the biggest frontrunners in the NFL. Jesus christ how the fuck does anyone take that fanbase seriously? Their owner is a total dipshit who knows he’s done some shady things and never admits to it. Their head coach needs an aspergers with cheese. Now their QB, good lord he should go model off his UGGS some more. It takes a marathon to get bombed, and these morons in the last year show up because their teams started winning over and over again. Please ask them where they were when they lost BOTH superbowls to that retard Eli Manning for 6 months. NO WHERE.

  29. Kelvin November 29, 2014

    Crap like this makes Packers fans look bad. Whiny, name-calling garbage. Sounds like something a 7th grader would write.

    1. pf4l November 29, 2014

      Every NFL team has it’s share of nutcases, he just happens to be one of our nutcases. On behalf of Packer Nation, (the sane and mentally balanced fans) we apologize.

  30. jets fan November 29, 2014

    I am a life long Jets fan and Patriot hater and even I think this article is a piece of crap. Accusing Robert Craft of cheating on his wife with a young tramp, and destroying him for making a tribute to his wife who passed is classless. I can’t stand Bill or Tom or even Mr. Craft. But this article is classless and does not represent Patriot hater nation. It is one classless idiot. Football is football. A great game. Once we start destroying people as people, we become worse than the cheaters themselves. Classless in every way.

  31. VTMike November 29, 2014

    Wait… this isn’t The Onion?

  32. Mike Broderick November 29, 2014

    How disgusting that you would insult the late Mrs. Kraft as a “wildly priviledged socialite”. From what I’ve read she was a kind lady who did a lot for charity and was an inspiration to the players. How classless of you.

    Hopefully, the Packers will disavow itself of this nasty, insipid article clearly written by an ignoramus (just so you know that means stupid).

    Hopefully the Pats will post this in their locker room and bury the Packers.

    1. You Enjoy Myself December 1, 2014

      “look here players, this article written for fun by some fan on a comedic Packers blog site just clowned you! TAKE INSPIRATION”

  33. nurseratchett November 29, 2014

    E, eloquent as ever. Pay no attention to the tards who got scared off by the big words—and bother not to respond to them. Maybe you should include definitions to some words used-wait never mind, then they’ll just bitch more about length.

    As for it’s length, feel free to read it on your smart phone, dumbasses, while you take your 20 minute shit. You know, the daily dump that sends your mother running from her own home with eyes watering & wondering why she still lets your 30 year old ass live in her basement…..I actually read books, not just the back of the Lucky Charm box at breakfast, & it only took me about 5 minutes.

    I hope we pummel their asses. (pummel means beat really really bad for those of you who are vocabulary challenged)

    1. pf4l November 29, 2014

      lol…Even Ed Gein and Charles Manson had a few followers.

      1. Fritz December 1, 2014

        Followers? We just made jokes, like:
        Q. What did ed gein say to the judge?
        A. C’mon judge, have a HEART!

    2. E. Wolf November 29, 2014

      Ah, the always lovely Nurse Ratchett. Thanks for the kind words.
      Believe me, I am smiling ear to ear. As I wrote earlier, when I incur the ire of both Patriots fans and the handful of detractors on here, I can only conclude that my job here is done, that I must be doing something right.
      PFAIL is spamming the comments as usual, because, you know, he cares not what I write and that my opinion really, really does not matter to him, which is why he spends have the day prowling about on the comments section. Other Patriots fans and newcomers distort my position or call me names. For instance, stating I disparage “Mrs Kraft” when I actually go after her husband. I love how these dolts think they know these people, or that pittance they give to charity somehow makes them good people. If the Bill Cosby scandal that is currently unfolding should teach us anything, is that we do not know these famous people in our lives. An ex Packer turned traitor of course also teaches this.
      Meanwhile, as usual, none of the actual substance of my article has been refuted. But what else can one expect when people shout about how they can’t even bother to read something they curiously denounce in the same silly screed. In bullet form, for the slow ones amongst us, my contentions are as follows:

      –Belichick is a horrible person, who also cheated and had a horseshoe up his ass with the Tuck Rule game
      — Brady is not much more likeable
      — Kraft is a smug, arrogant ass, almost a parody of point-one percenters. An old man who hangs out with shitty “musicians” like Jayz and pretends to honor his dead wife without even bothering to allow for a minimal time grieving
      –their fans are front-running jackasses
      –their uniforms suck, ugly as sin and just as unoriginal and uninspiring
      –their logo sucks. One line that Monty edited out is that it “looks like a bank logo.” It does.
      –it is by the act of comparison and contrast that we see how great our Packers are, as they are pretty much the mirror opposite on each and every single observation. Most important of all retaining classic, timeless uniforms and that magnificent Oval G symbol, and thus our very heritage and tradition itself.

      Enough said. I win, as always.

      1. pf4l November 29, 2014

        Blah blah blah blah blah…Do you even know what spamming is?

      2. JB November 30, 2014

        You see those bullet points that summed up your entire article in 1/20th the length?

        Stick with that next time. The rest of your article added nothing to those bullet points.

        Clear and concise – trademarks of effective writing.

        1. E. Wolf November 30, 2014

          How idiotic. I bet you are not even aware of the origins for the call for “effective writing,” subjecting newspaper and magazine articles to artificial grade level formulas. It arose after the rise of television and was a response by publishers to stem the tide of waning readership. In other words, it is a symptom of a society that is becoming less and less literate.
          Your other attack further above does not even warrant a response–not that this one does either, but still…

          1. JB November 30, 2014

            So, a general dumbing down of society is to blame for half of the comments on your article reflecting the sentiment that they lost inrerest in your article before finishing? The problem in your mind is that we’re borderline illiterate? Thanks for prving once again that you are the definition of insufferable.

            You’re right…. Very effective.

          2. E. Wolf November 30, 2014


            I direct you to Nurse Ratchett’s post on the matter. Now piss off. How is that for effective and direct?

          3. pf4l November 30, 2014

            Great retort Uncle Wolfie. Obviously, if the “Lovely” Nurse Ratchett is the sole person who gives you a pat on the back on for your writings. That alone is undisputable evidence that all the other posters on this article are wrong about you. You told him.

  34. M Rip November 29, 2014

    Wow. Worst article I’ve read on this website in awhile. Way too long for barely saying anything. After a little bit, I just skimmed through it, then even that wasn’t worth it after a minute or two. This article and whoever wrote it STINKS!

    Go Pack Go!

  35. Tom November 29, 2014

    Two of the best NFL teams in the league, with two of the best quarterbacks of all time, and we have the privilege of watching these two great teams and players during our lifetime… Enjoy the show dirt bag, not the pity party like the rest of the haters. You can’t tell me “Gronk” is not the best rumbling, thundering, scoring, crushing machine of all time before, during and after the catch! Enjoy the show this weekend, every other half way intelligent fan in the NFL will.

  36. BeanTownPackerBacker November 29, 2014

    Monty….come on guy. These are the top two organizations in the NFL. Im not a Belichick fan, but Kraft has done so much for the Boston community and is a big supporter of so many charities. I love my Green and Yellow colors all day, every day. I’ll be the loudest one yelling GOPACKGO in a 100 mile radius, but let’s just enjoy this game of two epic QBs going head to head for probably the only time.

  37. Smitten4Kittenz November 29, 2014

    This is easily the most pathetic sports “article” I’ve ever tried to read. You are a try hard hack in a league of your own. I’ve never seen less eloquent writing from someone trying to hard to be eloquent. I can see you now with the thesaurus open in the next browser tab, desperately trying to make yourself seem smarter. The New Yorker Packers fan accusing others of being bandwagoners. Oh, the irony. This feces will make tomorrow’s victory that much more enjoyable for me – for us. I’ll hit you up on Twitter if you haven’t already slit your wrists. Because we all know you take this way too seriously. But that’s what living in your mom’s attic well into your 30s and a pussy dry-spell spanning back to your birth will do to a man. Albeit a man with the mentality of a 13 year old who got cut from the middle school football team.

    I respect the packers org. a lot, and this is just a game. Too bad their fans and likely nobody in life respects you.

  38. dan November 29, 2014

    Sad, sad day for packers fan. I am an avid patriots fan, I watch every game, read every article, pay close attention to roster moves, and dedicate even the off season to my team. More than just the Patriots though, because I am a true fan of football and the NFL. I have great respect for the pack, I believe this game to be a real gem, and I’m excited for it. But when someone is snarling and carrying on about whatever mumbo jumbo this fool is, it’s embarrassing. I’m sorry that a guy that backs such a great organization has the ability to write this carp and make Green Bay look bad. I’m excited for tomorrow, and I hope you other fans, no matter what team you represent, are excited as well. Don’t pay attention to this article, it doesn’t even pertain to football. It’s the opinion of a dunce.

  39. NYCPackerBacker November 29, 2014

    You mean you became a football “fan” when the Pats starting winning is that it??? I have been a Packers fan since 1989 and never once do I miss a game or jump onto a local teams bandwagon once they start winning. Nope not going to ever fall into that trap. You guys act like you respect but I know how fucking arrogant you Massholes act.

  40. Marshawn Lynch November 29, 2014


  41. Fred November 29, 2014

    This article was boring only made it halfway though it

  42. Michele November 29, 2014

    I am a Patriots fan and my next favorite team is Green Bay. It makes me sad to see such comments coming from both fan bases. Both teams have great quarterbacks and always play hard for their fans. I have always though of Green Bay as a class act in the league. I think we are.looking at a Superbowl preview and may the best team win. I am rooting for the Pats but if we have to lose to anyone Green Bay is the one team I would be happy for.

  43. christine November 29, 2014


  44. Scott Gonzales November 29, 2014

    I don’t mind trolling, and the other crap you spewed in this article I have heard a million times as a Patriots fan, but to denigrate Myra Kraft is disgusting, let alone embarrassing. She was known for her charity and character. You should be ashamed of yourself and apologize.

  45. KJ November 29, 2014

    And the failed trolling award goes to….

  46. John in SC November 29, 2014

    Wow, I expected anything this outlandish to be funny, nope. Not funny just another keyboard bully.

    To put it simply I would rather watch a dog shit on this article then, watch the dog eat the article and be forced to watch him re-shit the article than finish reading this article.

    You sir are a twatwaffle.

  47. Tom November 29, 2014

    Nice to see Packers fans have more class than the author.

  48. Bob November 29, 2014

    Wow where to begin with this looks like someone’s liberal arts degree might finally be paying off. You know you think mighty highly of yourself for someone who uses the term fugly in an article in which you say you are “deadly serious about every single word”. It”s too easy to trade barbs with you. For instance people who worked in a cheese packing plant are some how more authentic than Paul Revere. I’m sure Olivia Munn is the proletariat warrior that you had always hoped for. Her man of the people whose net worth is more than yours and mine multiplied over and over many times sponsors everything from sweatshop products made by Nike to law firms. See how easy it is? You say filming defensive signals created close games. Wouldn’t it do the opposite? Slacker Patriots haters tend to flip flop between some complex conspiracy on which a patriots employee sees the defensive class relays it to the coach who then tells the qb via helmet can all before the snap hoping there are no changes to claiming the patriots kicker and defenses won the superbowls. Maybe Jimmy Johnson knows as he did the same thing “filming d hand signals.” I don’t feel compelled to respond to your rant point by point “what’s the use of elaborating on how petty you appear when talking about Mr. Krafts deceased wife?” What I will do however is laugh at you. You’re obviously smart guy. I’m pretty smart too. The difference between us? I don’t feel compelled to project false archetypes onto people I do not know. You talk in the make believe language of caricature. It limits any real point you might try to make. It actually says more about you and your need to see yourself “at least projecting yourself ” as some type of underdog. You and Olivia Munn the proletariat warrior. The both of you rising up against that 1% of people …..who fought in the American revolution. What you’re really doing is comparing apples to apples. Wealthy athletes that have nothing in common with you or me. Your projected sameness comes from marketing. So your ordinary man of the people is actually just a marketing ploy by other people who are making much more money on him. It surprises me that you buy this… You being a smart guy. Id think that you’d actually admire Brady and his rise from sixth round obscurity to first ballot Hall of Famer it’s actually interesting that he isn’t trying to hide the fact that he’s wealthy or that he’s dating a model. He’s actually being honest. Aaron Rodgers is from California and he’s dating a model. The NFL is not a woody guthrie song and you are not the underdog hero. Should I lay on the sappy story of the underdog New England Patriots winning after 911? Perhaps a ten paragraph blog? Lol.

  49. Kyle November 29, 2014

    Someone is extremely out of order it’s OK to have the back of your team and want them to win. Go outta the way to talk trash on another team fine. But this article is full of hate and ignorance. Especially the part you talk about krafts wife how would you know who inspires a football player. It is not your place to speak of things you know nothing about.

  50. J-rod November 29, 2014

    Listen, you can say whatever you like about the Patriots (though most of it is complete nonsense that you’re making up), but what you said about Kraft’s wife is completely inappropriate and inhumane. You are a terrible person for saying what you’ve said, honestly, if I didn’t know any better (and actually, I don’t know any better), I would think you’re some kind of right-wing, Nazi extremist because that is extremely insensitive. I honestly think if Mr. Kraft saw such a thing, he would be deeply affected, in the wrong way. I actually almost teared up myself. Take the serious issues you as a person have away from football, just keep them to yourself, you are a disgrace to the human race.

    1. E. Wolf November 29, 2014

      Mr. Kraft? I love the honorifics. Re-read the article. All I said about his wife is that is a wildly privileged socialite who deceased. In that love triangle I only really attack Robert Kraft and his anorexic gold-digging whore.
      As for being called a Nazi, I can only recite one P. J. O’Rourke:

      I have often been called a Nazi, and, although it is unfair, I don’t let it bother me. I don’t let it bother me for one simple reason. No one has ever had a fantasy about being tied to a bed and sexually ravished by someone dressed as a liberal.

  51. lucy November 29, 2014

    seems like this guy is on the verge of commiting suicide!so hateful and bitter!so sad! this person needs meds….I love my patriots!haters gona hate!

  52. marky mark November 29, 2014

    NYC..how dare you make a comment about the Boston marathon bombing…you smug ignorant asshole…we don’t care if you don’t like the Patriots we have plenty of fans to go around
    follow your own lame teams..

  53. Bob November 29, 2014

    I’ve never heard a patriots can talk ill of the Packers. To be honest I’ve never seen a Packers fan talk I’ll of the Patriots. This guy is a narcissist who does not speak for the majority of Packers fans. His “oh me” tale is deceiving as much as it is pathetic. He just wants to get a rise out of people. I’d suggest cognitive therapy. Seriously.

  54. TyKo Steamboat November 29, 2014

    That guy doesn’t represent me.

    I am a Packer-Backer 100% through.

    All I can say is that I admire the Patriots organization. Especially Belechick & Brady. I mean really…Belechick has played for 5 titles & won 3. Brady is a warrior, leader, competitor & winner.

    The only real lame thing about the Patriots is that [email protected]$$ loud horn that goes off for some reason in their stadium on 3rd downs…


    1. TyKo Steamboat November 29, 2014

      *coached for* (Belechick)

  55. Brooks November 29, 2014

    Everyone is missing the point…..the fact that it took the idiot who wrote this 12 weeks to figure out you get a lot of attention when you write idiotic stuff about the Patriot organization. I think Christine Simms beat you to the punch when he whispered (only because his dad tugs it to Tom brady and he feared daddy getting mad) that brady was an average QB. On top of that…did I read that you don’t like their “outfits”? In my life these are the people I have heard make fun of any peoples “outfit” My wife, My sisters, My sisters friends, My wife’s friends, past girlfriends, cheerleaders, and Aaron Rodgers. Do you see any similarities? Here’s advice to the blogger or should I say…credible journalist? focus on your acne problem, continue to watch tape on “the sports reporters”, and leave the real journalism up to people who know what they are doing.

  56. Joe Kerr November 29, 2014

    this moron is obviously a Jet fan….they run all over cyberspace to all the other team boards posting the same vile hate filled screeds….for years now.

    GB is all class, Rodgers is currently the best QB in the NFL and the game tomorrow COULD be a Supe preview. Good luck to all Packer fans.

    If ever you should run across an NFL fan dressed in green wearing a JETS hat, steer clear….give him a wide berth and do not acknowledge his existence.

    Nothing good has nor will ever come from associating with the green slime.

  57. Moolla November 29, 2014

    Wolfie, I respect passion you have for the team, but man you sound comical when you right things down. I forced myself to read this article and it was painful going through it, in part because of the writing style (which is actually better than some of your older ones) and because of the laughable “arguments”.
    But congrats on a successful article, as this page probably has the most comments out of any other totalpackers page. But rest assured its not because of the quality of the writing or the material, but the troll/fishing qualities in it.

  58. Get a life November 29, 2014

    Whoever wrote this clearly has a small penis lol

  59. Mary November 30, 2014

    It’s 3:19am now and I just set my alarm to wake up in 7 hours to have enough time to make and drink coffee, set the lineups of my 4 fantasy teams, do a bit of research to backup my soon-to-be bitch slappin sources/facts and have enough time to rebuttal this bullshit article that is horrendous enough to actually compare to the low-class, ignorant looting in Ferguson, MO. Some people have zero class but you sir have outdone yourself here. You are officially now among the all-star top 5 douche nozzles I’ve encountered in the 35 years I’ve inhabited this planet. I’m not even a fan of either team, but when it comes to this amazing game that I genuinely love, I have no qualms giving credit when and where it is surely due. Since you obviously can not do that then I suggest that you do the following: A) Get out of journalism in ANY aspect B) Figure out if you truly love the game of football, or if you are just in need a good roshambo. I can’t wait to wake up, nothing excites me more than putting genuine assholes in their metaphorical prison cells -especially assholes who disrespect the greatest game ever known mankind and assuredly deserve that prison bitch neon sign overshadowing the rest of their “writing careers.”

  60. psparks November 30, 2014

    What a ridiculous article. You hate Tom Brady because he is good looking? Bob Kraft because he is dating a younger woman? And the flying Elvis logo is not to your liking? What a dolt.

  61. BK November 30, 2014

    “How superior they are in every way..” All you talked about was money, appearances, haircuts, who’s dating who, colors of uniforms, etc. Nothing about football! Are you kidding with this? This is the best you’ve got to tear apart NE? Oh, spygate could be about football, if you elaborate a little. If you state that every team in the NFL is so stupid that they use the exact same hand signal game after game after game so filming them would definitely give an advantage. Or if you mention that 6 other NFL teams have been fined for the exact same thing. Or my favorite, the Patriots must cheat enough to get to the get to the playoff every single year and then decide it’s wrong to cheat and stop and lose. Gimme a break with spygate already!
    Perhaps when you have something to write about football it will be worth reading. This is straight out of Soap Opera digest or something similar.
    (fan of NE since birth, father watched them when they played at Fenway which is long before Brady or BB)

  62. Big Sexy November 30, 2014

    I hope your ready to eat your big bowl of humble pie! Its gonna be served to you hit and at home. If you cant win at home against the best team in the NFL then you wasted your time writing all this bullshit.
    Haters will hate!!!!!!!

  63. Savage57 November 30, 2014

    Wanted for murder of writing style. Another hateful, rambling manifesto, undoubtedly the vitriol of a man with a wee winky.

  64. Frank Rizzo November 30, 2014

    Belichick is an ASSH0LE.
    I can’t stand that guy.

    What he did was way worse than Sean Payton not knowing about Spygate. And Payton got suspended FOR A YEAR.

    Belichick didn’t get suspended.

    He’s a prick, a jerk. Arrogant.
    You can win, and you can win with class.
    See Lombardi, Landry, Cowher, Tomlin, Dungy.

    I don’t have a strong opinion of Robert Craft. He doesn’t seem to be any worse than your typical billionaire owners.
    I don’t like Brady. But I respect him for the most part.
    A guy drafted in the 6th or 7th round, he’s gotten to 5 Super Bowls with totally different supporting casts.

    Now true, they haven’t won it all in 10 years, or since they got CAUGHT cheating.
    They also got LUCKY with their first Super Bowl as we all know Oakland BEAT them. The tuck rule was BOGUS.
    Those are reasons why I cannot stand the Patriots and hate Belichick.

    As far as today goes, anything can happen.
    The Zebras usually let Browner and Revis set the tone early by getting away with tons of illegal contact/holding. You don’t think Randall Cobb can run right past Revis across the middle? He can. But so can Golden Tate. But Revis gives the slot receiver a little tug so they don’t run past him and free. Zebras have to call it but they don’t. They’re more busy watching the outside receivers. So they better call Browner when Jordy is running past him and he bumps, grabs, tugs him a little bit way past 5 yards.

    We’ll see how much the CBS cameras pick this up.

  65. Carl with a "C" November 30, 2014

    Ugghhhh E. Wolf in Ma’s basement throwing another blog on the fire…. He blows…

  66. Kelly LaMonica November 30, 2014

    If you are supposed to represent the Packers, you just made them look like an awful ugly team. I’m a huge Patriots fan and have nothing against the Packers. I look forward to a great game today between 2 excellent teams. You are a disgrace to sports fans everywhere.

  67. Americus Lo November 30, 2014

    The author has basically admitted he is scared sh**less of the Patriots. Demonize that which can’t be conquered.
    Any Packer writers out there that graduated high school?

    1. Fritz December 1, 2014

      I was graduated from high school.

  68. Americus Lo November 30, 2014

    Moderators….read Post #73 by . E. Wolf.
    Seriously? Writing such vile, hateful screed would result in termination at any reputable business. I can’t believe the powers in charge want to be in business with this hate-filled writer. What are you going to do about this?

  69. Rachelle Cohen November 30, 2014

    Is it normal practice for writers on this site to refer to women as “whores” ?

  70. Melissa Johnson November 30, 2014

    I cannot support a site that refers to women as whores.

    1. You Enjoy Myself December 1, 2014

      LOL The internet will never recover!

  71. another Pats Fan November 30, 2014

    What an annoying piece of drivel. You can’t possibly hate the Pats this much while playing them only twice every 8 years.

    Oh, and Myra Kraft will be remembered for a long time by many less fortunate people given her charitable record. You will be forgotten by all soon after being fired.

  72. Don Q November 30, 2014

    Let’s not worry about what the chowdah heads are doing, fuck em. let’s just concentrate on kicking their asses back to the Baastin haabah.

  73. JOE S November 30, 2014

    Total garbage

  74. od1rish November 30, 2014

    Love the Pats. Born in Dorchester and currently live in Green Bay. This hack is a sorry excuse for a Packers fan. I question if he is truly a real Packers fan. The Packers fans I know are classy individuals who would never stoop to the levels that this clown has in this “article”. The term “You mad, Bro?” Seems very appropriate. You seem to hate success and dead people. Going after Mrs Kraft was low. But you are entitled to your opinion no matter how off base it is. Again…this individual is not a true Packers fan. Packers fans have much more class. Shame on you for trying to represent a very classy fan base. You have done the Packers fan base a disservice.

  75. Tracy November 30, 2014

    Lol. I started to read with all good intent, until I realized it was written by a homophobe who clearly states fairy, when describing a style of shoe, here’s an idea… Stop living in your moms basement collecting batman figurines and come back when you start growing hair in your “adult parts”. Until then sit down and shut up! And this is journalism at it’s finest.

  76. Tom Beerady November 30, 2014

    This article is just the same crap you can read on message boards across the Internet under a Patriot’s related article. It’s fan banter typed under the guise of a neatly crafted article, to attempt to make the arguments see legitimate and not a bunch of name-calling nonsense.

  77. Jason November 30, 2014

    haha. That was terrible. Anyone who uses the word fugly is a douche and should be banned from the Internet. That was moronic drivel. Go eat some cheese you muppet.

  78. Marrissa November 30, 2014

    Belichick is a horrible person, who also cheated and had a horseshoe up his ass with the Tuck Rule game
    — Brady is not much more likeable
    — Kraft is a smug, arrogant ass, almost a parody of point-one percenters. An old man who hangs out with shitty “musicians” like Jayz and pretends to honor his dead wife without even bothering to allow for a minimal time grieving
    –their fans are front-running jackasses
    –their uniforms suck, ugly as sin and just as unoriginal and uninspiring
    –their logo sucks. One line that Monty edited out is that it “looks like a bank logo.” It does.
    –it is by the act of comparison and contrast that we see how great our Packers are, as they are pretty much the mirror opposite on each and every single observation. Most important of all retaining classic, timeless uniforms and that magnificent Oval G symbol, and thus our very heritage and tradition itself.” Ok. So let me start here. You had said no ones has refuted the “actual substance” of your article. Let me be the one to start then. Tell me…have you personally met Belicheck or Brady? I’m going to assume you haven’t since you have stated that they are horrible people and very unlikable. How can you say such a thing without having met them? Like others who have commented, they have said you are a pitiful boy with a grudge somehow against the Patriots. I cannot say that as I have not met you so how can I judge one I have not met? Again…same with Kraft. Their fans are “fromt running jackasses”? Please. And how are the fans of your favorite football team? They all are in their own way and I myself am a patriots fan so you have no room to talk. Next on your list of “actual sibstance” is their uniforms. Red white and blue. The colors of America and when you think of Patriots…those are the colors that come up because during the Revolutionary war, those were the colors that our soldiers aka PATRIOTS wore. So get over the colors. They are representative of our past. Ugly as sin? Have you seen the other uniforms of other teams? Ugly? Doesn’t even begin to describe some of them out there. Alright so what’s next? Ah yes. The logo. Supposedly looks like a bank logo and it sucks. Apparently. Ok. Take good look at the Packer’s logo. Or ANY other team logo. ANY of them could be ANY kind of logo. They’re logos. What do you expect? A football on each one to specify what industry they’re in? Good luck with that one. And I do believe thats all the “actual substance” of your article and let it be known…it has been refuted.

    1. Tracy December 1, 2014

      here is some of the NEW YORK JETs AT IT”S FINEST!!..see it’s just not in one team, but all teams, do your research before spouting nonsense Wide receiver Quincy Enunwa, a practice squad player with the New York Jets, was arrested Sunday in Florham Park, N.J., on a charge of simple assault following an alleged domestic violence dispute with his girlfriend, according to the Florham Park Police Department.

    2. Tracy December 1, 2014

      and another http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dave_Meggett should i keep going??

    3. Fritz December 1, 2014

      I loved the old pats logo, a FB center taking his 3point stance in a patriot garb and hat. It was so clever and subtle (the center, like a patriot, is the heart of a team or a nation). We GB fans should learn from their misfortune and never let them take or change our sacred logo: OVAL G FOREVER!

      1. E. Wolf December 2, 2014

        God damn right, although I suspect you may be facetious in your comment.

  79. Marrissa November 30, 2014

    Reading more back through just your comments, I feel as if maybe you tried to be a debater in speech or debate or something but you failed since all your “contentions” are purely opinionated. Contentions are facts that truly cannot be disputed. I just wanna know…did Brady not sign your football when you asked him to? Is this a personal vendetta or just a misguided article of a misguided boy? I don’t trash my opposing teams in such a dishonorable way. I shake hands with the fans of rival teams because it’s a GAME. it is not something to get so worked up about. Take a deep breathe and watch the GAME. It’s not life or death and if this is the kind of articles you write, I personallyam disappointed.

  80. Jake F November 30, 2014

    This is probably the most idiotic thing I’ve ever read. The author should probably stop pursuing writing and try another career path. Better luck next time, buddy.

  81. Jake F November 30, 2014

    What a terrible franchise! Such a disgrace! http://espn.go.com/video/clip?id=11937801

  82. Packer Bob November 30, 2014

    I had to scroll down like 10 pages to post a comment and I don’t even know what this article is about.

  83. melindaschlinda November 30, 2014

    You totally discredited your knowlege about anything football after publishing this hate rant. This will only fuel the Patriots even more…not that theyll probably need it.

  84. mattydj1 November 30, 2014

    Whoever wrote this garbage is jealous cuz green bay SUCKS!!!! PLUS HE LIVES IN NEW MAKES HIM EVER MORE STUPID!!!

  85. Knockout32 November 30, 2014

    Your arguments are based off of Bill’s hoodies, your feelings about tom’s appearance, Robert Kraft and a tramp, hating the patriots logo, and disliking the uniforms (all teams wear the same but different colors… at least the patriots have great colors). This isn’t even about football you are arguing with an evil vendeta on appearances because you are threatened by the patriots skill, or this wouldn’t even be up here. This is actually hilarious. How about you focus on football (the actual game) and talent instead of being a judgemental idiot.

  86. jim hopewell November 30, 2014

    written by a whiny douchbag obviously, winners are easy to hate grow up!

  87. Alex November 30, 2014

    Yea yea the articles great and all, but at the end of the day the packers are going to be smutherd by the pats. Hands down, sorry bud.

  88. Jonathan November 30, 2014

    Gossip rag material. I know good Packer fans that would be ashamed by this.

  89. Mike November 30, 2014

    Wow. What a butt-hurt little pussy you and and your 3 followers are. For a “journalist” this wasn’t even the least bit creative or funny. I sat on cold bleachers thru 1-15 seasons so I can enjoy this current run better than most of a wagoners but every fan base has them. Just like every fan base has the crazies who do public access shows and college radio or blogs from their moms basement and you make them look like Pulitzer winners. What a whiny jealous piece of shit you are. Sit back and enjoy your responses that get your dick hard cause other than that you will accomplish nothing in life. You can jack off to negative responses to your trolling like normal people do pornhub but at the end of the day you will be an angry lonely little guy Please fuck off and move on to next weeks mess of lies and slander. Oh and anyone one of your little internet tough guys would like to come to Boston and talk shit about marathon bombings feel free to come here and prove how tough you are and explain it to my friend mark who is getting his 40 surgery while he relearns how to walk. I would love to beat the smugness of your face but him and other victims would not want me to because they have a lot of others things to worry about. Like raising families while paying enormous medical bills just to pick up their kids and hold them. Yup you are doing gods work and your life is complete. You fucking scumbag

  90. SuckIt November 30, 2014

    I’m going to enjoy watching the excuse making after the Pats smash the fudgepackers today. 34-20.

    1. Fritz December 1, 2014

      Fudgepackers? Isn,t that one of your aussie cricket teams?

  91. rreed November 30, 2014

    What ignorant jerk wrote this offensive ignorant bunch of garbage? Win or lose, (and they will win) the Patriots are by far the best team and it will be proven in a grand fashion!

    1. Arcturus November 30, 2014

      What were you saying again, asswipe?

  92. Ryan November 30, 2014

    If being a metrosexual is so bad what do you guys think of Aaron Rodgers being a closeted homosexual?

    1. You Enjoy Myself December 1, 2014

      Closeted….there ain’t no hiding going on…

  93. E. Wolf November 30, 2014

    And that my friends–and above all my enemies–is THE KILL. A bogus illegal contact penalty that extended the Patriots last drive and a missed field goal still could not save you. We cut your little THROATSIES! And the euphoria I feel is orgasmic.
    Makes me want to dance and clap my hands, you know like from the disco hit “Everybody Dance.”


    Not really. Not my type of music, but I am sure it appeals to my brain-dead detractors. I will be listening to some Front 242 and maybe even Beethoven’s 9th. ODE TO JOY

    1. Ryan November 30, 2014

      Oh please, there was some serious home cookin tonight from the officials. And the Patriots missed a field goal too. Packers deserved to win though, congrats on the regular season home win.

    2. Fritz December 1, 2014

      Out you imposter!

  94. Fresher than Wonder Bread November 30, 2014

    Fuck all you piece of shit patriots fans, u all sound like a bunch of crybabies just like Brady was after he knew the game was over, fuckin’ pussy ass bitch is what he is and ALL of you dick riding faggot fans who support that team. Your team lost, the better team won, get over it, sink it in pussies!

    1. Ryan November 30, 2014

      Careful dude, your quarterback is probably a “faggot.” And watch your mouth, words can hurt.

    2. Tracy December 1, 2014

      Homophobic much? see, intelligence at it’s finest..name calling? faggot? wow, sounds like you may have spent some time in prison!

  95. therealChuckywasCecil November 30, 2014

    You are a sad, bitter person. I am embarrassed that you and I love the same team.

  96. David November 30, 2014

    I read the whole article and was riveted… all the way until the Facts of Life reference where it finally jumped the shark.

    1. E. Wolf November 30, 2014

      well in the original I saidperhaps not like Natalie, but like Tori Spelling or Sydney Leathers. A mediocre woman made out, an imposter. That line was edited out.

      1. JB December 1, 2014

        You mean to tell me that article was actually edited?

        I guess you did the editing… Ask your mom to take a look next time.

        Big win though!

  97. David November 30, 2014

    You did forget one thing Mr. Wolf. That the Patriots are the only team in the NFL with the gall to change themselves to support an entire Region… rather than lovingly attaching themselves to a City or State. Such was the traitorous action of switching from the Boston Patriots to the New England Patriots in 1971.

  98. E. Wolf November 30, 2014

    Hey Pats fans,

    Where are you at? How come you are not here talking down to me, admonishing me for what a horrible despicable human being I am? Oh wait I know.
    Even if we lost, your coach is still a fucking jerk and cheater (as demonstrated by that handshake today) , your qb insufferable. Everything I said about your owner and his anorexic gold-digging WHORE is also true. And above, your uniforms suck. And your symbol looks like a FUCKING BANG LOGO. So eat shit and die.

  99. Kmart November 30, 2014


    What s life you must lead, you are a fake writer who posts a blog and then comes back to comment on the rants of people who hated it. You are an ignorant fool, your pathetic team and franchise won today, but your QB is gay, your coach sleeps with prostitutes on a regular basis (proven) and your fan base is dillisional. You remember that Saints game?
    The Patriots lost to a good team on the road, the Packers beat the greatest coach and QB of all time…

    1. Cheese December 1, 2014

      Greatest coach and QB of all time?

      1. E. Wolf December 1, 2014

        Cheese, just keep in mind the guy calls himself KMART fer chrissake.

    2. Fritz December 2, 2014

      Again it is an imposter, not the real E. Wolf.

  100. edd osaki November 30, 2014

    Omg it is amazing how unbelievably stupid someone can be, do me a favor grab one of those fingers you used to write this article and shove it where the sun doesn’t hit you…the Packers are a good team but because they’re less successful than the Patriots in recent years is not a motive to hate…you dumbass

  101. Mike Broderick December 1, 2014

    E. Wolfe: How proud your family and loved ones must be…

  102. Patricio December 1, 2014

    I can just tell from your writing that you’re someone I’d never want to have a beer with. Grow the fuck up.

    1. E. Wolf December 1, 2014

      I truly marvel that you think I’d want to have a drink with you or any other random person.

  103. Scott December 2, 2014

    What the hell is wrong with you to call Myra Kraft a “privileged socialite” and calling Bob Kraft’s girlfriend “a tramp half his age”??

    Holy hell. If you dislike the Patriots I don’t begrudge you that. But taking shots at a wonderful woman who died a miserable death and a young lady who has done no harm to anyone seems as mean spirited and ugly as it gets. E. Wolf discredits any point he makes on the Patriots being UGLY when he goes on the attack against innocent women.

  104. Scott December 2, 2014

    I have been a Patriots fan for over 30 years. And i am not a blind Pats fan. I see lots of problems with the organization. I have my complaints. But overall, I have seen a great organization that has consistently achieved success. Much like the Green Bay Packers, a football team I respect very much. The Pats have their share of obnoxious Yahoo fans like this crumb E Wolf. It is entirely classless to take shots at some woman calling her a whore when he knows nothing about her. That type of misogyny is apparently rampant among NFL fans.

    I have nothing bad to say about the Green Bay Packers, its coach, its quarterback, it’s die hard loyal fans. Great organization, and it is a privilege to watch the Pack play. My first NFL game I attended was a preseason game with the Green Bay Packers visiting the old Foxboro Stadium. I saw an amazing touchdown by Sterling Sharpe from Brett Farve.

    I certainly hope this E Wolf isn’t representing the classy Green bay fans I have met over the years.

    1. E. Wolf December 2, 2014

      We are not like the Patriots, for reasons articulated at length in my article. For starters, we will never stray for our magnificent colors, uniform, and above all that Oval G symbol.

      1. Scott December 2, 2014

        Your article is an astonishing troll piece that reflects poorly on your character. Enjoy your oval G.

        Honestly, being a fan of such a classy organization demands more class of you in writing football themed articles.

        I sincerely doubt your hostility is common in Wisconsin.

  105. Scott December 2, 2014

    Some of the best football fans out there are Packers fans. E Wolf is as bad as a Raiders fan or an Eagles fan. What a classless rant.

    I have never experienced a Packers fan behave like that. I wouldn’t even expect it. Frankly I am shocked. He acts like Tom Brady pissed in his Wheaties or something.

  106. Philip Bourdon December 26, 2014

    I have no problem with you disliking Belichick, Brady, bringing up the tuck rule and even the uniformed business of “spygate,” but your cruel and demeaning comments toward Robert Kraft and his beloved wife Myra are sophomoric and disgusting.

    Remember this, both players and owners clearly stated that the lockout of a few years ago would not have been resolved without the presence and influence of Robert Kraft. Do some research instead of reacting with your uniformed opinions. He was the one owner that players trusted and respected. He did not want lawyers involved; he wanted men to negotiate face to face. Myra insisted that he go to the negotiations even though he did not want to leave his beloved (but what do you know about real love? Your love doesn’t extend beyond love for your team colors) He worked things out and was the man who enabled the sides to come together while his wife was dying. Who but a heartless individual (I can’t say “man” in your case) was not moved when Jeff Saturday spoke in honor of Myra and then Kraft and him hugged? Then, who do you think gets the most credit for working out the referee strike? Again, Robert Kraft.

    How dare you say anything negative against a woman who was tireless in her caring and giving to people in need!! She just didn’t write checks, she got her hands dirty at soup kitchens and other places that were giving. In 1996 she found out that a Patriot draft choice had a history of abuse toward women. Upon her insistence, they released him. he became the only draft choice ever t be released before training camp. Myra Kraft and then Robert Kraft were doing what was right way before the Ray Rice business. “Privileged socialite?” Unlike you, who appear to be a selfish taker, she was a woman who considered her mission in life to give. She held nothing back in life and that is why Patriots fans and the players loved her.

    Ask people like Hall of Famer Curtis Martin and Vince Wolfork what kind of a giving and caring woman she was. Those players love Robert Kraft and they genuinely loved Myra Kraft. You know nothing and are arrogant beyond measure. Their gesture was an incredible act of love and support.

    If you would do some research instead of your cheap provocative crap, you would find out hat Kraft’s sons were seriously worried that their Father would slip away because of his mourning the lady he always called ‘My Sweetheart.” They fully supported what he did regarding that young lady.

    Robert and Myra Kraft showed that the outcome of damn games is nothing. What matters in life is love, caring and giving. Do your best in knocking the Patriots and waste your time talking about team colors (most everyone is no doubt laughing at such idiotic crap). Don’t dare knock an incredible owner and man, his amazing wife and what they have done for so many people in their giving and most importantly the expression of what you have no concept of; their wonderful humanity.

  107. Lexie January 13, 2015

    Excuse me you have no business writing this piece of shit. The Pats are a great team. And the Packers? They fucking suck. Patriots could beat them ANY day of any year. Tom Brady is the best player there other than Rob Gronk. He did not look like a girl FYI. So get a life instead of being a stupid ass know it all little bitch running your mouth about the Pats. You are a piece of scum who has no life. If anything you are the nit-wit who had to write this. Complain about a different team instead of the Pats. The Seahawks are going to beat the Packers anyways so like a different team because they are losers. And screw you Patriots Hater.

  108. SpiderByte January 18, 2015

    Lol so much for that.

  109. Steven Amaral October 11, 2015

    I haven’t read EVERY post, but the one i did, were actually d\a disgrace to the Green Bay area. You people have one of the GREATEST football teams of ALL times, yet you talk crap about Brady, and the CHAMPION Patriots, ha. You are just showing your weakness. Fuck you all in Wisconsin, fuck Rodgers, and your ball sack defense…C YA at the real game, ya sour cheeze headed fucks.

    1. Steven Amaral October 11, 2015

      Enough of this “post my thoughts” bullshit. I am a Green Bay FAN. I have admired Lombardi since I was a kid. Times have changed…but you have Aaron, we have Tom…fine – let’s decide it all on the FIELD, not the forum. C YA on the field at the BOWL. Not your cereal bowl of Cheerios, but the SUPER BOWL of Football players…fucking Cheese headed weirdo’s

  110. Rob Floyd February 12, 2016

    is this how to comment I will not type that whole thing again on this laptop for nothing

  111. Rob Floyd February 12, 2016

    Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU to E. Wolf for FINALLY and accurately articulating the truth about that repulsive logo and uniforms perpetrated by the NFL at the behest of Mr. Kraft’s predecessor, James Orthwein. It is unfathomable to me that Mr. Kraft, a lifelong team fan, did not restore their actual logo and colors before the ink from his signature was dry on the bill of sale, faster than you can say “CMGI Field.” Until that happens and these “Memphis Elvises” arena football pajamas are banished forever, it is an insult to all those loyal to the franchise since its inception…Oh, I didn’t notice anything else in the article. Bravo and thank you again, Mr. Wolf, I hope someone in Foxborough is paying attention.

  112. Rob Floyd February 12, 2016

    BTW, hope everyone gets together in Houston on Feb. 5th. Of course love Lombardi; like Belichick was NEVER going to coach the Giants, they have more than that in common. Pack respects history, tradition and its fans, and THAT commands respect!

  113. Rob Floyd May 27, 2016

    Thank you so much, E. Wolf, you hit the nail on the head regarding the despicable flying elvis which was needlessly perpetrated on us and ruining one of the best logos and uniforms in sports. Bravo!! … oh, I didn’t didn’t notice anything else in your article. God Bless You!