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Mike McCarthy Gets a Well-Deserved Contract Extension

Aaron Rodgers and Mike McCarthy have an argument

We are overjoyed to bring you this news! The Green Bay Packers have reached an agreement on a multi-year contract extension with coach Mike McCarthy, proponent of proper pad level and all-around genius!

The deal was announced today. Terms were not released, although it would be a good bet that the extension runs concurrent with general manager Ted Thompson’s contract.

Thompson signed an extension over the summer that will keep him at the helm of the Packers beyond 2015, which is when his old deal expired. There has been speculation that Thompson’s new deal runs through 2018.

If that’s the case, then we’re getting four more seasons of the Green Bay Packers’ inability to tackle anyone, excuses about pad level and the glorious, all-world A.J. Hawk as a starting inside linebacker.

That also means four more seasons of being good enough to get into the playoffs and poor enough to lose in the first round. So, four more seasons of wasting Aaron Rodgers.

If you’re a betting man or woman, you can probably also bet that the Packers will lose to the 49ers in the playoffs this year and the next four after that. Then we’ll hear about, yes, our defense was bad once again, but I’m sticking by my main man Dom Capers. He’s a hell of a coordinator!

But more importantly, as long as McCarthy is at the helm, we can all bank on that one Super Bowl the Packers won in 2010 despite McCarthy by saying things like, “Yeah, of course Mike McCarthy is an awesome coach. He won a Super Bowl!” Or perhaps, “The Packers won a Super Bowl back in 2010. That’s the only Super Bowl win I need!”

The important thing here is that McCarthy happened to be the coach of a team that won the Super Bowl. And if you’re the coach of a team that won a Super Bowl in Green Bay, then you can give Jesus Christ himself a donkey punch.

Because you can do no wrong!

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. MMTTDCSUCK November 3, 2014

    I for one am not happy to have McGlurpy for another extended period of time. I am soooo excited that we will again be force fed unimaginative play calling, buffoons personal “favorites” instead of real starters, Dom Capers ineptitude, and the obligatory on side kick (whether needed or not), coupled with insipid responses to legitimate questions and, as always, no change in problem areas that continue to be problem areas, and will, (using McGlurpy speech) continue to be problem areas “moving forward” . . .

    1. Savage57 November 5, 2014

      They’ll certainly be watching more film, working on that, making corrections, and be made aware of all the stuff that’s unacceptable.

  2. Fresher than Wonder Bread November 3, 2014

    Multiple seasons of buffoonery to come, I sure as shit can’t wait.

  3. Carl November 3, 2014

    You guys have no idea what good in the NFL is and/or have ridiculously high expectations.

    If MM should be gone for not having more than one recent Super Bowl, then so should every coach not named Coughlin?

    I know, this is logic, so it’s hard to understand, but give it a try.

    1. MMTTDCSUCK November 4, 2014

      Yes that’s right Carl, Go with just better than . . . you and your confirmation bias rationale blows. What a dolt, if you actually led instead of followed you may see the horizon in the distance . . .

  4. Shawn Neuser November 3, 2014

    Very well deserved contract. Obviously.

    All the haters can relax though. Coaches get axed after being extended all the time. It means next to nothing.

    Give the Pack two losing seasons and he’ll be on the hot seat same as anyone else. Of course, the Packers would actually have to have a losing season first…

    1. pf4l November 3, 2014

      No one in Green Bay is ever on the hot seat anymore. if that was the case, Capers would surely be gone by now.

      The Packers brain trust, has already figured out Derrik Sherrod doesn’t belong in the NFL. (That didnt take long to figure out) Lane Taylor may be soon to follow.

      As far as TT and MM getting extensions. They should take Rodgers out for dinner. Maybe buy him a house or something. To thank him for job security. Because without Rodgers, we wouldn’t have talked about any extensions.

      In all fairness to the genius that is Ted Thompson, he once again proved his worth by resigning undrafted free agents Rajion Neal and Joe Thomas. Future Pro-Bowler JC Tretter was also activated, which, according to Mr. Wolf now gives us one of the most solid offensive lines in the NFL.

      1. Shawn Neuser November 3, 2014

        Is that PF4L? No effin way. Are you posting from the bottom of the pool?

        One could easily argue that without McCarthy, Rodgers might be waiting tables right now or a back up for the Jets. Without McCarthy and Thompson, Rodgers almost certainly would not be here, at least.

        Capers is still here because the defense showed up against the 49ers in the playoffs last season. If they hadn’t, he would be gone. In fact, take Rodgers out to dinner, sure, but while there remind him that he hasn’t played an A game in the playoffs since the Super Bowl. It was the offense and not the defense that cost the Packers in two of their last three playoff losses since that game. With 5 minutes left in the game against the Giants, the Packer offense had 13 fricking points. The Packers entered the 4th quarter last season against the 49ers with a mighty 10 points.

        Haters run their usual circles. They say what this team has done in the regular season means nothing, playoffs mean everything. But then, they rant about the defense because of its performance in the REGULAR season, completely forgetting the fact that it actually has performed pretty well in the playoffs in 3 of the last 4 years we’ve been there.

        1. pf4l November 3, 2014

          So ……You state Capers kept his job because of one playoff game against the 9ers? So in that reasoning, how come he didn’t lose his job in the other embarrassing playoff losses?

          If you remember that playoff game last season, Kaepernick ran for 98 yards. I guess that was better than the 181 yards Kaepernick ran for against the Capers defense a year earlier. You remember that game Shawn? Where the Packer defense gave up 579 yards, gave up 323 yards rushing? Who gives up 323 yards rushing, in 1 game? A Dom Capers defense, that’s who.
          You also like to blame Rodgers and the offense for the last seasons 9ers loss. What about McCarthys play calling? He called more runs than passes.

          Now lets revisit that Giant playoff game. Thats the game the defense gave up 420 yards, and 37 points…37 points, even with the Packer winning the time of possession. Rodgers led both teams, in rushing yards.

          So to say the Packer offense is responsible for the 2 playoff losses before last season, is not only misguided, but ludicrous.

          How did the defense look last Thanksgiving against Detroit? lets see, gave up 561 yards and 40 points, gave up 241 yards rushing. Bad on a World Class level.

          Also, keep this in mind, if it wasn’t for Aaron Rodgers and the offense, this team wouldn’t have even been in the playoffs since the 2010 season. With the 2011 defense giving up the most points in a season in Green Bay Packer history and the 2012 and 2013 defense not that much better.

          I cant ignore your comment about if it wasn’t for TT and MM, Rodgers might be waiting tables somewhere. Let me tell you something. Concerning this Green Bay Packer team since 2010. TT and MM need Aaron Rodgers, a hell of a lot more than Aaron Rodgers needs Mr. Thompson or Mr McCarthy. Ted and Mike are replaceble, Rodgers isn’t.

          Dom Capers didnt keep his job because the Packers defense played ok in 1 playoff game last season, Dom Capers hasn’t lost his job because no one is held accountable because hey…they won a Super Bowl in 2010.

    2. MJ November 3, 2014

      Nah… there’s always some crappy teams that will bloat the win-loss record for the Packers. McCarthy and Capers are safe.

    3. Packer Bob November 3, 2014

      Yeah, that’s the thing with these people. It’s Superbowl or bust. Every. Single. Year. And if you don’t win it then FUCK YOU YOU’RE FIRED!!

      1. MJ November 4, 2014

        No need to get to the extremes. It is about the attitude of not attempting to be great. Denver had invested heavily on a team that reached the SB and got badly beat by SEA. Nobody will bash them because their front office made an effort to give them a good shot. Look at them this season: they even reinforced themselves in D and replaced Decker with Sanders! I is not wrong to lose if you clearly put your best foot in.
        Sadly, that is not the tendency in GB. They prefer not to fix glaring issues at many levels and stay just ok to get to the playoffs and then get pounded by any physical team. For how many years now the Packers D has been unable to stop the run? Or the more recent read-option? Let’s see how long do our defensive staff takes to game plan for those pesky WR sweeps.

        Yes, we are clearly better than many other teams. But every team is supposed to try to improve its current status. For example, the Vikes appear to have stabilized the QB situation with Teddy. The Bills somehow have a winning score so far. The Lions have now a top ranked defense.

  5. billybong November 3, 2014

    it means nutting ya dipsticks….he could be fired tomorrow, of course he won’t and weird Ted won’t either, he will continue to dig up late round gems and undrafted free agents that can’t play worth a shit and be proclaimed a genius for years to come…when Rodgers goes so will the Big Bartender….”we’ll get that cleaned up”…..

  6. Packer Bob November 3, 2014

    He could have not won a Superbowl. Would that make you feel better?

  7. Mike R November 3, 2014

    The grass is not always greener. The last couple years, all we heard about is how much of a genius Jim Harbaugh is, now all you can hear in the media is that he has lost control of his team. The NFL is tough to win consistently. The Packers have been managing to do that since McCarthy has been at the helm, including pre-Rodgers and when Favre was on the down-side of his career (take out the one year with the Vikings). Remember what the Packers did with Favre between Holmgren and McCarthy. Fucking shit is what they did. By this logic, Belichick should have been fired a long time ago. He has done plenty of questionable things coaching and personal-wise in the last ten years. Over those last ten years, he has been falling short consistently, and has not a SB win since 2004 with a hall of fame QB. Is McCarthy perfect, hell no, and he does do some questionable things. Is he a good coach? I think the Packers record since he has been coach speaks for itself. We let him go, who do we get that is better that does require rebuilding?

  8. Vijay November 3, 2014

    He’s no cheating cover up artist like Billy Beli-cheat or Sean ‘pay for inflicting more pain’ Peyton, but he is a darn good “preparation” guy and above average play caller. Who else is out there or would be out there that might fit better? Harbaugh?!? Lol

    Good for Mac though he’s deserving and he has had to put up with Ted’s draft blunders and win most of the time despite all of the personnel question marks.

    P.S. our defensive front seven doesn’t scare a group of girl scouts selling cookies door to door.

  9. Remedy November 3, 2014

    Better than the majority of the coaches in the league

    Better than any other possible replacement out there

    And I think both will stay true for the next few years

  10. E. Wolf November 3, 2014

    McCarthy does deserve some criticism for not acting faster on injuries and for not what I believe was an ultimatum to Capers behind closed doors. He is still a very good coach, who was able to develop Rodgers and show you know who the door.
    Pete Carroll is losing control of his locker room. Harbaugh has alienated the front office and players alike. I am not convinced the other Harbaugh is clearly better than McCarthy, either. The only coach who is clearly better is Belichick–but he is a scumbag. And he has not won it all in ten years.
    I still back Ted and Mike.

    1. Cheese November 3, 2014

      That’s because they took away his hidden camera and the bullshit tuck rule. Without that the Patriots have nothing.

      1. E. Wolf November 4, 2014

        That very well may be true, which just further proves my point.

  11. Brian November 3, 2014

    I am actually really happy about this. I think sometimes as Packer fans we forget how fortunate we are. McCarthy led us to a Super Bowl and a 15-1 season after that. We are constantly in the playoffs.

    Of course there are times that McCarthy makes me angry and there are things that I don’t like, but look at teams like the Vikings who are constantly searching for a new head coach. I’d rather have a coach with a proven track record that gives us a chance to at least get into the playoffs. Once we are in the playoffs with a quarterback like Aaron Rodgers, all bets are off.

  12. John November 4, 2014

    One of the very best coaches in the NFL. Great to keep him and TT on!!

  13. John November 4, 2014

    One SB is a big deal, I believe there may be one or two more to come. Enjoy this great run while you can haters

  14. montyisahomo November 4, 2014

    MM’s body of work speaks for itself. He has not been a one year wonder. This team is on its 6th year of exceptional football in a row. Only two other teams have done better since MM was hired. One of those two teams cheat to win.

    This website has turned to garbage because the from the queer from the west coast does not know what winning football is. He has bashed TT and MM from the start.

    Monty must be waiting for the return of dan devine , bart starr, or Forrest Gregg. Enjoy the run while it is here. 29 other teams wish they had the success MM is living.

    Michael Sam is waiting for you call Monty.

  15. TyKo Steamboat November 4, 2014


    BIG MIKE!!!!!!!