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A.J. Hawk Isn’t Hurt, Just Slow and Dumb

A.J. Hawk

Ah yes, back to the grind. Thanksgiving may be over, but we were especially thankful to find this nugget about A.J. Hawk this morning.

Buried in this story about Green Bay Packers rookie receiver Davante Adams having a non-serious heel injury, was a few lines about how A.J. Hawk sucks.

You know we LOVE Hawk and think he’s just a world-class linebacker. A world-beater in fact. Just look at all of his Pro Bowl and All-Pro honors! That guy needs a separate house for all his accolades!

Okay, right. Rob Demovsky apparently asked Hawk if HE was injured, primarily because he looked like a clown getting beat by Vikings tight end Kyle Rudolph last week.

Rudolph, who has been injured most of the season, burned Hawk for a 23-yard reception on the Vikings’ first offensive play.

Nope. Hawk isn’t injured, he’s just slow and dumb.

“It wasn’t from being unhealthy or whatever,” Hawk said. “He just caught me by surprise. I should’ve anticipated him coming across earlier, but it wasn’t anything health-wise.

“I’m good. I’m healthy. There’s no way I would ever say anything if I wasn’t, but I’m actually not lying to you.”

Ah, good. So not only does A.J. Hawk suck, but if he was sucking worse than he normally sucks because of an injury, he could conceal that injury in order to stay on the field and keep sucking.

It’s as if the football gods have given us the awesomeness that is Jay Cutler to even out giving us the crap that is A.J. Hawk.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Please November 28, 2014

    We could have drafted Chris Borland….but then again I’m OK with Jarret Bush playing ILB over Hawk.

    1. Chad Lundberg November 28, 2014

      I would have taken Borland over Davante Adams in a heart beat. Adams is a complete disappointment in my opinion, gets way too much credit, VASTLY overrated. I’m STILL wondering why TT let James Jones walk, there was absolutely no risk in resigning him.

      Had TT drafted Borland, and resigned JJ, we would be undefeated, yes I really believe that.

      And furthermore, the 49er’s would be 5-7 without Borland.

      1. Shawn Neuser November 28, 2014

        49ers aren’t any good with or without Borland. They aren’t making the playoffs, and Harbaugh will be gone.

        Borland had his issues tackling Marshawn Lynch last night. Embarrassing at times.

        Davante Adams has very few drops and has been a decent option around the goal line. I find it comical how the guy has one quiet game and suddenly he’s a disappointment. If Nelson and Cobb weren’t both having Pro Bowl seasons, then the Packers would be asking more from Adams. As it is, he’s limited mostly because the Packers don’t need him.

        1. Please November 28, 2014

          Embarrassing? Seriously? I saw the first half and Borland took Lynch down by himself several times. Borland had 16 solo tackles last night. The network showed a highlight reel of Borland’s tackles eight minutes into the game. You may want to rethink your comments.

          1. Shawn Neuser November 28, 2014

            Did you miss the 2nd half? Then you missed what I’m talking about. My favorite was Lynch’s longest run of the game where Borland had him one-on-one and Lynch just stepped right out of his tackling attempt. Borland went face down on the turf while Lynch ran up the sideline. I said embarrassing at times, not ALL the time, cause yeah, Borland did make some tackles too. Of course, considering all the Seahawks do is run the football and dump the ball off, an inside linebacker has a shot on just about every play to make a tackle.

            And who was supposed to be covering the TE and RB in the flat on all those plays the 49ers got burned on? Borland? Maybe.

        2. Please November 28, 2014

          Like I said I didn’t see the second half but Borland was everywhere in the first half. He cut through the defense and tackled Lynch for a 4 yard loss early in the game. He made tackles by the line of scrimmage and downfield in coverage totaling 16 solo tackles. I’ve watched Borland for years and one thing he isn’t is embarrassing. Have you seen other NFL players try to tackle Lynch one on one? Evidently in your rebuttal you chose one of the times you thought he was “embarrassing” intimating there were many other instances where he was. So from you I am to assume he played an All-Pro half and an AJ Hawk half on the same night…hard to believe. You’re obviously pushing a narrative for your point of view that’s lacking a clear dose of reality.

          1. Shawn Neuser November 28, 2014

            And the fact that you’ve “watched Borland for years” explains where you are coming from and why you are pushing the narrative that you are.

            I have no such bias. You are a fan of his. You thought he had a better night than I did. I just remember Justin Turbin being left all alone on the sideline and walking in for the score- in the first half. And I also remember Wilson being repeatedly uncovered in the flat as well. Both of those sound like linebacker responsibilities to me.

  2. Jtmax November 28, 2014

    Hawk is last piece of puzzle we have to solve. Not comforting that we replaced him with jones last game. Ehat happened to lattimore?

  3. Howard November 28, 2014

    Agree. I was sick when I saw how Hawk looked against Rudolph (clown shoes and all). I became more ill when I saw Jones. Barrington although in limited snaps has covered backs and TE’s well to the sidelines.

    Even though Jones to me should not be an ILB he does have some speed as evidenced by his kickoff coverage. Jones just does not seem to have the instincts or change of direction skills needed. Even though Hawk may be slow, dumb, and has no change of direction skills he does have some ILB instincts. It is past time for at least two new ILB’s.

  4. Marshawn Lynch November 28, 2014

    Hawk is the last piece of the puzzle. Not sure who the answer is right now, but I don’t look forward to watching him matched up with Rob Gronkowski. Can Julius Peppers drop back into coverage and swivel his hips like an ILB? He sure as hell can run. Him and Fabio at ILB, Neal and Perry at OLB? Next draft should be ILB and TE, and Ted ought to get a free agent at ILB.

  5. Curt Cornish November 28, 2014

    Ever notice Hawk’s helmet falls off every time he makes a tackle. It hasn’t come off in three weeks.

  6. Shawn Neuser November 28, 2014

    Hawk’s attitude about injuries and his durability is to be applauded.

    That being said, I think it is clear that this is Hawk’s last season as a starter for the Packers. He doesn’t make enough plays in the running game to excuse his liability as a pass defender. To go along with Matthews, the Packers absolutely need another decent athlete on the inside.

    1. Please November 28, 2014

      Oh, now I understand…you’re one of those Hawk’s durability guys…makes sense now.

      1. Shawn Neuser November 28, 2014

        A player’s best ability is their availability. I believe that is on the first page of Mike McCarthy’s handbook.

        But from what I’ve seen this year on the tape, Hawk is not a good ILB right now and will be replaced next season.

        Would Borland have made a good replacement? Maybe. That is still to be decided. I don’t know if the Packers would have won one more game this season with Borland, I doubt it, but I do know that they lose the Miami game without Adams. And what if Randall Cobb leaves? Then Davante Adams becomes a VERY important pick indeed.

  7. Packer Bob November 28, 2014

    Welcome to Total TMZ Packers! Creating drama where none exists because we’re fucking bored with our meaningless lives.

  8. Carlos Goodman November 29, 2014

    Right, Bob? Can’t wait to find out what Olivia Munn tweeted today!

  9. Jtma November 29, 2014

    How about signing brian urlacher? He was a freak like Peppers. With a year off should be fresh