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Five More: Packers 55, Bears 14

Brandon Bostick

I’m a little slow on this today, but that will happen when you have to catch a morning flight from Milwaukee to Los Angeles on the day after the Green Bay Packers play on Sunday Night Football.

But, wifi, you say? Apparently, Southwest’s in-flight wifi doesn’t work for anyone who’s actually trying to do work. But hey, at least the asshole next to me got to watch a bunch of episodes of Deadliest Catch!

Southwest — where jerkoffs can suck up all the Internet bandwidth with their free TV, but anyone who actually has shit to do can go fuck themselves!

Anyway, speaking of people who can go fuck themselves — the Chicago Bears. They do indeed still suck.

Here are five more thoughts on that beat down.

Quality of opponent
Before anyone goes and books a room for the Super Bowl in Arizona, let’s take note of just who the Packers beat on Sunday night. A Chicago Bears team that is obviously just bad. Yeah, they’ve got some offensive firepower, but their defense is awful and when you spot your opponent 14 points, some of your offensive game plan goes out the window. This isn’t to say what the Packers did on Sunday night wasn’t impressive. It was. That being said, here’s a Bears team that’s given up 50-plus points two games in a row. That hasn’t happened since the Rochester something or others did it back in 19whogivesafuck. In other words, this Bears team is historically bad.

All hands on deck
Much was made all week about how guards T.J. Lang and Josh Sitton might not be able to go. Then safety Morgan Burnett was downgraded from probable to questionable late in the week. And of course, all three of those guys started. Burnett had six tackles and a sack. He also knocked down a pass. Sitton and Lang made us forget they were in there, which backups Lane Taylor and J.C. Tretter probably would not have done. So, much ado about nothing.

That no punting streak lasted for a while
Remember the last time the Packers and Bears met? No punts. There were no punts by the Packers in the first half of Sunday’s game either. They were too busy scoring at will. The Packers ended up punting three times and the Bears punted four. Most those punts came when the game was already over. In two games this season, the teams have a combined seven punts. That’s pretty amazing.

That backup quarterback job…
We’ve seen it before this season. That is, Matt Flynn getting playing time. On Sunday night, Flynn entered the game in the third quarter. It’s not as if the Packers were going to fling it around with a 40-plus-point lead, but they did attempt some passes. And like each time previously this season, Flynn has looked less than impressive. On Sunday, he was 1-of-5 for 4 yards. Sure, Flynn hasn’t gotten time when the games mean anything this year, but all the more reason he should be looking better than he does. Here are some of Flynn’s numbers for the season: 38.5 completion percentage, 2.6 yard average, 14.6 rating, zero touchdowns and one interception. So when can we just turn this job over to Scooter Tolzien? I mean, it’s nearly impossible to put up worse numbers than Flynn’s.

Tight ends, huh?
I read something earlier today about how the Packers finally got the tight ends involved. Uhhhhhh…. really? Yes, both Brandon Bostick and Andrew Quarless caught touchdown passes, but that’s the only noteworthy thing that happened. Here’s the state line: 5 receptions, 17 yards. Woooooooooo! Oh, and that’s for all three of the Packers’ tight ends combined. Really tore it the fuck up, huh?! Here’s the breakdown. Andrew Quarless: 2 catches, 10 yards; Richard Rodgers: 2 catches, 6 yards; Brandon Bostick: 1 catch, 1 yard. I will grant you, the Packers do seem to look for the tight end in the end zone, but by and large, these guys are either not part of the game plan or just plain incompetent.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Chad Lundberg November 10, 2014

    Have to agree about the TE’s. This is why I’ve been screaming about the passing game: http://www.packernation.com/packers-receivers

    Sure, with Cobb and Nelson at the helm, it is pretty Majestic. But if even one of them is taken out of the game, it’s not nearly the same anymore. It’s especially bad when they’re both taken out of the game like against the Detroit Lions earlier!

    Worse yet, if one or both of them are injured, it’s a downright bottomless pit of horrors!

    The Packers must, absolutely MUST, get more WR’s and TE’s moving!!!! Imagine if Boykin, Adams, and Quarless, Rodgers are our starters! Scary stuff bro!!!

    If this happens in the post-season, we won’t last long.

    1. MJ November 12, 2014

      Yes. In two weeks we face New England. With Browner and Revis they could slow down Nelson and Cobb. We better have other threats as well (TEs, Adams, Boykin, Janis??), because their offense is firing on all cylinders, so we might need to keep scoring points as well.

  2. Carl November 10, 2014

    Interesting how when things go bad MM is a buffoon, but no credit for him in a good win…

    1. MGP November 11, 2014


    2. MGP November 11, 2014


    3. MJ November 11, 2014

      It is because, look, the Pack beat a Bears team that has been quite awful so far. Monty will have to ammend himself after the win vs New England, if such a thing comes to pass.

      1. Abe Frohman November 11, 2014

        agreed….but the Pack didn’t play down to the level of competition. That is leadership.

  3. billybong November 10, 2014

    special teams still not special…we need a run-back guy…

  4. avalpo November 10, 2014

    Why do we have to get TEs more involved? Cobb, Nelson, Lacy, and to some extent Adams can turn a 10 yard pass into a long gain. Even Boykin was great after the catch last year. Getting WRs open in space is far more important than dumping it off to a TE for a 4-5 yard gain. Don’t really get why we need Richard Rodgers and Quarless to take touches away from Jordy, Cobb, Lacy, and Adams.

    1. MJ November 12, 2014

      When the opposition actually plays some defense, you may have little time to make those long throws. Either some of the WRs or the TEs should be available for the QB to get rid of the ball quickly.

  5. Shawn Neuser November 10, 2014

    The Bears punted on 3 of their first 4 possessions of the game.

  6. Mason Crosby November 11, 2014

    Does McCarthy and TT still suck as much as you think?
    Dont think some bottom feeding writer would do any better.

  7. James Bennett November 11, 2014

    Did Rodgers set an NFL record for most touchdown passes in one half? I have looked on several NFL passing records sites but can’t find that particular one.

    1. Andy November 11, 2014

      Tied with Daryle Lamonica for 6 in the first half. Pretty nutty stat, I’m glad they brought him out the game though, no need to risk an injury on a meaningless record.

  8. MJ November 11, 2014

    Does anybody know if Jayrone Elliott played a snap at OLB, even during garbage time? He was called “the sackmaster” during the preseason, so I was curious about what he could do if given some defensive snaps. I read he covered well for special teams.
    Would also like to se DuJuan carry the rock when it is still meaningful, not just when the match is decided.

    1. Chad Lundberg November 11, 2014

      According to PFF, he’s only been active for 2 games, which were both games against Chicago. According to the stats, the Packers didn’t play him as a pass rusher at all, and instead opted to have him play as a run defender.

      Understandable I guess considering just how bad the run D’s been.

      1. MJ November 12, 2014


  9. Howard November 11, 2014

    Elliot did play some linebacker. He did not appear to get much pressure, but he did get some important snaps.

    1. MJ November 11, 2014

      Thanks, H.

  10. IGGLES November 11, 2014

    yo assholes, the eagles the ARE SOARING, and we will soar into Lambeau and whip your fucking faggot asses.

    1. Lynn Fuckin' Dickey November 12, 2014

      talk shit when your old as fuck franchise wins a championship

      1. rebelgb November 12, 2014

        ^^ Ha ha owned you Philly bitch!

  11. IGGLES November 13, 2014

    We actually 3 championships you cheese eating dickheads. Fuck you we will beat your ass.