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Everyone’s Jumping on the Packers’ Bandwagon

Jordy Nelson and Aaron Rodgers

A couple dominant performances in a row and everyone is jumping on the Green Bay Packers bandwagon.

This morning, Dan Patrick said the Packers are going to the Super Bowl. A few hours later, Vegas installed the Packers as the favorite in the NFC.

Green Bay is now 2/1 to win the NFC. Arizona, which has the best record in the conference at 9-1, is second at 9/2. Detroit is getting little respect at 11/1.

The Packers also vaulted to second (9/2) in odds to win the Super Bowl. They’re behind the New England Patriots (4/1) in that category.

The real question now is, are these guys going to start drinking their own Kool Aid or are they going to stay focused? Their game this weekend in Minneapolis screams trap game.

The Packers are riding high and facing a divisional opponent that some people are probably overlooking. Division games are always tough, except those against the Bears. If there’s going to be a letdown, it would seem like this is the week it would happen.

The good news is, everyone seems to be aware of the situation. Coach Mike McCarthy talked about the importance of staying focused and guarding against overconfidence at the beginning of the week.

“Momentum is something you can view as an energy source, but you have to be realistic on how you think it affects your football team. This game, a lot of it’s about confidence. When you have success, you’re able to build your confidence. But you definitely have to guard against overconfidence.”

Of course, that can be tough to do when pretty much everyone is patting you on the back.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Skinny November 19, 2014

    Yea, the positive vibes this team is getting from everywhere is something else right now.

  2. guysocke November 19, 2014

    This article started out all wrong. Yes, there was a shift in Vegas and pundit perception, but it had nothing to do with the two dominant victories the Packers strung together. Instead, it had everything to do with the Oval G. I forwarded E. Wolf’s brilliant article on the illustrious logo in question to every major sportsbook and media outlet in the country. They were left with no choice but to adjust their odds and opinions, respectively.

  3. Dan November 19, 2014

    To be fair, Dan Patrick picked Green Bay vs. New England in the Super Bowl before the season started. But hell yeah everyone else is jumping on! What do you expect when you start serving 50 burgers and making opposing QB’s anxiously bite their nails on the sideline? (I’m looking at you Cutty!!!)

  4. E. Wolf November 19, 2014

    Who cares about getting to the Super Bowl. Getting to and WINNING the Super Bowl is what counts. If you get to the Super Bowl and lose,there is almost 40 years of history showing you will not get back and win it with the same coach and qb tandem.
    And fuck yeah it’s about the Green and Gold and that Oval G symbol. Fuck the Patriots and their fugly uniforms and that ugly, soulless bank logo for a sytmbol of theirs. The yankees have their pinstripes and interloicking NY, we have own set of signifiers. Raise the banners, bash the drum. ALL HAIL THE GREEN BAY PACKERS!

    1. LD November 19, 2014

      Fuck yeah! To hell with those interloicking sytmbols!

      1. E. Wolf November 19, 2014

        You fucking dolt, I am comparing our symbol, colors and uniform to that of the Yankees. It is that fucking bank logo I despise.

        1. LD November 20, 2014

          I know what you meant to say, Wolf. I just love messing with you simply because it’s so easy to get under your thin skin. You may be a decent guy in person; I don’t know. But it’s funny to read your blustery, juvenile reactions. It’s good theater/comedy. Reading “fucking dolt” in your response made me laugh out loud–literally.

          Please understand that I bear you no personal ill will, Wolf. I just can’t resist taking pot shots at you–or anyone–when you vomit up chunks of bad writing and/or defensive, reactionary, childish pussy-ness. It’s fun to read, and it’s interesting to me that such a smart guy can act so stupidly. You keep responding, getting more hot under the collar, and giving us more fodder with which to poke you.

          Go ahead, ignore this message if you can. If you do, it means you’ve learned something about being an intelligent, open-minded communicator–kudos to you. If you don’t, it means you’re willing to give readers more reason to disrespect whatever you have to say. Either way, I’m looking forward to visiting this site again, mostly thanks to you. You fucking dolt.

  5. jtmax November 19, 2014

    There has been a shift to play guys by merit and not by tenure and that has really helped. If they keep plugging in the best guys on the field for the situation that suits them then we have a real good shot at winning superbowl. One adjustment that can make this defense elite is to plug in Richardson for Hawk. Now you got long, powerful guys that can fly all over the field playing with aggression. Richardson has the speed and length to cover TE’s which is key because we keep getting killed by good TE’s. At 225 lbs, he’s big enough to hammer running backs with exceptional closing speed. He can also chase downs fast QB’s like Kaepernik and Wilson.

    1. Shawn Neuser November 19, 2014

      Except Hawk is still the captain of the front seven, calls out defenses, and makes last second adjustments pre-snap. A guy off the bench like Richardson could hardly be expected to fill that role.

      1. Kato November 19, 2014

        Thank god someone said it before me

  6. BZ in BA November 19, 2014

    I think that shifting CM3 from OLB to ILB (or “hybrid”LB) has been a huge change, and the whole defense just seems so much better for it. We are getting stops that I wouldn’t have expected just a few weeks ago, and we are putting TONS of pressure on the opposing QBs. I also think that our OL has really stepped up its game. If we can win the battle on both sides of the line, then we really are good to go.
    GO PACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Savage57 November 20, 2014

      CMIII is a force multiplier for the Packers.

  7. Organicbuzz November 19, 2014

    One game at a time. Don’t start talking shit till Feb.Play as many people possible every game. Everybody wants to contribute, let them do it. Go Pack Go!!!

    1. Fritz November 20, 2014

      Then how about juicing up our ST? Tolzien isn’t doing anything but waiting for 2 QB to go down? How about having him take long snaps on punting downs? Then work up some fake punt plays to keep up with the other NFC ST? Even MN ST scored a TD last wk. on a faked punt! Getting contributions like that from their ST can spell difference in close games vs. good teams that also play well on both sides of the ball.

  8. Kato November 19, 2014

    Lets not forget how exceptionally healthy the packers have been. Knowing their recent history, I could really see them getting hampered by injuries. Just look at the injury report this week.

    1. E. Wolf November 19, 2014

      I really believe the consultants Mac and Crew hired have helped solved the problem. Which in my mind proves that somethign was causing that inordinate number of injuries every year, to wit in unusally high number of acl tears, hamstring pulls, etc.

  9. Brian November 19, 2014

    I will never forget the let down of the 15-1 season and getting spanked by the Giants. I pray this team doesn’t get such a big head and let something like that happen again. Our team has been great during the regular season, now we have got to start winning when it counts.

  10. James Bennett November 20, 2014

    What stadium do the Vikings play in? Indoor or outdoor? They don’t still play in that old metrodome, do they?

    1. E. Wolf November 20, 2014

      No they play at the stadium used by University of Minnesota. Rodgers had a lot of success in the metrodome. And I hate to see a scumbag like Wilf succeed in his Arty Modell shakedown for tax dollars.

  11. James Bennett November 20, 2014

    If they play at the University of Minnesota stadium, that could mean extremely cold, harsh winter conditions. Games have been won–and lost–due to such conditions, especially on the road. This could indeed be a trap game.

  12. Pack November 20, 2014

    Wasn’t last week -4 degrees at Greenbay? I think that is considered harsh winter conditions.

  13. James Bennett November 20, 2014

    No, it was nowhere near that cold. I believe announcers said it was about 22 at kickoff.

    1. Fritz November 20, 2014

      I think he was quoting the wind chill announcement?

  14. James Bennett November 20, 2014

    Still not nearly that cold. I was there.