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Bill Belichick Knows What Makes Brady and Rodgers Similar

Bill Belichick

The hype machine for Sunday’s matchup between the Green Bay Packers and New England Patriots is fully cranked up because, super-aweseome sports media! Woooooooooo!

One of the super-awesome subplots of the game will be Packers quarterback Aaron Rogers vs. Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, even though they’ll never be on the field at the same time.

They will be dueling like a couple of gunslingers meeting in the middle of town at sundown though. Or something…

Fortunately, this is not lost on super-awesome sports media folks, who have ALL KINDS of compelling questions.

Like, “Tom, do you prefer a loofa or a washcloth?”

Brady is clearly a loofa guy, but that’s not the point here. One of these super-smart media hacks flung a question that went something like this at Patriots coach Bill Belichick today.

“Can you talk about the similarities between Brady and Rodgers?”

No, Grumblelord could not talk about that. At least in any substantive way because that’s for media hacks like you to do, media hack. And so we got this.

“They both wear No. 12,” Belichick said.

Bam! That’s exactly correct and really, the only similarity that needs to be discussed.

It isn’t quite there, but this game is taking on a level of media idiocy close to that of the Super Bowl. Thank god it’s only a few days away now and not another week out.

I don’t think I could take anymore of the over-analysis of shit that doesn’t matter.

Tomorrow: What each quarterback ate for Thanksgiving and who shit first.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. CO Bob November 26, 2014

    Perfect photo….
    Perfect final thoughts….

  2. Tucson Packer November 26, 2014

    Both #12’s have their poster on DD’s bedroom wall?

    1. TyKo Steamboat November 26, 2014

      I laughed when I read this

  3. NYCPackerBacker November 26, 2014

    They are both from NorCal, and Rodgers is way more humble than that pretty boy douche.

  4. the real russ letlow November 26, 2014

    they both wear 12!!! hahahahaha!!

  5. Skinny November 26, 2014

    They both banged super models.

    1. Dave November 26, 2014

      but only one of them was dumb enough to marry one

      1. pf4l November 26, 2014

        Yea…What a loser.

  6. Shecky November 26, 2014

    Uh yeah, who would be dumb enough to marry a woman that made $48 million last year.

  7. NYCPackerBacker November 26, 2014

    How can anyone even think of Tom Brady as a good person? The man is a mega douche. He got beaten by Eli FUCKING Manning TWICE. Jesus christ you have to feel stupid being beaten by Peyton’s younger more dumb brother.

    1. Chad Lundberg November 26, 2014

      Dude…. seriously? You ARE aware Rodgers lost to Eli a few times too dont you??? Including a playoff game????

    2. pf4l November 26, 2014

      Who’s the mega douche?

  8. Howard November 26, 2014

    The similarity that may have had a small part in development of both as QB’s is there football idol was Joe Montana.

  9. NYCPackerBacker November 26, 2014

    Yeah they both grew up near San Francisco as kids. They were both spurned by the 49ers as well.

  10. Howard November 26, 2014

    Belichick in the picture looks like he is saying ” if one of you fu—ers call me grandpa I’ll kill you.”

  11. Nacho dan November 26, 2014

    Do they even ask questions anymore? All these reporters ever say to players is “talk about (fill in the blank).” That’s not a question that’s an order.

    1. Cheese November 26, 2014

      Yeah…. (Lynch style)

  12. TyKo Steamboat November 27, 2014

    Belichick is a great couch & 1 of about 6 coaches I know i’d like leading my team. McCarthy is one also & i’ll take Big Mike.

    & it’s hard to hate on Brady…dude just goes out there & gets it done. No pizza, Buick, forehead shots from Brady like there is Peyton Manning.

    1. Phatgzus November 27, 2014

      I think most of the Brady hate is envy, the guy just has it all. No doubt he’s worked his ass off to get where he is and has earned it, but since when has that stopped the green monster?

    2. E. Wolf November 27, 2014

      It is hard to HATE Brady. Not hate on. Please eschew the ebonics. Thankee thankee.

      1. JB November 28, 2014

        You’re so fucking annoying…


        1. E. Wolf November 28, 2014

          Much like an English teacher holding the line.

          1. JB November 28, 2014

            Much like an asshole english teacher that doesn’t use proper sentences when correcting you.

            Or, more like a dolt that thinks people will think he’s intelligent because he uses a handful of less-than-commonly used words on a fucking chat board.

            I eschew people like you as much as possible because you’re annoying as fuck.

          2. E. Wolf November 28, 2014

            Silly rabbit, you can break the rules when you know the rules.

  13. NYCPackerBacker November 27, 2014

    Yeah where were all those Brady fanboys in 1996? or before 2001? No where to be found, and if you have lived in New England the Patriots fans are the biggest bunch of bandwagon fans ever.