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Rodgers, Packers Rally to Beat Dolphins

Aaron Rodgers

Maybe the Green Bay Packers aren’t quite as good as anyone thinks. Maybe the Miami Dolphins are a little better than anyone thinks. Probably a little of both.

It took a late game-winning drive from Aaron Rodgers for the Packers to pull out a 27-24 win over Miami. Rodgers hit Andrew Quarless for a short touchdown with three seconds left, which provided the winning margin.

That play never would have happened if it weren’t for an 18-yard completion to Jordy Nelson on 4th and 10 earlier in the drive, though. And let’s not forget guard T.J. Lang’s recovery of Rodgers’ fumble shortly before that.

In all, a totally improbable win over a team the Packers should have beat.

Although Rodgers threw for 264 yards, three touchdowns and no interceptions on the day, he didn’t make many plays. He did, however, save his best for last. Rodgers has never been known for his game-winning drives, but he pulled one out of his ass on Sunday while facing constant pressure.

The game was a tale of two halves. The Packers owned the first half and the Dolphins owned the second, for the most part.

The Packers defense was dominant in the first half, with two interceptions and a goal-line stand to boot. The Packers offense didn’t do much, but they still had a 10-3 lead at the break.

In the second half, the Packers started to lose guys to injury. Three starters — cornerbacks Sam Shields and Tramon Williams and inside linebacker Jamari Lattimore — went down.

And let’s just get this out of the way right now — Brad Jones is a total fucking piece of shit. That guy should have been cut yesterday.

Now, Jones constant string of fuck ups and the absence of Shields and Williams allowed the Dolphins offense to get on track. They produced two 80-yard drives and one 79-yard drive that ended in touchdowns.

The dominant Packers defense of the first half did not play the second half. The last of those drives put Miami up 24-17.

The Packers would follow with a field goal on their next possession to make it a four-point game and set up Rodgers’ heroics after a Miami punt at 2:04.

So the Packers got a win over a lesser opponent in heart-stopping fashion. Other than that, the defense’s play in the first half, Jordy Nelson (9 catches, 107 yards, 1 TD) and Rodgers’ drive, there wasn’t a lot to like.

Like why the Packers refuse to throw the ball to the middle of the field, why the offensive line can’t run block, how Bryan Bulaga got flat-out dominated by Cameron Wake or what Richard Rodgers is even doing in the game.

We’ll complain about that stuff tomorrow though.

Right now, we bask in the glory of victory.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. ferris October 12, 2014

    Let the Brad Jones assault begin. I threw up in my mouth 4 times. Missed tackle, hands to the face, the lucky helmet doink that should have been a TD, and when he entered the game.

  2. Shawn Neuser October 12, 2014

    Monty, EFF all that. Come on, now. Who gives a rat’s ass about HOW the Packers won the game?

    The bottom line is that your offense and QB just pulled out an amazing win on the road. 4-2 is SO much better than 3-3.

    It was looking like 3-3 when the Dolphins went up 24-17. It was looking like 3-3 at 4th and 10, and it was looking like 3-3 with the clock running out after Cobb couldn’t get out of bounds.

    For all intensive purposes, the Packers SHOULD be 3-3. But they ARENT. And if as a Packer fan you aren’t DAMN happy with that, then smoke a joint, have a smile, and STFU!!!


    1. ferris October 12, 2014

      It’s actually all intents and purposes. Smoke another joint.

      1. Shawn Neuser October 12, 2014

        Nah, I’ll stick with intensive purposes. Thanks though.

        You all can bitch about a miraculous win all you want though. Me, I’ll probably have a smile on my face all week.


        1. Skinny October 12, 2014

          Yea, Miami is not really a slouch on defense, they have a hell of a front 7. This was a great win in some tough elements. Ill take it.

  3. Harry October 12, 2014

    Hopefully Williams and Shields are alright?

    1. TyKo Steamboat October 12, 2014

      Shields was dehydrated…Williams’ injury, I don’t know

    2. TyKo Steamboat October 12, 2014

      check that…

      Sam Shields has a patellar injury. Hopefully it’s not bad. Those are painful and can end seasons.

  4. Nick October 12, 2014

    We ned to go back down to Texas A&M to study that newfangled read option thang.

    And no Bread Motherfucking Me and Mrs Mrs Mrs Jones do not have “a thing going on.” Like ferris above I also threw up I my mouth when I saw that dipshit had entered the game.

    The second half was so depressing that I’m upset even though we got the W

    1. Shawn Neuser October 12, 2014

      Yeah, I was especially depressed during that 4th and 10 conversion, and then the winning touchdown to Quarless with 3 seconds left. MAN, THAT SUCKED!!!

      1. MJ October 12, 2014

        Amazing last minute win, not questioning that one.

        It’s just that we kept getting on 3rd and longs, not to mention the last two 4ths that we were forced to play.
        How can this team extend drives when the opposite defense actually covers Jordy Nelson?

  5. Organicbuzz October 12, 2014

    Pack won somehow.Yeah!

  6. TyKo Steamboat October 12, 2014

    Just left the stadium. Hotter than hell. Rodgers got tossed like a rag doll. Jordy is such a stud.

    im drunk! Amazing game. GO PACK!

    1. Phatgzus October 12, 2014

      Jordy is a stud, but he’s gotta make that TD catch at the end.

      Helluva a game to catch live.

  7. Big B October 12, 2014

    The last two Dolphin drives were classic demonstrations of ILB ineptitude; Jones with a major tackling whiff and killer HTTF penalty, and AJ with an artful midfield whiff as well. We need Lattimore healthy and a new running mate for him. AJ may be the Packers all time tackles leader, but that’s like saying Phil Niekro was the best Braves pitcher.

    John Lynch attributes, “Fatigue makes cowards of us all” to Jimmy Johnson?! WTF? Vince may have borrowed it from General Patton, but it’s still his. What next, the Super Bowl winner receiving the Johnson Trophy? Only applicable if Harbaugh’s 49ers were to win it.

  8. Phatgzus October 12, 2014

    I wasn’t surprised by the Dolphins, I knew their defense was legit regardless of who they’ve played this year. Their front 7 is ridiculous, Cameron Wake may be the best pass rusher in the NFL, he’s up there with Miller, Quinn, and the former Claymaker. Speaking of, he had a BAD game; note to Clay: quit fucking thinking the Dolphins are actually going to run Tannehill on the read option and tackle the ball carrier when you’re 3 yards in the backfield.
    Our D was great until we lost our starting corners and Lattimore; that shit will happen.
    Many have been saying it, and now I will as well: Clinton-Dix is a football player.
    Rodgers is clutch, I don’t ever want to hear anyone say otherwise ever again. Luckily for us, and him, Lang made the biggest play of an O-lineman on the day, props to him for sticking with the play.
    With Regards to the O-line, they were bad all day, but even more so on that last drive. I don’t know how many 3-man rushes got to Rodgers in under 4 seconds but I’d bet it’d require most of one of my hands if I were counting like all Vikings fans do. Hope the injuries aren’t severe, especially the ones to our CBs.

    All in all, that was one hell of a football game, I’ll never forget it, that’s for sure.

    1. Phatgzus October 12, 2014

      Two more things: Nice to see our D make a stop near the end of the game and give our O a chance, don’t know what Philbin was thinking calling a passing play.
      Randall Cobb better watch his ass, ’cause here comes Davante Adams.

  9. Howard October 12, 2014

    Jones was also the player that fell on and hurt Williams ankle. Jones just needs to keep the hell out of the road. Good helmet pass defense. In Brads defense he was not the one who only activated three ILB’s.

    A win on the road in Miami is great. Who cares about the stats. What I care about at this time is the injuries. Just get the win and get the hell out of Miami. Mission accomplished!

  10. Deepsky October 12, 2014

    Rodgers played like he has always played. The difference is that the defense didnt give up a TD with 3 minutes left like they’ve done to Rodgers a dozen times before.

  11. James Bennett October 12, 2014

    Given the circumstances (Miami pressuring him on nearly every play and forcing him out of the pocket and knocking him flat god knows how many times) His performance and numbers are extremely impressive. If the OL can’t pass block, how come they can’t run block either? Pathetic.

  12. Jtmax October 12, 2014

    B jones and bulaga were best dolphins players today. Lacey got tunnel vision. Other than that rodgers is superhuman. Adams is a stud. Kuhn was a bull.

  13. Chad Lundberg October 12, 2014

    My biggest concern after this game is how we still can’t run the damn ball!!! J.C. Tretter can’t return soon enough!!!

  14. Chad Lundberg October 12, 2014

    My biggest concern after this game is how we still can’t run the damn ball!!! J.C. Tretter can’t return soon enough!!!

  15. Jtmax October 12, 2014

    Too many late jits on rodgers. Refs suck.

  16. Jtmax October 12, 2014

    When offense is stagnant put in janis. Need some more speed. Cobb is not as fast after injuries. Rodgers need receivers who can get open faster. The line cant protect him

    1. Phatgzus October 12, 2014

      Janis Janis, Janis; if Janis were ready to play he’d be fucking playing already. Cobb, Jordy, and Davante aren’t slow by any means, in fact, they’re quite fast, even by WR standards.

  17. Chad Lundberg October 12, 2014

    I am more convinced now than ever that we need J.C. TRETTER BACK!!! We don’t have a run game with Linsley at the helm, sorry but it’s the truth. I love Corey, and he’s played amazingly well for a rookie, but when it comes down to it, we can’t have Rodgers throwing 45 times a game and only 50 rushing yards (most of which are Aaron’s!).

    I’m really not that concerned with how the defense played in the second half, honestly, not even a little. For one, Miami was playing at home in their hot weather, had a week off, and we were banged up going in, and we were crawling on our way out. Datone Jones, Shields, Lattimore, among a few others weren’t 100% in this game. Once healthy, the defense will get right back on top, let’s hope we can just survive until then.

    Skip Bayless is completely silent, what a pathetic coward, but anyway, GO AARON RODGERS!! MY MAN!!!

    SWEET VICTORY EVERYONE!!! Onto the Panthskers!!

  18. gort October 12, 2014

    The Pack were really lucky to escape with a W. The opening offensive drive was superb, but after that, they pretty much did nothing in the first half, except control the clock. With their time of possession advantage, the score at halftime should have been way more than a 7 point lead. The game should have been a blowout at the end of the first half. MM has not established a “killer instinct” and that allowed the Dolphins stuck around to make the game way more interesting than it should have been. The D in the first half was great. Injuries really hurt in the 2nd half. I was really pleased to see Brad Jones use his head, but unfortunately that was only on 1 play. He came back on the next drive and committed a drive sustaining illegal hands to the face penalty. Allow me to quote Harry Callahan “Marvelous”. Looks like it is time to activate Carl Bradford or Sam Barrington.

  19. Packer Bob October 12, 2014

    Lucky to win? Pulled one out of there asses? Sounds like you all circled a W on the schedule months ago. The Pack beat one of the top rated defenses with seconds left on the clock. If you’re not satisfied with that please stick your head back in the sand.

  20. Packer Bob October 12, 2014

    Next time you’re at Lambeau please remember to call Brad Jones a fucking piece of shit to his face.

    1. Savage57 October 13, 2014

      Fucking piece of shit would take a swing at him and somehow find a way to miss.

      Fuck Brad Jones, and fuck you, too!

  21. Jtmax October 12, 2014

    Dont worry. Jones should get hurt before next game

  22. gort October 12, 2014

    His play is shit. If you heard me sing, you would conclude that I sing like shit – and you would be right.

  23. Disposable h3ro October 12, 2014

    Good win, builds character. Jones was his usual self, not sure why anyone would expect any different. HHCD is a beast. Adams had a hell of a game and Rodgers’ Marino impression was fucking awesome. Still confused about the shit protection and not throwing to the middle but we won the shithawks lost so I will take that any weekend.

    1. MJ October 12, 2014

      If SEA losses the top playoff seeds, they are not so invincible. If they drop some more games, the rest of the NFC has a better chance of advancing through the playoffs.

  24. Don Q October 12, 2014

    We fucking won that dick-dance! Let’s beat those asshole Panther fucks next weekend!

  25. Dynamo October 12, 2014

    I think the Dolphins match up well against the Packers. Decent run game, very good pass rush with some solid DBs. They took the top off the Packers offense and shrunk their playbook. Philbin coached them up and they played to their potential. My hat is off to them, they played the game very well. It could have gone either way which is what is so great about the NFL.

  26. Fritz October 13, 2014

    The D saved the game in the first half. 3 turnovers that the O could only convert into 3 pts. That is only 1 pt. Per turnover. But it got them off the field. And took huge time of poss. Away fm the fish.

    A related stat that I am curious about, when the pack takes the opening kickoff what is their W-L record vs. when they “defer” to the second half. If they do that when they go to the super dome I think I will either shoot myself or become a cowboys fan.

  27. icebowl October 13, 2014

    Did someone say “R-E-L-A-X”….
    Clutch performance by #12….
    The fake spike was a classic….
    Happy w win, agree Brad J. is a liability.

  28. kato October 13, 2014

    This team is still far from impressive. Rodgers goes down and they are lucky to win two games the rest of the way. Run defense was very promising. I don’t understand why the pass rush was not good yesterday. Didn’t think datone Jones was that big of a difference maker. They should have wrecked that offensive line.

  29. Adrian Meli October 13, 2014

    Well, I’ll take the win but this kind of play isn’t going to win the Super Bowl. I am still smiling about the win today, though!

  30. [email protected] October 14, 2014

    Happy we got the win, but wondering why we didn’t go for it on 4th down in the 4th quarter int he red zone vs. kicking a field goal; it all worked out for the best but considering we went for it on 4th around the 50 yard line much earlier in the game….

    Whatever–I’d rather be lucky than good some days, and Sunday was certainly one of them! Thanks TJ for the heads up save of the game, & please send BJones to the effing practice squad already!