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Return of The Walrus?

Mike Holmgren

Mike Holmgren — or as you and I lovingly know him, The Walrus — met with the Oakland Raiders last week.

The same Oakland Raiders who fired coach Dennis Allen after four games. The same Oakland Raiders who employ former Green Bay Packers exec Reggie McKenzie as general manager.

Yeah, so what we’re saying here is The Walrus met with a team that currently has nothing more than an interim coach and is helmed by a guy The Walrus used to work with in Green Bay.


Oh, we should also note that not too long ago, The Walrus went all never say never on whether he may or may not coach one last time. So The Walrus wants to coach!

Of course, he went on some radio show in Seattle to talk about his visit with the Raiders. Because why wouldn’t you do that under normal circumstances?

Did you know I went to see some friends this past weekend? Who wants to put me on their radio show to talk about it?

“Yeah, I did go down there,” Holmgren told Mitch Levy.  “A couple of years ago, I had met with [owner] Mark [Davis] about possibly working with the Raiders, and it didn’t work out. . . .  And [G.M.] Reggie McKenzie did work with me in Green Bay for many, many years.  So I do have a relationship with him, those are all true.  So they phoned me up, I went down there for a day and looked at some film.  They had the bye after the London game.  And just to float some ideas, and get another opinion of the team and what was going on.  No jobs were discussed.  Nothing like that, it was more just a pop in and pop out, and that’s what I did.”

Ah, the pop in. Totally not allowed at my home.

I’ll leave a broad standing at the door as I continue walking around the house like I don’t hear her knocking, if she thinks she’s gonna pop in on me.

Now, if The Walrus popped in, that’s a different story entirely!

Anyway, The Walrus went on to say that he would “probably not” coach the Raiders, but we bet that would quickly change to a “sure” if he actually got offered a job.

And think about it for a moment. The situation isn’t much different than the one he walked into in Green Bay all those years ago. Fan base starved for a winner? Check. Young quarterback with lots of potential? Check. General manager who’s Ron Wolf or operates just like him? Check.

Probably a better idea than it was to go work for the Browns.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.


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  1. geopack October 7, 2014

    Obviously Reggie needs more help out there.